DiscoverUp and Vanished16: Episode 16 : Conspiracy

16: Episode 16 : Conspiracy

Update: 2017-04-1110


Payne talks true crime podcasts with Crimetown creator/host Mark Smerling. On a trip to Ocilla, he also visits Marcus Harper's mother.

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is the the uh ago today marking the last time anybody has the uh uh container for TV this is up and vanished the investigation of terror instead I'm your host pale and Z for was a podcast or I was a freelance filmmaker only we got a new business from passing on my business cards in the best place to get quality cards for a good price is Vista Print and discipline is all about supporting small business owners may offer tons of custom products for home and office needs business cards postcards flyers banners apparel invitations pretty much whatever you need over the years I've probably passed out thousands of business cards and always having them was how secure new work now to suppress partner with the pain vanished in a special offer for you guys if you use the promo code of five hundred business cards for just ninety nine you can personalize your business cards to get that professional look on their website you can customize the text the colors backsides of thousands of industry specific template to take advantage of our offer to Vista Print dot com and use the promo code at checkout and get five hundred business cards and just nine nine nine so don't wait go to Vista Print dot com Use the promo code of personnel to make this podcast I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into and since then it's been a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns and also an emotional experience unlike anything I've ever been apart of you guys in Episode one The Eye tuna fan of other true crime podcast and documentaries one of which was the HBO series called The jinx this series of one of my biggest inspirations in trying to solve the mystery of my own you haven't seen The jinx it I don't want to spoil it my friend Matt described the best it's like that Bigfoot show if they actually found Bigfoot at the end the jeans without a doubt has the most climatic impact ending of any true crime series ever a few months ago the show's creator Mark Sperling reached out to me was a fan of up and vanished unlike me he was also a filmmaker turned podcast or his podcast called Crime town is fantastic there was also his first time taking on the medium over the past few months we kept in touch on the day of reduce arrest he called me everyday to the fullest for we why asking for advice on how to proceed with the podcast where this was a huge break in this case the entire trajectory of my investigation and changed the story was an over the the the and the and the the the the dust settled we call Mark again to talk about were things to go from here inevitably you become emotionally entangled the story not just about telling a great story anymore it's about you know sort of being part of the story even though sometimes I don't put myself in the story The jinx was unique that way but ultimately you're you're emotionally entangled with the people who are telling you their stories and that's a powerful relationship and you become an expert right because you're talking everybody you become an expert I talked to people all day long about Providence Rhode Island it's kind of crazy and some of these people are not in the show for their interviews are in the past but there are still giving me information and these conversations are still sort of influencing the way the show's developed in the story were telling you no but sometimes it's just two guys talking to a guy a girl talking about something they really know well I was trying that for most ill a south Georgia last night I like one in the morning doing where am I right now what the hell am I doing what they doing down here it's like he's become such a fog of just you know going back and forth and never have a moment where you're like What the hell am I doing I feel very much the same way I mean I think one thing that attracted me to show is that the way you're treating your sources and how you are speaking to people and how you are telling the story was extremely pathetic you know you you have a way with dealing with sources I think opens people up rather than closing them down and that's what I try to do as well so I saw sort of fellow traveler and you know you go through the rollercoaster of talking to people you know I've had people in this story in past stories that were a crime story said I talked to have a very long time built a real relationship with them was never able to get them sit in front of the camera or sit for an audio interview that happens you know that's part of it that rollercoaster ride is emotional the only thing you learn from doing it more than once is that time is your friend so you know time eventually irons out all the bumps in the road but it's a long journey and every time I sit down to do this and I get for a get together with the broadcaster somebody in there like we want this thing delivered in six months or three months I'm like That's not possible because the relationship building takes so much time and that's where you get the good story by building those relationships to learn as you go navigate through the case have become friends with some of these people and trying to find a way to get these people the top but after certain point you feel like you're close to them in any way you look at going into is not the same halfway through yeah yeah saying I mean pain it's all about like em this looking for the story the answers of the the obvious story like who did what who and what crime was commited and how was commited and all the ins and outs of the Sherlock Holmes part of the story but there's also this underlying story it's much more important and that's the emotional connections to the material to the story itself you know the people who were affected and the people who are continuing to be affected