DiscoverUp and VanishedCase Evidence 02.06.17

Case Evidence 02.06.17

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Take a deeper look at the evidence as experts discuss new developments in the case.

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We go through old news transcripts to learn more about the weekend of October 22nd 2005. Maurice takes calls from the voicemail line.

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for just about halfway funded on Kickstarter campaign for season two if you haven't heard yet after episode eighteen of the season on terror rinse the reason I want to tackle a brand new case in a season two of them vanished in order to do so we more resources with your help we can make that happen so if you want to season two on a brand new case as good a UAV season to the column you can pledge a donation that UAV season to come there's very little physical evidence in this case we have to rely hard on other people's testimony over the years people stories to the change begin remembering things a little different eleven years later this can become really troublesome especially when trying to piece together all the facts they will be exploring old news transcripts back in two thousand and five in two thousand and six with interviews from people in this case today we're looking at four different interviews his mother Tara sister Troy Davis the man had the BBQ in tears best friend we're 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can save six an Apostle a sleep number I ate that only five feet number any of the five hundred seat number stores nationwide the final one years You Go To Sleep Number The calm measured tone of an advantage since you now back to the show our first interviews from two thousand and six with Troy Davis grid of ancestry as a reminder for Davis held a BBQ that night this is what was said Vincent St Troy Troy terror the Davis replied I'm known for a years the ancestors stated of October twenty seconds she go to dinner at your home Davis replied Yes she did ancestor in question is the usual Davis replied No it's not she came by often initiate this on a regular basis on the weekend then suffering then asked Was there any special occasion for that Saturday night Davis replied No no there was not Ben Sussman said how many people were over that night Davis replied there was about eight a faux which Iraq search underway for missing woman Fox News Network November seven two thousand five hundred Vance us to ask Davis do you remember what time terrorized Davis be twenty eight in a third offense Austin said Do you was dressed Davis replied yes she was dressed in a pair of jeans a beige shirt very distinct pair of shoes I made a comment about the issues that night she just came back from a beauty pageant question How long did she stay your house that evening Davis replied she left around eleven o'clock then Sussman said Do you know since she drove over here tonight from your home I wanted to take you to get over your tonight Davis said about two minutes then strain and said okay so we expect that if you left your house about eleven o'clock she could have been home o two he said that's right been suffering in question Dino she drove around car Davis said she did driver and car Ben Sussman said and then I did the party any who is there beside your family Davis said we had to cross the street neighbors we also had some neighbors who live about three blocks from here and my children with their ancestors said alright with these more your friends and her friends Davis said yes then Sussman asked Did she say anything unusual that night said no she did not tear was she was very upbeat that had actually been such unquestioned everything seemed normal Davis replied everything was normal then suffer and then question and she happen to mention how she intended to spend the next day Sunday for instance data said no she did not did not say what she was going to do the next day Ben Sussman asked Did she mention any boyfriends or ex boyfriends or anyone giving her a hard time Davis said no actually her ex boyfriend that night other than that she had visited him a couple weeks ago she was moving on then suffer and then said Have you ever heard of anyone at all giving her any trouble Davis then said I've heard of one person but I don't know any details about a great instrument stated and that's the former student we've talked about is she likely I know this is a guest she likely to open the door to a stranger at her house I mean you know in your opinion I know Davis replied No I do not think she would this next interview with Nancy Grace and Fay Greene said his mother back in two thousand five Gray said only thing missing is Tara a grin said Terry's mother stated yes it is very very strange Chris replied This is what she collected instead said yes she collected Barbie doll she did a lot of the historical as you can see this one year old Grace asked she played guitar for instance said yes she did she sang to Bray said is this cool lamp instead replied Yes grace replied I thought it was cracked no I thought it was cracked instead replied I beg your pardon Grayson said I thought the link was broken Branstad said it was re stated the OIC It Is broke Yes up under here this was down on the floor in the bed was made instead replied No that was only the bed was not made like she just gone to bed maybe I said Really instead said Tara slept like pillows on the side of her you know Grace replied Right instead said she slept with several pillows and that's what I was told like she possibly lay down and gone to bed that's why wondered if somebody called Bray said where's the phone instead replied it always was right here I guess the GBI took but it normally it's normally grace replied It feels like she's going to walk and at any minute Branstad said I know Gray stated I'm just totally totally very very grateful that so many people are working so hard to find or you know when we looked at her house today everything was in perfect order was is if some was going to come right back through the door what happened that day that Saturday instead replied I idea what Ray said in your life did you hear from her what was she doing Kristin said no she told me be tied up working with the girls getting ready for the beauty passion and so I did not talk to her that day grace replied wishing to visit Kristin said she did a lot of times yes brace then asked was she supposed to visit that Sunday instead replied she talked about was to let me know because she didn't know she was tied up on Saturday working with the girls she didn't know if you have time to come because she had studying to do grace asked when you say she is studying to do what was she study instead said on her graduate school grace replied What was the degree she was sick instead replied she her specialist degree brace then asked that Sunday when you thought