DiscoverUp and Vanished11: Episode 11 : "There's Our Guy"

11: Episode 11 : "There's Our Guy"

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Payne tells the whole story behind this mysterious 'George Harrison' and we piece together clues bringing us closer to his true identity.

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previously on up and vanished on the four for Tara Grant's to a male eleventh two thousand eight someone posted Jim Hickey software salesman from Atlanta who took care to dinner in early October two thousand five D Visit tear the Friday before she disappeared who is Jim Hickey was somewhat of a lot more of a lot of talk about that over others in small towns of the live coverage of you have to take these emails cumulative a lot of people who have problems transfer the issues that have as a child into adulthood is the fear of rejection the fear of abandonment attachment to heal was more than just attach a relationship Marcus place off some of the role and her behavior toward him to there's no doubt about that your sister to the glove was blue not white how I love that I don't mean shit to me BK i was like a blast and I am sure that what they have now it was the Nancy grace show aired a series of live interviews Nancy interview tears neighbor Joe Porter year during the interview Joe Avila very crucial piece of information I walk back to the front porch talking to the Chief of Police on my cell phone and that's when I spied the latex glove it was actually before the police got there just the first time I met with Doctor gallon about this case he's told me about this mysterious black truck for Roger to be strong willed all the emotions of the you know some though she saw the person struggling with your palm is left of you cooperate to justice of their water tanks drove a black truck like him and he's like tra I first started digging around this case that before he released the first episode of the podcasts re started getting weird messages on Facebook from a fake account the creepy thing was the messages were about me the name of the State fits the profile was George Harrison was watching me very closely tied to concerns me is this might be somebody that has some information as far as you know you don't have any knowledge of the zero knowledge the end and the in the go today watching the last night the the uh uh TV in Atlanta this is up and finish the investigation of terror instead I'm your host pain Lindsay years busy as I am becomes increasingly harder to answer the infamous household question What are we having for dinner tonight thankfully there's a tasty and affordable solution to that problem is blue apron apron is the Number one fresh ingredient recipe delivery service in the country in their mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone blue apron has established partnerships with over one hundred and fifty local farms fisheries and ranchers all across America that means you can eat a delicious meal at a fraction of what you pay restaurant also supporting your community my wife and I have officially solved their problem each week with a fresh batch of new exciting recipes in top quality ingredients place in ten bucks a meal you can choose from a variety of new recipes each week or you can let loose a difference culinary team surprise you check out this week's menu get your first three miles for free with free shipping going to Blue apron dock on slash up and vanished that's blue apron dot com slash up and vanished the whole thing started in June of two thousand sixteen around that time I was just starting to reach other people to interview for the podcast and resettlement looking for a few months to the point of the advance was still just an idea that it was out to dinner one night with my fiance in early June I got a missed call voicemail from Doctor Goblin the governor eight thirty the intense pace with the changes by the first time we seem to have a serious tone with me whatever it was sounded urgent I was about a fifteen minute drive to my apartment from the restaurant decided to wait I got home to call back before to get there recall again I thought about that new message that don't care or stock has a Facebook page called what happened to tear her instant news for supporters seeking justice in this case like any Facebook page visitors can make a post on the wall Greece is talking about the most recent post from a man named George Harrison the three com and couldn't see the way they've argued is a lot freer form of France find them I just posted over while ago the doctor tried logging into facebook with my fiance's account went back to the same page this time I can see tortures his post said has anyone heard about the new tears rinsed a documentary called up and bandaged you're rewarded with that but how does he have that person me the statement you read right now to George Harrison know the name up in Venice that point I hadn't told anybody nobody even knew about but I did the priest thought that George Harrison was for my friends trying to promote the documentary showed him that was not the case really believe me I mean hell so they know the name up and bandaged didn't have an answer for that somehow that name got out there but I have no clue how did my best to convince Grace I had nothing to do with this sort of looking at George Harrison's profile deeper Vista friends were hidden on his profile he had me can see them his profile picture was a low quality black and white photo of five Hispanic girls like sisters was becoming clear that George Harrison probably was a real person the fake Facebook account that profile patriarch was one taken not from a Spanish guy changed his profile picture to that one with the heat put that up a profile picture truly after we started digging around to change his profile