DiscoverUp and Vanished13: Episode 13 : Who is Ryan Duke?

13: Episode 13 : Who is Ryan Duke?

Update: 2017-02-2824


In the first ever press conference for Tara Grinstead, the GBI makes a very big announcement. Who is Ryan Duke?

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I just got the message is the the the the the West and the one who the day why No one who has the the the car all the we the the uh the the the Valley City is sixty one miles continue five south administration said that he was arrested and he's a former state that you know with the confession or but I've been told they would honor at the request Monday he admitted to a larger question here live film led them to be out of her her body is a legal right there there are years over to the lake the water but he only has the the end and on and button on the go today marking the last time anybody has the uh investigation of terror instead I'm your host pale NZ near as busy as I am you'll find yourself with less and less time to go grocery shopping we all know that getting past two regular basis is not a great solution for that thankfully there's a healthier an affordable option out there in his blue apron blue apron is the Number one fresh ingredient recipe delivery service in the country and their mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone blueprint established partnerships with over a hundred and fifty local farms fisheries and ranchers all across America the means to be delicious meal at a fraction of what you would pay a restaurant also supporting a local community my wife my views Clipper for a long time no eat we have a fresh batch of new exciting recipes with top quality ingredients for lesson ten bucks a meal you can choose from a huge variety of new recipes each week or let the blip in Color Team surprise you and the recipes are repeated still never get bored check out this week's menu get your first three miles for free and with free shipping going to Blue apron da com slash up and vanished that's blue apron Doc Ong slash up and vanished hey guys if you haven't heard the news that the GBI held a press conference on terror instead last Thursday the first time in twelve years today I'm going to walk through my entire experience in a still of this past weekend starting with my rival of the police station one hour before the GBI I was freaking out next place I went with useless Star newspaper to see dusty dusty already found a picture of the guys were to have been arrested honestly these back every news station has was growing as a place stand we all for the press coverage to begin that name thank you all for coming most of you get the short notice today that though is certainly worth the drive to come here today to hear what we get to say I really with though with the word of prayer from our Pastor Joe Whitley County Commission chairman with the sole stay in for the love of the to the office are out figures day before his artists will say our thoughts and prayers go out to Tara Greene states family Khan and Billy are instead are right over here to my right eye to recognize the local community you can see this courtroom is packed also want to take a moment to thank the media you guys have been just phenomenal in this whole endeavor the disappearance of terror as cause not only state and local news coverage this is also hit our national news please know that you have had an impact a significant role in this investigation I'm confident that today the point where we are in this investigation because of that involvement on Saturday October twenty second two thousand five hundred are instead went missing from her residence The O C L A Police Department responded to her residence immediately they suspected foul play additional law enforcement resources were requested their own County Sheriff's Office and the GBI came in and began a search of tears house tears home was searched extensively for several days which produced little physical evidence as with all missing person cases the investigation started focusing on tears close friends and associates Tara was very in this community in her community so she had many contacts in France in various parts of the community as the hours turn into days days into weeks weeks in the minds and eventually months and years the search efforts never ceased through these eleven plus years the DVR and other law enforcement officers have received hundreds and hundreds of tips each and every kid came in was vetted and checked against what we already done in this investigation each lead was thoroughly exhausted unfortunately all of these leads ended with a deadpan until the last couple of dates a few days ago an individual came forward and reported that they had information into tears disappearance this information made it to my office in our case agent Jason Hsu Dale was sent out to conduct an interview this interview generated several more interviews which was followed up by the rest of our office here through these interviews enough probable cause was discovered so we could swear out an arrest warrant charging Alexander do with the murder of Terry Branstad do was taken into custody yesterday afternoon and warrant was issued this morning I'm sure there'll questions I may be some of those questions but in the interest of the integrity investigation I may or respond this time before taking any questions Jaime instead would like to make a brief statement please respect her privacy and refrain from asking her any questions thank you for coming today on behalf of Billy and the sale the first thing that I want today is to thank Ivan for answered prayers we would also like to thank the GBI for all of their years of hard work and dedication to tears investigation we always believed in the GBI and their dedication to her case we always play today was the awe we just did not know when we would also like to thank all of the local law enforcement for cooperating in working with the GBI through the years as well as many in the community and beyond we lived in by selling for Karen Lee up with us here are four of them seniors when we moved here you welcomed us with open arms and treated us as if we were one of your own I did the same thing for Tara when she moved in with us and we are so bright the day and she was able to fulfill many of her dreams right here in the The The The she loves being a teacher and she was very good as some many