DiscoverUp and Vanished15: Episode 15 : Older, Wiser Fool

15: Episode 15 : Older, Wiser Fool

Update: 2017-03-2813


Payne takes a look inside Tara's house and visits Irwin County High School. Could a new break in the case be old news?

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the in car was parking the car for a walk if there was clear the front door next to you the the the the the err err the er the the the the the the uh the the the the the guru whom the the the journey that in the end the go today the last time anybody uh oh uh the container for TV this is up and dance the investigation of terror instead I'm your host pale NZ by now you've probably heard about this game called Hunt a killer if his murder mystery subscription box service that delivers new clues to your doorstep every month have to say it's one of fascinating into very addicting Hunter Killer push for true crime sleuthing skills to the test the cool thing is you never even have to leave your house with Hunter Killer the stories unfold in an ongoing creepy correspondence things like letters articles objects and tools all sin from this Hannibal Lecter type killer curator hunter killers been featured on Buzz Feed Fast Company and even the editors of bustle writing weekly about their experience it's like living in a true crime series The Secret Facebook groups forums podcasts and even live videos all playing in the party experience the sounds right up your alley boy have to do is apply for membership Hunter Killer Dakar help support the pain vanished over a ten percent discount for listeners use the code gone to get ten percent off come join the hunt the hunter killer Dakar promo code gone Lozano SIL and I drove my tears House driven by before but this time I decided to knock on the door I had no idea what I thought would happen to seem like something I should do at least once I wasn't expecting that the pain the tears this podcast and all of you heard of it we are meeting in here to talk about so much haven't seen inside the house inside there was an older black lady sitting on the couch watching TV in complete darkness turns out tears house is being lived in again the woman was really nice and didn't mind me looking around for a minute a friend always a little more hesitant to be in line I was sort of lurking in the doorway halfway hiding our other articles like the way we think of ur time and then went out to the front yard to care for Mosul a police chief Bill Lee Hancock's description I knew precisely where that lady is flooded been found in New York City were bidding and pine straw right here in between the house so we analyze the area ourselves the gloves placement just didn't make any sense the team to be from where any perpetrator we are almost going straight into the neighbor's yard when someone dropping a rush or an accident just didn't seem to be the likely place has held the club actually get there pair's with the walk is the first time I was nervous this whole whole lot of firsts the been this year's house now only see right to visit the second place in a saloon was closely tied to the County High School the ing at the high school was surreal to read about the school's principal the news the Hey it's me into the your bookmark us we hope to obtain some yearbooks of course it'd been years since here worked here it was still eerie being the odd never got it right in there that was a friendly guy and he had known her personally because he started just after disappearance the latest pics of all your books for investigative purposes the the in our hands for teachers of terror as a teacher the pictures of those responsible for her death the ballot to the same keepsake book the The Shirley after rest for maiden tears case no sila judge instituted a gag order nor the states the case may not be discussed in public or does exist to maintain integrity of an investigation to ensure a fair trial Ryan Dukes attorney filed a gag order preventing law enforcement from speaking further about the case several media outlets followed a lawsuit opposing the file the lawsuit against the courts here the the lawyers representing eleven Alive and various other media outlets arguing Thursday in an urban county court case that a gag order in that aired Wednesday death investigation prevents transparency and unjustly silences details and perhaps the biggest case this county has ever seen the media outlets have challenge the gag order with gag orders very broad and covers many people who are potential witnesses that covers people who might have known Tara for example and we really don't know that this point who could be a witness so it's like a judge preemptively telling somebody you can use your right to free speech the Constitution frowns on the gag orders have to balance on the one of the defendant to get a fair trial in an impartial jury but it also has to protect the rights under the First Amendment of the public to discuss the case but this order says to them before or list hey you can't talk about and the media has a First Amendment Right is Right to Free Press they're actually nice to be clarity I think that if anything changes it will be some clarification of what the order man maybe a new order that's not quite so brawl the judge now has the unenviable task of deciding a balance between the First and Sixth Amendment is the public's right to know and talk about this case jeopardize the defendant's right to a fair trial I think a person or have a right to speak is a free country and I don't think any judge never at a sit up and say Keep your mouth closed you can tow the Ryan Dukes defense attorney claimed that the extensive media coverage was posing a threat to his client's right to a fair trial he even specifically mention the podcast as an example to the judge in the courtroom the uh the the logo are all city he also presented a huge turnout of seventy nine examples of this unjust media coverage many of which for quotes from news articles even things that random people set up in Venice discussion board to the the uh the uh it was like copying and pasting mean YouTube comments made by anonymous people I