79 - Sharpest Needle In The Tack

Update: 2017-07-2712


On this week's My Favorite Murder, Karen and Georgia cover the Collar Bomb Heist and Jerry Brudos, the Shoe Fetish Slayer.

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recommend a bra in the right size and style for you now for love to try one of their perfect twenty four seven draws free for thirty days you just pay to ninety nine for the shipping to a perfect fit feel free to wash it worked all day forget they are airing and it's not your favorite new bra just return or exchange it for free the third love dot com slash favorite now to get your perfect third love Brian try it FREE for thirty days Dexter loved the calm session or to try their new pre op for the style of talk on slash favorite or try your new favorite bra for three three three three by the The The and my family murder this is the podcast where we tell you true crimes and the horrible things that happen to good people ya know little about ourselves sometimes and we just attack touch about only feeling I am a tangent on which is every episode for Two of minimum forty nine and it sprinkled throughout get ready liao so we don't just keep it at the top or put in also at the end I mean listen look look and listen ok so we should probably start with the biggest announcement and the one that people constantly treatise and ask us about the thank we are going on tour again and to announce the dates of our Australian and American tour are you ready to hear what we're doing yes that we're adding a couple shows actually so New Zealand Auckland is are still tickets available it's on Wednesday September sixteenth and the Number six thank you that says Lance said the September and Sydney because we have two shows are whiners out September ten in Melbourne at the Comedy Theatre Allan Melvin and September twelve in Sydney Australia at the powerhouse Opera House did side room where in the around was yeah that's right if you wanna come and talk says of the Sydney Opera House will be bathroom from nine a chamber orchestra that night but will be in the bathroom yes you want to switch off and we'll just do the dates and cities of each one after Teoh case on Friday September twenty nine for coming to Detroit Michigan so excited for the onstage ever thirteen San Diego California on October fourteen to Anaheim California on October nineteen Minneapolis Minnesota twenty of Madison Wisconsin on November third Tampa Florida November fourth learned of Florida November Fifth or Lauderdale Florida November tenth this is big we may for is Houston Texas were coming t o Ikea and then November eleven don't worry Dallas were going to he saw your TV show you can be eighth St Louis Missouri and then December ninth Kansas City Missouri and that's it for our twenty seventeen four And then there's going to be more stuff going on in twenty eighteen but also to tell you as a case of Monday thirty first at ten a m presale tickets go on sale and them the password is Marjorie now that you have to go to my favorite murder slash lion and then click the links for each show there because otherwise some fuckin Stoppers are going to buy them and tell you that this is the link and it's not true so if you want the official link you have to go to my favorite murder dot com forward slash live and then and buy your tickets at the link that we have listed the Camry there's lots of complaints less than about scalping prices all the stuff and that's why we do pre sales for fans and hear the show can get their tickets first and then you have to do off the official link obviously we can't be you know we can't make everything work but um that's we're trying to make things a little better so people aren't like buying some you know nasty weird website tickets they don't exist whatever set of murdering them that time which I'm really excited about a lot of these won't say which ones I was about to say which ones that would be great for when you are looking forward to I'm do that i ok when else do you have nothing on the way things are to live here in OK well it's all just like my rambling but my brother was on a jury in it was like a racecar are guys in the crash in a car and killed someone and as is telling me my seven year old nephew was like yeah like giving me details such as like he it how he would be if I had recorded him talking about in hometown and says that Michael tell me what happened he was just like when someone died so depressing that I was like Oh I'm okay yes and not playing that Sadie don't think seven is some time in last night so is like oh my nieces love your show like dots showing I don't think epic nineteen year olds turn this ah yes the news a couple listeners some awesome murdering also backstage one of the guys I'm sorry he goes lesser I started any interest in true crime okay then I don't feel as bad that's right I guess the thing for them for me was sixth grade so mm yes kids are very advanced and it's like it or not such a crime it's like the reading up about the things recently in like scary and bad things and actually speaking of children the scrum and Hall treated as a photo old sister and she said she just named her own back cheap I guess was in baseball just in our own back ten twenty on her own young was like That's fucking incredible yeah that's Larry and I mean of the pond I look and over the place I mean it's everything you if only to lose my mind later I get sweet that I found very interesting and it's sick this is one of you know like to have it was the Coastal rape Crisis North Carolina and so they basically said Hey ladies big fancy or podcast however