DiscoverUp and Vanished19: Episode 19 : Brooke's Story

19: Episode 19 : Brooke's Story

Update: 2017-05-2213


Bo Dukes's girlfriend finally tells story.

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this episode of oven vanish contains explicit content that is not suitable for children listener discretion is advised in the forty the agents swarmed a pecan orchard and Ben Hill County the one the students from the rest with the anti anti bodily arson and terrorism charging Alexander do to this is up and danced the investigation of Care grants to your host pale and Z I recently heard a pretty intense story of Wisconsin house caught fire and nobody was home alone time for the neighbors the notice at the end of the day forty thousand dollars in damages priceless items just going online is not there when the fire starts going to be their savior home well simply safe home security user Tricia simply safe was there she was on vacation or home caught fire three states away with simply save the smoke alarm went off in the fire department was alerted immediately they're able to get there in time to savor home simply saves around the clock professional security is just fourteen ninety nine a month and because simply say supports up and vanished special offer for you to simply save dot com flash vanished get ten percent off with simply save twenty four some connection to dispatch in lightning fast response times and all emergencies give it a shot simply say Come Flash vanished in today's episode we play my phone calls of Brooke Sheridan who do scroll from a couple months ago she reached out to me on Facebook and when they ever call this as our first conversation together hey paying even contacted me months and that you have what people define my character my professional life all over the discussion more appropriate if this were a kid especially if you're trying to solve a murder case I don't think so many stories resigned on the true story he was going to sell ratings you want the truth here's the story I found out on gamely to him what happened to Tara told me everything my mother contacted a friend of hers who used to work the DNA in order because I've known from before I went to Jia an hour of when you're living with heart and strive for and that you know they have the things a little acid a local person here people I like these he's a part of the whole Islam is a little whisper her long time away if ever you like to think about and get the podcast somebody else's life and talk about leisure say that he was not a good boy both told me everything tell me everything out and everything was going to love people throughout the years exactly what happened those things over the issue that I knew where all and basically he felt he owed me an explanation because the way that he is trying to basically shut out of I never bought anything that would continue to try to make you pay over the years I was listening for a couple weeks because I mean yes yes and that is not something say Oh here's what the talk about it okay and a couple weeks for this family for a moment ago that letter and their allies isn't perfect and you know I then sat down with the family and home said you know tell me something in to get a correct people on a cultural body that was a tiring journey to find out you know there will be legal in this case is really for much the same time showing her district attorney Mary for her in contact with me the idea suddenly came and she told the Allentown her that you know something about Terrence aka exactly what she said to be the same contact with them in a consent order was in getting you into a house in another life and after a couple days later I will contact Amy came over to the house that they said our hands for a couple hours to come out of the orchard and told him everything and that in turn started to cycle leading to a grinder a problem with this I cannot remember his roommate's name being around her and I mean their taxes that you know I can gaze between me and yeah rose told me that and basically the following Sunday after she had a similar thing on a Saturday night next Sunday early afternoon and that girl had on hand and homeless legality of the house and seeing her eye and it is light on and kill germs anyway and then those are made to injury from Ryan's brother Stephen and I don't stain and disease are saying things like air well they didn't think anything of it is you know whatever world and one day when she goes missing that's when I was like holy crap what happened after rumor around another vehicle in reading the following Wednesday Ryan came in and coming writer thinker on and hold on to Jeremiah was low in the truck and it was only one church that has sometimes seen in a C USA in the get together at his house where was Ryan Ryan was there when they all passed out that's when Ryan had taken his truck can last how many people were there I will woo woo me in you know these names in the master and her memories of things and honestly for me or is an unethical and nine it was awry in my brother and in some other people that were there they found in nearly every take her car and whatever he did to this day cannot tell you was it was a minus sign in the past and why did you this I asked him several times several times and was Ryan's boss even have to take that from the amount of heat and he would never say honestly that was as though they know me know that we got in on itself ought to you that it is very odd very odd I mean we think that if you were to go to the links that voted to help cover this up you would get some sort of definitive answer at San Juan from becoming a different enemy I don't know if trying to say to them we're not saying they are looking to get in on the land I'm not saying that and I try my worries and he did it why he did and he seems to think it was from him knowing Ron if he does because they were best friends never saw one of the industry so basically things from for a sexual thing or it was wonderful it would feel I know far and what happened the night air and yelled at and that's true Lily got on the street Ryan used those to take a bite to the doctor yes yes what time they pass out that though everybody else the L the Hour saying he wanted all this around an hour they're in the ballgame at them in a way that Ryan Snell presumably sort of early in the notice well I I what her laugh and a hint Americans or later that next day now I do know that I mean what was even told I can just tell you yes or no when Ryan shows in the body via sell to someone else with what's going on there am sure the lads and apparently I have finally filled in only their synopsis team and this is all going from my memory installed and it also has been you know that the city by the GBI issue and when the media after the lecture I was in that corner the heat of the hay but apparently she had been moved back and the like of the path where the water like it when it won an order them and so and where I was really a diverse you know that as of now there are no noticing their eye that she is known as a couple of days you can tell you without going into gory detail the years if you know the difference between Livermore Livermore the winning name is Turner and any data as the body you know learning we have to also remember that during peak in a perfectly controlled arms and behind there there was like pine trees when they are awfully pattern didn't have to I don't it took I really wanted to go in detail the state out there for weeks in his truck and day out there for Lee because he was he had come to terms with the leak in the end he was trying to apologize why did you learn a lot and yet I don't feel it in you know who he gets older that I don't know I can't think for what he hears those but first a Colt Brooks I still could wrap my mind around the idea that Bo had no clue where I had done this this seemed incredibly odd idea the BOE will all of this heinous act