DiscoverUp and Vanished12: Episode 12 : "I Love You Too"

12: Episode 12 : "I Love You Too"

Update: 2017-01-3112


We find out who George Harrison really is and we talk to several new people with some very important information in this case.

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hey guys voice or don't think this week sponsors Harry's raisers shop spring got home and throw flowers the store sponsors this podcast in the investigation are made possible the shuttle is not for the spots later in the show and also if you haven't heard we've launched a Kickstarter campaign for a second season after the season is over recently I would love nothing more but to continue this with a brand new case with your help we can make that happen the U A V Season two da calm u AV season to the calm after episode eighteen of the season on terror and said You want a new season we need your help in exchange for your donations for some local prizes frame cover our bonus content from season one teachers even a chance to be a producer and one episodes was a little ways ago our funding goal is only a few weeks left if you want a second season you can help make that happen go to UAV season to the car the fuel the class now the the The student in the the uh ago today marking the last time 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their blades than what you try it for free discover shipping right now they have an exclusive offer of advance listeners could hear is the common use the promo code up to pee and get a free post same bomb as Harry's dot com for a little coat of sinful s episode some people have asked me whether or not this torture something was real some suggesting that maybe I made it up I can assure you that's not the case I can totally see where coming from because in all this stuff was happening was literally thing in the same thing nobody's even going to believe me the soldiers here something was a real eye opener in the beginning was getting myself into this idea that somebody associated with the case knew me but I didn't know them was a creepy feeling for a while cause thinking on this case I found a way that you can convert his bed and you're chatting with ya all that good but I have to give the Obama bank maybe if I don't I just pasted in there he will see that happen given the ability to feel stay on mom and I even called my mom to get her thoughts on deactivated his life completely not just blocking people yet to be the only that after that night all the way I would feel the fat or maybe somebody who knows the the fear that we talked to many people look alike here with that light is always silly to talk to yet been trying to find out it yet that the walk was the the the the the mm not only was the situation crazy with no podcast at all was spending all my time doing with this and talking about it was making me sound crazy here's a conversation with my wife my little brother for it all started that person is still left the investigator come up and just all this to make this year and maybe he does that Mrs. Thomas is here to every person on the reactive basis to check his messages to see if I was messaging or somebody else I must say this person I don't know give me one other good reason was able with is the most freakin now me I probably sounded a little nuggets the Remember this is all before the podcast was even a thing my younger brother did not take it seriously he has all it is one brother he serious whatever the The little brother but it was silly I was still hell bent on finding out who this guy was one of the biggest mysteries that could explain more of the things that makes the story sounds so unbelievable was the fact that George Harrison knew the name up and vanished before even announced it after putting some more thought into it it technically wasn't impossible for someone to find that name but only if they're really looking for it I mean really looking for sea before it all started I showed a trailer for Up in vanished uses a promo for the podcast from Christian help me shoot it when actors name a shell playing the role of Tara was shooting at the morning took a picture of the film camera posted on Instagram didn't put any captions on it but if you look closely at the film camera there was a small strip of tape on the film magazine that said of advantage I sent some still shots of the shoe to the actress Jessica put them on Facebook Thatcher when she did take my name to ear grins dad's name and the name of an vanished in the post so somebody typed in the name Terra Greene said on Facebook click Search to pop up in the most recent post you will learn not but also the name of an vanished here's the thing I realized very quickly that about twenty minutes actually matter take it down but technically if George Harrison search for Tara Quinn said on Facebook during that time period you would have found that post but only during that twenty minutes to fill in on the backstory little bit we left off in the last episode the the first run in The The Jose reasons I've chosen real person very complicated who is this to ever verify if he was really tear a student the yes was his demeanor the intro for them but wasn't or was he just fell off the face of the earth I tried calling his number It didn't work I don't even calling I think his mother and Bush's motive in coming here in the first place or the the case want talking to people if I get that he always look at the motive me call we do and you find anything nice radio silence in radio long so he disconnected for OPI for we the person did and calling people snow ahead towards here since real name Jose well at least I thought so so for I was basing this determination mainly off my gut feeling that is typing matched up perfectly his online behavior like it still resembled that of this Jose guy in real life but I need something more concrete than that undeniable proof that this guy was towards here's a few weeks and by George Harrison's account remained inactive was no longer online we must all face of the earth in his face that was deactivated you look at his messages his profile picture will be blank and say something like Facebook user the one day all the sudden Reese was looking at the messages in the profile case was back so is the name for this time the profile picture was of a woman