we were disappointed to hear the unintentional victim blaming that took place on the twenty twenty twenty episode re covering the onus the victim to stop an assault we need of a culture shift where instead of telling victims what to do are not to do tell perks hey don't rape people gas also drug is the number I'll call used to facilitate sexual assault not true fees in parentheses not saying it doesn't happen but misinformation can unintentionally compound victim's trauma we are a crisis in North Carolina and we frequently hear victims blaming because they quote did everything right my friend watch my drink et-cetera and they are still assaulted so just wanted to let y'all know love your work which I think is such a good point totally um we obviously in the dense like we need to make excuses but when were coming from that that point of view which is very it for me is very eighties of like you have said you have to like you have to come to look at all times from the the defense that you know all that can separate such a good point that it doesn't matter you can be as aware you can be the most responsible all these things and then here yet we never want people to feel like in any way obviously that that would be our messaging so that they're to blame because at that that hurt me so much that maybe Saddam like become a mare and built a blame game and it didn't cover their drinks like we're telling them to do but the fact that she said it's usually alcohol not it's just like they need to review take to take advantage or to insult it yeah exactly it's common thing they all the time that doesn't make anybody feel that it's the I think also that conversation because it was around the time that that Grohl was that thing happen in Santa Monica where these women saw a guy Graham a drug into a girl's drink and they basically went bathroom this thing so we're kind of going off of that in a way but you know thank you for the correction because it's a really good point and that really is you know please not a rate that would be awesome did you see the trailer for the movie my friend Holy shit oh my god I did for I want to see it today know it looks so great look so good I love that there's no dozens of acres anything about him being an older person and actually committing that is there the books about why didn't I only knew I don't think it is because I feel like I did read that graphic novel A but I can't remember it's just the story of him but I think it's him in high school and nicely when it all started I think it's going on the idea that he's done and then so while like Oh this is a thing that made it happen this is a thing that started a yeah it looks and it looks so creepy eerie it's really they tear the very one of the first shots in the is kind of the front of a school and it's just kids and kind of like late seventies clothing walking around and then there's a guy standing it's really fucking creepy it almost looks like if that Napoleon was like a scary yet that's exactly the to the which I love when people I love outlier this emo looking Labrador The sitcom totally are like a coming what's that song to the editor or the home is we're is a cat probably have some I guess my MC having its the soils vary very hell yes something like because I thought things was very was clearly side in saying you are scared to risk it to make documents Salisbury steak and the other beautiful people get Peter Gabriel song the NCAA's new stage I I love that song it's so late there's and I don't know what instrument does that say who Pooh Pooh Pooh Pooh Pooh it so that food like he's going in when pay is at the plate as a kid the reporter Peter Gabriel might the recorder solo the beginning of Sol our stake it's all very state that is misinformation diary of misinformation the fucking if you have if your dad or if you have the time yes if you care could you please make a point to Wade into it I with the sound right but you could take the open like trailer from the point I just put all of this is the exact same time like voiceover from the trailer for Dom or just put him in there yet so it's like my mind I might smell things moving in that weird like his braces are still on but they're not mash up his soul his and his friend Pedro Pedro the friend who wrote the book like it's just perfect it's perfect did you plans yes it's all written down to the sea was nothing I say is ever plan on I anything we absolutely almost nothing is pre written that things are supposed to be at like our stories I think that's all I have um have anything I'm sure I can I have other things I just can't think of and I keep breaking things that I don't like I'll be like Oh I should make a note for pre show and I don't know what it means and can cook written down the tent and cook until egg is from when we were taught as the and the God's Eye to carry the the we talk deal on a murder podcast about Yan can cook like a fucking murders she and the guy's ass then I wrote embarrassing illness literally Crohn's disease yet and then I wrote starred as equals anxiety Jimmy I don't I was like i think i wrote something wrong like forever for you or drink yes the day yes yesterday as always full how do we figure easy to take some time with them don't think we need to add things on my saying um okay and then if were standing somewhere and a yank and cook whatever comes by Ray to be like this is what it is here and start testicles anxiety is probably something really interesting well there's a movie called Stardust is there I don't know the agitate if you are the notes not that much that's okay anxiety is it that we're