DiscoverVox's The WeedsAssessing the Trump Cabinet — and Exploring How Recessions Affect Health

Assessing the Trump Cabinet — and Exploring How Recessions Affect Health

Update: 2016-11-30


Sarah and Matt take a deep dive into what Trump's cabinet picks say about how he will govern, with a particular focus on HHS Secretary-designate Tom Price. Also: an exciting white paper on recessions and health outcomes!

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the following podcast contains explicit language the uh the old weathered another upset of the weeds but his posse podcast Network Matthew Grace yes I joined in studio by Sir Cliff who has brought the Seattle when you have it's disgusting it's in the sunlight in like two weeks it's gross it's sex it's especially bad with toddlers who like the side and as it has left us for New Orleans adheres very sunny yellow is the two of us now just the two of us it's grim conditions a gram but we're going to a soldier Thoreau keep keep keep hope alive with this podcast we're going to reach into into the white paper archives later to talk about something that that I've been thinking about it in light of reason results are going to talk about an Obamacare replacement plan which I know will be at a radical change of pace for coverage but I wanted to start out with the kind of like that like a broader view of what we've seen in the news from Donald Trump as he is now world out a lot of cabinet appointments we have Ben Carson at Hyde Betsy Devo sad education we have Wilbur Ross at Commerce we have Nikki Haley as UN which is going to be maintaining its Cabinet rank we have Elaine Chao Chao transportation Tom Price for Health and Human Services and Treasury most recently Steve new chin I am not my sources disagree a little bit on how you pronounce his name but if you know please tell us the highest ranking current Treasury Department official who have discussed this with says its minutiae and what the other options I'm going with that I've heard nuke in the new kin is this question about how you pronounce the MN is a question about whether the C H is a chat or do it for an announcement of a connection here anyway there's a lot of cab I saw this morning but it was like Sound Off Center at the subtitles highway I should actually try to try to get the idea cabinet shaping up right now is shaping up and what is interesting about it is that it's not that interesting it's one we had the very first sort of Trump announcements why it was like OK we have rents Priebus as chief of staff's like okay that's like a bridge to the party don't have Steve and his like this crazy art editor as a senior counselor Michael Flynn who it seems like everyone in the government hates as National Security advisor Jim would be a little bit of a light load Trump administration would be a little expected because Tom's whole camp he has been like I was but as we've moved into the cabinet officials of course Jeff sessions who measures was over the bridge between these errands out because this is a real outlier in the Republican Party on the issues the Justice Department overseas he is a much more strident anti immigration person has a very staunch record of skepticism of civil rights law I think things like that but he's also a sitting United States senator he's not like Who's this guy really easy and fun sessions on we keep seeing people who I would say Trump is a little less focused on the idea that he wants cabinet secretaries who have experience in the federal bureaucracy or managing comparable state agency is that we've seen from for most presidents like Betsy DeVos said education is a typical there's this to me that the last few education sector is that the current one Arnie Duncan his predecessor both of their choices under George W Bush were people who had one public school system and so now they were going to be education secretary Betsy most is not like that she is a rare s and donor to conservative political causes primarily focused on education policy she's not like a veteran administrator but she's a paid up member of the Republican Party she was a major soft money donor and the soft many days she's into super PACs she does education policy she has a slightly extreme conservative views on K twelve education but no recognizable ones I mean that nothing vouchers charter schools if you haven't heard of before and hung down the line they are basically like that there seem like pretty normal conservative Republican I think it feels like it's going the Giants' previous like if you think of like Steve expert those are due the first half of an indictment says and that they fit more into the riots please note I was in the one thing that feels different you mentioned is that there is less of an emphasis on like this federal experience of reading of the cabinet that Obama most recently put together a lot of the prominent names in that or people who had been in the government in one way or another we recognize but as we're just talking a little bit about before start a bang like you're Hillary Clinton as secretary of state was not someone who's like a super experienced diplomat but someone who kind of was in Democratic politics and you actually kind of see a similar a similar cabinet shooting up from Trump I think one of things will be interesting is seeing how this group of people who are some exceptions at the time Price said it just as one Elaine Chao good total insider marriage married to the Senate majority leader but a lot of people were coming into federal bureaucracy for the first time it'll be I will be interested to watch how that goes like what that looks like in terms of