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Bonus Episode : Tara & Ocilla

Update: 2017-02-213


We're going to Ocilla! In this Bonus Episode we learn more about Tara and the small town of Ocilla, GA.

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starting route to o Still of the eighty five the the In today's episode going to still play with the area still is located in south Georgia in the middle of the state pretty much he would discipline the coast and the Alabama border still as the population of about three a half thousand people it's a bubble in a small in it that you're here get the feeling that these people have never left the stuff for a long time though it's only three half hour drive from Atlanta it really does look a different world they were meeting with people to discuss the culture of this town was we like to live here Also The Impact of Terror in sets of parents are first up today to cityhall to have an important meeting take exit seventy eight for Georgia Highway thirty two CT so still am going to meet the mayor though so I figured if anyone tell me more about this place would be him right away the sky was younger than I thought he'd be using to be the son of the mayor James Matt is really nice guy he sat down 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each week or let the blip in Color Team surprise you and the recipes are repeated still never get bored check out this week's menu get your first three miles for free and with free shipping going to Blue apron dot com slash up and vanished that's blue apron Doc Ong slash up and vanished the good how are you I'm here to see the pain I thought to go yet here we are all cool my name's Nancy the mare so that's not a full time job early snow by pay people to namely that I'm very upfront tell my paycheck is seven month which should be four hundred doesn't pay all the bills I'm a financial advisor cum own small firm and my wife and I own a retail shop called The shops at Fourth and Cherry is a little cafe that serves lunch so she does most the work on that I get to say I own it on paper but she got to tell me what did you know she happens in their naan was stolen so tell me why are you the mayor well involved with the downtown business we with with trying to help with economic development partly because I mean I came in from somewhere else adding a pair so I saw a lot of potential in town and I was wide on a building that some of my wife I said some self interest I would love for silica grow because one of my business will do better but are the reason came here so just want to be a part of something like this just saw of opportunities that were being taken so I kind of voice my pen and wrote a couple columns the paper and I guess because that got encouraged to get into local politics and said No a lot but in two thousand and fifteen it was a special election when the current marriage to run for another office in the state I guess I just couldn't say no enough time so I get encouraged to run and won the elections have for a year four months I think and because I was a special election if I want to continue laugh to run year's asshole you are yeah I'm about to turn forty in two months of thirty nine now so are you the youngest mayor in Mosul history or is that our Police Chief Billy Hancock actually he says he wants to verify this but he's he's actually pretty good about looking at old records I joke with them he's the city bustle official or unofficial historian but he says Oh mayor to have a history of the longest is actually a recent mare Lamar three full terms or twelve years or so because apparently the terms used to be two years because the special election ninety three full terms of my one piece so I'm not sure if I'm in for that long but so tell me you as mayor of Wasilla this is a very small town it's very different than Atlanta or any other big cities out there like living here was one of the differences from Mozilla a bigger city I guess the BSA is less people which means less traffic which a lot of people would win like that aspect of it yeah actually lived in Atlanta actually Marietta so than the Atlanta area before move down here really was disinterested and stand out here but not body building and ended up becoming a resident pretty quickly after that service those aspects that people want to see change and in small towns like oh so in one little more economic development more activities so there's a balance there because if you if you want the small town livin' there's some there's some things are not going to have as much access to but like with anything as pros and cons and I just I mean I really prefer the stairs of just a little over thirty four hundred people in a Selah I think there are smaller towns in Ghana new mayors and council members from other cities through through conferences and meetings of the Georgia Municipal Association there are cities that have three and four hundred people in obvious is unincorporated cities have even less than that so that seems a bit too small but I just always felt like even from the beginning of the sky god I guess a critical mass there's some stuff going to have two traffic lights you know this right you know there's there's stuff to do theirs there is little bit of business industry going were trying to grow some more and start again tell a silhouette is sell it really is the best of both worlds now if you need to have a Starbucks coffee house five blocks from the last Starbucks coffee houses still is not for use but if you're looking for a place that says Got some good amenities some good people an opportunity to have a good lifestyle SIL is just it's a great city and it's only getting better by the day and noticed this difference between a small town of Mosul and Atlanta where I'm from is it seems like everyone actually knows each other know that's like everyone always says that but it really appears that way when you're saying hate waiting and some on the street and I would overhear this person though ye know that person is deafening and I guess because of its size is really easy to get to know most the people cuz if u ever know but I think people enjoy each other and part of that I'm sure part of as curiosity see the