78 - The Freshest Recording

Update: 2017-07-2013


On this week's My Favorite Murder, Karen and Georgia cover the survival story of an Austin, Texas woman named Ellen and the case of the Oklahoma Girl Scout murders.

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hi and then done I said were the hosts of a new show on feral audio call drink e fun time we will be having some drinks at beverages landing a little bit about that and having some fun on his first drink a fun time feral audio with our special guest Dan Harmon of harm in town we're going to drink in Moscow mules with him and we're really talking about the history of that drink and the old shots on bogus fast right here on furlough use the com i tunes or wherever you listen to podcasts he can harness it for you to find the right color for your hair well you can see don't think I'd answer that question you know why because her expensive and time consuming drank Starbucks France the set they really second to make your hair look like S H I but the salon offers professional grade completely person dies hair color just for you and delivered to your door it's true e salon get shipped quick load I go into the middle Kat it starts like this with the salon questionnaire of my favorite things to do the upload a photo of yourself unto me the clip of your fur formulate blended color from over fifteen thousand pigments who when stuff like that no she thing to think it's too many however it's not then you have quality salon personal touch rate your fingertips go to e salon dot com slash the murderer and you'll get fifty percent off your first order that's just ten dollars for persons hair color get fifty percent off your first box at the salon dot com slash murder now the the The evening to say there's no beeping Georgia I and we excited break down and Georgia here's the thing do you hear the sound of a baby cry this is not far or for a newbie per learning bringing back the party planners are you a doctor or a drug dealer party play on TV the news I or are you having an affair and you need a way for in a fair person to contact you when was the affair was a thing of late some kind of a four one one but for the couple know yet who is and took out my deeper oh I know was an emergency room and turn no never of course not I fear black out drunk in a bar the whole the guise of gotta Go My Sugar daddies calling one of my mahi look in my favor I look in her for murder that surcharge that scary Caldera we're here to read to you and tells you a true crime stories from all and more and then some and then more and then after that half a teaspoon more the morning we've weird I had to say work late last night everybody gotta adjust to my so we are supposed to record last night I called and said I'm still at work then Georgia you've actually been into this idea for I feel yeah morning rate just as fun and fresh unlike the friends you know I am recording a different place it feels like a field trip with out going anywhere yes school is new again for us yes now I can really it lets me drink whiskey in the morning finally as I can to his podcast though the ski trip but let me just I just need to put this out here if you your friends are drinking whiskey morning that was right before I was hospitalized I were joking the AI AI AI meant that the thirty year in the clear dat i always know all this or we can in some brands all of this is like was what's weird is that this is going to come out later today to everyone listening on Thursday Mrs. this morning Ari fucking Beatles I will be the first time same day this is the freshest morning your fault I was out of town on Tuesday and Monday so we couldn't record like the usually thank you for the the yes that's very nice of you to mention home I didn't even realize just how was that by the way to tell people what you're doing I think you have this crazy experience oxygen high ice and said me I was like fuck down hell yeah oxygen stranger crime network this is not a plug they didn't pay me to do this she's just trying to tell a story time they say they have this like special called at the jury speaks the jury thank you very the fever only of whiskey yet to suffer so the jury speaks to the panel for further price where he interviewed four of the jury members who are on these like high profile cases where they were really fucking controversy kind of jurors lives for awhile because the set of blaming the justice that let you know George they blame the jury's for voting that they were told to vote which is if you have reasonable doubt and the NASA question like if the governing would you vote differently and these people or they were just normal people who were very affected by these trials by what happened to them afterwords you not be this one woman the George Zimmerman trial was just such a way that she just was so raw and wonderful and really she really touched me sound like a very good show I would love to watch I watched it it's I you know you're like I'm so sick of the O J Simpson trial I've seen every fucking thing about all this is from the jury's perspective all into engine anything I have and explain the way they voted which everyone's like he's the Kentucky who you know Michael Jackson case really could be like people were foggy with and now especially because those two things that came out recently and like Oh I'm starting to get it as like a white American and I'm starting to understand what all the things I didn't know yet and never open my eyes to before we're about yes and how unfair it is yes yes it's a really interesting so I was as great and was stunned that now eat your hair did my nails and toes said but like what about were you in the makeup chair and saying That's mine know for the It wasn't that wasn't recorded and partially because I have the first time in my life headed the panel was a live piano it was a panel for press was like fifty sixty people in the Romero crass and I was like selling the sequester in Athens and then that the person the show is Nancy Glass remember was that an Inside Edition one woman Nancy Glass a fucking badass and she was on the panel just been she's won Emmys she's just incredible