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Case Evidence 03.06.17

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Take a deeper look at the evidence as experts discuss new developments in the case.

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hey guys today will be discussing everything is happening right now that arrogance to case as we now know on February twenty third Ryan Alexander do one of terrorists as former students was arrested for murder and since then it's been an absolute media frenzy has been an abundance of new information and different leads to sort through and not to mention all the rumors today will be going over what we know just try to make sense of everything this case evidence the The The The The The The The The The The what they absolutely cannot stand is going to the post office I just don't go anymore because they use stamped the card I stamped the com for up and vanished we have over five hundred rewards to send out for Kickstarter but thankfully the mailing part is now super easy steps The Con save you time and money which you can use to help grow your business I can mail a letter in the package just by using my computer and printer you can completely avoid the hassle of the post office and mail everything from postcards to envelopes to packages domestic or international right from your own computer you can make a stance account in minutes online with no equipment to lease a new long term commitments you just click print and mail that's it right now you can do is to have stuck onto the special offer exclusively for oven best listeners will get a four week trial plus postage and a digital scale so to redeem this offer is good to stamp the car use the promo code up u p to four week trial plus postage and a digital scale our first guest today is Nancy Grace last time we spoke a man has been arrested for terrorist is murder we clearly have some catching up to do what I know first of all what was your immediate reaction to all this last Thursday well I gotta tell you something I was taking off on flying across the country and I had my hat all about my twins I don't leave them in one got it and from them I got a text there's an announcement in the chair and stay case I at first thought well the Republicans say this is what we've done and we've done this weekend I got to thinking about if that were the case why would a good all the trouble to make an announcement that they had found anything that I realized something was afoot and almost within minutes the word was out that there was unrest and I did not believe at first I couldn't believe there was someone that had been under the radar that his name had never been mentioned because you know in criminal procedure and criminal investigations you start at the nucleus with the person you move out from people closest to more distant and statistically is normally someone that knows them well that held true here paying it was someone that knew her but not anyone necessarily close to her and I always give the example of a delivery boy or someone you know but yet you don't know and that's what it was in this crazy thing to me Nancy the GIS stars Ryan Alexander do with the murder of Terrance said Casilla has a population of around three thousand people how did Ryan do have this guy slip through the cracks you know it's pretty how somebody can keep a low profile and stay out of trouble and never be suspected I mean when you Monday morning quarterback you'd think they would have gone through every male that had been in her class for say the last five six years right before she was taken but why would a why me and how you do that blanket DNA to really compare to for sure except maybe some that latex glove but where'd he go especially with someone that was so seemingly mild mannered and unobtrusive as Duke from everything I've gathered people I've talked to Alexander do he was a quiet guy he was kind a guy who was in VA remarkable didn't really have many characteristics that stood out he was kind of guy who was behind the scenes and just really in general so most people were shocked when they learned about his possible involvement here very quiet guy didn't seem very sophisticated or like you have the skill set to do anything like this and keep a secret for twelve years now the sister I needed data says the farm is one she's driven by hundreds of times while making trips from her home in Hawkins bill to a seller that is hard to imagine are combing through dirt in search for her sister's its chairman by it in and probably thousands of times now over the last twelve years she says that given the chance he would like to ask do you one question why why Tara why did you pick Tara what do you make of Ryan Dukes charges likely that the burglary charge in the charge of using his hands to murder Tara because I think he may have been unarmed and that he strangled her or hit her and we don't know that and are not going to know that most of the confession or testimony from an accomplice or a witness that he's spoken to because her body is going to be skeleton i xD which means we will see no evidence of hematoma such as a bruise if he'd used a knife there may be and Nick in a bow but that's highly unlikely you won't see evidence of asphyxiation be it manual or literature you can't look her eyes to see the blood vessels of hemorrhage due to his fixation so long story short the only thing they could debut is charged with putting his hands on her even if he used a knife or blunt object still his hands also to affect to kidnap he had to put his hands on also as far as the burglary that goes for any inches into any structure or with the intent to commit a felony be at a rape a raft of robbery e B felony inside the structure was the it's perjury and long story short I think the reason they charged with burglary is to have what we call a felony murder because without a body or with a skeleton eyes body he can't get a Cod cause of death so how can you get murder a death occurring in the commission of a felony very simply he burglarized the home she ends up dead