picture to a white guy with brown hair and beard to be maybe in his late twenty s somebody if they are from the about the picture being from a Spanish Web spots up and changed it to one that you can find out search for all those pictures in there even how a lot just the facial area and there's absolutely in the world according to it right every single reverse image search tool minute there wasn't a single match for George Harrison's new profile picture profile now seniors from Seattle Washington but the lives and black sheer torture this is about an hour a half southeast of Mosul more you know the knowledge of nudity euro knowledge with no look and tortures and real identity told Reese he should message so we did a recent George Harrison a message that said I've been working on that ear grins to case for her family for ten years do you have information on the case few minutes later for tears and responded and said Who the hell are you a reply saying my name is Doctor Murray's gobbling my name has been associated with this case since the beginning two hours later for tears reply back said the project of payment you will be a success I will make sure of the research involved in the correct information right now that's pretty hard to do it in your old case the brochures replied Hey Lindsay will solve this case the Army is somebody the latter they have to hide their identity on whether this don't come as to who they are not the chaos doesn't move the case forward is as nothing but negative negative negative measures we're what I wrote this guy posting about my documents are using my name in my documentary The bully also blocked me so I couldn't even doing that on Facebook telling me I would even though I don't know this up in the Ferris going home last the third entity they don't have the guts me if Allah so they are all the boss of them just post about that when you see I've been told by the time needed to get out much over so nobody will say that nothing was done the same you this hour long meeting to the readers what the was the first is just crazy obsessed with the case is just getting some sort of enjoyment out of the thing about this certain stuff about the possible or to know something maybe he plans on getting the word information at some point the doctor I felt like he got the information provided to help stop the payment to me that he will make sure you will stop is gay and weird and two days later tortures him in another post that said this podcast will help move the case forward who the hell is George Harrison mosey doing this today's episode is brought you by Mac Weldon met Boulder makes the most comfortable underwear socks boxers briefs in t shirts for men on the planet if you're like me twice EU fires off a mall department store digging through my assortment of socks and boxers of is is grabbing something without even looking at the price just to get out of there there's never really been easy for men to suffer the kind of stuff but not well done to solve that problem they specialize in making insanely soft fabrics for the superior of a huge selection of different styles and right now Madeline is offering twenty percent off everything in their store exclusively for Up in Venice listeners to redeem this offer is going to Mac Weldon in A C K W E L D O N dot com Use the promo code of U P Check out the snack world and the calm promo code now back to the show was quickly running away to figure out who this was the one thing and all those messages that out to me they were all lower case often have your type those awkward spacing almost like a kid wrote it or someone was trying to intensely disguise themselves it could be off the phone sometimes in certain don't there's space in my tears was the last hour there well you know initially I was talking about doing a podcast for what or how much fear of it there with the podcast Episode I is talking about this short hairs and for the initial call was obviously getting some sort of enjoy doing this right now even have more enjoyment was talking about this I think that's what you should do them so that's why I'm doing now calling Elena podcast is no longer a big secret now we all know about or tears this personal on the Facebook for a few hours everyday random times when he logged off to deactivate the facebook account for the messages and posts which is to spear this on for several weeks all before police were announced the podcast for teachers and friends were hidden on Facebook so we couldn't see them but Marie's had an idea he spent several days going through every single person in tears Casey think of checking their Facebook friends to see if George Harrison was in there believe it or not for tears and was friends with somebody in this case the the name was Troy Davis the guy had the BBQ that night air disappeared the party was at his house where Davis was also the school superintendent every county were tear was a teacher the BBQ his house that night was last known place that air was he showed up on mommy for Facebook I think you're outside you might be under some shorter summaries Mrs choy about this and ask them why I was friends with George Harrison on Facebook and if he knew he was for responded and said that he got a message from him too maybe he just accepted his friend request by accident race as Choi cinema screen shot of the message he did the message we got from George Harrison said that if your grandfather was a great teacher and you are great superintendent Norman County he sent the message twice at this point in time nobody else knew of my relationship with Doctor got one that told anybody photo Maurice and George Harrison a message like You didn't Know I Was race message him and said I don't know a payment and George Harrison replied right back and said Joy and Pain Lindsey knows who I am