broadcaster weird to be sitting there interviewing thought you should be a She was incredible and so she made at just that it's great that so called gang of really good time she picked you to be the person I don't know I don't think so but she pretended the I take a photo with her was just as long time true Crime investigative journalists host and it was just as hundred of their awesome first class first class on the way their Shack on my dime I didn't make it in the aisle that the who me oh I'm just sitting office for eleven talking about what fictional characters may not do if it could be symbolic or any meaningful in any way other people and it's just a conversation after conversation by the time I leave I don't want to see and look at anybody else I so much Trader Joe's snack for mom yeah I have a really rough first class first outcome the one thing I did want to mention we've gotten tons of treats about is the fact that they I D d and to a unknown victim of John Wayne Bass Photo A County sheriff just made his announcement of course we got one thousand tweets about it which I love the funniest thing is now all the tweets are Did you already get the more I know you already saw us but just in case thank you mommy soon just really quick if you haven't articles which you probably can out today so I recording today yeah said they said so there's eight unidentified victims in when they found these bodies of his nineteen seventy six no sorry was nineteen seventy eight I found the bodies I believe other seventy nine yet but so were identified in they couldn't do anything about it because they didn't they of course obviously didn't have the friends except we have today and they kept job but they ate so that if people came for the dental records so creepy yet the man likes it was a dental was the thing that it is today which is like you take your kids immediately you say not dental records act and that's exactly right and not so this identified victim Jimmy Hawkins and he was sixteen was murdered by John baby and his mother actually went to Chicago in nineteen seventy nine to try to find out if her missing of the victim's room but because she didn't have dental records they can tell or anything they'd stare no anything but they've continued to test these these I love the you know I die that they have and the cool thing as So it's thirty nine years later and Parkinson's and nephew sees that they're still testing remains so he encourages his eye I believe it was his parents and his father to go give the DNA so they can test it and now you re like murdering now if you dislike ominous track my uncle down wouldn't you be so fascinated uncle who suspect was suspected to have an axe sixteen Jia you and I think most people listening would be like Aman attract this town that some people be like this is too hard for my family that they don't want to talk about it yet and it's also when it's just a missing child that's the that's I mean it's so sad they just no answer don't know you want and can sir because then it's like it's the third period on the sentence that like maybe he'll walk through the door someday a scene oh ya to know that it's over and that this monster John is the reason and like his mom let him move to Chicago to like start a new life and then they said Ray that he called her on the August and just this morning yet when he got there we got there and I think maybe the same day our capture a I was all I read was that was lash ever heard and as service and that he really the fact that his family loves him been searching for him this was not you know it's that thing they always do not always do but sometimes do the story with victims which is that he know the hitchhiker who didn't care about their life lay the runaway who a doesn't happen to them anyway worker who I mean who really cares is just another victim arts like he really this is a family who miss their child on their sixteen year old boy a four thirty a like when I said that they didn't want to know that I don't know if that's true or not but now you're just saying that the possibilities people probably then the grief then you have to like them that's a whole new grieving process how to compartmentalized this anyways I don't know I'm ever lost someone like that so I'm speculating yeah that's all the show is that I guess this speculation is speculation I like to lie out the hose a quote or the lake saying You Call It A or someone called it the veg postulated who postulate Meg postulated so I just talk and sincere postulate something um well that's fucked up and go and then the creepiest parts of me was that they could tell from when it happened based on it's like stacking of the body bit like what number victim he to take even one second this'll either trying to break and are clean probably clean the or the kittens doing something which she has some explaining to their ever know look at that thought was How do you get up there maybe it maybe there's something going up the side of building I will see this and keep sending us on trying to break in my fucking house ran out and they last they in here the window the only ah yes so they stack the bodies and that's he stacked them by like when he got the music bury them on top of each other so they can be like he died at this this year because the queen of the body underneath them when I wait like to disappear on this day in the one on top of him disappear on the say so yes thinking is that creepy with the vision makes me so sad please can the visual is what Lake spark my my what the hell is going on in this actual world that's exactly it yet with the bearing of bodies is on the diagram a diagram in the house and to me to my child's I thought he buried them in the didn't make sense to me that it was underneath so I was just like because I knew my parents for telling cast my cares away vehicle tell you later or tell which nothing much I mean they tell you that for real and so that was one of the ones anyway it's not a It makes me happy that they're still working the way A for this that there's something sad about that that's very heartening to me Can we go back to show you never gave me an answer what time drinking