that's where you get there really good stories and that's what cereal does that's what you're doing you know that's what the jinx did it it transcends the mere mystery of it the I D TV of it and tries to build a story out of the emotional connections with characters who are telling their stories and that's huge you know and that that only comes from building a relationship over time you know I remember someone telling me once and you know that once you do shows you're going to be in these people's lives forever and that's just part and parcel to doing what you're doing right now and that's true I can actually attest to that you know you did these people are part of your life forever despite a wild experience honestly I mean in a way I can and knew what I was getting myself into that same time I really didn't either experiencing it firsthand is extremely different how you envision it I get tons of emails with people asking me how to get started if they want to do something similar to this if they want to make a documentary on a cold case or anything in this genre investigative journalism was hard to give them the answer to that because I just picked up and it didn't really read anything about it I was a fan of shows like The jinx and cereal and I just kind of took what I've learned from being a fan of watching the mystery unfold and turning to the Creator party says just pick up and do it but beyond that one of the rules here what with the guidelines were you looking for I mean when you set out to do something you had I think did you know regardless of whether you guys ended up pulling the curtain back on who murdered Tara and he certainly had a huge influence on the entire story right the reality of it that's when that's when he gets really interesting right when you start your storytelling starts to affect the world outside you know which happen in the jinx and certainly happened with up and vanished and is sort of happening Providence to because you know there's a lot of talk up in Providence about the show it's extraordinarily popular up there and its people are really really talking about it so it's hopefully is making people think about the community they live in but that's an interesting moment when it crosses over to reality back from reality goes to storytelling and then back to reality that's that's when you made an impact in the If you haven't check out Mark's podcast called Crime town it's a captivating portrait of organized crime in Providence Rhode Island the question that's been growing in the back of my mice the rest is where we go from here the goal was to make sure we can bring justice for Tara to tell the whole story leaving no stone unturned tears disappear affected so many lives of the past decade not just of her loved ones in the tele Mozilla also those who work used to all of that every woman for all the names of Ryan and Beau never even been mentioned now the truth is emerging in this case it was time to retrace some steps to hear firsthand from some of those who've been affected by all the rumors of years tears x boyfriend Marcus Harper arguably endured a lot of scrutiny and possibly the most some of tears last document or communication was to his mother Nancy in the email sent just days before she disappeared there were just so many unanswered questions but today I can finally get some answers follow sila last week Harper's mother if you read and invited me into her home told me her story about everything of my memories of her very precious and it's really hard to sit here and say all the memories of her are precious because there are no more she's gone now have things that she was a beautiful person and I enjoyed all of my times with her we had a lot of time when it was just she and I because my husband would be working in a way in though of course my son was away so we would do cocaine we have our dinner together and we put in a movie and just a girl talk or just talking and laughing you know because I don't know some people need this she's very humorous she loved to laugh and so we talk about some things you know that was funny or watch some comedy I could tell she was very organized person and a good school teacher she talked about her students what they meant to her and how hard she worked to teach her classes she went beyond and I respected her for the market yet she described him in the last time she'd seen Tara just a week before she went missing Tara came over to her house unannounced what transpired that day stuck with her forever I looked out the window and I saw her standing out in my yard and I went out to sea or in the high tariff you know and she said I came to to say goodbye mean See innocent to say goodbye what do you mean I just need to say goodbye to you and see one another again we live in a small town and I'm sure we'll run into each other and when we do not say hi Tara how are things going and will embrace each other things always be the same there she just really wanted me to know that she needed to put closure to it and maybe she didn't need that closure but to me what I heard was it was something final it really frightens me I've never heard her speak in this way before the fight you then or now I didn't understand it then it was strange I just felt something different it just felt strange and I didn't understand it but now when I look back and think about that time it may sound weird but it gives me little comfort to know that actually she did get to say goodbye to me even though that's not the way she minute that day she has meant trying to move on from Marcus maybe probably but you know I really don't know I can explain it but I can only tell you how how I felt that day but I did embrace or you know children love her to say that I didn't know what it really neat except that it's always been thought of the biggest things we've discussed over the course of this podcast tears emails to Nancy and one in particular seem sort of alarming in an e mail here said this to Nancy just days before she went missing from my mark