80 - Live At The Rams Head Live

Update: 2017-08-036


This week’s My Favorite Murder comes to you live from the Rams Head Live. On stage, Karen and Georgia cover the killers Joe Palczynski and Joseph Kallinger.

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in case of a primary Holland and wheels the podcast along with Luke Jones called a yes is right here on feral i DL and what we do is we invite great improvise or xin actors to join us in the studio where we do grounded and emotionally commited improv scenes we frame it as a government podcast This is the NSA has conversations real conversations with real people that we can all now listen to will the government's listening to us and now you can listen to it too so tune in now rate subscribe ever of you have on their letter the Campbell River you listening to podcasts you guys my classes or go to his love for fashion that's as unique as you that's true with your wardrobe with everything from Corky prison a classic silhouettes including my wedding dress Georgia wore a mod cloth dress to her wedding dress if that's not a celebrity reading celebrity I don't know what is the man Mark Locke believes the passions for every body size and shape that's why their exclusive line of apparel comes in at full size from extra extra small to four x nine sandals with this exclusive deal shop now mark off the com enter the promo code AM FM when you checkout you'll get thirty percent off which is huge a hundred dollar or more everyday extraordinary Karen came with my cloth coat ok i the the uh uh uh The The Baltimore tears the of the rhythm Jackson's the MTV's The grind the this is the isn't this close to the stage it's always a fun show lyrics here at the Hyatt this is my favorite Karen Georgia the the special much why the drive from think she's much the advice better blurb down you wanna see the thing that so the more we the car front of the yesterday I got just for George rides a time when the the time to go back a little fuck I want there is no the the plane I've found the and identify the the the the the the I am positive aged Asian the the across I mean I am practising for months tell you even tell that you had stretched thin you had choreographed a plane because they look like a child going the a o on a plane movie Lexi went story hotel just with the the the off things when he was look we like the whiteness on people and March and this like I'm oh well you know everything the Oh with the on the way that I'm thing is I have to tell you ask is this sucking in St it's a lion a creepy just do it anyway just passing it was essentially the plot but yet on the one reporter cada and then to time and then I told you do too yes uh like it was the longest are of stories we did and we haven't castle but we found mistake sense suspect he was Amo it up for Steven AA after shot he he is looking like ants which is now these photos could hear how you know your cat's expressions like what it means and he was just me the and she was just like can effectively me alone like doesn't like out sustain the weekend and I that this guy mean when and see even like this eye patch guess again you have to have a mustache for the night that yes the man shirt and your pirate is spoken she sat down no no the the on the inner the all sophisticated miss the going to talk about murders thank you the new disobeying Now that are shapeless the dress L A not doing me any favors but at Nordstrom's the day before we left purely pockets the like black but it had like this weird Hi mom turtleneck dress was like to look like if I get to have pockets at shops in your town to the second thing when I get it on the shelf and Yelp not far so and I bought because I felt bad for her story is fine my fam but the owner was like so will the one thing in the seventies sick so and one thing not unlike meant it so I bought like two things I spend a lot of the people the day anything for sophisticated open the and flow issue don't the sealant very many of the the last the yet none of you didn't stage with us yet which the Union stage hands did not like if they get away the and spread out birds they don't I can go situation way we live more fully out the fire extinguisher without a second union player like feel like there is one other thing but long as he should sit down with the the the on oh I got a text today from the ACLU like Oh Tuesday California's motor thing the city in the It's like big so the cops what is the call charges wrote back Mike and like the adult the the modern this is to the LAPD this towel for is the the the way is first class luggage at a Coach Price their founded by two friends from New York who found themselves at JFK with headphones delayed flights and embrace idea luggage with power thus the away carry On was born on the way carry on as inspired by true travel stories the asked thousands of people how they pack quite a travel what bugs them the most about their luggage and then a bag that solved a few of the old problems like sticky wheels and a few new ones like dead cell phones they use high quality materials offering a much lower price compared to other brands by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to you also cases are made with premium 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Beautiful magazine covers to pick the latest issue of Bon Appetit