in the name was no longer George Harrison it was Julie basically George Harrison reactivated the Facebook profile and change his name is picture on the account to a person named Julie things got interesting his new Facebook profile was based off of a real person a lady who in real life friends with Tara sister we searched Julie's name on Facebook both accounts a pop up summaries took it upon himself the mess is the real Julie informing her of the fake Facebook profile he told the whole story about George Harrison NE Astor have you ever met a person named Jose the real Julie responded and said Yes I met him once he came to the town I live in I thought he had done something to my account the one person said she met who's a one time how in the world that happen either way it didn't matter because now the reason I had proof without a doubt Jose was one hundred percent George Harrison thought about it he was Harrison because her profile picture was of different profiles which are then one day he would use in our lives our center messes and I think in a jet there's no doubt about it yet it was him remember the copy of his driver's license into Marie's reported that you get a driver's license and all was how he never let happen not that I guess it just did eliminated but I'm short a question that I had told all we got him apparently human number Did I say I didn't have a bomb go home and would love to go on after that things slow down with George Harrison is a council we can just point the podcast has shifted my focus on other people receive his info to the GBI that they felt the need to investigate them they could at the time until I had bigger fish to fry so to sort of moved on but throughout the course of my investigation was always in the back of my head who was this Jose guy was his motive was just a troll playing a joke on me we have credible information this last episode went back to the same private investigators and that was six months ago to make contact with him put the same the rest once and for all all this happened just a few days ago since I was here last I spoke with Marie's the API and North Carolina again because he was the one receiving the messages from Tor tears and the fake Facebook account they were about me but they were to him I share with them the details of Jose who came in here he was pretty stressed out about at the time he felt like he had to get this off of his shoulders this had to do something with the case he had to do something about it and get off the shoulder so he on his own account that this this idea here to the GBI the phone to call the notion of yet because I've been trying to remember we try to test the back and forth and I once trusted the strike was listening to your knees off all the answers we want to ask to say when you know why I've been doing this why are you doing why are you doing the instructing his absolutely obstructing the the book The No surprise of course is numbered at work we searched more than one more number of them maybe this was it the day the I'm trying to reach her say Hi I'm trying to reach Tuesday the Oklahoma he had this number I got three years three years okay I apologize that the thinking and again no surprise right before we left the set and the Jose's mom the The Leno the Hey we're trying to find her say this thing yes hello to him we know the the little bit but we're looking for his day to be kidding me I the eye yes he knows me so didn't call me the the more you have his number the the the the sea was still ghost I was over in two hours later after left office API call me back the the the the the the the the the the the the the the way The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The really care about what the the the the office and head down to the the the the the the the the eye the good thing about this was the Jose came to them first the Audi year ago when they arise he's still the client located on my part unless yes the most say they need me to meet you coming back next day ay ay ay ay ay ay to get his work I bought them a profound effect on so there was a final confirmation was the emitted that it was him I wanted to make sure that I found the right person before I even said you know his first name so I was in fact being truthful I have a gut feeling but I wanted to see all the way through that's why the eyes begin to see if we could make contact and affirm that that was the case to the bottom of who is in his messages and looks like I have I have no evidence that says that he was actually a student of hers I think he's just somebody who has become obsessed with this case for whatever reason maybe not in a malicious way but in a way that's not helpful he's probably not a suspect here just some guy who got himself in a mess happen to involve me the after doing some serious digging with Marie's nothing supporting those there was a student terrace and fifteen at the time tears parents to let its great history he was old enough to be in a class that went to school there thus we also have no evidence of the GBI has DNA he's not in jail that has to say something it was still weird to me after all that I no desire to me buying clothes can be really annoying crowds of them or no fun to me online stores to choose from finally there's a solution we can find fashion beauty lifestyle trends all in one place to shop spring dot com or hopping from site to site they have everything with free shipping and free returns this brings over fifteen hundred grants origins smashed box Marc Jacobs Vince Urban Outfitters you name it the shoes accessories Tech Travel year luxury brands this is not much they don't laugh or try to shop to do is shop spring dot com Just like everything should be in two thousand and seventeen have an awesome yellow in that store was going to shops bring da come up with your time online looking for cool clothes spring has it all one place for you as a special offer use the code vanish to check out the twenty percent off your first purchase shop spring dot com promo code vanish for twenty percent off everything just bring the cum promo code vanish not too long ago got a call from a man named Robert Preston you're a local newspaper hero sila at the time of his appearance wanted to share the same the things he learned it all pulled it back then I was editor of The Daily