DiscoverUp and Vanished20: Episode 20 : Queensland

20: Episode 20 : Queensland

Update: 2017-06-067


The investigation continues as Payne Lindsey uncovers new details and circles back to old evidence.

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the eyes of young virgins we just release a new podcast called sworn to by defense attorney Melvin as contributor Philip always sworn they'd use on Wednesday June fourteenth and you can subscribe to an I tunes right now press pause and search for sworn your podcast up and check out the trailer stay tuned to the end of the episode for some more insight from Philip Holloway about the new podcast subscribe this war now on i tunes and be the first to hear it on Wednesday June fourteenth this episode of up and vanish contains explicit content that is not suitable for children listener discretion is advised that separate the speculation from something that actually has an origin for somebody especially witness something or was told something by somebody who had some involvement in something the the we heard a lot of stories in the end when Randy was arrested and some of my does dismiss at hand because my many people knew about it there I think at least twelve people knew about TV and as you are in the hole the is interviewed at least one person involved in this the sure probably them the were in the the in the four A J I agents swarmed a pecan orchard and Ben Hill County the one the students for the rest of the anti anti bodily and terrorism charging Alexander do from her for TV industry Savannah is up in bed the investigation that arrogance and your host team Lindsey I become emotionally attached the story but everyday people and letters on stay objective point of this podcast was if I know what happens here Green said now that we discover that something evil in him this has happened that era by default this podcast is now an advocate of justice for what happened to Tara I myself what the person or persons responsible for killing terror grants to covering up for murder to pay for their actions but this is not a witch hunt this is not about seeking vengeance this is about justice and finding the truth about holding people accountable every person accused of a crime in our country get to have their day in a courtroom in their own chance to defend themselves one of the most instrumental roles the media plays in America is transparency checks and balances for years this is existed in many cases throughout history it served as a catalyst for change in our society it's helped shape who we are as a nation a nation that demands accountability for each other's actions and all around us the different forms of media news reporting and the methods of getting that information to you are constantly changing and inevitably over the years traditional media outlets have become a part of a giant industry was fueled by millions of dollars and one that's divided by their own unique political views each with their own agenda and strategy for the new generation this is now an era of heightened awareness a new instinct to now question what you're hearing and seeing all the time constantly seeking journalism that is unbiased in this change happening all around us is open the door for people like me a new challenge will be seeing here just enter your own two feet have a voice of your own in right now in the case that Irvin said that's exactly what advantage does it's a new form of media is a new form of delivering information and most importantly its own voice a voice that is not bound to unwritten rules or standards a voice that isn't built are shaped by a bigger agenda a voice that isn't scared to stand alone in question the authority will stop at nothing in attempt to find the truth that's because the podcast is only me I don't have a dog and all I have my own conventions is a person in my own moral compass and unadulterated search for truth for justice fueled only by passion and sincere tea in the way have reported the story of terror instead has been a constant evolution I've talked to people like Brooke Bo Duke's girlfriend these are one on one phone calls that often last for hours for this thing from a traditional interview setting most of the time just a conversation between two people because of this has become much more personable than I could've ever imagined myself talking to people like they're my friend or someone closer to me not just the subject of an interview one of my last phone call took Sheridan after heated disagreements discussing those actions conversation went like this I knew the area and all the ways to infuse the field the way the interior has the overall world to the power to handle the backlash from the US on the wound to the story and trust in the fact that you told the truth and that's all that matters the art are the key to the really you know me well on the war in Iraq joining our conversation say the least but at the end of the day that's what it was just a real conversation between two people the point I'm making is that in every single way whether I even like it or not my reporting on this case my relationship to it is something completely different than what it was my store this podcast as I dig deeper for the truth I become entwined with different people create countless relationships that now extend far beyond the case of terror instead it's all a balancing act of staying true to myself keeping my word to others and always challenging what is out there standing up for what I believe is right is a person so as you listen to the rest of this podcast unfold just remember this is no longer just a story to me this is not a random cold case that I google anymore this is something much bigger and much more important to me you'll continue to see this as the last chapters of the story unfold several parts of the story according to what Brooke told me seem strange ass Marines got when to give me his own analysis of books phone calls with me here's what stood out to him her how she said that they were having a party at Boo's and grounds there and the roommate Stephen which is Ross' and it was football game for supper and that when other people their past found awesome swim ride a truck your the past know that truck left I do not believe this one did kick the main hed just choose had to be something crawling get it it just right while the diaper he just Terra that Trujillo straight from Fitch zero Park St Pete Rose rush straight to the address some of the true him to address her clothing was removed between death and the hand that we can see it sometime during that time of clothing was for what purpose was so close and he said that she was laying that looked like bluish and that she did not have one cause it could be sexual parks post mortem sexual activity that I could only assume because if you can somebody take it that far in the area one towels clothes trash that because they could easily be traced or found someone we tried our best try to destroy the body of habit that's predicated Om wat it was true suit we or be new it every time he asked Ryan about a wee wee or talk to him about it was a little shy it thus it was shameful