or wired are people all three but you can't quite decide which one you want to take home great I know that about you you know my life one of the first things he told me Meyers I cry about it sometimes Karen I don't have to employ not becoz was humming texture at the texture at That's Why God I love to talk about the texture after texture AB is the new app where you can subscribe to thousands of magazines without having to carry any physical magazine and stop hurting your back enjoy the texture appendectomy on BMT delivering just the magazine itself they may be easy to find and enjoy articles that you care and with daily recommendations exclusive interaction he fears the US the they have all the titles that you're looking for Georgia like for example diabetic Living One girl's life was the shit damn and SportsNet One Magazine the Today's Parent and one more Doctor Oz The Good Life okay so no I good news for McGrath Highway vegetarian is during times star that said texture is new to over two hundred magazines with that subscription but if you sign up right now at texture dot com slash murders you're getting a fourteen day free trial tried to punch a couple of magazines when you can have all your favorites on your smartphone or tablet all the time for way less so right now textures are offering our listeners for each and every traveler said that when you go to touch the com session or structure dot com slash your free trial now and download the texture at enemy this goes So news for people there on like a uh Studios ride where you get put into punk rock people that the sorry the added together and then turn to look at the site on the Me of Little Murder just the year of firsts yesterday ah maybe the the all is me spree Joel Palin's in ski the now the I sighed be disappointed job easy for him to the way patch now pluck take the eyeball not the eyebrow my brown the was our sorry eyeball the policeman that solely by at was like we in the in appreciate why stepdaughter came in the three of the city by city people are mad yet to hear the angry here because he's just entering job over a span he least seven they were a fantasy those like fantasy suite but over a span of just go get coffee discover the truth of the ham and has dangerously controlling personality his mama course Pam the way you said of with Pam has the same like a man his dad commit suicide younger his sister dies in a car accident stopped caring done yet the Amy was fifteen his victim with Joe B Hill anymore the cafe drinking liquid cocaine okay she's fifteen he's a team he told her he has two personalities John is calm and rational number two is angry it's like so gotta I'm the also it's just a red flag like there's two the is there the of it to the So he carried and his car and the night times instances Hey he'd be like in our you and they would let he was beating at a child The heehee a lot of second contusion as can be here because abusive he and she's fifteen your thing oh hell fucking no enemy probably forty seven yet the her mother recalled call from Pam says like and this is a pattern she comes begging not to press charges against her he just childhood Amy's Mike the year he's going to he please not call killed me the story about pleas not reason of insanity the found incompetent to stand trial to four the D C of the the every different than how the spell as well as many thing but this is intimate the serves two years including time for an attempted escape he's getting counseling he is described as having deliberately dangerous situations fantasy is consistent with his identity as like Rambo he thinks he is and would like help girls Paige M he say like thirty page girls he'd like you know night aged Double know get sued copyright infringed the So to be now the the time he's twenty April ninety he no longer faces prosecution for ex years before because the judge dismissed the trial because he couldn't it wasn't fair because he couldn't get a speedy trial can see whole time so the young and you're not you're being so we're not going to charge if the player speedy trial reality he goes teenagers charms all of seems like he's hot you know that type well we have but when a photo can be put up is the guy is doing to those know on knots Landing that filter to start the next one has been yet the the the four and the though what has muscle a page card probably like they know who the denim light it's ironic the and then he goes on the physically and actually take them for hear one girl a black eye and threatened with a razor blade because he found birth control pills in her bedroom like You can't fucking take these like super controlling abusive typical he's trying to get I don't like you can just controlling wow what it's really like classic abusive Jovi the are at school to blow her brains out but it also threatens multiple girls that he's going to kill to suffer so he thinks he may girlfriend come back to him charges if she's terrified what would happen if he dances just like an intimidating these girls and their families you of love the um song C two lasted sixteen hours the cops and then the you know his thing mall now know what the standoff was four he got out of like jail and then went and like assaulted a sixteen year old thirteen year old girl
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80 - Live At The Rams Head Live