DiscoverYour Third VoiceEpisode 010 with Glenda Ninnis
Episode 010 with Glenda Ninnis

Episode 010 with Glenda Ninnis

Update: 2016-12-20


It is evident by the joyful, enthusiastic way in which today's guest, Made to Create founder, Glenda Ninnis speaks that she loves what she does.

It hasn't always been the case. As an experienced graphic designer she realised that her heart no longer sung for her work, even though it was creative. This not only came as a surprise but also challenged her to discover what did make her heart sing and gave her the courage to make it happen.

In today's interview, you will be educated and inspired by:

  • Why Glenda cannot be contained in a box
  • How Glenda started her first business straight out of uni
  • What it was about design that drew Glenda in
  • How Made to Create was formed
  • Why people are overwhelmed by being of service and develop their purpose
  • How Simon Sinek’s book, Starting with Why, influenced her and fueled her passion
  • The shocking percentage of people who think they’re not creative and why
  • Glenda explains each of the Made to Create workshops
  • How children learn through play and what happens as they age
  • The powerful benefits of colouring in

Links to Glenda and things we discuss:


Glenda’s new program with Simon Sinek!!!

What Glenda didn’t talk about in her interview, because it was still very hush-hush was the new program she’s developed with Simon Sinek and his team, called Made to Inspire.

Discover your WHY

Everyone has a WHY.

When we know our WHY, we become more confident in choosing the kind of jobs, careers, or projects that are likely to inspire us and make us feel fulfilled. It is like having a compass that helps us make better decisions about what we do and how we would do it. 

‘The WHY is not about making money – that’s a result. The WHY is a purpose, cause or belief. Your WHY is the very reason you exist.’
 Simon Sinek

The pilot program is to test drive the Made to Inspire WHY Discovery workbook, based on the WHY Discovery online course developed by Simon Sinek. The purpose of this workbook is to help you discover your WHY and construct a WHY statement. The goal is to give you a powerful insight to your contribution and impact you are designed to have on people.

What an incredible opportunity!!!

I love having you on this journey, gratitude++ to you my friend, blessed be.

“We’ve been brought up to think that play is not work,
when play is essential to creativity and creativity is essential to work.”
Glenda Ninnis

Episode Gratitude: Vanessa Phillips for her support, Junel Estafia for sound engineering, compilation of the music and final editing of this episode, to Yiju Wei for his Web Wizardry, and to Kym McCabe as our Community Cheerleader. You each teach and inspire me so much, thank you! 







Episode 010 with Glenda Ninnis

Episode 010 with Glenda Ninnis