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Big Blend Radio: Dr. R. Keith Wallace - Gut Crisis

Update: 2017-08-19


Poor food quality, the overuse of antibiotics, and other factors are creating an imbalanced state in your gut bacteria and damaging your gut lining. This eventually leads to inflammation that underlies chronic health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, autoimmune disease, heart disease, and degenerative brain disorders. Dr. R. Keith Wallace discusses his book, 'Gut Crisis: How Diet, Probiotics, and Friendly Bacteria Help You Lose Weight and Heal Your Body and Mind.” Gut Crisis is the ultimate guide to gut health.

Dr. Robert Keith Wallace is a pioneering researcher on the physiology of consciousness. His work has inspired hundreds of studies on the benefits of meditation and other mind-body techniques, and his findings have been published in Science, American Journal of Physiology, and Scientific American. Today he serves as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Physiology and Health, Director of Research, and Trustee of Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, Iowa.

This Big Blend Radio interview originally aired live on, on Aug.. 18, 2017.
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Big Blend Radio: Dr. R. Keith Wallace - Gut Crisis

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