is what I said about something happening to me or even him leave as this and something may happen to me asked Nancy about this what she mean by the the thing well I can really tell you what I know she meant ok she just didn't want things to stay the way it was she just wanted one more last chance to say something nice whatever it would be I don't know what she would have said that but that was not in a threatening manner that was not in a dark manner I feel that that statement was just sometimes like we hug or family member before we leave in the morning with some of us do that because we don't know what the days can hold you don't know if you can see your loved one when night falls and I think that's sort of what she meant the case it only terror really knew what she meant but I don't take that isn't dark in the destructive over play and yet she had her anything of that nature it is seen as a whole most of the emails that she had sent to you in the weeks of October seem to show she really was upset she really she really was emotionally distraught about the break and trying to get over it and figuring out what to do she was really confide in with a lot of this stuff well I really did have a lot of contact with or you know when you read words it's not quite as it is when you're sitting across the table from someone that I feel like she was hurt of course any of this would be you know that I feel like there was gonna be okay it was just going to take some time like any office type things happen all the time they did breakups and hurt but you know we get up and we move on and so I thought that everything's gonna be okay one day the day he found out about the arrest of Ryan do you describe to me that day for you in whatever way you can when I first heard Denise my knees were weak it was just incredible news that I just did not believe what I was hearing it was unbelievable I went to the press conference but I remember sitting there and hearing the words and I thought it is possible for a heart to feel to the nations at one time I was rejoice in one side of my heart in the other was morning instant morning because all these years I held on to hope that somewhere out there she could be just you know starting a new life I mean it's not too bizarre in this day it was all final that was it there was the answer and so is something that I had never been able to do personally was to grief because I held on to the hoop and then of course to hear the once that had been accused was innocent because those words terrorist cases solved unbelievable that was a miracle how did you feel when you saw Ryan Duke in the courtroom had so many questions the first thing I thought Oh my goodness they re is why why did he kill her but in the world happened I know we're all thinking this because we can't know the answers to these questions yet I was disturbed disturbed when this is like a dream of looking at him as he was standing there course of study and all and everything Gary is there he is that's what happened to Tara the episode is brought you by frame bridge the walls in your house looking 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family's life I want to say you know have a lot of faith and control to be strong but we're still human you know like I told you before my dad passed away in twenty fifteen And it would have been wonderful if he could have known but the same goes for terrorists mother of course it would have been wonderful if her mother could have actually had answers it was devastating absolutely devastating is all I can think about I don't know how else to say it every waking day every waking hour it was there everyday and yet the thoughts were where is she what happened but still holding on to the hoop maybe somebody will see or some way or maybe they will find going to be okay that was the hope that it didn't turn out that way it's horrible you know we're grieving or greeting because now we have the answer how to feel when people toss around Marcus is name and you knew that your son was innocent very hurtful you're helpless there's nothing you can see there's not anything that you can do this going to make it right into the for the people that wanted to think that way that they were thinking to have to live every day even to go into the small town where some business would have to be conducted and you maybe would have heard this one saying that this person is saying that strive to be quiet just try to keep moving just try to keep surviving but it hurt I would have people to alert me when there was going to be a show on TV and naturally it's like anxiety begin to build the heart start racing and I think I don't want to watch it because on what it's going to be about to say something about my son and most of the time I didn't watch it sometimes I would have to keep from just on the streets that my son is innocent and trying to stay in control is trying to do what would be best is trying to make a good decision that one day hopefully that the faith that I had that would all come full circle one day the answers would come now surely hope and that they would come before I test the way that you know my dad's already known terrorist bombs cone but hopefully the answers would come soon but it was who would've ever imagined that we would have answer style I mean it's unreal we may not have all the answers now but we know to trust the GBI think that just the not knowing everybody in this town wanting answers and pointing blame on Marcus or anybody else to think that kind of made a divide in this community at all with Oh yes see I don't know who those teams are so to speak I don't know who the sides are I could feel it I just tried to keep to myself to tell you the truth no I didn't lock myself in the home now but there are other places to travel there are other places to visit the other was a reason like I said a lot of times I can make another choice to go the opposite direction is sad to say but that's what I did lots of people just wanted to talk about it wanna talk