people have been her ANC we have been with time this community can finally have closure and start to heal from us from the US for us this just starts another chapter in a very and painful journey we ask that you keep us in your prayers for our wounds thirty and our hearts are broken we realize that everybody is going to want the answers you'll have a lot of questions and that will come in time for Naomi we ask of the media to place restate our privacy and give us the chance to grieve and process all that has taken place thank you as I stated earlier I can try to field a couple of questions but again the the integrity of our investigation takes precedent over everything else not allowed to intern at this time with what I can say for my investigation was he did it in high school and graduated about three years prior to the UN's the US is not allowed into the bus all of you not I can't speak to certain aspects of this mess nations of this time and the courts thus a very good question and again we have several more interviews to do an investigative actions so the heart from the best I can say that this gentleman never came up on our radar to the investigation right now I'd like to thank Al for Cam and I'm sorry this is not all the questions I can answer this time again we have several more investigated investigative actions that we're going to be taken more people to interview but we just wanted to share with you guys that we did find the person that was responsible for tears the was a completely surreal moment a moment though so have been waiting for for nearly twelve years I felt so many different emotions all at once thought alot about how to describe that the thicket think of is the final scene in the movie Big Fish to buy timber at the very end the movie the son takes his dying father to the water to metaphorically set him free for years he told his son whimsical and seemingly unbelievable stories about his life full of these mythical larger than life characters but as he takes his dying father to the river all these characters he talked about over the years begin to merge eventually surround as it turns out all the characters in his father's life are real people that's exactly what this is every voice of locals that you've heard this podcast although one room together shaking my head gradually always knew these are real people but they couldn't of been more this day in this as a stay was was also a day of celebration and relief the community came together as a whole for the first time in a very long time in this moment together we accepted the truth even my grandma was with her friend mail the thank you even though Houston the the the the first episode with the cafe the earth the earth so it is like one of my children second grandmother taken the route the water with lead in the doorway to a man who it to the the the beginning of a resolution the beginning of long awaited answers is my grandma was so excited to let my mom this was nailed down this and I I I know I was in the courtroom and that the act to be my trap sand grains and I mean he really got the case going again and climb the slope of the park and one lady gave the order she became sick they have listed all the things he's made you really got to bring the FBI made no announcement has been on the news I just thank the media the pain was in the but they didn't hear the chant I was proud of the walk of fame get to stop I think the fall I really don't call Rose and going over the last one I need to celebrate I don't like to think not much that's going to go with the issue with the last time though I'm going back store know exactly what the tipster came forward now twelve years later but I hope the renewed interest in the podcast at least help create an environment that occurs the sharing of true throughout the whole community and Atlanta filmmaker who produces an internet podcast is credited with keeping interest in the story alive filmmaker pain Lindsay is credited with keeping the case in the public light through his podcast just an Atlanta filmmaker turned podcast or is on the two thousand five disappearance of terror grandstand and his new project of people talking documentary filmmaker and amateur investigator pain Lindsay the case grew cold but years later Kara story decides to create a podcast called up advantage to help generate new leads the question that has haunted this small south of the question podcast in Atlanta filmmaker pain Lindsay set out to his ear was happy to hear greens day investigators would not comment on whether Page podcast for news coverage directly led to this latest tip but analysts say keeping the story of the news can help I regularly keep in the case and the public's eye whether it be on TV podcast social media et-cetera You never know who's going to see his podcast up in vanished has gained the attention of that number spiked by more than seven hundred thousand on Thursday as people learned about the arrest of Ryan Alexander D What role your podcasts had in making this dress a lot of good luck reading it with solving this murder mystery I think that the podcast opened up this atmosphere ano sila that created this trust factor in a line of communication open channel has been so long that the secrets being kept in suspense of tight lipped fun couple to talk about here but the podcast and he helped create an environment for the truth to come out and I would hope that would be the case got the early tips from the family's private investigator and you don't think that this case is over yes volunteer as this case is far from over Deseret up with the Atlanta filmmaker and of Selah to get his reaction to Ryan Dukes arrest thousands of people seeking home security ripped off every single day no security 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Ryan scene I had a front row were as a bearded we the the day uh uh hearing was over I rushed outside to ask Ryan to the question before they put in the police car why did Ryan do kilter look to be for second but then just drop his head was just an arm's length from Ryan Dukes charges are murder attempt to conceal a body or be the sole and burglary this is a burglary gone wrong I didn't understand the burglary charge so call someone who would call email or from Monday's close yes so it could be two things are as you purse in his room missing theory might be that he entered the house for the Goa stealing