whiskey once you're about to carry now and have to go to college carolers I hear and take them out you noted it's not time of day is that you think Bonita y and can you think it's okay when it's not a choice because to a point where it's not a choice anymore you're at the point I was only drinking whiskey only would we needed a bar people get I would have a shot of Jamison I would be done before everybody of course much smaller and I with the whiskey until I was trying to kick the bouncer from the party central party cam party times anyway I saw the clock the literal and fifteen if at that point I remember taking a bottle James's are who the top of my refrigerator the second I woke up in the morning like it was homey as I drink it like just took a swig of it thinking this is very back home yet you are like close ups and such a mess but today is not that I know I know you knew was I knew stop but I I could not stop I know how scary it was horrible sorry ayah thank you congratulations second Ed and you he did I'm so impressed that you did that thank you I I mean look I highly recommend seizures their berry layer of setting their mysterious I tried one at like twelve twelve was the Me I'm yours on for about an had a seizure while for what I know my brother and I think that my brother and I both had one around and then never again it might here bring growth spurts because kids have seven than they have if they have fevers sometimes yes sometimes Sometimes when you're fourteen every seven years when your brain grows than like hormone release and then work like playing soccer all day it probably was hydrated and months this is an interesting I had in my sleep which isn't actually a seizure like I rats right they are Caesar's to tell you how a bunk bed with my sister started shaking thank God which around the time she ran into my mom's room and said We're really in the senses at the time and she said Mom George is having a couch the prolly the man Jesus that I miss my whole I'm so pumped about because you're out mountains on a great kind of where I went from liking think I even Steven Ray Morris keeps giving us presents no no no the thing i e just pull that a little bit in my CV age and you see VHS that this must cost you some me go get your story you go at those in the dark Joseph was echoes of the darkness everybody this is the story second video cassette he tracked down it's Peter Coyote lows yes Tucker jamming telling the story of War William Brownfield patches the all time doctor and prince of all was in and members of all the principal Dan Patch as missing the fam lol statue in the forests guy class which is cool the HS like it it's it's it's such a VHS that I remember my childhood I mean it's in perfect condition somebody really held onto that somebody dusted their VHS shelf every a sound is like what happened to them that day we were able to get this at the same to pah long you know they their parents for their skit siblings like selling on e bay solid and VHS is both can make a fuckin dark all the time now let's do that there be another four other choices are holding our hand at With Five fingers every time you think of something that's upsetting that you think is the truth from his summers working on inside your house okay that sounded like a weird far the know it sounded like noise maker when a k a year older hey everyone this is the rule of six Rule five McKay know the rule said sorry okay so is the negative five so you're like someone died and that's why we have the only I kind of enjoy pasta loving case you is for the worse castle and the five is like me life with wonderful family maybe they're not actually dead and maybe they were happy to let this move on to someone else to even tell us the background of you buying this to someone Senna tea or sake but I just added on e bay but the person hand the the and it says Dear customer please know I upgraded in bold at my cost your VHS ordered a first class I may consider you a first class customer the adulation and media mail I consider too slow I also a padded mailer with free delivery confirmation hope to overturn a law I hope I've earned your five star feedback you have and yet if not please message me on how to improve ranking you Karen and I yet the air great job Karen hosting a great job and this is a present that's not for me and then I want to read the letter because this is made me cry nice but it's really self serving because it's because of something I said of the enter K I feel like that's that this is podcast ok so I can receive insist sisters I are HUGE fan I'm sending you a thing may I never expected to but i wanna sae share with you a very personal way which you approach the podcast inspired and motivated me to say when I hear nary that's like slightly self congratulatory or you can stick through of the car I know did I You Love Me no no no get closer to us so it does look Lions episode Georgia was making a t shirt Corner daycare and mention how impressed she was see this oso deck by Georgia's tenacity and follow through on actually making the shirts reality and his number i was like You don't have to be perfect is fucking new things yes which up in Georgia want to express how she just doesn't let the fear of messing up or not being perfect older back she continue to expand the theory that people who make a quality work often don't even start much less finish making things because they're so hung up on being and perfection of your failing light bulb moment this describing I went to school for design working on design industry and been terrified of creating personal passion projects for fear that they will turn out perfect gumption and willingness to start t shirts in this podcast despite things and I was being perfect notion so encouraging to me um with the mindset of fact perfection I successfully created little bit of jewelry for you guys and all as out there ones who want one and say the tiny envelopes and pass into you and Stephen you get one too even though the eye you will find for a solid fourteen karat gold Mercury no scripts necklace making jewelry the figured out how to three D prints and script for mold casting place may