it was and why he at last now were it was like shy the photos I cherish her however we have seven out of prison to live in the community he has to minimize his involvement which really was going home with the narrative that first past months he knows why Terrence Kiel the Even if the hope of details about the we don't really know if they are true we don't know if what love is total breach the wee but when they all passed now that when the second truck left the people with their eye on the day we heard a story about the gas passing out on still and Boesch trunk entrapment us a look you'll tear the end he used a credit card to get your home the the Yes the terraced all to see inside all the terrible how Rob broke into her house with a credit card not wish to sleep and Ali would have barked at someone standing on the front porch I am not convinced that Ron Gay entry to terrace house using a plastic or the porch light was on Halloween last year Om and Rab would have standing to porch and fiddle with the US for wow if he did is 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code up U P you'll save fifteen percent off your first order as for Enbridge duck awesome promo code up how to bow know every detail about the crime except for how Ryan kill Tara or why killed or in all the hours that I talk to book in the phone she never once said The Ryan told Bo what happened but Bo did however know countless details about the crime where tears purse and keys were there Ryan used his truck and even how Ryan got into our house with a credit card but according to Brooke who never knew why Ryan did it because supposedly I would never tell them it was a complete gray area a huge hole in the story those admitted to doing a very awful in heinous thing burning tears body please remember the bow admitted this so it's safe to assume that at least that part of the story is true but have so many holes in all the other important parts of the story leads me to believe he may be severely minimizing his role at the end of my last call it broke she pointed out to me she thought were discrepancies in the states indictment against Ryan Duke the indictment alleges that Ryan Duke kilter with his hand singular after e inner with the intent to commit a theft in this last part of our conversation she told me that the indictment was different from what Ryan told Beau home the thing I don't know here to remember when I told him how the actor's death about guilt even though I told you about what he said to her about my FYP is trying to lessen the weight he's not even saying anything the lesson here is that what happened and how well you know who the only other person would tell me again exactly what he said how we are not only about marked on my lover exactly are they this was after we talked for hours she told me that Ryan never told both exactly what happened so Astor again well what did Ryan tell though how to vote no Ryan's record her how her mind and soul in the Rye and that the ER with yourself and use the car together how they happened that she didn't really have an answer again but I held on for a few more minutes when Ryan said he had brought their record to get into ur door when they happen after that the hat and a freebie hill like a do or how or why you go there we still hardly covering him to graze over it this is we're hearing this it is very weird to be on us a lot of the book told me was weird she seem to tell me things a little bit differently each time she told me something for example I asked her about her relationship with Bo the first to tell me this in our broken the eye then the second time like I told you before you know I found out we were still together actually there in the third time a couple weeks for August police later on I broke out these phone calls went to the CBS show forty eight Hours aired a short interview clip with Brooke and then the hosts of The Morning Show reacted and she still with him that's what I bode did confess he told his deep dark secret and that led to Ryan's arrest and yes they are still together so which one was was trying not to over analyze everything the one more thing Gleason out to me after all how you know from my car and then whatever he did to this day cannot tell you the uh the uh you know apparently that for an eight acre park she said Ryan had taken her as in tears real tears Corps had metal and tires in the driver's seat was pushed back was this just a word slip or two conflicting stories why she say it was way out past our best when we ran to take her car and on what everybody is either two things she interjected her car to purposely mislead or she let slip out new information if it is true about her caller ID that puts a new twist on the original narrative that rot to Boesch truck without permission to travel to a sila he'll tear mm mm the big problem that she's creating for self is that by saying different things to different people at different times as it shows the jury that she's capable of talking out of both sides or mouth it really gives a good defense attorney a lot to deal with on cross examination to show that she's not a credible witness to show that the things that she says should not be believed by the fury at the end of the day this trial is really about reasonable doubt and if her multiple prior inconsistent statements are sufficient to give rise to reasonable doubt that's really all it takes for the defense to get a not guilty verdict everytime she makes a statement to anybody whether it's to a television network is to a friend family member to anybody at all really if she says anything different on the witness stand they can use those prior inconsistent statements against her to basically let the jury know she is not to be believed is classic impeachment of a witness and it's done by a skillful cross examiner when their intention is to raise reasonable doubt in defense of their client often times witnesses talk to different people and they forget exactly what they said to one person and they say it to another person another way and even a slight difference can give rise to a big question about the witnesses credibility she really is playing with fire by making multiple prior inconsistent statements because the defense attorneys really going to be able to dig in during cross examination if it rises to the level of reasonable doubt then guess what the defendant is found not guilty anytime a witness sets foot in the witness caught any time a witness incident witness chair their credibility immediately becomes an issue in the case if they've made prior inconsistent statements the skilled cross examiner can bring that out and show a jury that hey this person doesn't remember what they said from onetime to the next talking out of both sides of the mouth the same time you can't believe it's classic cross examination and I would expect nothing less if she's a witness in this case everyone knows time is money and with steps to come you have to waste that precious time your editor for TV we used to come for all for mailing I can mail any letter any package just using my computer and printer then the mailman comes and picks it up I don't ever