DiscoverYour Third VoiceEpisode 018 with Ossie Khan: Find Your High Performance Self
Episode 018 with Ossie Khan: Find Your High Performance Self

Episode 018 with Ossie Khan: Find Your High Performance Self

Update: 2017-02-24


Today's guest, Ossie Khan, is one of those people. One of those people who live their life doing so many awesome things that it seems impossible to believe someone gets paid to be as cool as he is. And yet, he does and is able to relate it back to you with engaging stories that seem too surreal to be real and yet completely believable.

You won't be able to help yourself as you enjoy the cool, relaxed, down-to-earth way Ossie speaks. It helps that he has one of those wonderfully infectious laughs that carries on in your mind long after he's stopped laughing.

His message of how to find your high performance self will have you wanting to literally jump out of a plane.

Today's interview with Ossie will be educate and inspire you by:

  • How Ossie he got into skydiving
  • Why you need to try new things
  • Why ‘women in sport’ is a passion for Ossie
  • The surprising things that Ossie didn’t expect from following his passion for skydiving
  • The story of how Ossie turned around a failing skydiving business
  • What lead Ossie to build his action sport video business, Experience Series
  • Why having a diversified approach to business and brand development is essential
  • How Ossie helps sports people to build a strong personal brand beyond their sports career
  • Ossie explains why sponsorship is not the best approach and how to better target brand messages for the ultimate communication with customers
  • Ossie tells the incredible story of what first seemed like a crazy, impossible thing to attempt, but found a way to achieve it (prepare for goosebumps!)
  • What got Ossie into Crossfit and what he likes about it
  • Exactly what Crossfit is and why it is, and is not, a competitive sport
  • Why fitness is key to the results you can achieve each day
  • What the Better Body in 12 Weeks program is
  • The steps to find Your High Performance Self
  • How to rely on yourself to produce a result
  • And, why the power of working with a strong team is crucial to getting results
  • How Ossie saved his own life in the air over Mt Everest and the moment that took his breath away
  • The importance of being equipped, qualified and current
  • And lastly, the beautiful story of who is inspiring Ossie’s Inner Mentor at the moment (get your tissues ready!)

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Blessed be, my friends!

“At the end of the day I had to believe in myself and work out a way I could wingsuit over Fraser Island and land on the back of a Ford Ranger.
Ossie Khan

Episode Gratitude: Junel Estafia for sound engineering, compilation of the music and final editing of this episode. Your continued support and willingness to learn with me is inspiring, thank you! 







Episode 018 with Ossie Khan: Find Your High Performance Self

Episode 018 with Ossie Khan: Find Your High Performance Self