she was coming over to visit you during Hawkins feel right Princeton said yes grace asked how far is that instead replied It's about an hour's drive Grayson asked when you start becoming suspicious instead replied Well started calling her that afternoon she did not answer the phone I didn't think too much about it first she never called me back I left a message she didn't call me back because I'd call both phones but I really didn't start to get word until later on in the late afternoon and when she had not called me back again to get concerned grace asked Did you call the neighbors instead replied I did not call the neighbors until very late Sunday said So you did call Sunday night instead said yes Sunday night instead been stated I did not color Saturday was very late twelve thirty or one I did call the neighbors to see if a car was home or if anything looked unusual race then asked what they say instead then said they didn't seem to think anything looked unusual that the car was there had been gone all day and didn't get back into light they said the car was there nothing looked unusual grace then ask light her computer and instead said yes some type of dim light was on in there grace replied from the computer only instead replied that this next interviews with tears Sister Anita Geddes again on the Nancy grace show a need to get Tara sister said the car being there the car being unlocked she never left her car unlocked hundred dollars cash le instead said in the car Geddes said yes in the car broken land by your bedside table that we know was not broken the day before the girl said there was no incident she always turned a light later neighbors no lamp was on Friday night never came back on Grayson asked what can you tell me about the night she went missing she helped some girls that afternoon work on their for the beauty that went to a beauty pageant to a local superintendents house for dinner watched a football game we assume she went back home and after that we do not know Ray said what if anything was unusual about her home to get his replied Well her car was left unlocked Tara never leaves her car unlocked when she's at home or cell phone was in the charger door was locked her keys and purse were missing Bree said keys and purse missing I understood that there was a radio clock by your bed on the floor has responded That's correct Gee I found it under the bed when they were looking for evidence and there was also a broken lamp on that site table grace than stated now we need a clock which have left it that way I mean if I came home tonight I saw my clock by the bed laying on the floor we turn around out of that apartment because that would be wrong she left it that way yes replied I think so because the clock is about six hours off in time grace replied I'm sorry I couldn't hear you repeat Geddes said the clock time is about six hours off which is another confusing fact get a stated all her clothes were back at home she did not go back home and change clothes race then as now there was something about a jack a lantern on the front porch said Wright terrace house was decorated really cute for Halloween Jacqueline are still plugged in and it was lit up and said You should've seen this play was perfectly in order when the cops came they found one of her beautiful necklaces on the floor the bedroom they found or lamb knocked over and broken and they found the shoes laying out on the floor close to one that even still lying out that is just not like this or this lesson are going to play you is that era's best friend Maria again on the Nancy grace show she asked how long Tara Maria's friend of character instead replied probably fifteen years Grayson said and that morning I knew she went to a cookout at the school superintendent's house evening before she'd been helping younger girls get ready for local action she goes to the cookout leave around eleven pm or so drive back home went to our home the next morning Sunday correct reply No Monday Gray said excuse me Monday morning what did you see Cuba replied I immediately went into the house gray said Well why did you go there Hewlett said I had been we've been looking for Mother enough and so I went down there that morning knowing that the police in the police were outside well excuse me I said How did you get in she replied the detective was outside by her car door was unlocked gray said her door was unlocked you lit replied gray said OK go ahead Hewlett replied Yes I walked in the door looked where her shoes would usually be to see if she had hurried out the door may be looking around to see if anything had fallen off the tables look like having a struggle you know I immediately knew that something had to have been wrong for her to not show network to call home had some great said What you see in the bedroom you replied the bedroom there were close on the floor Jewry on the floor shoes are on the floor shoes she's very peculiar about her clothes clothing and shoes are on the floor there were things packed stacked up on her next to that her bed and slept like to me you know her pillows were arranged like she sleeps I immediately thought she'd ended at some point you know she had been there at night I knew the last time that he had talked to a Saturday night Ray said Now what about the clock radio and land fuel it replied I didn't see the clock that was later on when I went back the second time Gray said so the phone the cell phone was there she ever left without her 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placement anyway keep up the good work in for her thank you Courtney Collins and Colorado that question originally I was contacted by Tara sister in the first part of our February of two thousand and six I was so real busy that time so actually originally turned down the case R was the end I was contacted about the end of February again and ask if I would reconsider an idea that I decided to go ahead and look at the case and are trying to work it did the best I can oh then i went down to sila several times oh the first time I was down there all I did both times I met resistance are from some of the people and also haul low enforcement them a little local enforcement and some GBI I received a threatening phone call my home here after he got back from one of those awesome trips down there and then our stay in the RV park some of the sill of all have our scary incident and there with our truck about three o'clock in morning and so on there's been some pressure all are one of the main things is solved I was not able to get my hands on some documents that were promised to me are which in most or hinder hinder what I was able to do I'm not sure that I love that all the information that could have been told to me was told to me arm so I fed the fat stroke will crawl off for last in a half years to try to work this get through this on know that when I found those things and terror