and that makes I think it's the Yeah I think it's the I think it's that thy getting get anxious when I think of the entirety of the universe don't has to do anything with murder we talked about that one time we dead yes as I said Oh it was when I said um did you see that picture from the show universes and balls of gas like Please don't do this so I must've wanted to night was when I was on drink do you think there's a movie or something called Stardust the SaaS a child and that you discovered why the I don't I feel like trying just generally to figure out is a fascinating podcast I like what are you or is the pack yes I'm the cat's to know the the the ego is the already out like the food tasting and I think I'm worried about the universe I can though the answer to stamp I don't need to explain why people get everyone gets a sure hope all you need to explain why if you bring a dozen that's really knew the only thing I did just gives me anxiety that's not an explanation in the universe causing anxiety oh okay I hate to loose yeah I mean even his going but he's not trustworthy just hope keeps that keeps going wrong with bigot you're like I'm like force he does and I am in your tax whether Twitter account he was like Stephen get it together three times in the know you know I my brain is doing it's like here day care and like I'm doing that's why I kept saying he would go first because my mind Georgia went last time that she went last last a year not going you're going to Karen Georgia Karen Karen GA GA caring kan Nan kan yeah I'm just my brain completely just fell apart at that moment so what can we do to fix this going forward we have two things that people have made to tell her don't snow remember the things they gave us at large abacus this evening about his current sure hope the coin or do you think you have it this week I guess I had I really like it that I want to put him I want to read them over the coals is have five chances you have huge story I just love the idea there's a Twitter account now attacking you I like most of the job they're calling person who at first yes white like they were like say seven like five days since the accident or simply call like keeping track like this many so should I give whatever else and everyone yes you should definitely week I talked about all of us was at the event and how scary it was turned up the kitten we got Dottie gave everyone talking crazy infection the press or infection I really truly feel this is going to die my cry and I you know apologize to him and held it really and he's he's on the man he's not going to die but he lost come out so cute you have really have to see him open his mouth to me now in Amman yes or maybe dial have to do the sign off did you see the fan art that people made of Ellis in him in front of a black background and it just says on the side and hello and it's the first homicide in quotes it's as easy as so this kitten tried to kill me the thoughts are something like that first I saw it I almost is like she going fuckin shit a brick and yet he was still not out of Ray's and it was deliriously awful was like taking command of gas these people to take it home of beads if I didn't feel like I refused I am ever the aso think you know to everyone to Sweden yes and you know on the inside nice things and reassured man but he that that was like his neck and eye on them so thanks village that good update the app as well positive update hand Karen let me tell you what to do the get hella Fresh that come to a meal kit delivery service that makes cooking more fun so Karen you can focus on the whole experience I know you've been asking for that and not just the file play either Georgia been so with those final plates it's the plea that it ends up looking into yep it's a now stopped and that the of it okay uh put in. eyes on things not in your ear done sprinkle came in on the outside edges of anything yes but first year to focus on the whole experience a fresh ok i hella fresh sources the freshest ingredients part of the name measure to the exact quantities needed so there's no food waste and they also employ to come to full time who are you each recipe to ensure it's nutritionally not getting it and those to die registered czar also trans it's one and they know hella fresh delivers food to your doorstep in a recyclable insulated box for free care in Georgia have to say I tried one of the new breakfast options and who was a mean chili his own in my favor practice items that I can make it my own home rad and had everything had the tortilla black beans tomatoes cheese the egg and everything was like I mean I'm never going back to regular practice after this so at the EU it's less than ten and me Lent lesson that you can't get out of Starbucks for lesson off its over thirty dollars off your first week of hell or fresh visit hella fresh dot com and enter the promo code murder he get the hell of fascists aka Karen yesterday as you know what I do I want to tune out the entire world was I listen you do get like one or podcast anything I actually have a couple that I listen to to help me fall asleep but my needs and of a book and it's so enjoyable to me Oh you're audible dot com Get Away not as fuck and saying OK I'm saying that you it but you're saying exactly because you got excited when you found out that labels advertising I get excited hosts This is because you actually believe so audible has an unmatched selection of audiobooks original audio and news comedy and so basically go and download really kosher to listen to and they've been doing it forever they're kind of the first in terms books if this is