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Case Evidence 07.10.17

Update: 2017-07-118


Today we hear a conversation that Bo Dukes had.

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we have breaking although not unexpected news in the case of the state of Georgia versus mode on today's day July ten twenty seventeen he was suppose to have appeared before a judge in the Superior Court of in Hill County to be arraigned on the indictment that was returned against him back on June nineteen twenty seventeen by a grand jury in connection with his role in the terror grants said investigation in connection with his alleged role in the destruction of evidence and the coverup of the murder of Tara Grant said however prior to today's date by and through his attorney he filed a document called a in that document he pleads not guilty to each and every can of the indictment and he also says that he demands a jury trial another that sounds maybe to some people to be a bit ridiculous if they believe the evidence against him is overwhelming and it may sound really ridiculous that he's demanding a jury trial if the evidence against him is overwhelming that is important to keep in mind that this is actually very common and it's really the way things are usually done in criminal cases they don't normally one up with a guilty plea at arraignment arraignment is simply the first step in the formal criminal justice process it comes following an indictment the purpose of a Raymond is simply to put someone of what they're formally being charged with bank in the old days before people could commonly they would literally go before the judge the judge would read the indictment out loud in open court to the defendant and also give them a copy of this so that they can later taken to a lawyer if and when they obtain one in the modern arrangements are largely especially if people are represented by attorneys because let's face it he already was charged with any arty have a copy of the indictment and is fair to assume that not only does blow but certainly his how to read and write the English it's really not necessary to go through this formal process of having him come in from the judge and have the indictment read out loud and as for the part about demanding a jury trial that really is simply for the purpose of preserving all of his legal rights so he's pled not guilty has demanded a jury trial is not waived anything he simply preserved all of his legal rights and that's what his be expected to do lawyers expected to protect the client's legal right and at this point in the process it's too early going to happen ultimately these charges so while there's still some element is prudent for his lawyer to protect all of his legal rights you have to bear that the guilty plea can be changed at any point in time if Bo is still in fact a cooperating witness and if there is a deal in place for Bo to this changes nothing if there's a deal he still can take advantage of it in all likelihood the indictment really needs to be hanging his head so that they can use it as leverage because what they want him to do is to continue cooperate me and what they would want to do would be to testify truthfully against Ryan so this is nothing really that you can read one small possible exception it's interesting to me that on June nineteen twenty seven team district attorney presented this case to a grand jury which means that Bo did not waive the grand jury process if he was truly cooperating he simply could have allowed attorney to file what's called an accusation which would do the same thing as an indictment it would start the formal court process it would allege the exact same offenses but it would bypass the formal grand jury process and not really make the DA work so hard if our representing him and he was cooperating I would've told the district attorney that we would waive formal wear injury process and they could simply file the accusation so really what's the point of a formal grand jury if you know what's going to happen in so if there's any tea leaves left of the red is the fact that this case was presented to a grand jury and that the defendant Bo do did not waive grand jury and let the DA file an accusation if Bo is in fact still a cooperating witness this indictment will stand in place without really any further it until resolution of the charges against Ryan then and only would those be able to take advantage of any deal he may have with the state if there is no deal what would come next would be pre trial motions if the defense believes that there's anything that was done improperly they can ask for evidence to be suppressed or excluded from trial they could ask for the indictment to be squash there's a lot of different things that the defense could do pre trial in terms of filing various motions in an effort to defend the Jews then following any pre trial motions filed defense or by the state than there would be a trial and of course at that trial the state would bear the burden of proving him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt as each and every element of the offenses alleged so basically to wrap all this up what this really a mere formality it marks the beginning of the formal judicial process against Bo Duke's is nothing at all unusual about it in fact it's the way it's done in the overwhelming of felony criminal cases waving arraignment waving a formal reading of the charges and pleading not guilty is the way that is done in almost every single case and by demanding a jury trial he's done nothing more than protected his legal rights so as he stands right now he's presumed and all of remain intact and nothing has been waived if you want to put this in perspective just last week in my own practice I found similar and a handful of cases probably five or six in all those cases fully expected they will at some point in the future by a negotiated plea of guilty but we're not there yet we're not ready to enter that plea negotiations have not taken place have not reviewed all the evidence I want to make sure we're not overlooking any or factual defenses so by pleading not guilty and demanding a jury trial basically protected my client's rights so