DiscoverUp and Vanished22: Episode 22 : The Gag Order

22: Episode 22 : The Gag Order

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Finally, some truth.

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the last two weeks I've been flooded with emails and messages from locals ano sila were all very angry very vague and misguided way they're all angry because they feel like the podcast has disrespected them many of these direct messages to me were filled with threats of violence and legal action but the strangest thing about it I've never once mentioned any of these people by name on this podcast none of them but it seems that somewhere weeks through my investigation I did a nerve in this case with a select group of people as a general rule of thumb I try my best to steer clear of wild speculation only fall the facts in this case the problem is that in this case as we've all learned the facts are very hard to find there are several reasons for that one the GBI has kept this case file which is the largest in history the state of Georgia a secret from the public for well over a decade they chase down hundreds of leads and obtain DNA swabs from over two hundred people in tears life all of which had nothing to do it all with what actually happened to Tara and two for the most part before this podcast was around almost all tears close associates are alive and remain silent in the GBI was never able to officially rule anybody out as a suspect in this case and finally as we all learned over the past few months going Ryan were not the only people who happen to tear everyone I've talked to is lying we know there was a search that happened just a few weeks after tear when missing out there in the orchard based on that if the Ryan Dube told someone at a party one night that he kill Tara in Bo Duke said himself that he too told multiple people about this over the years but no one did anything so to me the problem with this case is pretty clear secrecy and silence a select group of people ano sila have chosen to remain silent over the years and withhold valuable information that could potentially solve this case as early as two weeks after Tara Grant said this appeared to the recent threats I've received stinging from practically zero basis only underscore this problem even more I'm not pointing a finger at anyone the GBI said Ryan to kill Tara not me the GBI and Bo Duke himself said that he burned his body in the pecan orchard not me close friends of Bo Duke said the other people in their friends' circle knew about this not me Bo's girlfriend Brooke said that eight people were there Bo Ryan's house that night not me to let this be a public service announcement to everyone out there all the facts the only thing will ever report on if you think that these facts are wrong then by all means come tell the world what the real story is if you can't do that then my eyes you're exactly the reason this case to twelve years this all you chose to sit back hiding under a rock while rumors and speculation ran wild and now a decade later I choose has been two years of my life dedicated to finding the truth in this case and then you emerge from the wood works ready to sling mud and try to paint me is the problem so here's my message to all of you don't be a coward your measly efforts at trying to stop me from finding the truth are working to all those people both locally ano sila and all over the world show me your support I want you to know that I sincerely appreciated there's only two episodes left I will stop at nothing to find the truth today in the forty D I agents swarmed a pecan orchard and Ben Hill County the the the the uh the the uh from tinder for TV and industrious Atlanta this is up and vanished the investigation that arrogance said I'm your host team Lindsey think about all the precautions you take every single day you've probably got a case to protect your phone protection against identity theft when your credit cards in all that is just the stuff in your pocket what about the things that are truly important like your family are you taking those same precautions for them simply save to help you do that by protecting your home your family with absolutely your head you can order simply safe online is completely wireless it comes pre programmed to work right out of the box you can install yourself in under an hour there's no installation or activation fees no holes in your walls unsightly wires simply saves round the clock monitoring with emergency dispatch is only fourteen nine nine a month and there's no long term contracts in right now simply safe is having its biggest ever Summer Sale you can get one hundred dollars off the exclusive Summer package going to simply say Come Flash vanished but hurry this sale in July thirty first that's one hundred dollars off simply safe talk on Flash vanished the the are very well the the Raiders to the county can fish fight was over there and they see jump somebody with a baseball bat near que la de very badly and the band and give me trouble and was a resident of drugs or follow the basic out things they do this for free it comes will always do things they're always covered each other this was just one more thing to go before the the the early source is going Ryan's group of friends report of a huge fight back in two thousand for the left two men nearly beaten to death as the story goes those group of friends were never charged instead three men from Fitzgerald became the scapegoats this fight was so big I think either had to be a record of it somewhere so I first went to those lost or cuts sure enough dusty knew I was talking about right away somebody says something to somebody on the phone and often this big posse of people but the only people who got arrested were three after Fisher made for the body in a dusty seem to know about the story even recall there being an article about in the paper back in two thousand for some pretty surprising to me that a local fight would make the front page news all accounts this was not your typical neighborhood fight according to witnesses them a second fire apparently broke out when a group of young men from or when admin you can ease about ten to fifteen in number came to the Mystic location ready to fat into fifteen o hundred forty years of people there this was a huge brawl that involved dozens of people some reportedly with pipes and baseball bats and it left two men nearly dead one of them an older man in his mid sixties who apparently was just trying to break up the fight was the sole author Joseph Stone all this trail residence as I read the names of the men and Fitzgerald were charged in this fight one of those names ring a bell in my head Julie Stone Jesse Stone is the guy that talked to before the park guests who told a story about being the truck with her I clicked the Joey was someone I talked to before and never mention his name in the podcast but you probably remember a story The The The The The The The The The The The The pull of the The albeit a bit of money but Joey told me but I'm back in two thousand five he had been out there on the pecan orchard remember there being a huge fire trucks around and introduce being there Joey Sander truck and talked to a guy that he didn't know for about an hour that the day on the couch