DiscoverYour Third VoiceEpisode 017 with Holly Morphew: How to Make a Financial Impact
Episode 017 with Holly Morphew: How to Make a Financial Impact

Episode 017 with Holly Morphew: How to Make a Financial Impact

Update: 2017-02-06


Last November, I was blessed to attend the JT Foxx Family Reunion in Orlando, Florida. While there I saw Holly Morphew speak about how to make a financial impact and became inspired to push myself out of my comfort zone of ignorance when it comes to financial literacy.

Quite honestly, I'm tired of living month-to-month, with only a little bit to fall back on in hard times. Heck. I'm tired of having hard times. While I do not have institutional debt, I do still owe an FFF (Family, Friend, Fool) money. It's enough of a debt to motivate my performance and to teach myself how to get out of this situation. Not only that, my husband and I have considerable aspirations for the future of our family, both here in Australia and his homeland of Nigeria. We will not be able to achieve anything if we continue to do what we've always done. As Henry Ford said: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Today's interview with Holly is one that taught me a great deal, you too will be educated and inspired by:

  • What a Financial Health Counselor is and why Holly became one
  • What the difference is between a financial adviser and a financial health counselor is
  • What creates financial stress
  • What Rotary International did to help Holly’s career
  • How Holly’s business Financial Impact began
  • Why Holly recommends that you start your business irrespective of accreditation
  • Why Holly has a business coach
  • Holly gets into the nitty gritty of what it means to have financial wellness
  • Why Holly recommends you have a 3-8 month emergency fund in savings and she recommends where to put the money
  • Why debt repayment is a need
  • How Holly defines financial literacy
  • Understanding what your debt burden is how to create different kinds of income
  • Why people fear money and feel it controls them
  • How the messages we receive as children teach us about money management
  • How awareness around money and financial literacy can empower us
  • Why passive income is the way toward financial freedom
  • Holly explains what non-performing debt is and why she says: “Get out of non-performing debt as quickly as possible.'.
  • How to calculate your Financial Impact Factor
  • What we’re not told about banking systems, loans, overdrafts and fees
  • What financial freedom looked like to Holly when she started her business and what it looks like today
  • Holly talks about her programs and products and how anyone in the world can benefit from what she teaches
  • Why businesses are beginning to invest in their employee’s financial well-being
  • The ladies who are inspiring Holly’s Inner Mentor at the moment
  • And soooo much more!

Links to Holly and things we discuss:

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Blessed be, my friends!

“Inaction is a decision.”
Holly Morphew

Episode Gratitude: Junel Estafia for sound engineering, compilation of the music and final editing of this episode. Your continued support and willingness to learn with me is inspiring, thank you! 








Episode 017 with Holly Morphew: How to Make a Financial Impact

Episode 017 with Holly Morphew: How to Make a Financial Impact