the salt or share something was only getting weirder first was lean towards the idea that some crazy person that somehow found out about my documentary this is all big joke that we're seeing and less likely the killer really to this risk getting caught after eleven years Bethany a Facebook message to a guy doing a documentary on terror why would they be so stupid for doing some research found that sometimes showing on most the time sometimes killers purposely inject themselves into an investigation by overly cooperate with police were even talking to reporters one example of this I found is a case from Macon Georgia Tech in two thousand eleven Now no this area I haven't seen anything to outside the US people walking by his very personable very much but first we don't know where she and the only thing we can think is that maybe she went out running someone snatch this is Stephen McDaniel being interviewed by reporter in Macon Georgia A local college student Lauren Giddings is next door neighbor has gone missing he added George and that was sitting right by things about the tickle your turn little does he know the police just discovered Lawrence body is about to find on live television we don't know where she the parking bottom lot whatever they recovered head you heard the word body adjusts to his head he freezes up on camera like a deer in headlights they waited out the the Macon police all the same video within a few hours was in custody what is the the the uh the eventually Stephen McDaniel play guilty to the murder of Lauren Giddings is currently serving life in prison this idea that killer stay close to an investigation with no fear of looking suspicious getting caught is completely fascinating it's also kind of alarming wanted to learn more about the psychology behind this new killers act before they get caught walking among us well I'm Doctor Schlesinger a professor of forensic psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and I have also been a practicing forensic psychologists for forty one years the first thing we have to establish is that all murder is not a lie is different motivations different clinical pictures is different courses and there's different outcomes so for example summer is a direct result of a psychosis God tells you to kill you kill the very very easy to understand summer is actually motivated most murder is a result of situational stressful factors in fact the prototype of the most common murder is found in the Bible and the Cain Abel murder case if you look at the Cain Abel murder case in detail you'll learn about sixty to seventy percent of everything you need to know about murder Cain killed his brother Abel close relationship between offender and victim he killed them because of jealousy God like Abel offering Their attorney like Cain's offering was a direct violent assault Heroes up and bloom and most importantly when the killer is confronted with wrongdoing Eli Spain where is your brother Abel and Eli to God I know not not my brother's keeper just a prototype of the vast majority of murders and those individuals who killed a loved one of domestic homicide argument that I think they are apprehended fairly quickly the mentally disordered offenders a psychotic people the one that I think they don't follow the investigation they live in their own world with somebody who's more intact more intelligent very often does follow the progress of the investigation sometimes they inject themselves into the investigation which often leads to their apprehension and other times they do things like make themselves a victim which bring themselves to the attention of law enforcement many times an individual think that they can control the investigation they think they're smarter than law enforcement and in their mind or thinking well if we really did why would he come to Lauren force and why would he give an interview it obviously shows is real and nothing could be further from the truth to give you an example or analogy it's like a third party discovery of a body an individual kills his child in an emotional state shaken baby or whatever and they arrange a neighbor to find the body look in the basement behind or over little further back there and they think that if it's a third party who discovered it in themselves somehow or nothing could be further from the truth so many of these individuals follow the investigation because they wanna know what the police know satisfy their own anxiety and then even think the smarter the more force and they control the investigation by getting close to it I have a place in New Jersey this guy still in New Jersey to women of another person was in prison in Florida but because the women were killed or abducted for more of their young people and so on there is a tremendous amount of media attention at that time what this guy did was self inflicted wound went to the police station he was attacked by the offender that everybody's looking for trying to get into the police station to talk to them to find out what they know he obviously became an immediate suspect that he was linked by what he said the parent five are in tire tracks and so on so those things do happen the police are very very aware of that famous tales is Dennis Rader the beach a killer case was called for thirty years what happened is a citizen in tandem row book on the PK Keller and that triggered demonstrators narcissism because it was a getting the credit for the event started communicating with the police which almost always leads to the individual getting apprehended he was not apprehended for thirty years and was highly intelligent college graduate majored in criminal justice case went cold for thirty years he got involved in this again by contacting the police and he was arrested that was in prison as a general proposition most