that we can go through that process of having the discussion with the prosecutor engaging in the plea bargaining engaging in the negotiations and hoping that we come up with a resolution of the case that is fair to each side also keep it in perspective just last week collar prosecutor that they could go ahead feel free to file an accusation and we grand jury indictment because we already had the case worked out we already knew what the result was going to be we knew what the sentence was going to be so there was no point in having the prosecutors in the case to grand jury because it was simply delay to get the plea accomplish but in the end this is simply routine this is simply something that would be expected and doesn't really surprise except for that one little fact that the case did go to grand jury which makes me wonder does both still have in place or is he in fact going to fight this tooth and nail a few days after I and two was arrested Bo Duke's began actively engaging in the discussion board community on the open van its website he would talk openly with other listeners about his involvement in the crime in the open on a public form despite the fact there was a gag order in place Bo Duke's just couldn't seem to help themselves they continued talking on March eighth just a few days after Bo Duke was arrested for his involvement he made contact with a woman on Twitter I'm going to call Sally engaged in a series of direct messages the conversation again casually but over the course of several days began divulging many details about his version of the story days turn into weeks weeks turn into months and the conversation continued after a few months Sally ceased all communication with them and share with me the entire transcript of a conversation with bow and today you could hear in this case evidence the the the the the the the the the the the uh the uh are you a quest for the year housewares and collectibles 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Luke radar calm flash vanish or your family sticking by you it's complicated and anyone with is crucify me most are supportive though are you close to your mom how did you tell her that over a few days before I was rested and was an easy no can imagine it would be a loss for words myself honestly it's a conversation people now how did it get to that I know it's a tough question but one that seems to have a simple answer what you mean asks simple questions it's okay to know why even me wonder what happened in your life that lead you to the set of circumstances I mean all these have resulted in where It's complicated like really and complicated yes I'm sure it's long and complicated but he seemed to want to talk though why is that well let's see start that is a response I wasn't expecting I've always wanted to talk about it's kind of I've told so many people about this same reason I pissed off my lawyer I'd say less is more for lawyers way you want to start I'm not into downplaying anything you have a major battle on your hands okay where do you think we should start with you think it would never come out see what happened that this was unsure after awhile I didn't think so but I just kept telling people so I wasn't sure it was early the way wait say you wanted it to come out why not just go see the PD to start with but at seven am you've had have done some serious self medicating to cope was protecting my friend and myself use my trunk he put her on my family's land hell Nancy Grace was ano sila before I even knew for sure so our friends were you too why did you agree to help him that's a big ask even from close friends it's not what I do but somewhere deep inside you had well he was my best friend yes it was and I knew that then there is lot more play at that time my grandfather was still alive been a huge political scandal if she was found there Ryan could have easily frame me and he asked me for help so well while we speak when you're able to try to tell me why what really happened that night while her why that specific night and yeah I read about your grandfather New Hudson yeah that's him and honestly there's nothing I can tell you told the GBI know if I wanted to tell me tell you what why yes what the hell happened that night why someone ended up dead I'm surprised you even want to discuss it Ryan would never tell me I asked him if you went there to rape or kidnap or denied she'd never tell me y n GV I accepted that very serious Ryan message me right when I started talking to the GBI had conversation with him in the plan was for them Jason to tip them I heard either yours or Ryan's ex girlfriend or something but you seem to be portrayed as the bad guy and Ryan took the fall was that the deal and yes I knew Jason is well it was broke ok yes I thought so or someone close to her anyway but the way she loved Brooke I personally she loves you very much it seems I love her more than anything I can imagine say you told her yeah who else knew many others didn't seem to be a closely guarded secret yet clearly it was just too many people I don't think most of them believed me and my ex used to use it to blackmail me well are you angry but then no I'm not angry broke so basically you admitted your part then the idea was to bring Ryan after I took them to Fitzgerald yeah and offered you a deal I'm guessing remains were found and evidences links almost definitely the Ryan right I knew you had to have taken there was that field plowed every year for eleven years both to give at revenues they would tell me that and it wasn't directly in the field it's a stand of pine trees where we did and she was burnt right yeah she was okay pine trees Sorry I thought it was pecan trees I How long after she was burnt know from when Ryan did what he did it was four days the area is pretty much behind the orchard shit for days weeks alone I know from my time in forensics that people don't burn too well the fires never once ever had enough makes a terrible mass as Ryan there then yeah he was course I'm going to do there was a huge stack of season split wood there and in fat lighter that's when I found out still take a few goes to burn right did you guys then try and there what's the whole conspiracy