DiscoverYour Third VoiceEpisode 012 with Emily Jaksch
Episode 012 with Emily Jaksch

Episode 012 with Emily Jaksch

Update: 2017-01-04


Today's interview is with Emily Jaksch from HR Gurus is an exploration of what Human Resources really is and what it means for both large organisations and the Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) she specialises in. Emily is a lively speaker who is clearly passionate about her ethically based, service focused, family-orientated business that supports SMEs to be their own human resource gurus.

In today's interview, you will be educated and inspired by:

  • How Emily went from the daily grind of corporate Human Resources and built her own business
  • What differentiates her services from what most HR companies provide
  • How an employee’s Inner Mentor is supported through their guidance
  • Workplace culture - what it means for employers and how to keep employees engaged actively
  • Why a company needs a Mission, Vision and Values and what's needed to keep these front of mind
  • What Emily is passionate about and how she helps people to define why they exist
  • Why the meaning of someone's work should be closely linked with their personal values
  • How it is that younger people are considered more philanthropic & why they leave if their values aren't aligned
  • Why Human Resources for SMEs differ greatly from large organisations
  • What SMEs can do to proactively navigate the difficult and complex employment and legal landscape
  • What harassment and bullying really are and how they differ
  • What you can do if you're experiencing harassment or bullying in the workplace or an employer being accused of it
  • What is redundancy and what are the payment obligations for SMEs
  • What SMEs need to know about recruiting new employees
  • How working mothers make for great employees and why more companies should invest in women transitioning back to work part time
  • What the value of investing in yourself really is.

Links to Emily and things we discuss:

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Blessed be, my friends!

“I find that working mums are amazing at time management, multi-tasking, and attention to detail. They love coming back to work and the feeling of doing something for them.'
Emily Jaksch

Episode Gratitude: Junel Estafia for sound engineering, compilation of the music and final editing of this episode and to Kym McCabe as our Community Cheerleader. You each teach and inspire me so much, thank you! 







Episode 012 with Emily Jaksch

Episode 012 with Emily Jaksch