how these agencies run like what changes what doesn't change when you have a lot of people who haven't really been these agencies are working in these agencies before so it feels like there is like a slight drain the swamp tinge to it but it's not like as I like these people are divorced from these issue was the end I am there my eye on the one like divorce new shoes and I know there was some concern right that like Trump would pick a treasury secretary who don't actually know anything about financial markets and maybe some crazy disaster which would roll out Nugent who is at veteran Goldman Sachs guy in his own hedge fund you know he like knows this terrain he doesn't know that Treasury Department and will probably if he's smart need to pick some good assistant secretaries who may be worked in the Bush administration are working the Federal Reserve System somewhere who can help them like understand what how things actually work in that department but he's so knowledgeable that financial markets so that's all good on the other hand a big part of the promise to drain the swamp I mean I think about this particular treasure it like when Trump was in his final battles with Ted Cruz he explicitly called out the fact that Ted Cruz's wife worked at Goldman Sachs where he was running against Hillary Clinton he explicitly called out the idea that Goldman Sachs I mean his words were totally controls Hillary Clinton he put in his final TV ad like ominous looking photo of Hillary Clinton's standing with Lloyd Blankfein he now has a Goldman Sachs guy running the Treasury Department Hillary Clinton would not have done that it would have been intense pressure if she tried to do it Senate Democrats have stood for it there was no way that Hillary Clinton was going to literally put Goldman Sachs alumni in charge of the government Trump is doing that via both bad and who's kind of a political outsider weirdo Goldman Sachs veteran and Nugent who was a Mitt Romney bundle or that sort of conservative guy from Texas alumnus soul to the extent if you imagine this whole drama from things had happened right and like some Republican had won against Hillary Clinton I think most people what is said Heller Clinton is not the most left wing Democrat in the universe but that by and large the Republican Party as it has been since eighteen sixty or so is like more the party of big business interests than the Democratic Party is and that's just part of how politics as Trump seemed to upend that in various ways and now that he is taking office is really not defending that right it's not like the populist cabinet he if you are going at full populism this is not the cabin at you expect to see that question for you mathematicians load off topic at the menu can or ever even out the vote the open incision how do you think about what that means for transgender that just came out last night I had a ton of time to read up on a bike walk me through how you think about him running it's a little puzzling simply because a lot of sort of finance guys who get interested in politics and government one way the other start expressing views on federal public policy questions which is really not die and there was an interesting Bloomberg profile of them should note is that this was like a really odd media failing in the campaign but he was the finance chair of Donald Trump's campaign and he was always the guy who was like rumored to be the leading candidate for Treasury secretary so people knew that like people who cover the department of people cover Wall Street were aware of this fact the Fed never like migrated into like mainstream political coverage of Trump and Hillary Clinton arguing about bank regulation in an odd way but during that time when Newton was being covered like an assignment was as good Bloomberg profile of them where they mention that like one oddity of it is that he didn't have any particular stated opinions about Donald Trump or American politics but they have a quote for Amway site well when I get a big job in the administration people are going to stop asking me why I was supporting down truck I mention this last week yeah that's an insane quote is a weird thing to say So you because I mean I don't know but just to set a normal baseline which he would have expected him to say was something like I think Donald Trump has the right vision to do X and Y which will be good because A and B and he didn't say that he was on CNBC this morning he was his his big idea was that we were going to have a cut in the corporate income tax rate that was going to help companies move cash back on shore and boost economic growth this is like the most generic invited thing I can imagine a person saying like literally you could have copied and pasted this from my Calvin Coolidge or anyone who has ever published and lower corporate income tax rate that's that's what they're all bout you would think that a dive from the headphone sector would not be in favor of the recent steps the Obama administration has taken to do more oversight of the headphone sector hasn't said that that's what he thinks exactly the plan in Congress to like roll back Dodd Frank Donald Trump gave a speech where he said he wants the world that dad Frank seems like a banker guy from Wall Street would agree with that but he hasn't said much about it this bring cash back from overseas I should mention it's the technical term for it is is bullshit but what would happen is that you're supposed to pay taxes on your profits as a corporation United States regardless of whether or not you don't need to pay taxes on foreign profits until you rather if you have a subsidiary right so Apple