mean it's two thousand and seventeen you can control what people say on the Internet the appreciative but to be here today and at night just look at all these it will take them to turn to do that before but hopefully within the next week eleven were the judge says it'll take about a week or so for her to review new evidence in this case and come to a decision meanwhile attorneys are taking that as an optimistic sign that perhaps that gag order was filed without enough evidence in the first place after the hearing hired my own attorney submitted a formal letter to Judge Krause expressing my concerns about this gag order people been waiting for details in this case for over ten years why the silence now after a full week the judge finally on this for the most part it was in our favor we just received word that the Irwin County judge has narrowed parts of the gag order in this case the court will allow documents to be unsealed it will also allow witnesses and relatives to speak to the media about the case is also from its potential witnesses as well to talk basically I think this modified order was the right thing to do and I really think the judge got it right she referenced that the gag orders are not necessarily disallow but they must be narrowly drawn so what she did went back and narrowly drew this so that only applies to the parties in the case people that work for the lawyers office is current and former members of law enforcement you may have knowledge of the case specifically the judge says that the order does not apply to members of the public and is not applied to the media so this is really a victory for all media including the podcast in fact pain Lindsay the host of up and vanish devoted twelve episodes to grin says disappearance the judge specifically references that in this order one thing that stands out to me that's very interesting is that this didn't really have to go into the order in my opinion she says that is ordered among other things that the people described like the police cetera cannot mention the possibility of a plea of guilty to the offense charge that stood out at me like wow wonder why that's in there because she already said that any proceedings that may happen in the future in court would not be close to the public so that was a great victory but referencing the possibility of a guilty plea to me seem like it was maybe just a little bit too much information I don't know it seems that that was just something that maybe that need because it could have been covered with more general but as I've said all expect there will be a trial but the thing to remember is that even though the courtroom is now not close to the public in court documents are now not going to be there's some specific reason in the future for sealing them doesn't mean that a court hearing such is a plea hearing or a motion hearing has to go on take out public calendar doesn't mean that there has to be notice out to the media and the public beforehand so hypothetically if there is is reached to this case it really would be very simple thing to schedule it get put together very quickly get him into court and enter a plea of course the defense can still stipulate to a factual basis without actually going through any of the details of whatever offense may ultimately be charged should he plead to one of course there's no way to have a trial if it does go to trial there's really no way to hide that and of course the public would have the right to be there and see what happens but in the event of a guilty plea it really could be something that could be put together and schedule very quickly and very quietly without notice to anybody just because this in open court doesn't mean this is necessarily people there to watch we schedule please and other routine court appearance is on a moment's notice all the time is just simply a matter of calling the judge's office and say Hey can we do this tomorrow or this afternoon or whenever it's very routine and if the parties were to want to do this secretly or mostly secretly it would be an easy thing to accomplish but on balance I think the judge got it right I think that this order is what it should be it allows the public to talk about the case it allows the media to talk about the case it lets the family talk about the case and it doesn't stand in the way of the podcast continuing on to report what we learn about what happened to Tara it doesn't stop the podcast from talking to people doesn't stop anybody from talking to anybody except it only limits what law enforcement and the parties to the case can say about it one more interesting thing that this order Dawes is it brings into the class of affected people the people that are bound by the gag order it brings Bo Duke and his lawyer into the coverage of who can talk now he's not a party to this particular case where it's the state of Georgia versus Ryan do but he is specifically referenced in this order and that is a little bit unusual but under the circumstances of this case not unexpected that I think it's something that everybody the district attorney and the defense and probably bow do wanted in the order gives them some cover so they can answer questions or can't say things publicly other than that I like it I think it's a good or interesting tidbit Senate but it's the right thing to fashion should not have to cost you a fortune with the tote you can rinse your look and get new clothes every single day you can get to seven hundred dollars for the clothing for only thirty nine bucks a month yes thirty nine bucks a month my wife is always completed the shopping for clothes but she loves new clothes for the past month has been using the toad to upgrade or wardrobe today she got a new box and gave her a call in secretly recorded or the week or was he the guy the chances that he though of their life be like last year the county court and the love is nothing major here to shop I hit seventy seven we got eleven is that this is the way to do that I once worked for Google to Dakar to fill your style profile and sign up to get a custom tote delivered right to your door then you can wear what you want