about a pond and no pond involved either cease left a burn pit but fragments yes there is probably fragments it was a really hot fire well there's always stuff left scattered no doubt Melissa bodies incinerated temperature there something left but after eleven plus years there would be much to be hard to find that they brought an anthropologist I read yeah I took them out there they found are not okay with what I did look but I'm okay he started the fire bell in easy I feel like I would have made him do it but it's kind of I can't remember exactly did make you angry very angry to make you cry later that day so when Ryan told you he killed her it was four days after what taken so long he told me the day after early I I didn't believe them his brother lived with as of the time came home and he told I told him what Ryan it was like just didn't register on I confronted Ryan and he showed me Jesus where was she in the orchard so we just dumped her there one yeah that night any use your truck yes how to get it for we are roommates and that I'm awake so is that the mysterious black truck nine it was a white truck I get missed and get a black truck has been speculated about for so long so he didn't use her car at all not that I know of interviewing Ryan talked about this over the years we lived together for a couple more months then I left my someone's before going to Korea though so he tells you a day after like Sunday you don't believe them by Monday she is reported missing when you confront him on that Wednesday what about monday and tuesday when was missing and he's told you on the Sunday they color but you believe it yeah it was was really late for you by the way right now so what are your mom's house now I have a place elsewhere it's luckily still a secret and hey I know this is off topic but are you married ah I don't want to talk about my private life ok ok how many brothers and sisters to have one brother I'm good with my mom brother she lost a lot of friends to this probably I'm not sure I can really or talk to many people at all how have to prison for I guess has given you an indication right I probably won't go to prison immunity although not sure the same thing here that does their suspended sentence maybe probably get the charges dismissed the relay yeah there are some procedural some other stuff and I'm slightly worried about that if I'm being honest not out in public right now it's certainly not know sila do you think your relationship that Brett can survive this look I sure hope so we made already actually got pretty close to trying to do in the French Foreign Legion a few weeks ago still an option I guess will there be any further arrests t think I should doubt it seems like you've walked a good deal in prison seems unbelievable is Ryan likely to rollover and though it got to face the music sometimes I have no idea I'm under the impression he has confessed but I'm not sure if he's sick he looks terrible I'm not sure look bad yeah kitty shoes he told me a year ago he was having just message and spoken in is it true that he was a meth head or as that was that BS he was it we have met here too I do think keeping a secret like that for so long really messes with your health what about you from keeping a secret are you okay my physical health is fine emotionally mentally it's been tough to deal with college yeah I did for year and recently was taking classes but left to do so I know how often do Seabrook has lived together we see Jer the pretty often I was convinced it was a troll or not you end up in Venice message for by the way I'm probably still not convinced why did you get on there I don't know I just couldn't stop myself I guess I wanted to try to send actions it's really sit back and see some of the crazy theories and incomplete also is out there it was terrible well it's terrible for everybody do you have to know what happened I mean I don't really care why Ryan did it because there's no reason that can ever justify hurting someone like this like I said before he just would never tell me why sometimes what happens is people come out and directly say or explicitly reveal exactly what happened it's better not to but I know better than anyone involved in something like this you actually always do know why that's part of a curse when you hang onto things so long well I think I know he explicitly denied him and I set aside huge significance to me right now but it will all come out of me and that always does sure hope so ok so what I'm curious about is how did you manage to cut a deal with Jason because this was huge pressure on the GBI and it's unusual that they were in charge you with a more serious crime even though he did lead him to where the remains were I mean deals are often made that this one sounds too good to be true it's just unusual in such a high profile case am I correct in assuming that perhaps your DNA not found anywhere I just can't see how you could crack a deal like this it was almost a certainty you were either car or in her house for me I think it can't be because of your previous criminal history no I was for her call the GBI didn't before I talk to them I gave describe what he told me happened that night in an account which happen later the location and potential testimony at trial all those things cleaned up the house nobody of actually heard her sister straighten up but that was probably after the cops were there just seems impossible that she was killed inside the house there was very little to suggest someone had been their little awry and where did the killer Ryan told me he killed her in her bed use a cartridge the locker door to get and came asleep so what do you think his motive was I think it was sexual like I say it's such a small town I can't believe this went unsolved for so long I mean why does he pick someone so high profile in the town nor aside from high school I didn't really think so at the time but looking back it's the only thing that makes sense to me you two were best friends best friends always know the dark sides of us and we'll have a dark side even me everyone is high profile a small town I suppose that's true but she was definitely more prominent person than a lot of other females in