DiscoverUp and VanishedCase Evidence 03.20.17

Case Evidence 03.20.17

Update: 2017-03-213


Take a deeper look at the evidence as experts discuss new developments in the case.

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hey guys drop here unfortunately pain weather so I'll be hosting today's episode today we're going to discuss all the latest developments in reference to the gag order in Terra Greene state's case if you recall a few weeks ago the judge issued a gag order preventing any friends family law enforcement or any potential experts are witnesses from speaking about this case since the judge's ruling several prominent media outlets joined forces in filed a motion opposing this gag order last Thursday more sixteenth Judge Melanie Cross held a hearing at the courthouse to address the motions that were filed to lift the gag order today will be hearing the audio from the courtroom as both sides plead their cases to the judge in favor of and against the gag order this is case evidence The The The The The The The The The The The today's episode is brought to you by and EMT in BMT there a watch company started by two broke college kids I can relate these guys always wanted to wear stylish watches but 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courtroom audio Philip will be discussing his thoughts on the outcome of this proceeding the The The The Day the go ahead start of the was his second Tom she'd make sure to Mr. Hudson was going to be just buying the phones at current on this and I had him in line ok you can use fastened to the with the the NAACP lawyer him with an insane when the Mayan for the record the Psalm in for me of course nobody has time I witness a bullet you in Jesus and I are the the mine the year our will or the the the day the uh the the game missed Molly the first question for you to send name Ocean Pines not present in the farewell of our time here we are to the air motions to intervene and emotions the live model out again or that or displaced in this case and say to what I would like to do sports have the attorneys filed motions on present their arguments on the missed Mommy was about to get anything in response I get here when I got done Strauss is the dispersal of day the day you may they are really 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the the work we were in the past the the order form around room the Heat the olive oil or the Canadian addresses per hour for the the uh the the or the love we are the the the the the the ration the alternate bus for the were the law he ate he won the SCC clear the the the sea the the Hamas all you were meeting the the the rest for the off the day he the the lower see the the the three where the sea the eatery at the the We Are the lower the heat here the eye the neighbors say he is the the the first right here the last scene over a year thus the yeast the ER we were off air as he he he the pastor they see you he or the R I The The The The The The The The The The The The Fall The wire the tree where he the one the the color or her were he the the eye he works I read it again the The The The The The The View married absolute best one stop place to have your wedding registry is all I know this from personal experience because my wife Kathleen I use Olay for our wedding was awesome it's 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Case Evidence 03.20.17