because Ryan inadvertently threatened him that sounded fishy to the next time I talk to Brooke Astor some more pressing questions she started giving more details listen to that call next 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cards and just nine nine nine so don't wait go to Vista Print dot com Use the promo code up because of the graphic insensitive nature of the next part of this episode I wanted to give you a heads up this is not at all suitable for children so please use your best discretion were you ever played to what actually happened to her person her keys no the the air and thrown in a dumpster in his chair behind a laundromat now I don't know if when this happened the laundromat was there because from understanding the city if it will strip however whatever is you have been more developed than it was that man but if I'm not mistaken I believe that his aunt actually owns a laundromat there now I don't know if it was in there now from what I understand that from what the staff like he doesn't know if he tried to put her body in the dumpster and can't do it and he just tossed her purse in her teens there and took her to the watcher but I don't know why he just gets you just want to get rid of the E we think and that probably made the connection he probably tried to dump her body there first and he couldn't understand the lifting body into a dumpster over your head would be quite difficult the Annie is a credit card to get your home the Yes the the your guess is as good as mine the ore the the the like you that's why the burglary charge and are the you know I don't think he when they are said to brought her home saying he was more of a sexual theme I I don't know I don't know what his motive the extra liners can be that position and second over as well from what Bo told me the much better I believe when he asked him and yet don't we work toward own ass that Ryan basically said you know it's your truck it's your family's land I am like a light you know it's it's um we go to Friar you what why yes he did and he said that she was laying out that she looked like blue ocean breezes and that she may not have an incline as she has no clothes no no never sent here to read he say ok yeah only said and even today sure your land your family's land in one minute twenty one years old think murder is about to get to know me I don't I don't know what's in their lives to Him that I can imagine being a young John twenty one year old you just kind of act on and I don't know I can explain that I don't know why he was scared I mean if you were twenty one her friend and someone that you think you're right I would be scared to death do us over the years has XY and and know that their lead as he never told anybody in his family I don't believe he had told an Army buddy of holes in its own business and I told them I can only all the people he's told us that the Police division's me and he has XY had surrendered and very years ago and she basically blackmailed and you're saying if you leave the cops tell me everything that's why they are together longer than a shot every time he asked Ryan about it or talk to him about it was a little shy which he was shameful it was and why you know alas now or it was a look of shame which I think and to me makes as a liar he went there within chance to do something like sexual assault or rape or something like that because he was ashamed to tell about it that's why he did so while I was scared was going to turn on you and I guess he did after his family's land I mean there was tons of things his grandpa there was a senator or representative it was just the backlash I guess we'll come back and you know I don't know I don't know I can answer that I can only say that what he's told me that he was scared why do it now come forward now because I made him confess to me like I told you before you know I found out we were still together we broke out shortly thereafter while Lance and I found out January can't like I was trying to get it accesses and stuff today when I told my sister to come to my mom's house and a nice and tall when that day was and I believe it was probably early February when that happened when I tell my family and and mom made the call because you know I needed to nap or going to be legal ramifications for me knowing farmer and saying lah found out we are still together I didn't know if he knew that's what the ramifications from and what they think he would have done anything to me that you know that's just the kind of thought that I had to make sure that Alice and away from their skin I'm so I've hold on she talked to her three ninety and he put her in contact with the GBI and she talked to the GBI you know within at least in a night and then a day from the town that over she gave them my contact number in order for me to talk to Dan because I was at work when she called them and the GBI agent owns the house we sat down and talked to or share all my staff was still because don't relate it all in all of were still at his place most stuff and so I axed the GI why do I so have to go over there and it must die and he said I'd only had that Wednesday and Thursday off and so he basically said Friday you know you have me to make arrangements to bury all of her stuff because Friday it's going to have to come out like we're going to question that he said would you be willing to wear a liar and there and talk to and or recorded phone conversation and you know what the line today and me thinking as a warm and I didn't receive that kind of wipes or he would do something to me but one was upset over the break that to you know there are other gone on between us and that led to lobby burqa I don't know what kind of state of mind he was and I didn't want to go there and me having to be moving staff getting stuff in my car I was thinking what if it's hot air or because it's like a recorder and whatever says Oh and hey sad I said No I don't need to need wind and together s and the staff and I told him basically re not right and that I was having casual conversation you know how the Dan region okay because I've spoken with them for that I called him to ask him if it was a chance to get lost and he was very upset he was crying you just long he was himself basically so however they are actually over there but I really must stand how are you doing whatever and granted I was angry with that because of all this and because it was a little rough pasts our relationship I was angry not only was dying in an hour's nap because I had made my life and career start Mussina was light I said this is a movement that you can hang on to all of this for the steal I can do what is our deep and true and we are dealing with that game and it was it was all fun and I were there not holding that you need to come clean about all of this I said you can't let his conscience said that family deserves to know I said How would you fill it with me and nobody talks and you knew that somebody knew what happened yes and how you gonna start crying and he said I know I know you said you have to confess that there is no option to be an asshole in the set looked hearty talk with the GBI said you have to confess and you need to tell them everything I said you know a decision a long time ago as they don't understand that you were scared and I understand that you know what everyone head is that you have to come for that family needs closure and the people are innocent need to be remains to be cleared okay okay now I don't know what would've happened if he had an icon for the sandbox or not he would commit it you know because this wasn't the first I mean it was the first time that you talk to monitor the New Deal of the demon like that for so long and it just grabs a hold of you and it eats you and you think you have you don't deserve to live I mean you'd hold on to it for years and then you finally come
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19: Episode 19 : Brooke's Story