new person tell you Hey what's this person doing I don't know who they are and I want to find out so maybe some of that as far as gentle curiosity but I think is an actual caring in what's amazing and I think this goes a small town but certainly no so the people that don't even really like each other all the time will come together to be I guess that sense of community is very prevalent here people that are just polar opposites in just don't don't jive when they're needed their neighbors their part of the same community and they come together to help each other out and I think that's something that might be tough against big cities but I think that something might be a little Austin and a big city this podcast about terror and said who's still missing from here describe how that history has had an effect on the stout who I actually am of the building I rivers of got the retail shop and bought that in of two thousand and four and was really back and forth and so's i guess in that first year cause I was two thousand and five Fall two thousand and five when she first went missing so yeah I did not know who never mattered before it certainly was something I just grip the whole town because I mean it's it still is a tragedy for for anyone to go missing and especially to not have that resolved it certainly brought a lot of spotlight to a salon and one that's not something you for that's a negative not a positive way but certainly I guess welcoming of of the publicity in really concern of want to solve the mystery one and hopefully to have it come out with a happy ending but yeah certainly cause a lot of buzz I really just tinker member and again these are my first impressions of the cell and never tells the story how the Kaymer was never a plan certainly not and in two thousand and five but I just remember every week and they're just being massive mobilization of essentially a manhunt going on four wheelers just look in all different places is big on the weekends but there was certainly people going out in China sis on force me to do in their own searches as community groups and I just I guess going back to your small town questions that was some I didn't think would would happen in a bigger bow you know this law enforcers people are supposed to do that people that barely knew or had met her once or just her name or out on four wheelers and with their own resources China look for clues look for answers from some member that was a cat was a big thing for a long time a lot expected when a psycho one week and we're going to go on try searching toe in funny thing it was you know weeks on and that's the sum of things just come to mind thinking about those early days when she first went missing certainly it's a lot of publicity even in our retail shop yet we have people that come through town they're not from here and they'll ask a what's the latest on this we remember seeing this on the story on TV on we have podcast has proven I guess back then but was talked about various mediums and that slowly kind of faded away although honestly this podcast is has brought it back and I'm sure that that kind of similar incident that's ever happened in another town the people at town think up until that point though that would never happen here and this is one of those places you know the idea that that kind of thing happens with any regularity just not just nothing could be farther from the trees so that's that's why it kind of a grip people so so yeah is certainly not a scary place and I guess really to that point that's why this still affects people after eleven twelve years issue of this this is something that people still talk about still ask about obviously people still want answers and family still wants the truth and we all want to be resolution I think the Norse ever give up on finding that I mean it's this or that will never go away I'll say this about our police department I've never heard anybody from Nestle Police Department for this as a cold case I mean it's still an open case and anybody information they would jump on it with the same as they did in two thousand and five is very much a desire to solve it to resolve it to chase any that came in they ate those are fewer and farther between after time goes by there's certainly that coming together that just happens whenever any kind of tragedy and certainly that that happened here the describing of people is pulling together or were close friends with terror or whether you ever heard ever before this bad thing happen and we as a community need to do whatever we can and there's certainly a sadness that there wasn't anything fully resolved how do you think small tell ako sila there could be such a big secret kept I mean I can begin answer that except that I guess whoever multiple whoever's involved just a good job about covering their tracks somehow yeah right and if if anybody of that I would be surprised that didn't get around to write a small town it's hard to it's hard to keep things yeah you know how many people are now my age talk about how they they they did something they skip school out with a girl they were exposed by the time they got home their parents are to wait for him because in our travel back so there's certain aspect of the information traveling very fast and in small towns so then that's another thing to think because I mean the leads in the of resources are put into this I think we would have found something will lead to resolutions so last thing I want to ask you all what kind of message do you want to send to the listeners out there who maybe have the wrong idea of what O sila is well and I guess a year before if people are only in their impression of Wasilla and I've only heard of it because of of this is one tragedy to happen I tell him it is a great town great people great community it's up and coming is like a small town anywhere where things happen most days and when something bad like this happens the community pulls together and just works to it the best way can and unfortunately sometimes the ideal resolution doesn't occur but the committee's dough comes together to push on to move forward is no place like Mosul a Georgie shall come down to visit the podcast when you do you'll probably like audiobooks