about the negativity in and they may not have mention certain names but it was still negative I was trying to keep us at the positives I could praying and believing in faith and just hope that one day this would all come full circle but there's nothing you can do but there's people doing all of that type of talking and these TV programs that are on occasionally and this is especially every fall in a kind of make you dread even though fall is one of my favorite seasons but I knew what was coming so you dreaded it she could have had a good life if the horrible things happen really believe that she would have been in K one day she could have had a feature will never know that the case it is hard is hard to see him talk to you about this because it's over she's caught he or she will not be with us anymore it's all truly memories now we always hope and now there isn't that was taken away that's when the Greeks started it was the same day that I had the rejoicing because those innocent include him it's unclear how the feel of that feels absolutely amazing it is equally amazing as it is and the other B and devastating it is amazing it was just a miracle I had imagined it happening in my mind how it would happen but I'll tell you this one of my little thoughts I had one day was that she came to visit me and she came inside her house if she did I lock the door of a shoe or she stayed with me until I can let someone know that she was here yeah she see or like I said I can imagine what her dad or stepmom Misty feeling I feel really feel for her dad or stepmom but her day add this was her daddy that's what she called me her Daddy Kane it would be so nice this is just a statement coming from a mom you would be so nice and I know we don't live in a world like I'm about to say it would be so nice that people did not talk ill will against another especially when they're innocent they're so much harm done and they are in it's like throwing a Pebble in a Brook in the ripples just continue to go to anyone that's been guilty of this I really don't know just how deep the hurt the Huskies really hope it stops now that we have the truth and we have answers because now what it's about it's only about one thing no justice for terrorists she deserves that she's at peace but we all got to have closure twelve years later we went to arrest every once in shock the kid leaves these two that's right I've never heard of them until this I've never heard their names I don't know how I felt when I saw Ryan was in shock cherry scone because of you he kept that secret and others probably kept that secret we don't know how many kept that secret maybe it went on for years and years and years and it did not have to people suffered tear suffered the ultimate but we have suffered a case in through the faith and stay in strong and having hope in it all came full circle what you want to happen now what all the truth to be told about what happened I just wish that there was more freedom to speak about what information is probably already been found of course we can't know that right now but that would be wonderful but for that to happen is is what I'm looking forward to justice for Taylor because we all may have been arrests made so I'm just waiting for the whole story for everything we can all get closure if there is such a thing she'll always be in our hearts but to have closure that would be peaceful too many secrets we know she's at peace now but there's too many secrets she deserves that we deserved that everyone that loved her deserves all the truth you know and I couldn't imagine if I was someone out there and I had a bit of information that I was holding it back it could help to fit that piece of the puzzle I hope that everything and everyone that can help to paint this picture in it's complete the the the The The last week paragraphs as Paris' release a statement to the media said the fall we've waited a long time to get to this point our focus our efforts have always been about getting justice for Tara our priority now is to protect the integrity of the investigation for that reason decided not to comment on the case at this time you're grateful for the coverage tears cases had she disappeared in two thousand and five we appreciate all the support that's been shown to alter his family and friends during this very difficult time we realize the public wants more information but we do ask your patience and understanding at this time as the case moves forward we will have more to time we do ask that you keep this in your prayers Billy in county grants to thousands of people seeking home security get ripped off every single day and home security industry wants you to believe it's only option they have moms of salesmen out there trying to scare you of their long term contracts the next thing you know you're writing huge checks every month with no way out but thankfully there's a much better way to protect your home simply safe home security simply save there are no contracts none simply save has award winning twenty four seven protection named best in the industry simply say pass security professionals watching ready to instantly send the police the best part about it it's only fourteen ninety nine a month because simply say supports up and vanished special offer for you to simply save da com slash vanished and check all the new high definition camera and give you ten percent off any order that simply save Doc arm flash vanished simply save dot com slash vanished the charges of murder back in February of next week a grand jury will decide if UK should go to trial grand juries determine if there's enough evidence to indict a criminal suspect that they simply on whether they think the suspect probably committed a crime at trial a different jury would decide whether Duke is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt that the grand jury indict Suzuki would have to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty
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16: Episode 16 : Conspiracy