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Bonus Episode: LIVE in Atlanta

Update: 2017-02-142


This week we hosted our first ever live episode of UAV. We invited about 50 listeners (via out Twitter page) to join us in Atlanta to discuss the case. No topic was out of bounds. Stay tuned for our next live episode.

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winners of this contest in episode thirteen will come on January twenty seven The The The today's episode for doing something a little different this will be our first ever live episode of advanced over this past weekend myself about forty to fifty listeners met up in Atlanta have a group discussion about the case if you're wondering why he didn't know about this is because the only announced on Twitter and Instagram we have limited seating were only the first people who signed up the good news is this group discussion went really well we have a lot of fun we definitely on doing it again later this season next time will be making a formal announcement on the podcast for anyone to join our group discussion began with the topic of Heath Dykes in his twenty plus phone calls to tears phone on the week EVER disappearance and one seem to think that that was pretty suspicious behavior let's pick up from there in the group discussion they want think differently about those phone calls he made that they're innocent the the color and or the why and he was the new chair has left the door the U N sets up the Saudi explain the vocals if he was guilty of something while he called it many times the amount bought a new color the color was trying to look it is said by whatever call the meat I was invited to sort of thing is that he just covers the I colleges to sell it he was out of there and they trace the Dow the the the call town until the five I mean he was the first iPhone how I don't think it was you know a flip phone plan to destroy it all the the eternal sure yet the vote was for the knowledge would know how to cover their tracks which make power of God may be the ace you and tell us why the air at eight thirty the is are the the the twenty huh they got me the most is like to call that many times in your daily concerns in you go over to check on her for her family but when you get there nothing really happens if I was going to check on somebody or that was my job to go do that I would totally the the the pros there he's not the The New York calling for a window in the sling the all or get her something was going on out accurately that the world phone calls prior to his teachers there by the inhabitants topic is suspicious said OK I got here on the alerts are non stop all the stuff the body for the time recalls all the dinos when Reese told me of what GIS sad about is that they happened all day Sunday because the clothes records law will have access to the actual cell phone records you know that I like what you took the cell phone pings and well that would be nice the noted already done that but you know that's what stinks about this whole case is that the GBI has information and you know maybe they don't know that either maybe it is and maybe have all the information and Aussie does add up to anything it's always a possibility the the last call that it asks the viewer into the car I was fresh the He is only time ever I'm all right happy happy D was he was the one she has been tossed by her he was the last one out if you kill somebody would call their phone twenty nine times the uh I mean he went into her house he tried to talk her into staying with them or not the ICC over to the I think that she was pregnant and she told him they had organ and sheep or until light and the woman driving the chest and kills the earlier on I remember thinking how I feel someone shat in my house that we have still okay and I remember thinking only of someone call me hers so later I ask that you revealed he was the last one to call her right before she left the place the house of him leaving the BBQ sure it's not weird in his hair you know anybody else what shall I without calling to me would be suspicious while I don't doubt that he's having affairs and unfortunately a lot people don't kill people because the fares he's an investigator if he's an investigator and he gets a call from Allah says go to the scene and you were actually the killer the biggest gift of your line show at the same call the police can call her parents are coming here this is the jurisdiction could you come and look into it to me is if he was a killer it's more of that he didn't call and have police come in crime having been handed the gift of the parents calling and asking good thing is there's a cover up here the the US on the file to your day to know so what can a cover we talk about making a murder cover up or like one or two officers or is the really the mall with the landmark while CC you're on the market side of the so I go back and forth with Marcus after all this too with a suspended one day yes the numbness of store for me there's a couple games that's the one that did not submit to a TBI Hollywood it was only pri and its like you're innocent why would the GBI kit is available whenever they can be a high priest he's very skilled in certain areas of AA to trace the tactics and strategies because he knew people will all get a buddy to help cover up not how did we know why I can tell you the items for her I think she or he she went to that night he drove her car and I think he was next in the bush her someday and Hiller said she was really in the Calder told her as a you know maybe on the chapters he solemnly together whenever the the apartment XL and I mean it was says Scott I mean you hear the air that I I was for the Blue Bloods never even knew about this or until those little son yes I mean I I heard the whole it's a good point actually to transition to the glove so what's up with the glove the raise your hand if you think the glove is the plants and about half who thinks it belongs to the killer as it does among the killer whose belong to the one having full blown theories on the club wants to explain why would Matt Snow Buddy and why it would be in tears yard so the star Marcus and I think that fact in his free weekly to wear a leaf regardless it all happen during his free weekly I think the entire things planned out I don't think anybody was handling this is the circumstance I think it was a little bit of an OJ thing that he in his mind possessed her to her and when he went off and start sleeping with other men and infuriated and he kept a calm demeanor very similar OJ but the plan and he decided he was going to kill her and he was on leave the party where he was before you go crazy go anywhere you want to love somebody else out there and you keep the loss dropped their leaves