Dr. Joel Fuhrman

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Dr. Joel Fuhrman (physician! nutrition expert!) makes it weird!

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or the in the AM THE the the in the in the the the the the the all happening where does this is that this was exciting for me because I recently have become obsessed with Doctor Joel Furman who is our guest here I saw him a long time ago I believe it was in Forks Over knives they could be wrong one of those documentaries about the links between eating and your health and then became reacquainted with them when I did a movie that hasn't come out yet cause got Buster where we met and talked a little but he's he's cool he coined a term a new treat area new tearing those people who eat things based on the calorie to nutrient ratio that's pretty much all you need to know he's not like adamant vegan or vegetarian anything he's just about science that's all he cares about he looks at medical studies obsessively and then he puts together the data and pretty dispassionate leaders lays it out for people to be like this is what you should be eating if you want to live a long healthy and very interesting to me Happy Life he can talk about the tie between I'm not getting enough nutrients and being depressed or having low energy all that stuff so living a more vibrant exciting dare I say crispy this kind of stupid is that C was going to keep it there is a Christian I kind of like so anyway this is one of those times where I went down the rabbit hole got really really into my body as several of his books several of his cookbooks I watched if you're interested in him after listening to this one of the best things to do is just going youtube you can watch is PBS specials started sending it all my friends and I realize this is annoying why don't I just have on the podcast that way we can share it with the people who are interested in listening to someone like and me for one I'm fascinated and since we've been shooting crashing I've been doing the Unitarian thing up pretty similar to what I was doing before with a couple changes here and there and I feel fear and feel fantastic I feel fantastic so this is just come on those things was like it means so much to me I love his message I just want to get him out as much as I can I wouldn't say it's like a traditional You Made It weird we don't talk about like comedy or sacks and I don't even think we talk about God for safe but we do get into his love of food my love of food and all of that sort of interesting science stuff that any politics or even mortality tied to it is a very interesting conversation if you enjoy it one tenth as much as I did it you will shit your pants he's he's fantastic we have two wonderful sponsors for this episode one of them is carve on and this is a new sponsor thank you Carmen for sponsoring you made it weird I don't know about you guys you dread spending her Saturday haggling with a car salesperson I I do I know it sucks with Carmona you can skip the dealership and buy your next car online I love this you choose as soon as next day delivery or pickup from the world's first coin 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guys have heard this but it's a product that I'm quite passionate about taking a whole bunch today because we're shooting crashing writing acting doing stand up any time doing something like a podcast or reading a script that requires focus memory concentration I take about three alpha brain fifteen minutes before us is too I'm a big guy I got a big brain I like to take three victory fifteen minutes before it kicks in I feel it's not like a cup of coffee in that it's not like a stimulant it doesn't keep you up in fact sometimes I take a before bed because it gives me really really tripped out dreams and taking it for I meditate I can feel the difference but not unlike a jittery way your vocab is easier to grab you can find the right word you can concentrate your memory is better your focus is better I love this product and sincerely take it every single day have for the past three maybe four years if you guys wanna try it it's a pizza pick get on on it oh and I T dot com slash weird to 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pain I've had people write in that it elevates their mood and just kind of adds a healthy happy glow it's not a high feeling it's not a stone feeling I don't particularly like being stoned this is something that just kind of takes a little bit of that tension out so you can focus he can read so he can work so he can relax at a party seeking to have dinner with your parents whatever it is completely functional read a book concentrate we just have a little bit and I know I like to say glow a little bit of a glow if it's hard to describe it that's because the way to try it if you want to try a new one ten percent off go to CW that take Charlotte's Web have dot com slash weird and use the promo code keep it crispy all one word and you'll get ten percent off I read highly recommend every day plus what I use everyday advance because then you can just take literally like one drop of that if you buy a big bottle of the everyday events that's your whole year supply right there I like them and chop it and don't use but I like mint chocolate use that everyday placement of it is like a thin mint makes it feel even better it's a peace pact because I love it right out of rain try Charlotte's Web thank you to zip recruiter thank you to carve on a show some support get into those wonderful sponsors and in joy Doctor Joel firm in his book Eat to Live is out now it's an old one in fact actually think I mentioned that on the podcast