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Bonus Episode : Aftermath in Ocilla

Update: 2017-05-197


In this Bonus Episode we learn more about the aftermath in the small town of Ocilla, GA.

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today's bonus episode one has been some time ano sila catching up with some people are only close to over the past year the arrest of Ryan Duke and Bo Duke's came as a shock to all of us how the tele so reactive I first caught up with the Steve S E from those still a star how did he feel when he heard the news I was definitely surprised I never heard of Ryan dew or bird is obvious and Andy Summers family but I didn't know him and of course runners from around Dick's family but not close family not a time at least it was a shock too strange too because by the time I got to the courthouse which was about three or four hours at Ronnie I think there are multiple stories involving Ryan dew and motives including the one I just told you about the money came in for in two thousand and five and ran Tuesday what do you think these stories are coming down now while the sudden when there's these two names are the stories just surfacing that's one of the most bewildering things about this case is that there's that old saying that you can keep a secret of one of them instead that's one of the reasons I thought that was just one person you know o O How does to people what do you want to happen for the community when it comes to the truth coming out which may happen if there's a trial where you see things heading well I think there's a little bit of hummus too much fear over it right now things are gong which I don't always approve off because people are investigating people left and right now sort things and in the one thing if we knew this before Mom we don't know the context of this happen with people simply people regardless of intent or anything else you have been picked apart by the community and between the I mean not just the local community but also the online community I mean I know there's no way to cover something like this without hurting feelings and to there so many moral decisions that have to be made and I don't think people realize that our outside to me I'm sure you realize maybe do a lot of moral choices that we made writing as cases in sometimes make mistakes and sometimes you don't you regret what you do the names of told you before now sources the names of known you for that I sometimes regret of that because I just like the feeling that name the affiliate I'm sure of in the same thing some were long lines people have a lot of feelings about how they like this thing to turn out I think they're in maybe it's the family that will stay or people close to family that won't I think they want the truth but I think they also want to be over with and I can understand that but I don't think I'll ever really be closure to the case unless there's a trial whose size was over I don't think anybody does I think it will never be over if there is on trial in uncertain if it never because it's going to come in and I think there'll be multiple books written about it the problem essay would the trial there there's part of me that socially or otherwise will Serbia trial for that very reason that thing that that's the only way they'll be closure sure but I worry that even with the trial we won't learn the truth and I feel like it's more likely that if there's a trial it will be is he talking about them most recent case evidence that it will be the Rhine defense saying Bo did it and the prosecutor say and grind it and both trying involvement of the other so basically I think there's a very good chance that we have two competing last rather than the truth and I don't think that it's going to come out this feeling that it could slip through the cracks you know the little corner here of the trees in the corner there until the rest of us can figure it out because the evidence will be presented on the in this case in any way is gonna stop looking for the tree but the truth aside for five months until loves in your walk into their store and use a book about the case you were in it right now we're neck deep in it there's no turning back the way I see it we can run from the truth just like anybody else kit I don't do a lot of big and because people come to me with more than I can handle more than I can write about I've been around about last three weeks worth of stuff that had towed to marry if Ryan Duke pled guilty to a town near me alot about alot of I knew he did not feel obviously that no he did it too much about people that would be saying Oh I knew George's oh yeah don't see that they would be the ones who are really that deep into the case to see other people who are on the boards and listening every absurd and those people be I think may be disappointed maybe boil for people naturally want to be more to the story of bigger more elaborate reason for things idk what happen ah as we go what happens with the Dukes that's what would happen you know does he get a trial that the plea guilty Desi get nothing to get a slap on the wrist isn't yet no time and the Maxim since I don't imagine anything of consequence is going to happen with this case in Tehran's case is adjudicated I don't know what'll happen but I think everybody will be very curious case scenario is they go to trial and everybody gets off assuming anything to do with it but I think you'll be very bad for this community if it turns out the motive still as a plea deal and has immunity from prosecution I think that there would be a lot of people very upset about that let's just say that Ryan Duke does maintain a guilty plea in the court system takes forever how would that affect this community well I have a fren who's been in jail for three years here without trial or bond has been in jail for three ear more than three years why why Z minute route for years has led to a really long so why would this case be different because it is different because all the cars if I had to guess I was asking me about a year if Ryan do to kill terror how did he live here in this town that long and go unnoticed like the awesome times thought about how we don't really want safety when the illusion of safety I mean not at the house of a guy who was convicted of murder before I felt completely safe really really yeah he was my dad's France I believe he kills money in jail and cheese I mean there's multiple unsolved murders in the area I mean are we probably unfortunately come in contact with people who kill other people we never even ran this question okay boyfriend makes a killer how do we feel about living in the same community with them I think most people thought that it was somebody from the community so we've always felt