best place to get that label's the leading provider of premium digital spoken have an unmatched selection of audiobooks and other audio from the side of his listener to give Bush credit is to store now playing channels each month for a low monthly fee you can download your favorite choices next to someone your Android or tablet iPod titles in Business Class six mystery and thrillers by a fantasy self development kids mix with me even exclusive all the support of special offer for get your free are you to redeem this offer audible dot com slash of occult or offer the awful of a free a free thirty slash the neck to the after meeting with the mayor we walk to the building behind City Hall that was somebody you've heard before dusty vast sea the reporter for the local newspaper though so we'll start to set down his back office asking questions I'm just too messy the reporter official star I've lived in Irwin County most of my generation lived in a cell but I live ten miles away and I work every day are pretty familiar with the place is slow here and it's a small town is not that unusual from any other small town in south Georgia most places are populations under ten thousand I guess compare sila to like a bigger city with one of the main difference is the positive side of things positive glow crime remain a hearty healthy having problems in a park down this other item I usually stop for a lot of people know each other but not yet to live a boy who or business that sort of thing for the ones who are in these last dip in the watcher circle is really what is small town life like me just pose this question for you to have a cell phone no but that everybody else are the reporter yes how did I have a cell phone usually someplace where there's a phone I mean it's not a difficult right will see in Atlanta I would never be a place was a phone I mean I guess there's a pillar with cell phones all the time but they are strangers to me a bar a stranger's cell phone which is not the easiest or most comfortable thing to do you'd all there's no way could be a reporter delay of those cell phone owner probably not example of what has to do around here which is nothing people do and this is typical of a lot of South Georgia towns like high schoolers and his early twenty year olds and just ride around town in their pickup trucks or cars and ride around the car parking lots and sin which is nearby and it would just get jammed up where you could find that you can drive her down because of so many people just driving around trees and I say this others today I mean you go get a movie theater or you can hang out as my house or go to a Bon fire out and in the woods somewhere is not a law to be like living a small town I do a traffic is too much to me I didn't like it I don't like me in a hurry and I don't ever really fought in a hurry or publisher of three thousand or so people here so the chances of you luck greater than a bigger city so how is something like terrorists are going missing how does that happen I say to keep a secret of probably only one person knows the secret and that's how it's not remain sacred college years I don't know the police cover up story that jazz I think it more than one person knew about this case it would already been found out because somebody would've said something over the years maybe not they feel it yet just her story the whole tragedy hell is that affected the town Wasilla I mean obviously from our tent into the town and then really anything ever has we're people who knew or were close to her definitely a lot of grief about it I think there's a lot of people who just are very empathetic and share that grief and then there's also certain I think fascination with his wont and a mystery to be solved any Navy talk to people and speculation about his near what they think did who they tagged it and what that thing happened in and I mean this is a mystery unless people gonna what happened and they're gonna try to speculate about what they believe that kids who are maybe high schoolers now you were silly when this all went down it's kind of like the legend in a way in the town yeah I mean like it in your own nieces interest in the story and I see he was and what happened I mean just because she's seen documentaries and stuff and even though she was even allowed in it's her hometown so she won't because it's a connection are and everybody feels that way I think because it's their own down its air community there's a connection that they wouldn't exist otherwise the stories you do you have written that Terra Greene said in a minute time out to dinner oh I mean I read about are the weeks to him isn't what's it like having to constantly revisit that because it's so prevalent here and never coming back with anything new was like riding the end is not ever giving it the ending you want honestly in the news there is a frustration I learn this case since your podcast started probably had an eleven years before that what is the parcel because we were talking about and this one thing podcast started to play Hello to be true whereas a documentary people talk about it that we can then forget about it podcast has been weekly for three months now Sarah and people talk about all the time everybody else here sila talking about it oh yeah people but all of our employees police officers work in banks clerks at stores I mean yeah there's a lot of people is a herd of people listen another to other states that the people run into him because I've been on the podcast people bring up to me oh but the cast made of talk about things and things I learned about third by Cass and we talk about him and we consider what they could possibly mean through the aliens of being a local like this fascination happened they won the mystery solved most people I'm sure wont justice but I think there's just like Thomas an itch to have this to know what happened and hopefully this podcast will bring us closer to knowing every year that Christmas in the park which is like a raises funds for needy Families or needy needy children get some guests for Christmas and a really massive and Iran its people that I'm friendly with didn't and they are out SE podcast I've got friends in California that are watching that