DiscoverUp and Vanished14: Episode 14 : The Pecan Grove

14: Episode 14 : The Pecan Grove

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A new name surfaces as a second arrest is made. A Pecan Orchard becomes the focal point of the investigation

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by the the the the fall ok so the uh uh so what he has uh uh the soul is in the boat to so what I hear this is the new boat is praise the O K for playmate the The The The The The The and the ten years ago today Martin the last time anybody has the the yes the the container for TV this is up and danced the investigation of terror instead I'm your host pale and see today's episode is brought you by frame bridge on the walls in your house looking a little blank old pictures are rolled up or laying around from bridge the calm is the perfect one stop shop for all your framing needs is two dozen seventeen people and friends knows that you don't have an actual physical picture in order to frame it you can upload any digital picture straight to the website frame bridge the home personally I love free bridge I ordered a huge framed up in vans poster put in my office and not a lie pretty awesome also a few weeks ago we held a frame bridge contest to win the same up in vans poster I have customized by frame bridge not come in today we're announcing two of the winners the first winner is JF or rock star in the second winner is red crown Bravo to JF for rockstar and red crown Bravo to get your free framed up in Venice posters please contact us through our website up and vanished Ah Kong we've also decided to extend those contests for another two weeks we're going to pick three more winners to enter all you have to do is rate this podcast and write a review on iTunes and announce the winners in two weeks at the end of episode fifteen and right now Cambridge The car also has an exclusive offer for Up in Venice listeners use the promo code up U P for fifty percent off your first order and free shipping frame bridge the calm promo code up the the before you start today a very important message to share with you have an official statement from Marcus Harper's attorney he asked me to share this on the podcast Marcus Harper's attorney says the following My client sends his sincere condolences to the family of terror instead especially her father and stepmother for their tragic loss he also extends appreciation to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and local law enforcement for their tireless efforts to determine the identity of parties involved in this case yes the public especially the media respect his privacy and that of his loved ones as they begin the process of closure sincerely Cody Daniel the the the few weeks ago just hours after I induce arrest was sitting in my corner is still a good doctor going to call the more people involved in this thing the aye aye the the the the the the the the the the ah the the there's been a lot of speculation the Ryan Duke could have killed here alone and then got away with for eleven years people kept suggesting to me that he wasn't the brightest guy much less a criminal mastermind new G I was still investigating other suspects that the pieces for the fall in place but I got a call from believe it or not my dad uh the uh the uh the the thrill of the CA about the coat the bottom of peacock The The Who Who call this person requested to remain anonymous the pecan Grove he was talking about belong to Randy Hudson he also mentioned that Randy has his nephew was now missing nephew was Bo Duke's I said Hey felt or thought on this pecan Grove the bus as it was red and the voodoo skin to the fallen was probably the family because of peak and the other money that we really achieve the the the turns out the rumor of this pecan Grove in Fitzgerald wasn't far off GBI stream into the Hudson families pecan Grove and Fitzgerald and sirens words officers search for evidence the sobering reality of it all they were searching for tears body here I was hoping that the pecan orchard search in with answers for the same time defining tears body finally make her murder or reality or more than forty GBI agents swarmed a pecan orchard in Ben Hill County this afternoon they were digging for clues to help solve one of the state's most notorious missing person's cases the search for the body of murder victim Terry Branstad led investigators to this South Georgia pecan orchard in Ben Hill County near Fitzgerald the we watched a parade of GBI trucks and other vehicles leave this pecan field anthropologist use specialized equipment to sort through the door hoping to find skeletal remains of the missing former beauty queen Randy Hudson owner of the pecan Grove spoke to local news station after the GBI search broke was like so it is first our most sincere o prayers go out to the groom's family are also like to say that we or cooperating with the local sheriff's agency and the Georgia Bureau Investigation in regards to this matter on our farm yeah they are helicopter flew over yesterday and got quite a while about our little field was Tony Thomas reporter for W S B T V's Channel two in Atlanta they were first on the scene of the pecan orchard and Fitzgerald while he was there he was able to speak to Special Agent J T Ricketts and the GBI Georgia The grants to case Tony asked him a few questions about the investigation we got back some pretty interesting answers have a lot of the Middle East without the one point OK because he says we are interviewing quote other who were involved later I asked him to clarify you said not to speculate on any more round by the active family without officially the GBI had said there was anybody else involved in tears murder but the flip of suggests that maybe they knew more than they're telling us one of Ryan's old high school buddies call the talk to me about his relationship with right now he didn't think he had him do this thing alone have a process to get um like I said you are really tight have trouble accepting it for like a villain who will know that when I was suppose anything I want to rule out is rolling in but he's not out to them yes he's a vigour and I just don't see this going down the latest thing right now some really cute what more information you may have made him a vision a few names that arise in my head because I just know this guy pretty well and just don't think he's capable of being the mastermind of the event even if that but whatever the it basically our friendship was just hanging out on the weekend of progress for my drinking and they now play like we come once I get to Athens which it was weird for friends like that because I'm gonna sort of aspiration that we like to live with the kind of like the first day he's your man he is he or his life the sadness and for me as a nineteen year old Alice saddening is that what we bonded for two years out of my great grandmother Josie and then Ryan came from like a divorced family and his brother that