DiscoverYour Third VoiceEpisode 011 with Michael Kratofil
Episode 011 with Michael Kratofil

Episode 011 with Michael Kratofil

Update: 2016-12-28


Today's interview is with Michael Kratofil. He is one half of the founding directors of akqire, a design and innovation company that seeks deeper insights and meaning from the process of creating something new. 

This is a fantastic interview in which we delve deep into what innovation is all about. We break down the terminology and Michael explains what is happening in companies today and what you can do in your work or for your company to be innovative and a part of the ever-changing landscape of technology and business.

In today's interview, you will be educated and inspired by:

  • What Michael would like us to know about himself and how the name for his business came about
  • The differences and similarities between design thinking, user experience design, and human centred design
  • Why innovation is a buzz word and why there hasn’t been any innovation since the 1940’s
  • Why the competitive pressure of speed is undercutting & supporting development and what a company/organisations can do to make them more competitive
  • What happens when an organisation culturally is resistant to change and how Michael overcomes the barriers
  • How social media can create social network communities for innovative problem solving within organisations
  • How to get over the barrier of Return of Investment of innovation and why investing in customer engagement is key to business longevity and success
  • How does the Open Source industry make money by creating an edge in performance and education
  • The markets prime for upcoming disruption
  • Why the Experience Age is the next human age of work and how universities are keeping up with innovation and disruption
  • How our Grey Mentors can benefit our communities
  • And, sooooo much more!

Links to Michael, akqire and things we discuss:

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Blessed be, my friends!

“You can’t disrupt from within your own business. And that is because you can’t objectively kill yourself inside your own business.”
Michael Kratofil

Episode Gratitude: Vanessa Phillips for her support, Junel Estafia for sound engineering, compilation of the music and final editing of this episode, to Yiju Wei for his Web Wizardry, and to Kym McCabe as our Community Cheerleader. You each teach and inspire me so much, thank you! 







Episode 011 with Michael Kratofil

Episode 011 with Michael Kratofil