that way there are people who don my resume for another town but not that far away Emmet and Emery my SEO think it was a stranger in some degree it's not that big of a surprise but when you find out to him the person really was here the whole time it's just kind of crazy to think about it isn't one of the things I thought about you know you have this idea of a small tan I mean we're one of the smallest schools in the state meet when the smallest counties and state population wise and you had this idea of the small towns where everybody knows everybody the thing about a small town is not that you know everybody is that everybody is when legal a you know somebody that knows them and that's how it is this not true in let's say Atlanta owner I mean does not feel lonely in this place is no connection to your dog a part of the family well mine is named Layla is super cute three year old border Collie lab mix she loves going on long walks outside but my wife and I have busy schedules during weekdays it's almost impossible to take around that's why used lag wagon on demand app for getting a dog walker bag a super easy transparent and safe they have several booking options you can choose from if you need a dog walk a sap there's a button for that dog walker get there less than an hour lag automatically appears with the best water nears you actually track your dog's walk with live GPS know your dog is at all times after each walk a good report card flag is a private dog walking service don't walk your dog with other people's dogs in the services are insured and bonded with your dog in your home are covered lag is a MUST HAVE for every dog owner download lag i tunes or Google Play just search for wag walking if you sign up today her first walk for free so don't wait download lag sign up today we see things heading as the season on terror instead comes to an end as hopefully justice is served and this trial comes to an end as things in the court come to an end we see things going what happens from here until Ryan Byers cases of both and educated on my or neither I don't think any answer I think if either or both of those cases have been educated without going to trial Dan is very good chance to still be people kind of waiting around for information become public the case file I worry that they're going to use its use of their maybe more convictions will keep this case open to keep it open and keep clothes from us until the last thing here is not going to be over and people around me talking about it and people around me wonder about and this can be front page news stories on this list aren't you going to do updates on the case when there's news to report and I'm probably gonna post up about on my blog and there's probably going to be specials and I said earlier even with the trial I think it s only way they will be closure in a lot of ways history I don't miss anything it will ever fully and it almost seems like the case really opened up when there s at her all the sayings and let all these avenues over the years of what can happen tour and who had been involved and I'll miss all of that was thrown out the window when that ride to his arrest was announced because none of it fit in only to hit reset on the gas pedal is everything became like maker because it was like there's so much new information the border in case it is part of the reason why it's gotten so complex is because it's been eleven years and has been eleven years of speculation and people saying things but one thing if this is why I wanted reason off all the gag order because I think it's probably a large amount of trees to the GBS story my doubts about different parts but I think there's there's a kernel of truth to it but we got this little bit of story and Allison speculation boot because their bodies are trying to figure out how that story can be sure and of course when that happens is other people say why I couldn't be true including me including you and said in their speculation about the xray since he could meet Ru Hua so many nappy liners rumor and speculation flat in to fill the vacuum created by secrecy is just crazy if the GBI had gotten an ear and told us the full story believable that makes it's now part of the problem that is I don't think they have that to tell us I think they have bits and pieces they have a kernel of a story that is enough they think to prove a murder conviction and a maybe but there's no guarantee that will ever know the truth woo room the next up the solo was the mayor's office the last time we spoke on the podcast was coincidentally exactly a week before Ryan Dukes or S I s and walk me through the day found out I got a call just the night before the press conference from our police chief just let me know that an arrest had been made and that there would be a press conference led by the GBI and that I should be there at the courthouse so I knew that much before everybody else but I really have tried to make sure even though people say Oh the police chief works for you yes in some capacity but the same time I don't interfere because I'm not lawn for since I've been very careful just to give them it's much easier because Chief Billy Hancock is an amazing guy and very trustworthy and so he makes a very easy to let him do his job because it does so well but when the courthouse actually walked over with members oso police department and I actually was in a side room kind of behind the story came out from behind the judge's bench he actually cares father and stepmother were there the press comes and they were the side room and I got a chance to speak with them and actually pray with them if they were able to gain some closure which I think to some extent they did nothing can change the fact that a tragedy happen that was someone's daughter give something to have some answers about it and have some kind of knowledge and again conclusions obviously the press conference that day was I guess time stood still a little bit or everything else get push the back burner because I became the highlight was obviously some shock Ryan do having not been on the radar the series possibilities that obviously weren't true it is Ryan do that really shocked everybody because it was like Okay everyone had their theory and then you know out of the field GBI comes in and makes this arrest and just kind of took everyone completely by surprise and of course then there's all the talk about that the media attention is not something where you stew in the low sila Georgia if not keeping up with it on their and you know in the news they can always tell when something regarding the terror instead cases occurring at the courthouse because they'll be a couple news or the media vans right setup and cameras outside everything is so amazing to me