but he also has wonderful videos on YouTube he's really making a lot of people happy and healthy and if if you even take one little thing from them and makes you like better I'll be I'll be very happy for for all of us I mean I wish our vows annoying shit so I have to take it to get into it first of all I got two hours thing to know my goodness here let's I want what your tale of world to be on the show I did that it's quite an effort are you in the people of Jersey our time but then everybody that I know that lives there says that they want us to think that it's not great so we stay out of it is beautiful rolling and ears prancing around in is just gorgeous people think about but I live in a beautiful area managers York Rangers if I I I think I'm on in the UK men yeah I was lecturing this morning a hospital is alright and I got them elected from ten to twelve and I signed books know the autograph books to one o'clock homemade rolls home threw some food in my mouth back in the car I really appreciate the most I can offer is that I don't know if you know about the podcast is popular is probably an audience that hasn't heard of you you know to me and I don't know what the marketing term for that is but these are fresh years for you people haven't heard of the eye I don't mean to offend you when we saw in the park and we're starting right now that's okay will include all of the casual show we had some and some people that you know I think I mentioned David Wolfe did that and richer also had some nutrition people on I like to say the softest nutritionally interested person you'll ever meet am a big van to work we met in Hawaii briefly we read because you did that movie Dave Stone got Buster which is still being edited I understand how did that come about how did you get introduced to two a comedian a beer swilling Cami I don't remember some years ago I its like four to five years ago it's been forever I want to see this movie I barely were both in this movie but I saw you veggie K did and Fat sick nearly Dead that second year they hold me as the doctor to advise the person with the most effective and safest way to lose weight and I guess they wanted to show a contrast between the healthy style of eating with the most unhealthy right way that he was eating prior right and I represent my niche is to teach people like Lily of the longevity enthusiasts how to live a long time if they have an illness like heart disease or diabetes reverse it become non diabetic right away of heart disease never get cancer never get cemented to my audience is for people willing to do what it takes to have a great healthy the healthiest life possible which is what got got Busters about the al Qaeda but they got a guy who some overweight comedian eating junk food on the road and yeah and no poopie sin and so now can we convert him to be a health nut you did I think I think maybe part of a movie I after the scandal who knows how I got in touch with you I said Are you still get a I remember he came on my podcasts and we talked about in their film that for the movie and he was talking about how he couldn't wait for it to be over I feel like is right up your alley because I really miss eating x y and Z I was like No it's an abusive relationship you're like a prison with a black eye right now going to an old pizza loves me loves me like I can make him change and that can be frustrating as a buzz but that's that's your line of work I write it's frustrating to me his people don't know that the greatest tasting foods can be super healthy and I can make you know that's what I do for living is make healthy foods taste great are you kidding me healthy person to spend not going to Killian writes No I stop whatever I about pizza specifically at and by the way I hear like a nutritional genius jukebox saw this book orders and you never talk about bags because you're so that's the way your best I don't but I did hear you talking about pizza specifically new cake cake cake for breakfast for dinner we came out tonight to kick the can to make such as white flour pancakes smores cake with CIA support I fry cake for breakfast the egg white and then for lunch with a piece that's cake with cheese on top of the dinner to have Mom Maci some of the cake and it's like come on opium pasta cake yes the white flour again rightly flood destroys brain cells it makes us intelligent its way but it makes a demented that's addictive one of the things before because I'm already on board to include to slowly bring people into the one other thing that I like is your proponent for joy you're a proponent for live you feel like these foods can make us depressed these foods can make as you know our our systems be depressed and then you have like sub conscious death urges I felt those urges when I'm eating poorly and drinking a lot in whatever day and age weighs you down and then I've also gone the and been eating alot of living staff and will get to that the medical studies show that people with even two cup servings of commercial baked goods a week one down in one cookie we choose to serve as weak increases the pressure by fifty percent get the amazing that's the big fifty percent nutrition is powerful recent studies show that eating french fries once a week for a child in the teenage years increases the risk of adult breast cancer for a woman by twenty seven percent what yet one serving of french fries week fried foods of the worst thing to do with fright fried white flour and sugar make a donut out of it yet then it's just that it's interesting because I know what healthy people that are like trying to lay off the gluten so don't eat chips or soda or fries or something because you