has this Irish subsidiary ABA Ireland and Ireland thanks to some fancy legal work is this incredibly profitable job or not because like every computer every iPhone Apple sells in Europe and the like Apple Germany subsidiary makes no money off of it because they have to pay enormous patent licensing fees to Apple Ireland which Apple Ireland is this like profit making sure not because they don't have a corporate income tax so then this money sets people say often on the business press that its offshore but is actually controlled eight hits in Nevada is where Apple's financial management unit as they don't pay taxes on that money because it's owned by the Irish subsidiary and so they can but they can do whatever they want with it right to give Apple had a desire to like build a factory to get that money it's not like walled off somewhere in the one need to pay taxes on it which is crucial because it's not a profit if you're recycling into investment the only reason they would need to pay taxes on it is if they wanted to do a dividend or stock buyback so what what mission is talking about more public to talk about for years is we should let companies bring that money back tax free or at a discount rate and then payout to shareholders which is great if you like a major Apple shareholder which maybe he is maybe Donald Trump is we have no idea of it has nothing to do with the economy that's his idea so the egg using a very generic Republican to future could see like a lot of people about this and show a lot of liberals or could be like I don't like that idea but is also a good idea to make sense if you have a conservative industry Shannon and I think it's just it's way more similar to what Marco Rubio right straight away say then you might think as I like it for good or bad right and I look at the cabin and it feels like last massive threat to democracy and there are like because you have read and like there's still some pretty significant threats love the conflict of interest up you've been covering but the one I look at the cabin and it feels like a little off from like Marco Rubio would have done but like a cabinet that does not sound some crazy or like a treasury secretary that I gave Marco Rubio a Pac ten like when sound like off the water in a way like Trump often often was in the Republican primary where he had the kind of particular health care in other spaces it he had quite different views often from A is true there are often different views in a statement than you actually look at his like policy papers and the kind of seemed like all of his game of telephone Republican proposals like someone to tell someone but like something or other then you end up like the no state lions like these very vague things that look sort of like health care proposals but at the center of the statements was making during the campaign he felt quite out of place in the Republican Party and now are looking at a cabinet that seems quite at home in the Republican Party idyllic sessions is kind of the one that you are saying that he's been rejected for confirmation before our duties them some races that he got I P said that I think will be interesting but it did that the title the piece was like It turns out we should've taken from literally and you if you look not at like what was on drums Twitter few years or like what did he say in a live TV interview I went to the say when he was feeling flustered in a debate but what did his white papers and they were pretty conventional Republican white papers except on immigration where his proposals were not like and work it was an issue in which the Republican Party has had significant divides for years and which trumps white paper very strongly sided with the Jeff sessions faction of the party which has traditionally been a minority group in the party it's not like a coincidence or mystery why that is it's the white table was written by guys used to work for Jeff sessions and sessions can be attorney general so you see an Erie in which the shifting certainly have been from how George W Bush approach immigration of areas like taxes and regulation where he is seeming very similar to how Georgie Bush was going or just congressional Republicans weren't large but in all cases it's closer to this sort of EEG into a vague statements on the website then to the kind of maniacal right and there weren't a lot of them say I felt like the guy they're easy to ignore when you're like Hillary Clinton at the thick mass of white papers super detail policies and then you know the ones the third book that that Trump ones are usually less than a page takes super brief but they're generally in line with party policy I don't think and the Cuban about this before but those policies guy at one weird thing is that I'd not going into detail trouble is made a trip seem to give reporters a pass I'm covering them saying Oh these are serious policy is you need to voters may words to them I think I fell into that trap at some point I did cover his policies there it is harder to cover because there's so much last there but now we are seeing this be one page outlines get fleshed out into actual policy and you're right that those are the things that are mastering a lot more than things Trump said in a debater like Santa and his Twitter account you'll use the I should've taken more seriously is a conversation that that I had with that sort of senior AB Senate Senate Republican guy and you know Anderson Mel like Trump and what's what's going on and he was clearly not thrilled with the idea of Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee or trying to sell me that downtown was going be like an