the town there's no doubt about that true and I think that's why he lived with him to have any relationship with her because if he didn't and he knew so much about her was he stalking her I mean do you know if he had dark sides actually he was a best friend I don't think yet with her I don't think he was stalking her either and honestly I didn't think he had any sexual kinks so why it seems a very thing to have an idea pop in your head on a Saturday night can I ask you a confirming question though I think only Ryan can answer that and yeah sure go ahead so why is it a reasonably common opinion that Ryan is a good guy and you're the bad guy I feel sure that if you were in the house or in her car or whatever that you would be sitting currently is but I have to wonder why a person like Ryan previously was or is now this it's not like he was sleepwalking mean why do people say it was you had it been crying sympathy from the court appearance my family in town politically in business I'm probably just a better story to it seems like Ryan has been basically living for the last decade I have a pass people to read about you know look there's a party to understand why anyone continues to conceal a crime for so long I don't agree with it but it's fear that drives a lot of mal adaptive behaviors but he didn't do it why not come clean earlier you could have gotten the same or similar deal was afraid I didn't think it would work out like this only for three years I 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get a new box right now they have a special offer for Up in Venice listeners use the promo code vanished get fifty percent off your first month together the dry dock on promo code vanished the also it does seem possibly true about rhyming by one what was he like before this happened I mean were you shocked by what he didn't know been great through this plus I told several people about this and verify it's what I told Ryan was a pretty his family he was was a good guy and yeah shocked and angry are you going pain Lindsay never ever thought of apologizing privately actually think he would feel much better I would suggest this to any patient of mine their lives and their family well yeah I'm planning on I've already asked the GBI to try to with me and with tears family they're open to it apparently when the gag orders lifted that is well I really hope he'll do it because it'll help me find some sort of peace will never truly be able to put this behind you but you might find some comfort knowing that you try to do the right thing how now by the way I never the story of people threatening Godwin it's ridiculous even if you write to Harper and ice that would be a start sometimes it's easier to put things in writing because face to face is just too difficult that's actually good idea I used some pretty self destructive ways to do with this for a long time I'm trying to make a lot of changes I think maybe I need to do is say at the end of each letter that you might be willing to meet with them if they found it helpful that right now you're doing the best you can in the future conference my delight to meet them it's like the one I talk to people about this shocking for everyone else to me it happened eleven years I'm just desensitized to it now you would be desensitized quite alot after all this time and keeping it suppressed but it must of eaten away at you every single day it's not something most people could hold inside so take me back when Ryan told you about Tara why did you take till Wednesday to do something when he told me the day after he hit it and even though you didn't believe them you know missing I didn't his brother told me and I told his brother then that Ryan told me children I wanted it not to be true but by Wednesday I realized I had to conform about it that's when he took me to the orchard nothing much ever really shocked me so he killed her Sunday not Saturday night yet the guilt and secrets of manifest in all sorts of unhealthy things it was early before sunrise how did he get in and what about her dog like I said before he used a car to pick the lock was a big German Shepherd that he walk over there in Seine thing to me about the dog I'm assuming outside in he took my truck we live maybe fifteen miles from there ok why he went I know you said it must have been sexual but why and why her did he have sexual issues do not have girlfriends I mean that's a big risk what if she had a guy there he he had to have been watching her I really think he picked her because she was beautiful and she lived alone I think you would've there if there were any in I don't think yet any sexual he rarely had a girlfriend no girlfriend he was a really good looking guy think the scene of pornography bike like a big way status means a lot in this place and he in well he's kind of short and I know I don't think he was not big time at least yeah I understand about the status thing was never violent with other people even even like other guys no he wasn't so what's your gut feeling did he go there to kill her or was it just an unfortunate accident my feeling is he went there to kill or he was killer was really strange so they say he strangled her with an electrical and cable is there any truth to that no he told me used his hands that's certainly what the arrest warrant or whatever you can call it seem to indicate serial killer movies though it's interesting zodiac like that the serial killer movies ok so it was your idea to burn the body have all that happened it was on your family's land so why did he move the body somewhere else he took me to the body yes it was my family's land well how did you come up with a plan to burn her body there was going on in this place was already pretty remote they're also just stack of firewood right there I thought completely it was the best option sure I stop freaking out that is also I could easily be implicated then use my truck and put her on my family's orchard so what's all this stuff about snap dragon rode them have no clue that something God when came up with I think that's not surprising you must've freaked out Jesus did you guys hang around thinking he had it
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