like at least there's no gluten you would say Don't do that well you know I have one twenty people are sensitive to gluten let's go k for that one of twenty people write but for fry anything you have a really dangerous food no fried foods so carcinogenic and huge and it can tear a genetic mean to cause birth defects that cause cancer they're so dangerous that even in handling even working in a food fast food fast food restaurant is inhaling the vapors of Don't Eat the food can increase risk of cancer that's how dangerous these multiple ran City ransom compounds of free radicals and toxic compounds for cooking the oil heat oil over and over again he's deep fried foods it's really dangerous this is why I love that you bet everytime I watch alot of your stuff and every time there's always a couple nuggets hiding in there but I didn't we never really do an intro I feel like you deserve and show your Doctor Joel from and you are the new Cherry and Diet person why don't we back it up a little bit and you can tell a little bit about how you came about into that world is for people who don't know but see I'm a board certified family physician nutrition researcher and the president of the Nutrition Research Foundation I have six new York Times bestselling books on nutrition and my TV shows on PBS TV shows going on oh you mean the specials I specialize in this TV series I went for specials on PBS which expense of the most most successful shows in PBS history receive a thirty million for PBS my first show in two thousand and twelve was called Three steps to incredible health and PBS TV and the most exciting thing for me as ever full effect this millions of people that millions of people across America have changed their diet country to their diabetes reverse their heart disease cover will you talk about is just amazing what's been happening is from I been so lucky to get success public exposure from a doctor who specializes in nutrition and advocates a very healthy nature Terry and I and right now on I have multiple books adult books on different topics and I love to make incredible great recipes and I do that would parlay he was sure I make healthy eating tastes great and you clearly care about the stuff that's one of those things that I think makes you unique actually you see Micah and I mean this is a common you're a nerd for nutritional science you love and I am to love talking about it when you're like I read the study I get excited absolutely my sports I am saying to people you know you everybody's insane they're all insane why not have a heart attack and get them in the nursing home in Weston use your move the body of people like you rear end right this is like what you want to do for the life right we want to eat healthy and live to be a hundred years old in great health and enjoy every day you're alive and right nutritional Sciences made such incredible advances in the last twenty years that we have the power so our population never has to have heart attacks and strokes and get demented we can wipe out my tips of the cancer not invent this magic pill this is to the craziest thing a little about this magic pill the drug company can smoke cigarettes for thirty years three packs a day take a pill and I think lung cancer can eat American food market breast cancer prostate cancer with a magic pill it's not going to work we have the answers right now yeah the answer right now is new is a new kitchen write and write in your opinion your own control again this is why I think I get really excited when it when I listen you talk his ear in the freedom that I like anybody that's that's liberating people want to do or don't do it if you want to do a dodo kept doing what every one of the medical slowly walking in my class in the path to my seat and people behind the candy bars I know how much motherhood if you want you're saying like you're saying you're being sold a bill of goods when people are with advertising and all you talk about the sugar in the salt that you don't even taste that they put in to fast and they're addicting too it's not even to make you taste that I get that fat and salt is good sure it is good but injecting it into the inside of a French fry the batter rejected the french fry batter they put the sugar and salt in a mystery in the me me just for your brain just so it makes you more thirsty drink much soda eat more food more you saw put salt in oil and sugar in food the more people increase the caloric intake and oil comes in free right oil is a selfie at the state knows if I gave you two hundred calories of walnuts the two hundred calories less of the lunch because the woman switch off your apps that stop you from taking the scallop a stat like they're mistaken I love it so if you put two hundred calories warming oil because no fiber associated with it yeah you would sense reading is no way the body can sense in which cows but is has calories much to write a book that I've seen that image of a stomach and it fills up with three hundred calorie plan I made you down the president of the priestly stomach image in my book Eat to Live in two thousand we go ok what they use that in Fat sick nearly Dead Right exactly people use that on one of the lectures but they never lie credit me is the percent of a bitch all the math for you you can be professional lobbying bad boy that is Doctor Freeman's that is nonsense but you also talk about the triggers at the top of the stomach when you eat a lot of lettuce or whatever maybe like six out of your stomach gets what is it the Appa Appa step I forget it so fun to have a second Stringer because your stomach is full you can eat a lot of talk time of oil you can swear on the