I guess you know it's you if I know something new that's kind of you know it's I don't really of inside information we talk some that but getting this exposure is a positive thing honestly I think yes as far as solving the mystery I do a lot of these people and to give mention alive are most of them are not are not associated didn't have with what happened to ur sure and I feel guilty when I see these people from the discussions in which yeah is is people having free will someone else is obviously not but before that that's one of the unfortunate part about this thing is the thing I hate the most is that not everybody is guilty not everyone is responsible for what happened but we don't know what the answer is so we would be doing Tara a disservice and we would be doing a pore investigation if we just chose to omit people because we feel bad for them I have put alot effort into not being accusatory a fright to do that and you have it is just the fact they stirred up the pie as far as people who are accusing people and discussions you know you like locally too well no well yeah I'm guilty of that talking about speculating whether but it is when people are publicly doing and it's people that are quite not you but a lot of people are publicly accusing people the positive is that is not a about the case that things just weren't known at all I think he has made people more comfortable to talk about it I do yeah I do think that but I don't really think that was a big hindrance I think people would talk about it privately and they still do think that you're right I mean like it ever went away entirely but I think that the openness of talking about it has allowed for people to connect some of these dots for alone time I suspected one person and say it was through talking to people to you even listening to podcasts and podcast started I've done another thing that person was guilty and then the con is that there are people who are innocent whose name drag deeply through the mud home including this person I'm talking about that list there was some vast conspiracy only one person is as guilty in the situation and their multiple people you talk about and I mean I can't help that but that's just the negative but this would happen in for this podcast this is like I said don't assess a little bit I'm glad the podcast came along because I've personally learned a lot secrets are going to be secrets forever until they are exposed and as the saying that there's a ton of people though still are to have secrets about this case but until you child of a wry light thing the big picture it's very very easy for Wasilla just sit here by itself hours away from a big city then just time does go on just before you know we have no clue happen to Terra Man's it's already happened a little bit I think the viewer the victim I feel like I would want somebody to do whatever it took to get the answer for this I mean I mean Anthony Vickers Francis who was a lot of times nineteen And this case when you interviewed him I mean nobody talks about him anymore that dot the far right is the many things he did because it came to came across as very obviously we're trying to find the killer we're trying to find justice were to find a smoking gun but the easiest way to do that is to start eliminating people and star illuminating and make that list a lot smaller because it was way too big is still too big as a whole the town of Wasilla anyone involved in this case would be better off with their name cleared in that list of suspects or persons of interest in or call it being a real short list I think that goal no matter what is attainable somebody was saying this is an amount that they need to search its wildlife area I think people realize this is this wilderness like his farmland swamps and forests oh it's around here I mean this is a really a large county just hurling any word basically metal South Georgia like to consider in making them be in Middle Point Georgia are like right in the middle of South Georgia a little bit southwest of thing but just think it take for example when you drive it off Interstate Drive and mouse through the woods militant in mouse or the woods and hit most of the woods yet Mystic and Earl Miller is a town of maybe three hundred people mistake is about the same highway are still about thirty minutes from using the bathroom yeah I mean this is Woods Inn in farms in and I think people realize it this is one uni and all the counties that this is south Georgia farmland were basically the start of the swamps in the farther south you get the more sloppy it's I mean it's all wilderness and in the Surry County Carson again and I think maybe a little bit of killing her but I mean we don't have any idea where she could be so just audio search person to watch wildlife area can be anywhere so last impressions on ko sila for somebody who knows from the podcast well I don't think it's a strange place is not going first described it in the early broadcasts from it I think is actually pretty pretty typical for South Georgia town kind of been a lot of them and they're all pretty good little small towns where people know each other and mostly farms and farming community in this terrible thing happen have happened here I mean other terrible things happen happen other places but they usually get solved and that's that's the difference here is that this one hasn't been solved and if there's nobody there's no smoking no way we have the DNA and fingerprint but as a assessment police list so there's nothing I mean hopefully she will be found someday but not to the er the the the the the the the the the ah the the the the of the boom better at something or is there something you will learn to do a website called skill share doc home has over fourteen thousand classes on literally almost anything you think of these are those cheesy online college courses or something else or duck arm each class is a truly unique engaging experience for all taught by industry leaders in real experts in their field I just signed up for class so for learning how to chop food like a real shift in the kitchen and learning from an actual professional chef
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Bonus Episode : Tara & Ocilla