and every time they do want to do with DNA match never masses even ever matches in Dubai because you have effectively left a red herring for that for the police of if you're protected which for he for her or for Marcus on you already know the worst thing to do is find a body at a top side where there's every kind of debris no idea what evidence and what just happens to be laying around so you can create that that suspicion and say it this is this is a part of the crime scene this was left by the criminal then you've already said what could be if mine doesn't match the DNA inside cells all plan to stay for the ice I think every bit of it was planned I don't think it's up to the tee because the road into your theory and how does it kill her I think he took her there I think he already previously wherever he buried her I think he's already ahead of time the hole had everything ready he held that they are dead at snap dragon and didn't finish the rest of it later OKC he burned the house maybe because they were getting close to searching it he wanted to get rid of any DNA and I think is only a few wasabi accomplice and for the cover of B is out he would think that someone could drop the glove has had a hard time wrapping my mind around that if you're going to go kill somebody with clothes on your mark her he found her your fingerprint or DNA The The The The The popular during the the the Ocala on the scene with Lohan and the like and take them all walking out the is a bonehead mistake like that clearly didn't mean a person's not caught because of that it was an accident so it's like you know as perfect as everything else seems why such a big screw up there the day at twenty three pairs for six from Sun know everything about a person with that they've been able to decipher millions geez but it's a white person with this color hair with his eyes so I am a crafter the US here cracks or anything but I have the house the deal anything that is sticky I love the place like hot seat like rhinestones were he the heir to get ready for Hatch says me having to lug around your house is new video just because she's the she's getting undressed ready or sash ready or crown for it you may one day I couldn't Terrace Club The The The The Orlando both the police and tear sister said she had no gloves and a house make us look at the way the That's like out there I don't actually believe it but the the Murray was really good years yet the the the house coming to this in my heels into the podcast having a strong message me she said in October of two thousand and five she was a pageant where I'm from which is about three hours from Seoul and the organization of getting the letters in the mail that were like calling out specific girls she's basically saying how habits are targets for allied creeps basically maybe there is some other third person that wants all her yet so the guy could uh saw her in and he's heard this I mean we don't know that I mean the GBI doesn't know either and if they do they'll know for sure enuff to arrest anybody the the the the the the the the if you or is getting married absolute best one stop place to have your wedding registry is all I know this from personal experience because my wife Kathleen Olay for our wedding was awesome it's clean simple soul even has an app for your phone your iPad even your Apple Watch so has the highest rated registry at in the app Store works directly with over four hundred and fifty brands you can put together the ultimate wishlist even 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don't know I haven't been any any weird situations like that not to worry about it but it's always all my lines so it's not like I just ignore it it's there the the the it's weird but I think that after I heard this guy's brother tell me that he was looking at his phone showing him something that wasn't there that was kind of proof to me that he had a psychological issue now you always wonder where did all come from why the tear obsession sure they just make up crazy stories sometimes and it's not like he did know about this story could have came from bits of truth the things that happened but none of the Terra elements in everything kidnappers or anything is really part of the the the police actually the the all the gear that's the tough part about is that the little things that happened how do all these things fit together to make this one theory this is why this case is the biggest case files that they're just so happens to be a bunch of people who look guilty you aren't there or weird things that happened that can't be explained they don't all fit together if we don't know for sure if that dragon is associated in some of somebody else or something else or complicates a little bit the glove isn't that so I don't think it all fits together I think there's no way for it if it all together and if it did then it would be easier to solve I think that that's why it's hard to solve so many nuances with this saying you know get to find the ones that are the truest and what you know to be true and what is still yet to be proven that's what we're trying to do in the next part of the group discussion brought a big screen TV we had a Skype call with Marie's got one eye I was just wondering about just accounting for some Fletcher's whereabouts and with or without Marcus Harper not thinking that I did it but possibly being an accomplice if Marcus Harper did it and any type of security cameras around in the city that would confirm his whereabouts because I think he had called in a certain call where he was checking doors and windows and just making sure places were sick here he is the kind of stood out to me a little bad you know AP was that had the potential to be a you know an accomplice where he was actually going to stay or just to retain our store bait are able to store beat Norwalk and eight when he got that coll arm when the dispatcher out Fletcher to tell him that are Marcus wanted him to pick him up station oh one interesting thing about that phone call we as being a former police officer myself in and Harper was have been a former police officer to our cow the dispatcher hitting Kyle Fletcher straight straight on a cell phone so he knew for he did that on purpose or for whatever reason that he knew there would be a county an olive are a lot of debt off that phone call to dispatcher of Asher's what Fletcher was the one before oh Marcus column I don't know that I think it's it's pretty well D Taylor owned all dispatch logs oh but Fletcher was interviewed and passed a polygraph in my opinion it's really not me and Marcus was with Fletcher because see the people who listen this bark at nothing and then you know about this case say that as our alibi right well if s if he if he did he use Fletcher as