thus felony murder which gets life behind bars BAM they're set up yet so this week the judge issued a gag order in this case can you tell me a little bit about what a gag order is and how it may affect yes pain a gag order very simply is that witnesses in the case lawyers in the case the judge in the case everyone associated to the case may not speak publicly so that is to keep the jury pool Irish well first of all are going is going to be chained to being in play that right now but if there's not they want to keep the jury pool pristine from anyone speaking about the case how does it affect me a new covering this case investigating this case and why they oppose this year doesn't affect us at all only effects people that are connected to the case so Nancy you've been inside tears house before you think that there was a struggle inside her home I do with heart ever and ever there was no sign of struggle but the least little thing is cute in her home is a sign of struggle because Rome was perfect no fluffed up pillow was out of place everything like a little dollhouse I'm telling you she had it almost obsessively neat and tidy and very beautiful she was a very creative and artistic person I can tell you that familiar home so one thing like a broken alarm clock bedside now on the floor the shoe and left at Wood River crazy Nora especially the mud on a car you know she would never drive that white thing as a Nissan three thousand out in the red clay in Georgia forget her tires were caked with it in the GPS charges against Ryan Alexander do you they did say that he used his hands to kill her how do you think they know this he confess or is there a cooperating witness what I think this tipster told him pain I think that somewhere along the way he told somebody what happened and he may uproot rated as an accident because you know a lot of times killers do that they told the way they wish it had BN but obviously he's told somebody and also with your hands can include a whole lot of fun areas if there is a cooperating witness who in fact sent them this information and told him this would be like the GBI to offer this person some sort of deal in cooperation if they need two are for the tipster the person that really provided the information be the tipster or third party I would imagine they will offer them if they have to in order to get more information to solidify their case otherwise if they donate and don't use them prosecute them so if this witness or someone who's involved in this came forward and gave him this information would be possible if his story changes or turns out to be more people involved them to take the immunity away from him no the grant is done now that immunity extended to testifying at trial and that they back out at trial then the Deal's off gotcha what happens from here which we expect in the next coming weeks and months and really the next hour in this case we're going to with each court hearing I hope that's not close to the media however this is going to be a long and drawn out process unless there's a deal to let Duke have a lighter sentence in exchange for the remains location otherwise it's a DP case and that's going to take a long time he got a good DP qualified defense attorneys the prosecutor may bring in somebody from the A G's office to help out with the DP aspect of it because it's very technical very technical trials not like an ordinary not that any of more ordinary but it's not like your ordinary trial strategy there's a whole nother technique to prosecuting a death penalty case in Him and to bring ADP expert on both sides you know what's interesting is now that an arrest has been made of a guy that no suspected Ryan Alexander Duke thirty two he had graduated from Warren County High School where Tara taught history three years before she went missing but he was there while she was there and of course what guy wouldn't have a crush on Terror grandstand beautiful on the outside she was in many many beauty pageants beautiful on the inside of fat people first notice who's missing which didn't show up in church Sunday morning and smart today that she was planning to enter a PhD program or dream was to become a school principal so who would have a crush on her what guy wouldn't write I doubt pretty seriously she returned as the factions but listen to what Tara sister says it's it's sad to me what her sister and needed data says she says she has never stopped grieving that the arrest quote ripped the scab off wounds that have never totally healed and it's like it is totally infected now and when she heard the name Ryan Alexander da shi san never heard of him that's amazing to me that nobody ever suspected him knew his name his name he was totally off the radar well one thing is he never got into any trouble which leads what this was all about now reports say it's not clear what the relationship was between grandstand Eli J that she did not have a relationship with Him I'm promising you that other than he may have been her student or to the high school while she was teaching there that's yet I have no doubt they did not have a dating relationship I agree with you there I think that there was no sort of relationship like that outside of just being a former student of hers makes you wonder though what was Ryan dew doing at her house that Saturday night how does he get there was he doing there why was he in a position for this to happen The The The I realized last month was time to update my short game to what the shops bring the car completely fix that problem spring is over fifteen hundred brands for both men and women for all your fashion beauty and lifestyle needs in one place so no more having to visit multiple websites screen you'll find brands like origins smashed box for the Birds Club Monaco of Marc Jacobs dense urban Outfitters there's not much they don't have a shop spring not come close to heaven that makes the whole experience way easier to upgrade your wardrobe hello this spring at the app Store or scooter shops bring the car to start saving up all the latest fashion lifestyle trends in right