go to the post office with that thought come I can feel everything from postcards to envelopes or packages domestic or international you just click print mail and they are done unlike the post office steps not come never closes print postage for letters or packages at your convenience twenty four seven is flexible and reliable even send you a digital scale automatically calculates exact postage I used to have to come because I don't have time to go to the post office and frankly I just don't want to and right now you can do is to have snuck onto the special offer that includes a four week trial plus postage and a digital scale without long term commitments to stamp stuck home click the microphone the top page and type in up U P that stands the cum promo code up the steps not come to never go to the post office again those omitting certain parts of the story besides Ryan Duke and self who else can know what really happened that night after several months of research I think I may have found the answer to that question it's a long story and it all started back in August of two thousand sixteen right after a push to the very first episode I was given a name by someone a name I don't feel comfortable mentioning yet the name that eventually led me to a picture of a poison the back of a black pickup truck this unnamed person who I will call Jim Deal was in this picture too among seven other boys I censor this picture several times during the month of August but as for its significance was absolutely clueless but then a few months later I learn from Reese got when the infamous story of the suicide note a story that to this day has always perplexed me to refresh your memory back in episode seven reached home is for the kid who committed suicide Knoxville Tennessee take some time now in two thousand pm this individual he drove to Knoxville Tennessee and he got into prayer position and he shot a seven day until the PR wrote a letter he said he could not live with himself anymore that he knew what happened Tara he was threatened and he saw something that he should have seen are sucked into the As you not want me to make or online in the letter he listed twelve individuals nines Bravo two or three graduates of Maryland beat when these individuals need to beat out rather than naming the person right I rushed right out could he have said here are twelve people hopefully mom will tell you in mopping and this is the recently landed upon the full lists of names on that suicide note on that list was Jim Deal the same name have led me to this picture in the first place now I had two reasons to hold on this picture but only until after the arrest of Ryan and Beau did all the pieces begin to fall into place among those eight boys in the picture right there in the middle was twenty one year old Bo Duke's with his arm around Jim Diehl not this my full attention since stories of a party on the peak in order to begin to surface I shifted my attention back towards this picture was this the seven to eight guys that broke was talking about how many people when their eye one thing I kept digging I kept finding more and more pictures all the same time period of late two thousand and five and all the same exact guys in the pictures this was the click that Bo Duke's hung out with on a regular basis and often times the parties out there on the orchard so what's the point the point is that Brooke told me there were people out there in the orchard that night the night Bo claims Ryan snuck off in his truck broke into tears house and murdered her completely undetected it wasn't as Ryan Dukes roomie said the notice and leave that night was also the seven to eight guys to likely the same seven to eight guys in this picture I'm staring at right now and what about the sporty that was rumored to have happened the following weekend one of those army buddies told me that in the version of the story he was told Bo was burning tears body out on the orchard at a party with people around again likely the same people that are in this picture the question is do they know is happening at the time or going Ryan destroying tears remains right there in plain sight and they were just none the wiser the bottom line is either way there's now more people to talk to more people that may possess the information we need to fill up all the gaping holes and Bo Duke story like that tell me more of the truth lies in the picture of those boys the boys around the orchard the night air was murdered in the same eight people were likely there and though I were still destroying her in the fire the following weekend to disprove or validate any of this I had to solve some of the basic elements of the story literally hours after I induce arrest a few months ago I got a call from someone play a part of this call for you in episode fifteen you might remember the the uh the the the uh the the you know the about the seniors go the the CVS said that his name never appeared on the radio format is not a question that you be uh at the exact scenario that played no two weeks after his fear the people engaged in quite a bit that they knew they were used to cover the way this all ties together the story of local law enforcement received a tip back in two thousand and five to search a pecan orchard is true that some serious credence to the story of going awry and destroying tears remains the next week in a fire with numerous people I know the cause why the nobility little R R I A E Billy wanted all of the no hit no they had never been and ya know that live here he broke the metal the key and then when I bought the ground and gentle either Ryan vu or both of them had been to Friends of the party of the orchard one week later that they kill to insulate all took a serious enough to inform local law enforcement and Ryan Duke was then interviewed in a search was conducted on the orchard if all four Smith in fact perform a search in the orchard there would almost certainly have to be a record of a somewhere right so first order with the basics went to the OC will start with the Steve assay to look through old newspaper archives the steam engine to me he recalled a search that was performed back in two thousand and five by local law enforcement took place in an area near Fitzgerald called Queensland he believed that it might be related right after Tara went missing there were several articles about searches conducted by Early County Sheriff's Department deputies Allen Morgan Nelson poll were cited as the officers in charge after a few more flip through the archive I found that dusty was talking about that could've been the original surge is that the air or off the pounds but where in Pinal County Queensland was an unofficial district near Fitzgerald but dusty didn't know exactly where it was we decided to ride out to the pecan orchard ourselves and see if Google Maps to help us like Queens The it was almost midnight time there was the seal streetlight on the road said it was creepy is a complete understatement all I this is super creepy I mean it really the the yeah well Google Maps search for
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20: Episode 20 : Queensland