chest without feeling full so you put out the oil in the bread before the meal people are sopping up to seventy three calories sense if you need you just eat this many calories a meal but oil as opposed to eating whole foods makes you eat more calories so it's not just the extra calories you took from the oil but adding salt and sugar to the food makes you even want to eat more calories than you need more calories than you need of course shortened July span this is insane this isn't a well that's why I think about in terms of freedom these people food companies are figuring out what your brain wanton ways to trick your brain into eating things and and they're just trying to sell more product is not really like your bad for business like what you preach is that for that to the drug companies involved in the restaurant business and everybody hates me that's one of the bodyguard of the book with whatsoever both with Best advice that is not true I the the Oh no you're paranoid paranoid president of the show but I know as these windows to lead coated for what Elisa the decider the site will get through but not the boy you'll be fine look at look at what doctors to look at drugs mean for example you give a person with high everyone in America develops high blood pressure cholesterol and almost everybody eventually the American diet is so deadly so eventually develop atherosclerosis defeated the doctor instead of telling you can change your diet get me high blood pressure high cholesterol heart disease and could never have a stroke or a instead they give you a pill right so the pill now doesn't they don't tell you that the pill like for example the house and turn a buck has been shown to double the risk of breast cancer in women over ten year period so they give you a pill that for one thing but it doubles your chance of us can't even tell yet but why would a freshman just tell that my doctor about Eloise to give you a pill to lower your blood pressure and they didn't tell you that we will go but this medication will seventy two W was before its acquisition for dilation because your heart can't get enough blood flow back to the heart during vastly lower Sicily at the expense of pushing vastly too low I have a tribulation get a pill for that blood thinner for that it's technically but those that increase was the magic stroke causes gastrointestinal bleeding get over that process increase became of ammonia it also weakens the bones of any bill that won thirteen kills one kills for the other little surprises cycle never to the topic of the person what I call comprehensive informed consent talking about the dangers of each these medications the risk of them using them to get together which isn't even discussed and then everything came a choice to let them know that even if you took all the medications only those with a small percent of heart disease anyway if you want to leave Libya received not the I wish we could ring a bell and you'd come in and talk because people are intimidated by doctors the doctor says take this pill you like oh well just totally into midlife example a guy walks into the doctor's office is a joke I I uh you said the pleas of a job please others joke he walks the doctor's office and says I'm just here for sore throat and cough to take with them I thrown up and says Sure no problem going to take clothing often the case to the table being there in five minutes no I take my clothing off I've got just a sore throat my throat otherwise doing okay so that's we do things here just take a close up go exam with me and cleansed instead be there five minutes want to see if because of the robotic I am okay Semitism to freeze my butt off he sits there fifty ministers and combine it with no clothing on an exam of the fight gets tired of freezing sitting there feeling very uncomfortable sitting there new to the slope that peaks opened the door of the room just to see what's going on he sees the dawn exam until across the hall was another guy sitting there nude with a little cardboard box on his lap he says to him he should run it goes I'm freezing my butt off here for sore throat the other guy says You to deliver this package I I I had her big debut brought up the road Betty Jo comes of this this isn't in the good nutrition the joke thought I would love to write that my badge of my other interests well you know jokes laughing makes a little longer to visit too I knew a burn calories people say laughing is good for you absolutely publicly and you know I give lectures a nice concert talks and lectures sometimes and I tell people that laughing makes you live longer even if the joke doesn't work in other words if the jokes not funny if you left anyway still makes you live longer I left just left anyway even if it is not funny that's like laughter Yoga we've talked about laughter yoga people fake laugh but they do it so long they start a real laugh I can't imagine how good that must feel I don't know why in the society when you see someone really laughing you look down on them people will tease me because I laugh a lot like No I'm happier than you and I'm working at the mean like it's a choice you think I can't not laugh at a Job Corps a cat is better for everything to laugh but you know going back to the freedom of it and the people think that eating whatever we want like I talk to people about nutrition before I can be annoying in that way and my friend I'm trying to help or whatever it is and my friends are like I'd rather shorter and eat whatever I want sure this is something that people say so that's what two people who are delusional and some people the I O U B but LV well it's that it's like when you it was food is