the first time about them you've never listened to podcast before and you've never been to San Francisco high because it's easy get a free e book audio book for thirty eight rout from us at audible dot com slash murder if you it all has it with an unmatched selection original audio news comedy to say they're ready now get a free audiobook with a thirty day trial by signing up as we said at www dot com forward slash my favorite murder may I recommend if you like post apocalyptic books station by Emily St John the narrator is awesome it's fuckin post apocalyptic as shit I fucking love this book great yet listen to that to him and tell you it listen to new books and the flesh murder um okay so I guess first I just got married this is the story the collar bomb heist okay awesome I what you just said OK it's the story of the collar a collar like a collar around her neck collar bomb and her daughter in a haste and I just wanna type say that there's an article called in wired by AI Rich Shapiro has a really good overview every house I used a lot of disinformation and I just wanna give him props for that and it happened in twenty ten ounces a little bit of update since then but so were in Erie Pennsylvania home I looked this up on my favorite to see if anyone talked about it and it's from the town a girl named Jess aka said the winters are terrible and the summers are filled with water sports in the lake and lots and lots of drinking in fact EU will find either a church or a bar at every corner well I think describes this town really well in her August twenty eight two thousand and three at two twenty eight pm A forty six hr old local walks into a PNC Bank in Erie and passes the teller a note the note says gather employees with access with access codes to the vault and work fast to fill the bag this bag with twenty five thousand dollars you only have fifteen minutes then he lists his shirt to show the teller handcuff like collar attached to his neck and according to the No it's a bomb fuck i was like a DIY device it's not a millet matter metal collar attached around neck like a handcuffed and there to their key holes and a combination as well as baking timers and two six inch pipe bomb all the baking type early at me like the white ones that you turn like you have five minutes and not their love is never used for banking it's for fucking finish baking it for punishing your children yes exactly or just being like I have to timer nobody takes that is ok how deserving as you're that you're not tell ur mom stayed up really late the night before drinking wine with your friend feel like I'm in power this day and I'll be fine yet to go out drinking with my friends again and see a guy walks up I imagine sweating profusely and like the guy walks up to your teller passes you know you're like fuck something to say like hey Oreo is a lovely mail today cook easy no no it's all that always out with a note to always bad with the guy that has to pull her shirt to prove a point and he's like clearly there's something holding his shirt collar and he has as his neck is really the idea it looks I bet it would look like he has a trach tricky tray to be out of me making I made the cut would like that um I mean is like two shirts on in says the shirts of gas it's a good guess Graham Sher know she's like That's the are about the fucking so here's some hypothesized the while that is that the show just the of like that but like the Jerry the baking time her and then but there is also a couple magnetic letters from his refrigerator can I mean by clear and some stuck to the PSU Iowa is I don't know who's guilty and saying things like Well it's okay because their ego so the tellers only evil your brand eight thousand seven because there isn't a way to get into the vault at that time there wasn't a people there so the baking timer goes off and then he subtly smoky the like the I pull the cookie out of his neck and cuffs yet and says Thanks for doing business but he not fucking kidding takes on families and he grabs a dum dum lollipop on his way out the home button is now OK so he's as maybe that's what you think OK or he's really stress and he needs something to occupy him a doubtful though well I just feel like if you think you're about to blow and look I love candy I don't think it would be not like I'm in love with the items the the new goodies for hollow when you get like ten of them in time the stock market now that one's really pop I would be just it doesn't use the stick as a cigarette yes the sand around takes money from garlic smoking I R A like I needed he knew that was the closest to him as he was probably can smoke grenade bomb this test really don't go hand might be gasoline and definitely I don't know how moms are made he poured gasoline on them I don't know about fifteen minutes after he walks out state troopers spot Brian Wells at the same standing outside of his areas of Anbar is ala moms know it's that announcing some kind of a pseudo fancy car now that GM enter a home second a bad cars it's three young kids it's just it's just like the first patch back and those are cool it's like Effie out the game up on itself like an eighties hatch back home but this is two thousand and three episode he had a geo Metro in two thousand and three or maybe he was an antique city car collector now he actually was what a pizza delivery man yeah okay so you can see a piece of lumber man having a car yet but the tires have honestly no tread they're like all what's the ones in the back who like the replacement
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79 - Sharpest Needle In The Tack