lives with his dad which you know there's gotta be some kind of like equation is always in your head like Michael to my brother and my my love for my mom people from my dad really weird and how to deal with that despite her from different sides of the track or have done different things that our respective high schools I think probably the only thing in common we both played football at least some kind like I'm in the academic stuff that isn't to discount again and I really could get this kind of like funk or fear of the upcoming drill down there they want a strong like tractor drivin like their dads or whatever and runs a softy and I just think a lot to do with his situation is an situation but even deal in healthy way he going to lie and again I don't know twenty sixteen but from the Helena based on the trajectory of a man at that he's probably so they can cause it was kind of life will lose me after reminiscing on their high school friendship that he and Ryan kind of lost touch after he left for college and University of Georgia in Athens he then told me about one in the last time he'd interact with Brian was kind of weird situation a time that Ryan called him out of the blue a few years after he moved away from most ill never be called a couple times like in the buildings are about answering it was like the same ol' you know hey buddy that Moreau home ok things are going on his life weigh in on me he really just want to tell me that he is like hooked up with a girl I dated and I don't even know when I don't like while your day like the way and that he was like doing one of the fight conscious causes another thing that's troubling me is like trying to keep secret for what is eleven plus years like if it doesn't fit with the person and the URL in your lives like two years like early fall most ideas and I don't see this see the family friendly thinking about it like I just don't hear but I know somehow I drew from being friends with Ryan did you know I somehow get motivated to be there with them now so it's rough for me to see it coming you know me or probably it stuck with him if he stuck around the closer I feel like a desperate point where you just have felt like he has no other option than the deal from online but I understand that the violent part because the convenience of it and actually befriended me astray like a nice and all the news yet being at a press conference that ran with my choir being out with these guys I knew that they were kind of riff raff crowd are not really vicious growl that I can bring you down we think they are who they say on that one and though the same time I was lined with the honest they were pretty much passed it on low though was he like he will always try really hard to only be eccentric and have these really random insightful thought my was that this is true laziness and know the people I work with him and will eat them he didn't come from shuttle is Palm Center a state or whatever and like his kind have whatever he was just like fuck up opportunities to see him doing a line saying something like Let's do this dumb idea like that out by much quicker that way and is completely new interior is complete the position but if I he was way more unhinged not that I ever saw anything violent anything like that he was more about himself about other people and I think that's probably what I'm getting at one time thing I can see that either I I thought of that timeline have conversations with my grandma both walk pass an exam so I just have to suspect unlike here was a bit of selfishness and foolishness that exist in one hour would not ever going to have a the The The The The The The The thousands of people seeking home security get ripped off every single day and home security industry wants you to believe it's your only option they have moms of salesmen out there trying to scare you in deciding whether long term contracts next thing you know you're writing huge checks every month with no way out it's robbery by contract they can cost you thousands but thankfully there's a much better way to protect your home simply say Home Security simply save there are no contracts none I also have award winning twenty four seven protection named best in the industry simply save has security professionals watching ready to instantly send the police the best part about it it's only fourteen ninety nine a month less than half what most companies charge is to protect your home the smart way to simply say because simply say supports up and vanished have a special offer for you to simply save da com slash vanished and will give you ten percent off any order that simply save Doc arm slashed vanished ever since Ryan Dukes arrest all I was hearing was his connection to Bo Duke's how they were kind of a package deal of the two bow is actually the more volatile one well I was still no SIL and I drove by Bo Duke's house to see if he was home or the wonder if he is gone he wasn't there I was really conflicted about what to do I was ninety nine percent sure that those involved but I felt like it was too early for me to mention his name in the podcast I think it's true I think he is involved but I don't know if they're going to charge a six of her right into it for the Dukes with us I feel like I feel like it's true for me in keeping with journalistic ethics I decided to just sensors name giving him the benefit of the doubt but now the cat is out the back a second suspect is now facing charges in the disappearance of terror green instead Bo Duke's not one but two former students from that school under arrest Bo Duke's is charged with tampering with evidence concealing a death in hindering the apprehension of a criminal a classmate of Ryan Duke Bo Duke's whose family is well known in the community investigators say they believe a Bo Duke's helped destroy Green said the body and hiding in the pecan Grove in Fitzgerald's confirmation I've been waiting for the Dukes was involved you call Marie Cecile he was taking all this so much had happened in this case in a matter of days I wanted to hear his reaction after working a case for almost twelve years that if you like to finally have some answers I'm just a shot over I think the biggest investigations going on the edges were our situation and there's more to it some but it did not have a all time record those round experience of bringing people how in spirit of criminality did not do this as a random find them figure out why Ryan was that her health the best that science writing walk around around and say Yeah I won't use that because in the past the mean lady got on my wall of steel and murder in the past have a grim record barely got by with it and he just didn't do that one choose that one not to do this when he went there with a purpose for somebody with purpose and are a God man and something to turn nasty weather to choose her art to get more help to all of them was me and say it is a finding of those not charged with anything in Irwin County allows