is how some of the work Oh didn't you ever dance know that to a couple days are for the GBI day ever come down there and collect the items you know so you have to remember day and you know in oh six oh six or seven of eight this was a verb or a hard case and it tapered off with the years in a plane and I am is totally different now and in seventeen arm then he is even with the podcast is totally differ then it was back in six and May it was Avery hot button issue down there so people have to say things were a lot different then and they are now are but it's been a major struggle probably received in the team and have years of the four hundred plus temps are high or I ask is Do you really really is there is a really wet and frustrated we are so high that were about an answer and in case you don't have a credit with Morrison said in this case the outs he is after I wear a Cami has thirteen verification of the crew was there and this thing with this ever found and that the police and the FBI have that evidence the question really is how my It's an ass or is being put into that one heavy fact that Greg has an arresting piece of information and event and also as sort of a mystery concept record occurred about eight days after Tara went msn so the question one would have to ask is Why would somebody draw attention to the area when there was no attention focused on snap dragon road after Tara went msn until the far so that's a question has to be answered is my understanding that all potential evidence was submitted to the GBI that was found about a doll hammer and a cadaver though that evidence of potential evidence was an allows thank the FBI crime lab is my understanding that it never late our terror to the far there is no that there's no evidence to link in terror that we know all to the fire that does not mean that it's not tat to this awe or late to this I do not think that the GBI has in a bona fide forensic evidence linking terror to snap dragons are they have suspicions but I don't think they are able to prove it there were some searches that were supposed to start there and then not Tim Miller would echo search Texas Tech will search in a shirt from a gun anonymous call they won they would run over to be in Hale County in really never really finished that area I do know that the pond behind snap Dragon Search because I was there when it was searched but the snap dragon I guess we won't ever know the two of the case is ever solved if somebody ah reveals that it is late or not hi my name is reason I'm calling from California I really enjoyed the entire cat and wondering if the FBI was ever involved in investigations of terror on his feelings and local police and even the GBI and seems to have a lot of connections to the people involved in the case so I'm wondering if anyone at St George and investigated a missing persons case to my knowledge the FBI has never been involved in this case no one no low enforcement from state house of a state of Georgia has ever been involved in this case FBI has to be asked to come and blow a fourth man has jurisdiction of the original ger station was with the sila PD and then select chief Hancock s the GBI become an so the GBI runs this case they've always run this case so knows the odds the odds and never been involved may have something that into evidence of something from the crowd seemed the best FBI crime lab not the FBI agents I mean is now analysts I know I'm just wondering do we think that there's any way George Harrison and students that means grandmother's friends remembered hearing that Carolyn to desserts next is here and if so is it with the ask her about that because she said she made people remember the name and it's set to air think you know how to not believe the person that was huge and say Facebook accounts are George Harrison was on every student of Peregrine instead so the answer your question is No I don't think that he was ever a student Harrison was ever a student of terror is a this is Patrick Nolan in Arkansas like my life and Iranian I've been enjoying on this the last couple days and one things is with her horse she had been scooted back and I don't know how tall she is here is that most people that drive the car to leave their car seat in the same position all the time she spotted me in saying that C was scooted back to whenever I go to my calls or changed or get work on it and it's noticeably scooted back and asked Is that so I think an individual in early in the same position as we can determine where her normal scene position is but I wish someone could look into that hallway she our terrace about five to re arm and I'm mush or we end the seat was noticed to be pushed back if it was that Monday are over for this Tuesday the cause and when stage of the neighbor had a car detail and watched arm so I'm not I do not know this just the seat was noticed for our after he did that or if it was that Monday this that would make a difference in Virginia who though something of a book or the aches and tears Mom has been so clear that in a warning when everything came from and credible could be on the stories in the media and together you are psychologists about the that the actual people who committed the crime of putting themselves in the story in the picture I could be possible that he actually called and tears moment is worried about her and offered to go in that way they look like a concrete reality within a picture but also in the picture of owning an interview and say Ah did with Nancy Grace in January two thousand sakes Nancy Astor why was she to visit you on that Sunday Fay said she she had talked about it she was going to let me know because she didn't say she was tired of armchair do with the girl say she didn't know if she would have time to come because she had studying to do and then she goes on to ask her about her becoming worried about her and she started saying she Carter all their daytime Sunday and to give answer she said I didn't think much about it at first she never come about I really didn't start to get worried until later in the afternoon and when she had not caught me by I began to get concerned the Pn Nancy Astor did you call the neighbors Miss off I said I did not cover certain odd it was saw light very light maybe to twelve thirty one thirty that would be Sunday actually Monday morning when I call the neighbors to see if a car was home or if it's an unusual and Nancy asked her what did I say this I said that they didn't seem that I can find it unusual that a car was there that have been going all day and then get back into light they say the car was there not that unusual we don't have access to the phone records we really don't know who called our first has always been said that you know is fake o Heath Dykes government check on a hiatus and Lindsay listening from Naples Florida on this is my favorite
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