amazing president he said you know he doesn't seem that interested in the details of public policy so we figure he's going to come and he's going to get like some of our regular guy is going to our bills and he's going to sign on to them and maybe hell of a signature issue or two that T Wright The Light Orthodox conservative the people who are least covered in the whole campaign like the Republican Party elected officials who were not going like never Trump who also weren't like doing like embarrassing Chris Christie Trump surrogate thing but I would just like they were supporting from they weren't trying to convince people that like nominating Trump was an amazing idea but they thought it was an okay idea and I thought he would be an OK president because I thought he would be a Republican president would appoint Republican people to jobs and sign off on Republican policy ideas and I mean it's we're still like what negative six weeks into the administration seems to be roughly the correct space where things feel normal that feels like more the legislative process in pursuing these policies conservatives have the part that still feels very abnormal either conflicts of interests unlike our international agency like they're going to become very normal but then when I look at legislative side the covering the Obamacare fight like that that feels like it's proceeding as it would with any Republican to say there's nothing like odd about Trump or in some ways alarming but like there were some takes during the election season as someone box maybe even one or two by me but like some really good ones but might lead Reitman them about like a realignment of the ideological configuration of American politics with Republicans maybe really liked him by being a like white working class politics and Democrats really leaning in to like cosmopolitan ism and globalization and I just don't see any at any sign of that that like Trump is odd in various ways maybe just ways that are entertaining maybe ways that are alarming but like the cold war policy agenda he is pursuing is a very recognizable variant of like American conservative politics and with that I mean I think I will be good to take a look at one particular nominees at Tom Price coming in as the human services secretary who does not have experience particularly with that agency that has been chairing the relevant committee and that in the house and sewing of you know has a way you're in a matter like he is a detailed specific legislative framework for American health care policy yes I think Tom Price is the guy you pay if you're quite serious about dismantling Obamacare like that really seems to be where price is legislative interests lie he's done some work on Medicare Medicaid but mostly as budget chair so he oversees the budget process he makes his proposals to change Medicare Medicaid a ways and really cut the program but those seem to be kind of a holdover from Paul Ryan with the position beforehand where he has focused most of his legislative efforts are like thinking through one the logistics of how you repeal Obamacare so he is the lead author of the reconciliation repealed all the past about a year ago said he was the one he worked through how you can use this reconciliation process to pass repealed a simple majority instead of that the sixty member filibuster proof majority and to what he replace it with so he is the author of I think I'm right on this the longest Obamacare replacement telling Congress that Sam to Engine forty two pages long it's pretty detail that does not replace all Obamacare but it offers a framework for what would what would come it would replace a living dwelling on it a little bit just like because one thing that sometimes you know has been known to come up is like people like they haven't even read the bill and the reason people who read the bills light bills are super long super unreadable and policy proposals normally take the form of like maybe a detailed policy proposals would be like twenty six page ready I like the Paul Ryans Obamacare place which is quite similar to prices that's like twenty nine page can of white paper and then but it leaves out so many important details like how big are the subsidies say you know how much to spend on Medicaid which is when you move to legislative language you actually have to put those details into the plan and then you get a much better sense of what exactly we're looking as if his price has done much more work on this earth then say anyone in the Obama administration had done on drafting Obamacare at this point I mean Democrats had a kind of rough and Ready framework of what they were doing like they had to I mean not for say the ages as department by Max Baucus and his guys to like start writing bills yet in the winter right price is over yes they're starting and it's kind of thinking about those this morning that it probably does Bill that Tom Hays in all honesty it is expected to come hang out on a shelf for over one in all the sudden it's actually equate useful documents Republicans to have sat there like it's quite similar to warehouse leader Brian as Ryan put out as better way Obamacare placement which is much less detailed the Prez Bill is called empowering patients and it takes a lot from that bell is that they really have a framework for what comes next and it's something that I am likely change allied to a delay a bill like this as a lot of things Republicans wants but may not be able to pass for example wants to cap employer tax exclusion which is something like Every economist ever talk to exert great idea and all the o hundred fifty million people with employer sponsored