very addicting and um and people who are in or self delusional and um illogical come up with the irrational excuses why they continue smoke cigarettes not cocaine or do whatever they wanted to say it's the same thing you're saying these people are addicted to these things the dopamine associated with him in the brand same as narcotics yet and it takes only part of their conscious brain so the city with their addictions are talking because your primitive brain wants to protect the addiction of any rational reason we could control talked about the micro climate of all these I don't know the words of these tiny little microbes living inside of us that want the sugar and a start like seize control of you basically play in which anxiety change because I do to people so you cope with these delusional excuses why you can still smoke cigarettes like meimei someone maybe when I'm pregnant I'll stop or when you know right now is too much stress in my life as if smoking cigarettes snorting cocaine binge on food lowers your stress it takes away your ability to make choices in life because it it makes you stupider is that right just like when you eat processed foods and sugar and honey and maple syrup and french fries and use those foods destroys brain cells like Apple does it's making you dumber and it's making you to take some clout of the life of the fog makes you more depressed makes you unable to make good choices in life it makes you make bad decisions to succeed your career so it really puts a level of um its lowest level of ability and achievement you life was really happy and then you saying what I keep doing it I keep doing it because it was a better life and you and you looked you know I'm in control you life your addictions and control your life decisions made by addictions craving those foods having to eat those things and you and you'll all the time and you get to be older and you had really only really all you depending on physicians who have joint pain hip replacement back hurts a kid his own bag of taking milk medications your life revolves around medical problems and you think you had a better life and they don't even know that they would like the food the taste of the healthy food better anyway right that's another reason was never offered to us was it yet they don't even know that they can make the healthy food States going in train a taste but in other words when you taste buds are dead and by the high sugar high salt highly highly highly palatable diet you'll enjoy the flavor Strawberry I can give you what he wanted apple pie ala mode I can give you a healthy apple pie love the taste is good but you gotta get use to eating this way for you really appreciate aces much I would appreciate a tasty so that takes a couple weeks just to kind of flesh it out or than that takes more than life my career as a physician I thought it took like three months to get your taste buds to really come back fully but I have to study and published in Nutrition Journal We tested on people and to see Will how much time to take them to life this way of eating more than their old diet and for larger people took six months actually sat right in three months that a season even come back if this is what I love that man like the scientist you're not you don't promote veganism for ethical reasons or even for like planetary reasons why most the the eye and nearly he loves the thrill of the kiln but he doesn't want to grill it up not that thrilled the grill not free if what I'm saying is maybe in the past you did think it was that you have the scientific model if you are dis proven by study and it sounds like you did the study then you stop saying and say Hey sorry about that we have new data is very appealing is why I wanted to have you on as you're talking about you're just looking at science seem like a guy that goes like I don't have an agenda in this way not being paid by the vegetable people do not even you know some people I come in safely in a flexible vegan which means I sometimes stray and I like you that you're not out there just going like the raw plants and just do that you're saying let's see that works for what is the data show that's right I don't want to have I feel it that it's my duty as a nutritional scientist and physician specializing nutrition not have a pre determined biased not have any other agendas I mean sure eating less animal products in this meet will be good for the environment right vice but I'm not a climate scientist will be good fits as ethical reasons but I'm not in as a system of those I stick to what I do better sticking to what they're getting the nutrition knowing being familiar with all the science and giving people the science is unaffected by any other factors and they can do what they can use this to get to know they have unbiased information to make choices they want to make a fool they can make the best choice for those of you heard anything about the stress some of my friends that love the you know myself included you a cheater straight bill Summers quote I don't even I haven't even seen the study they like they said that the stress associated with denying yourself the foods that you want is also really bad have you ever that I don't know maybe something like it but it's no that's that's totally ridiculous the snort cocaine I'm a smart okay that's good for me because the stress of the nine the cocaine has been to not be good for my health I really good one going back to this that salespeople people don't know the white bread with salt and sodium bro made in his class to carcinogen these are carcinogenic foods cause diabetes and they would
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