now chop spring duck arm has an exclusive offer up in various listeners use my code finish at checkout to take twenty percent off your first purchase shops bring the car use the promo code vanish for twenty percent off your first order since the arrest of Ryan Duke the man charged with terrorist as murder has been many rumors circling around about a possible accomplice someone who may have helped Ryan cover up this heinous crime well as it turns out the rumor mill is always wrong right after my interview with Nancy this past Friday police arrested another former student of tears a man named Bo Duke's and no I'm not kidding his actual name is Bo Duke's with an S so we have Ryan do in Bo Duke's I could make this up if I tried on Friday March third Deuce was arrested on three different charges alleging that he helped conceal terror instead death by disposing of her body on a pecan orchard and Fitzgerald an the arrest of its swarming this small town for days both do now faces allegations he helped his high school buddy very character instead remains back in two thousand far thirty two year old Bo Duke's has been arrested by the Ben Office now he has already bonded out but he is charged with three charges in to read them all from these documents turn himself in to Ben Hill County authorities Friday morning accused of helping high to fight evergreens dense body authorities say Green said remains were concealed in this pecan farm at some point during the week after rinsed it disappeared in October two thousand Fox since the last episode the judge in this case has issued a gag order this is meant to prevent witnesses and those directly involved in the crime speaking to the public this whole thing is gone from a cold missing persons case to a high profile murder case in a matter of days to sort through all the different charges for both Ryan and Beau and get a clearer picture of what we should expect next I enlisted the help of a man named Philip hallway a criminal lawyer and expert legal analyst who also happens to be from Mosul area I felt hollow and practice law in Cobb County and former prosecutor before I was a prosecutor as a lawyer in the military in between the military standing prosecutor in the metro Atlanta practice law in Tiffin which is my hometown before I was an attorney I was in law enforcement what the police academy in nineteen eighty jobs was part time as a police officer the city growth and shift so I know the area and those who lot of the people that in this podcast personally they're all good people and I don't mean to say anything bad about but let's just sort of dynamic of the way things are South Georgia is different they don't have cases like this down there a lot it's not uncommon in Atlanta to have you know several weekend right we get people to disappear and and they don't generate the public interest that this does so there's a lot of people who had their reputations damaged if not ruined early on in this case maybe rightfully so rightfully so but nevertheless is a lot of Raul emotion of hurt feeling there is a lot of pent up frustration in the community and so it's going to be a very delicate balancing act for the judicial system to take all those considerations into account when resolving this case ok yes I can see that picture of Ryan Dukes charges Ryan Dukes charges really the place from looking at the various warrants from aggravated assault and burglary to concealing the death and to the murder charge I've been looking at these down for a number of days trying to make sense of how they are worded to try to figure out what we can glean read between the lines and come to love to conclusions they're either purposely worded very poorly in order to keep the details from or someone who was not very well trained swore out warrants and I don't believe that the DBA was anything less than well trained for example and I'm just going to pull out the burglary warrant which have in front of me burglary is in Georgia is when someone enters into say a house with the intention in their at the time they enter or if they remain authority inside a structure like a whole with the intention of committing a felony or theft so a burglary can be complete for example the moment you enter some body's house that doesn't mean you have to kick in the door you come to my house by invitation ok in the minute you enter my house if you intend to steal the silver then you've committed a burglary you in this burglary warrant does not mention that he entered or remained inside her house with the intent of committing a crime that simply mentions that he went in the house and that he didn't commit a crime is possible for the intent to form after he's already inside the hole so burglary warrants and burglary indictments always mention what someone's intention was when they entered the structure in this one is completely missing what's an example of a reason that would be missing here mean what's a good reason well a good information if you didn't want the public necessarily to know what exactly was going on he could be a typo it could be for police training if there's more to the story and it was purposely omitted why would that be in their benefit why would they ever do that that's a very good question I can't figure out of looked at all the wars for example aggravated here this was because it simply says that he used his hands in the office of matter well that's not necessarily aggravated assault you can use your hands and offensive manner by slapping some aggravated assault has to be the salt combined with the presentation to rape rob or kill or assault with a deadly weapon or assault an object which when used offensively is capable of causing serious bodily injury or death this war it doesn't say how he used his hands which are not ordinarily an officer's weapon ok like a hand would be a crowbar so just concludes restate its own it doesn't provide any details you typically will see a little bit more detail than what we have here especially when you're talking about an object that's not normally with being of an offensive weapon