alibi then why weren't you won't that time with Fletcher to be accounted for dry so so the porn as so as not when he was with Fletcher is when he was in Fletcher this also when it was strange that it would not be in the police force is best I know how much time to say this in their best regarded to let someone who'd been at a bar potentially drinking go out with them on right hey Al Newman versus L A I mean it's just not assemble a lot of sauce small towns do that so I don't see any problem with with Dad oh unless there was a car wreck with liability insurance to that arm but I didn't see our sin problem with them lately because our new and known for years are in his former cops of porn as it's not really when when Harper was with Fletcher is really when he was in with them Billy Robinson Decatur given the amount of more force than involved in this case what was to be the level of probable cause in order to compel them to have DNA submitted it to be tested because we know like you mentioned before small town GB I guess has an office that's in that area in Perry I mean like have to be beyond a reasonable doubt where they pretty much know we've got a body and we just kind of tying it up because like you said it would kind of kind of help to eliminate a lot of people from the case I would imagine Marcus as the NAC is used to be a former officer of the gentlemen from Perry as well just gonna get rid of them so what's the what's come of like that all these people or swabs swapped and there were no match but now where they swab and the you mentioned one of the cases they're different databases they are there so there's this state of Georgia database are on that thing about the state of Georgia the state of North Carolina which changed and eleven and also Texas changed in the eleven and this is something that you could write are trying to petition have made this the legislator in Georgia is trying to change this but it was far back in state of Georgia in law to states to be swab you have to be convicted of crime felony in my stay here in Atlanta and Texas in eighteen nineteen other states are you only have to be arrested for crime to be swamped any taxes when they passed and that you only have arrested oh they identified Hunter rapist one guy who was a family man with children mare day job he he was doing he got separated the panel chow support oh they swarmed him because he was arrested for child support he was defined as a prolific serial killer Son so the point is me and is that oh if you believe that they are they owned a glove is the male DNA and Love is like some out of the killer then that person has never banned all convicted in the state of Georgia are now so it's been entered into the federal DNA database code us the DNA from the gloves just sittin' out there notice and the state in it just is just right and for somebody some were new non EST to enter it to get here so no offices have been slobber had or have all the OT also know all of us Fletcher on diets are Harper all those people in SWAT now if you talk about some other officers I don't know really I would say that Tom Lankford was Walmart Langford anyone else are not quite sure why they would be swamped you'd have to give me what love could bring him to lie to make a base was you just can randomly swab up officers to remain the only thing that has not been done and it's not a standard and low enforcement it would have to be done by somebody on our side if you could get hold of the DNA profile art is the ancestry genealogy to see if for some type of genealogy somebody in the database on them I have a family memory lane today gloves somehow that's not been done for me today and has been done about that is all from a day and I are the person would have to all have a relative that you get our portion of the familiar our DNA is only a partial hit that person would have have been convicted of a crime in Georgia and in you would have to walk it back from that person to keep walking and bike back by to see if you can link someone to tear up that's how that works by John Stephen from a loss to Georgia so my question that they're in the mail about A's I normally don't listen a crime podcast after I got hooked up and man is back and I listen to serial season one was super disappointed that they never actually solve the case by the end of the first season and I mean yeah a lot but nothing was ever really resolved and I'm wondering Are in This is for you and for pain are you worried that the case will not be sought by the end of season one and if it is not snobby thing that damages the power the credibility of the podcast ah well first of all cases the end of Febuary of those six songs were to buy any of that the the thing about the S E is these podcasts can be replayed by anyone and so you never know that our shoes would do something a year from now to go in there and you know in the confines of their own home that knows something and listens to this podcast and it starts making him think of saying OK to myself I won't go he hadn't come forward and maybe a year to after this thing is the podcast as ever with Aunt Erica's so as long as the process cast is available for the general public to hear there's always a possibility that somebody listen to it and it starts to Moriah will be free I know when this started you said I want to solve this case going to finally have it arrogance that so I wanted to write the same question to my friends are days like this era Kane a problem like how you can in this in a non joking way I want to solve it I'm still actively investigating this and there is a lot of information that I have not put in the podcast yet not just to hold it back from you guys but because it would jeopardize what I'm doing right now I can't promise that I'm going to go find the killer but I promise that I will do my best to tell you what I think happened I think awareness awareness of the case third podcast or it has more to do about anything then trying to solve it with the podcast and I'd like you said I know it's kind of like a vague question Can I just get a quick synopsis from you about the neighbor Joe port year Daddy still I mean how do you feel about the situation with him I feel like he played a big important part about what happened to her that night are techies he sobbed deftly our arm has shown some very suspicious behavior aw there's no doubt about the awe he refused to speak to me all attained only thing he did the washing the car Mazda was a was a big mistake to tear a day and told him not to also you have to understand really he's the one that brought attention to the fact that there was something wrong get the house that Monday morning now that my improper
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Bonus Episode: LIVE in Atlanta