I mean I knew this was a big story beyond Irwin County be honest sila but when I'm going to different places to hear people that ask me about this when I say the words of sila Georgia and people ask me about you because they heard my interview of trees by NASA you've got quite a fanbase and people in faraway places you know way up north Georgia will say you know dusty messy yes I do have a friend as far as the Taos or action probably for a lot of people the shock of it still brought some level of I can think of another word besides resolution and I got asked again interviewed a couple times some people after that press conference I guess the same question and I said this doesn't change the fact that tragedy still occurred here it just brings about some closure and if that can help the healing process for the family and for the city Wasilla than today was a guest can say good day but at least allowed something to happen that was positive I'm really glad because I believe this the whole time that I've gotten to know our local law enforcement and interactivity with TBI agents and come through I remember saying very specifically that they never consider this a cold case I think that was a testament to their persistence and professionalism and while something bad did happen they reached a conclusion and figured out what happened now responsible parties will be held accountable and well that and change the fact the bad things happen it gives us I guess a better sense of comfort about our city certainly and about the guys that keep us safe I'm sure there were some people that were starting to lose faith that there would be and that's just natural less human so while they were persistent and kept going so to have that faith restored a little bit that OK if we keep at this something is going to shake loose and it did the photoshoot today on all the latest trends in name brands you never have to leave your house also the style and fitting expert using actual data to perfect your fit better than any other retailer even if you're expecting also offer stylish maternity clothes that you are ever changing size for nine months his mini tote as you want simply wear return repeat my wife uses a toad she loves it she had to say about her latest photo box in the inbox I got a shirt that was great because I opened it at night not knowing I was in a way to work the next day and I just put that on board to contract it's definitely one of my favorite things the goal is to dock on L E T O T E dot com get started for as low as thirty nine right now you can use the promo code banished get fifty percent off your first month once you sign up to receive your completely customized tote within days again the foto da calm promo code vanished the merely following the press conference by a got a flood of information from people all the sudden had all this information on Ryan Duke and this other guy Bo Duke's at that time Blue Dukes had not been announced I remember being in those little store with dusty Donald in you were there for a brief second and I was asking out loud should I mention Bo Duke's name or should I censor it a new kind of talks to me a little bit and gave me some good advice and basically said that why would I jeopardize the integrity of what I've done so for the whole body of work off of one heart is it worth it to do that to remember that conversation Yeah yeah I do anything about that now that kind of came full circle and hey we were exactly right I would give same advice even knowing the outcome is different because at the time it wasn't I remember my thought process and talking about that I guess my fear for my city just after the press conference was the one of the very positive things to happen with having some kind of resolution some answers here's now a who had been of faceless perpetrator now to name a face and so theories about people I mean some of which you kind of got into in your podcast There's names of people that are in a Selah that were either maybe they were suspects with law enforcement or maybe they were just suspects in public opinion those people very clearly at that point the press conference were innocent and so the positive thing about the press conference was that was resolved and people who you know again mostly in the court of public opinion not an actual enforcement circles they had been suspected well they could no longer be suspected my fear was okay now this story and even your podcast it took a sharp turn in direction and nobody expected and I was worried that was just going to stir up a whole of rumors and suspicions and if if all we did was change the names of the people we suspected with scant evidence that we would just be doing the same thing and we wouldn't have learned our lesson to be careful about because in any town you know people love the character as in small towns but you go to any community and people who really enjoy gossip I just you know take a little bit of fact and extrapolate out as something that may not be true at all just plain tell exactly so my fear was here's a bunch of rumors about this person that may or may not be connected but until you actually have a connection to use our publishing that stuff if you put on your podcast of dusty puts on his blog then we may be doing the same thing just a separate group of people in so that was my fear so I'm really glad that you held off on that and then of course later when those things didn't have a little more substantial evidence and proof and there was some kind action taken at that point you're just reporting fact you didn't have anything to gain by taking the long shot in someone's name out that if they ended up having nothing to do with it you would have been able to move on with the podcast just change the names you just put that person's name out there two million people and then go back and cleared up that's why I'm glad you were more careful with that you know you certainly could have put some stuff out there before because I bet you've heard other names besides his and that microphone got a lot of power at their hands to ask people to be careful with that fear is I you know watch out for my city if this is the only thing people know about oso love and hope we can show him the other side and I appreciate you've done that on a couple podcasts just right to point out some of the Here's just a normal community where this bad thing happened what resolution are we looking for this point you know what is the next step in a resolution for this community obviously to hold guilty parties accountable and that's not just our city that's the people want in general is to be will be held accountable for what they've done and I'm sure this is as far as the information in the story I think what people with light is