prototypes and lovingly put each one together by hand their design in a New York City and you guessed it the first three because you inspired I want to say thank you the really proud think you all for pursuing what you love him for being authentic annoy or see my sisters and I wish you all of us happiness and success Stephanie of the sisters gambling and sisters camera its act see the sisters gamble GM B L E P s Steve and I don't know if you're into necklaces could rock it alongside the stash hell Stephen you you look so nineteen seventy five Iowa Golden live love laugh listen shave your chest during a mustache and yet the was and that makes me really happy cuz it's so true just fucking you'll improve I am really in many really tear up and proud in last yet just because of us we need to look at the Acton and it's funny those ideas that seem kind of simple for me they're like just Ted talks that I watched its like the dawn of the Bring a brown vulnerability Ted talk watch that can be a bunch are like perfection learning creativity this at the other thing you can like it either is all philosophy of life that you can discover my mother that can haunt them in the So thank you Stephanie thinks on I we got to see my aunt turn actually turn Richard speck into the police maybe we can save this for them on towns I work with trust Russia who hit with that person's ants turn Richardson and into the world that went to highschool with him that saw him in the and Country Center that we're walking mall in Sacramento Richard speck was the one who killed all the nurses in the Oh shit thank you Richard Chase Co is that Ray Richard Chase was the creepy sacrament was the Sacramento the vampire and your pictures back yet this is sorta can see but we should also give a shout out to arm the person you may do that across to each of the dogs oh that's right I want to say the hell this is that the doctors because we have a new kitten named Adi and she got out the sick and I love this new kitten very much but if she kills Ellis I'm going to fucking lose of a story to his hse but to be thirteen his email I hope I hope my subject line grab your attention you guys are the best to make my hour long Chicago commute so much more bearable with countless friends and family members into listening by telling them that Mary Vincent and Sarah Brady stories but anyway I'm answering my aunt is Kathy O'Connor at Cook County Hospital in nineteen sixty six she always talked about this case when I was never realize how much of a connection she actually had I started reading the book The Crime of the century which is about the Richard speck murders and he killed what a bunch of that he went into the nurses like Darren and me and by hiding in the chapter where they talk about him trying to kill himself and then getting admitted to the hospital I see my aunt's name was went to talk to her and she told me the real scoop she was the nurse that treated him when he came to the A E R that night in every report you're going to see it says that Leroy Smith was the one his eye his tattoo and alerted the police but after talking with my aunt this week was actually her that notified that notice attached to an address for a picture in the newspaper she then told Leroy and he alerted the police hahaa and since this was nineteen sixty six and my aunt is a woman she didn't get any of the credit doubt the patriarch am irate I know the all it's fine because speck was captured and was sentenced to life in prison but it's still pretty crazy story and connection thank you guys for this amazing podcast is honestly more of just I'm just like congratulating myself this hot Jonathan Amy Moore wears a person next to me as in Chicago hit me up and we can do a ghost or or you can talk to my badass and much less get murdered Mary Kay everyone in Chicago wants to give us a ghost or die of a musty thing well because they have ages homes they have like our own stuff well listen we're going to read some others that we got when that's the hometown murder of a sense of the many says basically are for those of you don't listen so yes clearly in the interview we have so much ketchup the man but I feel it not time yet because we don't I think maybe we should do we should do it next week to talk about the R Kelly sex Colts effectively it's crazy read the buzz the buzz they are called this morning moon isn't so much there's so much detail like it'll take us let's talk about it next week ok I have a list of things I've been meaning to talk about but but especially because what really freaked me out is R Kelly is touring he is even though he was he so he was acquitted for fourteen counts of child porn he married was fourteen and he was like twenty something thirty Sen then called age is just a number which is like no that's not true in but also start reading these accounts and the way he's keeping and controlling these women it's unbelievable Annie is just pennies like on Fallon Annie's layout in someone's funny video still okay with these people Chris Brown it's dated but I want to call a mother fucker out ways he still have a career after beating the shit out of Ram a three on its beak as make people money the people who get paid because of being making that money figure out a way to make it okay yeah and that's what's so much to show businesses and stand because people haven't had a voice before and what a lot like there was a reporter tragic quote that was like this story proves that the young black women do not matter on this country which is it's a thing you know we come up against all the time when you're in talking about true crime this issue of of the race of the victim and how that story gets treated as a huge problem yet and we're but it is it's nothing that we know we're just doing is it's a it's a problem on this level it's a problem obviously in the regular it's how we act the story gets presented where you go well this thing happen but it's okay and there goes great it's okay they don't quit don't question thinking your immediate snap judgment which I think is what we need to start paying attention to
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78 - The Freshest Recording