and there's nothing in these charges the same thing about sexual misconduct or anything like that basically just says this was a burglary gone wrong or they they seem to suggest that that is that's being pushed I don't buy it not not for one minute the murder warrant itself tells me alot too it says that he killed her during the commission of a burglary and that draws back to the burglary which alleged that he committed the offence of aggravated now keep in mind aggravated assault which is thus all the intent to rape the aggravated assault charge doesn't use that just as he used his hands in an office in a manner which is insufficient to make out an aggravated assault charge right so it's it's kind of circular unrealistic and kind of difficult for me to explain to the lay person but I assure you that the warrants themselves will have to be cleaned up by the grand jury in terms of the indictment or if they reach some kind of a deal the language will be cleaned up to be legally sufficient if they bypass the grand jury and proceed to call an accusation these warrants lower are just not worded properly at all even though there are details that are clearly omitted or just lacking there are some details are pretty specific it makes you wonder for the information where did they get the specifics of using his hands and how would they know that well if if Bo Duke's was not present Bo Duke's does not have any personal information about what happen the only person who still alive that we know of that would have personal information assuming he's guilty is Ryan Alexander Duke and this suggests to me that he told them what happened now whether he told them the truth about what happen we may never know he may have minimized his involvement to some degree he may have simply said this was a burglary that went bad she came home to see because let's face it if you're going to go to prison for murder you might want to have history recall us being a bad burglar as opposed to being a monster was common for criminals to minimize themselves even though they may admit guilt to a crime or most of the crimes they omit the nastiest part oh absolutely happens all the time we see this in the criminal justice system in many contacts people will admit to the bare to admit to sometimes it's because they're embarrassed or ashamed they don't want to call their family look bad they just don't want history to way well running with the theory that police have talked to Ryan Duke and he did admit some of these details why why is he coming forward now why after twelve years we feel pressured to the to say all these these details that he's been keeping a secret for so long he would be that would know that air and a loss for why someone this many years later was simply an burden themselves unless they were to somehow overcome with guilt maybe they feel like this is something that's been eating at them for a long time and as they say the truth shall set you free but I don't think he said anything that he told the entire truth right so let's take a second to talk about Bo Duke's this Friday he was arrested on several different charges in connection with tears murder can tell about those well these warrants charging voter do with various offenses all having to do with essentially concealing the death and hiding the body dispose of the body very specific they say that this all happened in another county which in Georgia is actually and in this case is Judicial Circuit so they're not technically co defendants without getting too much into the legal leads these warrants tell me that if these accusations are true that Bo did I have prior involvement with this until everything moved over into Ben Hill County and then the incident that pecan orchard so it definitely that he participated in destroying any evidence that maybe or perhaps remains if they found any of the SAS would suggest to you that the warrants imply that they have found pretty clear about that right what's the main difference is now with that being different counties is there upside or downside to that if you are to the defendant if your Bo Duke's well what it means is that in terms of the prosecution of both of these cases there's going to have to be some coordination between two different district attorneys the district attorney for Ben Hill County in that circuit was present at the news conference when they announced the arrest of Ryan do so we know that there is some coordination between district attorney which is not uncommon but crimes have to be prosecuted in the county where they occurred and they're not the blow did anything it all over in Early County Georgia does not have accessory after the fact version of murder the best they can do is come up with these charges that all have to do with concealing the death hindering the apprehension of a criminal and things like that but to what you can tell from these warranties charged with hindering apprehension of a criminal he's charged with tampering with evidence and he's charged with concealing a death concealing a death the self is one of ten felony so he could be theoretically facing quite a bit of jail time but because these warrants were not signed by Judge until the day before his arrest and cents warts appear to have set a five thousand charge the day before his arrest sung by a Superior Court judge that means that he's cooperating he's already cut a deal and he probably has no concern whatsoever to present least not for a significant period of time so if boat discuss or deal with long horsemen why they bring the charges on I can't speak for the district attorney involved in this case can speak for the GBI I believe that my own personal opinion is that the public just won't stand for someone not be arrested if they were involved in what appears to happen out there that he can or should it appears to be very gruesome very horrible it is something that you knew about you held onto for over a decade when you knew the community was hurting it wouldn't make much political system not at least seven or
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