to return everything in the mail when you're done in right now they have a special offer from advance listeners use the promo code vanished get fifty percent off your first month to try dot com promo code vanished one thing I've been desperately trying to figure out what on earth Ryan Duke was doing in tears house that night burglary it's not buying it I talked to several of Ryan's former classmates and friends but I still knew absolutely nothing about him I knew that unlike his buddy Bo Duke's Ryan did not have a criminal record what about any other run ins with the wall over the course of twelve years to have any at all well turns out he did on the night of February twentieth two thousand ten Mozilla police pulled over vehicle limit if the highway driver was Ryan he was speeding without a license when the officer proceeded to talk to do he noted his slurred speech and the smell of alcohol on his breath Duke denied drinking but failed the breathalyzer test he was subsequently charged for DUI but was released on bond to his at two thirty five a m approximately three hours after the DUI Ryan Dukes mother called the use of the police with an unusual she insisted that she wanted to come off the bond for Mr. Duke and half the police pick up her son deputies picked up two can return to jail all the reason for Duke's mother's of heart is not known the family declined to comment other than Tara Greene states murder this is Duke's only other arrest in the days after Ryan Dukes arrest for the record before the gag order was in place the call from someone on the inside someone who had interactions with Ryan do while he was in jail this person's identity or monotonous and their voice has been disguised or on a lot more room in the war through the merger of the The dreamer an art journal with the palm kernel will guard them for one more thing were you there are more volatile or won't bore you velcro on the phone with her all morning watch more of water in the world with the current interim reviews more oil flow of water during her bottle her the watch word in a warm one in the form of the Law Order or dog what point will perform the role of reporter for The dollar rose the local Corporal Ryan Dukes was currently on suicide watch not only in two thousand seventeen also back in two thousand ten is arrested for his DUI town that really strange the paranoid being caught the first time should be fingerprinted whose arrest was scared of the match attempt to get some more insight on Ryan and just who he was go to another former friend of his the fourth year that I just use UPS ecology of the blue one day at work that would be around more maybe it was a world where you're from up to him around probably heard him were more it was probably that of the psych out the little boat for half an hour reading through two very very close proximity about their well loved over a little different of photos a lot more droll was like in both the We all hung out together he said he knows for J I disagree with I'm not really what happened was they kept falling out was the whole of the hole closed up or have a goal weight is really good God the more who do you think the crux of the oh sure he is the FDA usually two to three blocks from her bows all the with either call or go to the Make the lie that the really really on the even more to me was that how the world is Ryan in the over here to tell the voters are being closed for a couple over for a former director and there around a lot of people around the When was the one at Buffalo trace where Paul was normal of course how we all know the greatness of the life of those moms now stationed in the late Clay the leader is visceral more out of the brain to be the most out of the quilt needed that he had never heard of care that the thing about her the speculation for the awful i haf been so close to both our movie he will say he had the most honest thing with people or maybe a party together half of an aggressive three now all round was there with them a run with the one to back away from a fight with his free for his efforts to be that he is there to kill somebody like Bill Russell as true just like the the way for something else to come out the older people of all the money immediately I did sleep with him for all of these innocent and being there because he was after in the smallest four A after all why the movie freaked out after whatever happened happened in the two is an article or review of why he must be the all in a I guess is there was no improvement to our surprise the lion being charged with murder and accessory that is so puzzling everybody Empire figure out that because there was a side of Ryan that nobody knew that was before doing it or if he wasn't the person who does the White Hat have only other person we have seen my share of the upper lobe of her life he never even got out we were almost to the group because we live we bought each other are the ones that were always Gaza we turn around there he was a healer who already got your back or he is never okay whatever here you go I hear about those that go all out there that the now why hadn't he how is Ryan with world right hope the remaining is the girl just the other even the girl well I was almost Friday and who now is Hey listen to the phone whatever her too he was mentally CD for her I never just right for you all on the day moreover they are going away we got off the wall really hear what they are free and we play with girls I mean after everything was different these are the life of the body of girls like me who it is all yours you guys don't go for you that I wrote to me and my first day he is all about old and a Hal the one I can't believe he did all this trade in the Guthrie was he's not that more person to try to cover the really obvious somebody cue the excess three after that that all of these not to lose the very very great or near the door for us that they have to say he did is we have everything we think the only one of the day they're on break he or whatever according to the outfield heard the worm
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15: Episode 15 : Older, Wiser Fool