News of the time we had been in business very long maybe six or seven months or so and that was it was a neat experiment for our community we never have a daily paper and we were five days a week so we obviously have had a lot of news or read the newspaper week and remember when we heard that Karen had disappeared none of his new chair had never heard of terrible for even though we're miles away we more familiar with our all and we began getting phone calls all morning that I try to feature the love shown for people fear the worst and normally all honesty we probably wouldn't have pursued the story is quickly read it we've been once or twice weekly newspaper we probably would have just kind of valid ID and recalls that was a Monday morning we needed news for the week we jumped on it pretty quickly and take it home just a matter of hours to see that there was a lot of interest in the taste a lot of people in Coffee County more and more people in the saying from Asia with her is we stayed with the story for as long as we could I got involved and some of the TV stations the national media released or traded in June when Nancy Grace the couple's story that was when we really more of an active role in the case the Nancy grace show called one by one the producers to several months after it disappeared and as someone on the air how about that it's what I look at my orders us to slow graceful body from the Daily News in the air my goal was and knew I wanted to do it and I have one more opportunity I am weary and lost the OK I'll do it now you guys have to reveal the story I just knew what I had written the play for a few phone calls and we found out the details in this grace appears to actually own shown with Sarah's sister from terrace house one thing that we couldn't figure out the flame think people still can't figure out that what you're trying to get the bottom of is how does something like this happen how a person completely vanished know your health and medicine that's exactly what happened Pharaoh was here and there was gold and or a lot of in between not not anything that is really nice together exactly what happened their debts or move with it in those debts obviously all wear the clothes on but we've never been able to fill in those deaths and all the cases that the GBI investigated in Georgia arrested case is the thickest file that they have more information more notes more papers in that role than any other fall that there are no bodies only laying off workers shared with all the numbers or somebody knows exactly what happened somebody knows somebody who knows exactly what happened before well it just built in years later it falls now and I think that people automatically see Oma fact it was Joe's lover who might have killed her not so sure that this case some of us are sure that that was someone who was having an affair with her who feel that maybe someone wanted to have an affair with her and she will reciprocate something like that but I don't know that the Globe has anything to do with it I will know why the Globe was there I don't know that the is necessary or collusion with a with the people close to her as many people have been small if the cologne was directly involved with shown awful that it would be interesting to see and the person whose DNA is in the world and find out what information they have to say it seems unlikely lots of breaks in these cases come from the most unlikely of sources an unlikely of places you somebody gets arrested for something else and will reveal a mass of information a little bit more about the grist case and that that might come another teen years down the road the world what everybody does he told the lecturer and I remember the names you're a show being asked about the watcher of what significance that may or may not have had obviously it suspicious that someone is coming in a vehicle like that or just a vehicle along that same design with as many relationships there are reportedly had no enough people or in our area it would be that unusual for somebody to rough house looking for an interesting story about a Nancy Grace interview was held most ill use in the room will happen I was sitting in the interview and during that interview I did have a lot to say I was listening to the exchange between theirs and they basically accuse Mark of killing their own that brought you seen the show when her owner persona as I was sitting there listening to that as a reporter I was not there into the territory though she was getting in to us she could be liable for the statement that there may be and apparently the whole family was watching as well and they call their attorney whose job very well known from an attorney in our area of Seoul and was immediately after we won all year the walls in the law come from a family of authority and have her name age and many many years of my family never seen before I know who this gentleman was but he won't be in a Friday night and he was basically the pajamas we've all been very confidently and with the terrible quality about him and he went up and demanded to speak to the producers an assault involving a bus didn't hear exactly what we say it but they came back to you as we were into the show we're going to say the boy later that we couldn't get in some markets during the next segment I don't know exactly what was it but the threat of legal action and issue some kind of apology and didn't discuss that idea in the hall from the very swift action that not and to my knowledge it's never the same song about mortars owner showed you the spotlight always seems to come back to Marcus Harper think that you stated this on the podcast that no body had been banded to the degree that he has an awesome or not they have been linked to heal everything at least on the surface seems to point back to heal his military training the strange nature of their relationship obviously jealousy issues your own there are evidently seeing more than one person and there just seems to be a lot that I call someone in his position that there's something drastic but he's been vetted and everything seems to joke around I wonder while the investigation focused on me and while officers and agencies work their way through that very process
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12: Episode 12 : "I Love You Too"