victims who get killed know the offender that's just with the vast majority of murders are the people closely connected with someone there's a lot of emotion our Lady in the connection between offender and victim most people don't kill the toll collector on the Turnpike the ocean there now with your particular case the Georgia case that she was a very super attractive beauty queen and it would not surprise me or if somebody was obsessed with her in some sort of way and the murder may have occurred spontaneously or it could have been planted just very difficult to know from a distance what that is I mean could she been abducted by a total stranger yet but it is statistically it is it's a rare event probably the police interview this individual perhaps multiple times but they just didn't have enough to go on it and they get anywhere with individual one other important point I think needs to be made here very often the media creates an image of somebody who's eluded apprehension like your guy for example as an evil genius an expert in the Action Master of sky high intelligence nothing could be further from the truth if you have a complicated explanation or a simple explanation is always the simple explanation I was involved in a case down in Baton Rouge Louisiana's about fifteen years ago we killed those of many people maybe forty or something but it seems that he entered the house without breaking into it because there is no evidence of any forced entry neither woman was abducted the woman was left there until there was no broken window or broken door and a sort of thing so the theory that developed out of that was a master of disguise use disguises itself with the police officer you know what turned out today he said that to a door knock the door and said My car broke down for use your phone if the woman said No it's out of order he just left if the woman said ok he just came in while his own number after about ten minutes you can determine if there's a mallet how that poses a threat is no mouthing person he was in any genus of Raleigh that something very very simple in your face it's probably a simple explanation the loser of the deterrence Tara Grant's the ear grins turn out to be a hoax George person playing a game with me yet some information as you guys might remember my wife Cassie I got married back in September the wedding ourselves for a whole year it was a ton of work we had a blast doing it the way it turned out amazing it was hands down the best day of our life Cassie now are doing some of our planning we quickly realize that getting married has some perks and one of them is your wedding registry for my personal experience the absolute best one stop place to have your wedding registry is Ola my life and I use a love for our wedding was flawless it's modern it's clean and simple they have an app for your phone may also work directly with over four hundred and fifty brands so you can put together the ultimate wishlist and unlike other places Soul offers a ton of unique gift options like a wine subscription or a honeymoon fund and some people want gifts they want cash and with Zola you can do that in a way that's not tacky right now Xcel has an exclusive offer for Up in Venice listeners will give you a free fifty bucks when you register and use little to redeem this offer is going to Zola dot com slash vanish that's Zola dot com slash vanish now back to the show months later after I started this podcast I got a call from a private investigator in Georgia yes I not use his name but he said he has something to tell me first of all your Tulsa within the offices of one of their resistance to you know he he's like I've always wondered what happened and you know the things I hear him tell are different than what lawn forces coming up where he was smart too smart about the cases seem like a boy's gotta use more he like he knew he wasn't thinking about it for last ten years so you're saying anything to see a cyst I had all kinds of theories about what happened and he was never really used to know that's why all this happened about a year ago exactly this guy came in to say we your skates on a sketchy to me we agreed to meet in person to discuss it further after my wedding which was the following weekend are the same lot as we have a great wedding and will see you Tuesday for Tuesday came around to try reaching out to the kid again things got pretty interesting call me with some updates we had the original number of people in the field filled out we call that number didn't work we did a search on and had another number didn't work because his mother numbers didn't work so I told Robin if these only work if he can hide in hiding for some reason at all the sudden she sends me from mostly just talked to him calling this number ok we finally found a new number for this kid he called the kid answered me read to me in person again on Tuesday the same day I was going to be there where for the devil come I'll be there so that there are five minute conversation kind of explain what you're going the other cows is likely I know we're seeing some of the stuff and teaching of literature a look see just information API lets you know and I was like ok to walk Abby they're out of the Golan be there so we hung up a point source in the text message saying have liked to talk to me knew the says very way the like today however when I got married today in the same he may be looked over and discuss feeling that this kit was George here's the whole story the sui thought long story short like months before I the podcast actually this made a fake Facebook account somebody he said anybody heard about the new series called up and vanished this person whoever it is kept saying Pain Lindsay will solve this
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11: Episode 11 : "There's Our Guy"