property by in GA and many jurisdictions its periphery as long as you answer with the intent to either commit theft or a felony and is that they could simply be either enter a house with the goal of killing her or to the house with a go of assaulting her and even under Georgia law could be that he answered with her consent she asked him to leave he over stayed his welcome with the goal of harming her Annie that would allow for burglary charge who doesn't have to be in committing deaths for that privilege are Stan and adores a lot you can be an uninvited guests you could over stairwell come in either case it could just be you have a go of harming or killing and that's perjury no you don't know a hundred percent answer podcast has played a role because you don't often see the set of information coming out of nowhere a decade and a couple years after the fact so interesting to see what develops in the news but I have to imagine that this as some connection with either directly or podcasts or second hand third hand people have heard about it and that led to this break in the case so we have one person in jail the G I's being very tight lipped what to expect in the coming days and weeks and really the next year right well I saw that he is scheduled to have a grand jury proceeding on April twelve and that's where the grand jurors will decide if there's probable cause and if so they'd issue in Senate Rubio and be an indictment and the kids go to trial as you said from some of your reporting other reporting it seems like there might be other individuals involved and you could imagine with that additional arrests and probably people trying to strike a plea deal in exchange for implicating other people now the purpose of the grand jury it's it's just like trial jurors are receiving a summons and now is secretive though as it was to try Owens those grand jurors the prosecution's case the prosecution so one sided hearing they call their witnesses presenting sculpture evidence and the jury after that decides whether to indict or nine and again I would be secretive that wouldn't be the press reporting I'm saying this is day two of the grand jury in this witness testified secretive all yours at the end of the process when they indicted me look like he was wearing the way of the world and its like twelve years of something had just changed him yeah I saw some of the footage doing this completely disheveled and disoriented and Jewish activity was sort of wondering around yeah you imagine if he committed this horrible crime twelve years ago and is Gaiman and captured over these years and I could wear on you and what you may do to sort of ease some of that pain ends we'll see but certainly that that video footage was compelling what I would expect next would be either going to be additional arrests and that can lead to more details about what exactly happens twelve years ago coming out but I don't see much coming out minded them so there's other individuals involved it might be a game of getting once to indicate another by either offering them immunity decrease charges that's the point of the burglary murder being committed during the course of every in Georgia is an aggravating circumstance which means there's the option of putting the death penalty on a table and extends there might be some bargain with dry and you can self it might be it you implicate some of the people involved we won't pursue the death penalty it will just pursue life The The descent to upgrade your wardrobe the best place to do it shop spring dock on all the latest fashion beauty and lifestyle trends in one place so no more hopping around from site to site plus free shipping and free returns everything I've been in his new shirt for a while now just last week I went shopping dot com was able to find three or four my favorite brands in one spot thing is I can't stand going to the store nowadays everything from your phone shop spring has an amazing laugh they make for a fall ish shopping experience spring when all the big brands like origins smash box we urge the Monaco Marc Jacobs Vince Urban Outfitters you name it every must have shop spring doc own bottom line is if he needs a new year the best place to do it is suffering not come in right now spring has an exclusive offer from Venice listeners use my code vanish at checkout to take twenty percent off your first purchase shops bring da calm promo code vanish for twenty percent off everything shopping not calm promo code vanish was the day was over a meal easier for anyone is still a new Ryan Duke had to know more about this person after hours of digging I found a former high school friend of Ryan's agreed to meet with me through the room can sae is a great asset to run more races so they will degrade we can remember not being able to confirm he was a really nice guy you know in high school or cliques but it's not like here a Mafia be time to say the is on he would be loyal friend he would needed he's there just use it was a good gah surprise you very much very much a surprise I would have never thought this and know that is a cliche I've seen enough TV and listen to enough my favorite murders to go you never expected never in a million that we look back and say well the well is still a small town eighty two people were non graduate class heat to radiate the small class so one thing I learned about is soon going to see after CF city all throughout Georgia that sounds different with other friends that man and had his that you still owe or exposed to a young age to everybody it doesn't white black rich for you or this amalgam of class and everybody and apps and everybody gives everybody takes on personality own lifestyle so to say that something was odd is the most normal it's almost this is almost normal to say I mean he can on his own thing even he lives in the form town but I mean we hang out all of us it's all back your football I mean of it he played when we schools to build these trophies out of like old stuff and then we were playing backyard football flight championships and stuff I mean that every sweet a day for years I mean and he would be there but a lot of folks from my class lar function love couple folks told me it just it was all just a community it means small community everybody has older brother so wonder just those few years apart
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13: Episode 13 : Who is Ryan Duke?