much or anything in the county the Rams are charged with anything that goes towards a good day he could be but is not so if Lamb was out in the end he'll that pecan orchard just not the short is in there so he just passes the body off to somebody try and live with him Hamlet did try in mopping about the war in this pain equally the other one just Sol way out with lesser time that happens a lot of other cases the person who actually did the I make is in my bed the other person is the seriousness of the crime can say that with and get lesser that because they're the ones the top of the other half of all it's our nation I don't think it's over with by any means more easily related to real that resumes that the whole sadness in the field running to her mom are here who all know about you the all the recent developments in this case is still struggling Greece a strange effect that Ryan randomly picked terrace house to burglarized that night with no previous criminal record the fact he apparently pawn tears body off to Bo who willingly helped him dispose of with no regard to his own criminal involvement in all this seemed too unbelievable who were Ryan Duke and Bo Duke's really felt it was time to dive into their past a bit more like Mary said Ryan has no criminal history but as for Bo it's a different story in April of two thousand and thirteen Bo Duke's and his wife family pleaded guilty to stealing more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars from the United States Army Duke's as a unit supply specialist for the U S Army ordered televisions cameras power tools copper wires and other property and then fraudulently billed the merchandise to the Army through the General Services Administration after having the items delivered to his personal residence in Savannah Georgia Dukes and his wife would pawn them off for personal financial gain Dukes was sentenced to twenty seven months in federal prison three years' supervised release and was ordered to repay more than a hundred and thirty four thousand dollars to the federal government is busy as I am a fighter self less and less time to go grocery shopping we all know they confess to a regular basis is not a great solution for that thankfully there's a healthier an affordable option out there in his blue apron blueprint established partnerships over a hundred and fifty local farms fisheries and ranchers all across America means to be delicious meal at a fraction of what you would pay a restaurant also supporting a local community blue apron is the Number one fresh ingredient recipe delivery service in the country my wife my views labor for a long time no eat we have a fresh batch of new exciting recipes with top quality radiance for less than ten bucks a meal you can choose from a huge variety of new recipes each week or a blip in Color Team surprise you and the recipes are repeated still never get bored check out this week's menu is your first three miles for free and with free shipping going to Blue apron dock on flash up and vanished that's blue apron Ah Kong flash up and vanished though dude has been arrested before he was arrested just a few weeks ago actually showing some very interesting behavior the two men charged in connection to terror grants since two thousand and five murder the Dukes ride you are no strangers to each other after Wind Dukes the rest podcast present or pain when he says people started opening up to him so he started trying to verify their statements then noticed something eerie on his podcast site the the the the the the old dude has been trolling the discussion board the the the we look to see if we could find the comments left by Duke's because users remain anonymous we couldn't see what exactly he sad but luckily that's what screenshots are for right before he was arrested Bo Duke's who's now facing three charges in connection with disposing Tara Grant said body builders very own little Q A Session right here on the discussion board up in Venice website up in Venice discussion board vote to fuse the name AA in all caps how one knows him well he proved himself he posted a selfie on Twitter facing the mirror with his hand sticking out then in a separate close up picture you can see the date written in ten dollars Paul among other things Bo Duke's graciously to clear that I didn't owe him an apology but he did accuse me of being bias and quote downright false in my interviews but the highlight of his stand on the discussion board had to be this he wrote I think the G I's been a great job justice is a finicky thing and subjective yup sure it's the the the if you listen the last piece case evidence the judge in this case has issued a gag order but since then several prominent media outlets here in Georgia have filed a motion opposing this gag order and this Thursday the court hearing about it like a local hall way the defense attorney in last week's case evidence to explain this whole situation a little better well the senator apparently requested and dad were granted the problem with the gag order is that it is extremely broad and the news media has intervened asking judges to narrow the scope of the cost for example is being interpreted by the court the court is saying that they can even provide information to the media information this morning public record and that's why probably unconsciously overall our motions to intervene it's not unusual for iftar party to intervene in the criminal case with his state versus a certain defendants in high profile cases the media has unlimited right to intervene when First Amendment principles or our personal guarantees the right to a free press is also apparent these individual life free space this particular order For example can be interpreted by friends of Sarah's friends that from even talking to the media about what she was live this Thursday the judge has set a hearing where lawyers for the various media outlets who have an interest in covering this case going to add to clarify and probably ask her to narrow the scope of the order because the way it is right now that people don't even know that they may be affected by the judge to literally rule from the bench he can say you know what your eye this is wrong I will clarify that a more narrow order she could take another about it she could deny it from the van she could ask the various media outlets to send her what they were for homes in some time with them and order in take all manner of which make of this coming Thursday will be releasing a bonus episode covering this court hearing in Philip hallway will be here to do a Q A with you guys if you have any specific legal questions you want to ask Philip leaves a voicemail at seven seven oh five four five six four one one to answer it this Thursday in the coverage of our court hearing for a while now I've been hearing rumors about parties that happen on the same pecan orchard eleven years ago
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14: Episode 14 : The Pecan Grove