insurance because a terrible idea because it will increase their costs so that's one of like it's in there it's on the wishlist I don't think it's moving forward and then on the other patients like her like some big dude Howell Howell empower Oh yeah well if I get it now need my my premiums to be subsidizing like lady's birth control and sent her yes you a view on market you want to pay for all those annoying pregnancies that Min Qi Pao Vang I agree that's very empowering so it's and it's a very very difference insurance market the price though envisions it is one where you can charge sick people more than so and this is a place I want to dwell on just a little bit because I think the better ground is going to become very confusing to hear politicians like Trump like Price say we're going to outlaw pre existing conditions that no insurance company can deny you coverage and that is true and in prices Bella does require insurance companies to accept everybody was like shock of Rio for a million of the catch is that if you don't maintain continuous coverage of you at some point lose insurance for a few months couldn't afford it forgot to get around to it whatever insurance companies they do have to offer to you but they can charge you however much they'd like to charge you and you have to maintain under the price fell as eighteen months of continuous coverage before you can get back to the standard non sick person rates and the price goes after those details on this it says that if you're breaking coverage insurance companies can charge you eight hundred and fifty percent of the regular price which could be quite a large increase but I think that something important to keep in mind as we're going to hear a lot about preexisting conditions there is a huge difference between telling insurance companies they have to accept everybody and telling insurance companies if the charge everyone the same amounts the Republican bills due the first they they do not do the second I guess they would end this is a replacement for the individual mandate is continuous coverage provision to instead of charging a fee for not having coverage they basically say well if you don't keep your coverage or you're going to get locked out of the cheap rates going forward absinthe is a policy you need it's probably a policy if they could leave out of the bill they would because it will be unpopular but it is again in the individual mandate you need some kind of motivation to get people on the market I think there's reasons to think this is an especially harsh penalty when they can affect people for years after they make a decision to go uncovered for a little that but it will encourage you to think of not about em about making sure you maintain your health I got like Medicaid good guy can be empowered lives since it's so the phrase bill does nothing to replace Medicaid expansion and this is another place where I really did you jump or am currently enjoying free coverage See how come you to be empowered empowered to not see the doctor what you lay your new mid thirties I think you get a good twelve hundred dollar tax credit to buy a bundle tax credit so you know when the use of all the time at twelve hundred dollar tax credit to buy coverage that is probably a lot less than the price of insurance and if I don't get coverage you don't get coverage in the so then you end up in the news coverage is great is it that there will be the dude doesn't feel that him did you propose these high risk pools for people who end up in that situation with the details even the Price clan are like super Hagar and the funding at who knows how much we spend on and TomTom prices especially skin be on the high risk pools he proposes three billion dollars over three years Paul Ryan's at twenty five billion over ten years and that base hits in Tom Price's plan of high risk pools for three years AG se presume everyone gets covered in those three years and you don't need them anymore but the Medicaid part I really I think the Republican Party has shifted a lot on Medicaid since price of His plan we have a vice president or an incoming US president who expanded Medicaid at the Paul Ryan plan envisions keeping a version of Medicaid expansion which is not is not nearly as generous as what exists now but it is an option for states to keep it to I think that's one place where the party has evolved since Price wrote His plan and I think they're going to have to go back and revisit and fifty million people joined Medicaid since about day care started and I think that is a space where I would expect them to try and do like some thing if not saving the entire thing but the way for what the plan doesn't do that as soon as someone now say it's a um like um healthy no no major illnesses and I'm like a good job and I'm above four hundred percent of the poverty line is I'm not getting any better sense I don't have any yeah I don't know I don't want birth control was a great diseases He empower me twelve hundred the tax credits is so Obama won't help me because Obama feels that says I'm not sick or pour you know I should really get health care money from the government but time presses going empowering Tom Price you know like I said that during your mid thirties regardless of what you are inside it the way Obamacare works is their income related tax credits the less you earn the more you get the idea being you need your help to buy insurance when you were less money D And this is across the board nor Republican plans except for one I am that
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Assessing the Trump Cabinet — and Exploring How Recessions Affect Health