the play by play of exactly what happened because the information we have is from the warrants and I bet you and us to Bessie of study those in and critique the worrying and things like that is not much to study far far more than I have yeah we won as human beings is to get all the details that go though so that's what happened and then once you know there's this ability to move on or I guess in some cases it really would be to satisfy a curiosity wow this that everything happen how could it happen what was the play by play I don't know if and when will guess that is that next up I think that's what a lot of people want I think that maybe a long time before that little detail comes out if ever you know there's only there's one person on trial and he just plead not guilty and I don't know the background behind the scenes what's going on back there so like I said I think that's what people desire I don't know to what degree that will happen but for now it's They found guilty party is about holding that person accountable it is an ongoing thing but it does not define us and that's that's the thing you know I've talked about as far as you get a million listeners right now the only thing they know about how silly is this where terror instead disappeared and now we have a few more answers that you start your podcast and that's all they know that's the whole impression Wasilla then they're missing a huge huge part of it in our love for you to come down last saturday October to this The Georgia Sweet Potato Festival will be held here since the early sixties we just celebrated the second annual Prayer Music Fest Dave Prater from the hit duo Sam and Dave is in the rock'n'roll RV Hall of Fame the Georgia Music Hall of Fame he grew up here two years ago we had a prayer day honoring him as a sign as you come into town saying welcome dose of the home of Dave Prater had such a good time with that in such a community building event he tried to carry on so now there's Prater Music Fest which you can find out more information at www dot Prater music fest I've come a week and the proceeds from the event for the last two years we were able to put together a scholarship fund the scholarship committee and we awarded three graduating seniors from Marin County high school who are looking to going to occur in music scholarship to some we hope to do for decades to come so we had a banquet at a worship service and then it was actually just last Friday night we had the high school course the high school jazz band a live band play we blocked off part of the street and everybody had a good time that's so silly this ends up being what were known for but there's so much more to us so I guess that's just like I talk about the last time we said is is we are a community of good people are small city maybe a little different culture than some big cities and that's okay we're not for everybody but big cities are for everybody either so I guess that's what I'd want to make sure people take away is there's a lot more to us than this but again I'll just go back to I'm sure there are people in other places that may have actually given up on some like this after twelve years and we didn't Or the cold breeze Goblin the to get an update on his reaction the one thing I've learned about Marie's throughout this podcast is that this case has deeply affected him he lives in brief this case I ask them how I felt when he heard the news and current state of mind even though we knew the answer was that Tara had possibly suffered horrendously and was the murder that was feared that I had sad because the truth was horrified as we had imagined in that I suspected all along because of the clues left in her home and the emptiness that we cannot rewind the clock to happier days in the Selah before Tara went missing from the beginning of a decade ago I knew Tara have been murdered because of the signs of struggle in her bedroom set by the end there was at least two people involved and I was correct so when I was examined in her house and her personal belongings began to develop an emotional connection with her for my crime scene experience and training and even tiny clues such as a necklace clasp found in the four boards gave me a picture of this woman this young woman and the nightmare that visited her the October night and I desperately wanted to find closure for her family in peace and justice for Tara as this case became more personal difficulties in trying to solve it affected me personally everday for all these years I have lived this case with emotional rollercoaster that I experienced while chasing hundreds of leads many often dead ends I endured death threats be installed by someone upsets with the case and fat and cancer while trying to find justice for Tara back in April of two thousand and six upon returning to North Carolina are from a cell and I was at my desk one early morning working on the case and I received a call about one forty am the person another in said You better back off or your day at this as a threat and the next day I contacted the end GBI agent Gary Roth way home who told me to file a report by local sheriff's department here which I did and I gave him written permission to pull my home phone records and he did and it just showed a phone call but it was unknown dough was no number so they can do anything and they and the dear one of my weeks that I was in the state to sell a stay at the river beyond bluegrass Park just outside of Wasilla and I was staying in a doctor guesses and leaders RV they allow me to use and it was about three AM one morning when I was woken by this roaring and no lights shining through the back of the curtains and so I pull back the curtains little bed and I saw this big truck set on top of the hill with the headline right through the window onto the bed where I was line at any state about three four minutes roar in the engine I don't think that this really had anything to do with or connection to both our juice or wine I think it was pay for someone off from the area for office sila who just didn't know ah stranger poking his nose around in this case is also now appears to be that there was a number of people that knew who'd murdered Tara for all these years and never came forward with this information has become evident to me that a number of people in a salon knew by the murder for years and is sorta like the town played a huge part in covering up the crime if this is true this is to starve been an issue sad the the eye guys the for listening the was mixed and mastered by resume recordings want to improve the quality of your podcast a podcast of your own email resume recordings doc called the bill for kids
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Bonus Episode : Aftermath in Ocilla