looking back on it he thought that it may have been Ryan Duke he was talking to the truck ironically a black truck as he recalled the end as I went back to re listen to the so call myself I realize one more detail he told me about his conversation in the black truck methinks was Ryan do I mention the fight from two thousand and four according to my first source Ryan's friend circle with the major players in this fight but they all got off Scot free according to the paper Joey stone to other men from Fitzgerald with the ones charged to the crime before going ahead of myself I wanted to call Joe Egan was his side of the story called him back to see the Ganga whole Verizon to its name yet have the creature eye surgery and see if you believe you re back and or who may know slanderous they say they have used the word allegedly or this that other guy said I said I hit a guy with the high which is totally fall it's is so very strange in that story that the story that God is just fabrications Leigh Maida stores still nearly thirteen years later Joey Stone played his innocence and claimed he was just a scapegoat for both circle of friends Joey was a very close to Bo's friend circle he only knew them through his friend Louis who was also charged in the fight Louis was good friends with a guy named Josh Bowden who ran in the circle of Bo Duke's friends Josh Bowden had invited Lewis to the order that one night he brought along Joey stone that's when Joey sat in the truck we now thinks is Ryan Duke I mean Josh and Lewis were close I had always been close and I don't this is the most of the people he was with nobody is Josh Harding its aroma about Joe's a future light cone use these boys are helping jobless again it is a solid fact in my mind that Josh is the one who called us out he was the ringleader two rounds solve the case to the five he was the man none of the people here just to stir I threw us under the bus to ruin my life but it was all because I just found it a lot of names to remember trust me I know as I learn more and more about this story began to see why this might be so important according to Joey was essentially started by Josh about it Joey stone was charged with a felony he said that still haunts him today and as for Josh Bowden and the rest of those friends they were never charged and Joey says that's not my coincidence just sit himself with O my sons will be involved in about hours with nothing even though he was the Number one order of He was the guy who started it all Josh Barron is the son of Paul Brown in the district attorney for the Tiffin Judicial Circuit covering Irwin County Two men were hospitalized and nearly beaten to death so this crime was not going unpunished and here was a guy who is convinced that the district attorney Paul Bowden claimed the fight on him and his two friends in order to shield his own son and his close friends from any of the charges I wasn't there so I can tell you what happened that night but if Joey story had any truth to it it deftly makes things look a little shady and that arrogance to case it was the best in jail for nine years as if we do when a child it been nine years we have to serve he was willing to do that just cite his son because his son was one done it up on a horse and they will add a lot of their own peril what I gather from it and is also why I don't talk about its ice before all this cheery instead step program similar to those teachers that he was even a good law and then after that chat no more than find them can be found on social media and when I learn and I was like being a sows ear How to disappear at that moment not been seen in years the teachers his girlfriend's house to house certain character instead breaks out again he's nowhere to be fam the dishes small town corruption know they have been going on for 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the five it was kind of famous only because this is a lot of people involved and there's always been rumors about there be in cover ups for as far as to dig in and Amina obviously three gas or Bistro that's not the names you heard of the unwanted it was right Joey really have a reason to be mad about this because he was charged but the store he told me wasn't really that crazy if so many others were involved in the fight were only three people charged all of Joey's friend was fossil was friends with Josh Bowden was also charged in the fight we had the region's when we got out of and thank my dear and loving him Cass Lewis how well he knew just about anything you Bo Ryan to have a boat in on line some of us to know who Justin Yoo Justin playing in the jar now it is about the stories about this fight began to highlight but always thought was a serious issue in this case the gag order will know what the Magi to the moment you off in keeping things down to live by my sister Amy and I was a thousand is a verse from this and to our house Jonah is in the four days of riots arrests Judge Melanie Cross signed into effect a gag order preventing all long for Smith suspects potential witnesses from speaking about the case every news report I read about this claim the gag order was requested by Ryan Dukes Public defender John Mobley Allen County Public defender John Mobley who is representing murder suspect Ryan Duke as for the gag order right after his client was arrested a few weeks after the gag order was put into effect several prominent media outlets came together to oppose some claiming that the extreme vagueness all encompassing nature of the order was completely unconstitutional the media lawyers urged the judge to at least revise order limiting who is covered in opening up records that are normally public record I was there in the courtroom that day on both sides of the courtroom where the two opposing parties pleading their case to the judge the or are the the one side with the representatives from news outlets and their attorneys each making their own argument about why the gag order was unjustified on the other side of the courtroom was Ryan Dukes defense attorney John Mobley because he was the one who requested the gag order in the first place in the The John Mobley was the only one speaking to the judge that day in favor of the gag order he wasn't the only one sitting at the table right there beside them was Paul Bowden the district attorney who's prosecuting Mr. Maltese client for felony murder I am by no means an expert when it comes to the court process but this to me appear incredibly ironic why would the district attorney be there in favor of the gag order to Ryan do is not his client is it normal to go out of your way to show support for something that's supposed to give the person you're prosecuting a better chance of fighting off the charges or is there more than one reason for this gag order every article I can find about the gag order said it was requested by Ryan Dukes attorney all but one that is published in a local official paper called The Herald Leader on March eighth two thousand and seventeen with a different story the article reads the gag order was placed on investigators in the grandstand case by Tiff Circuit Superior County Judge remains in place one long for an official did say that the district attorney's office asked for the gag order as a means to maintain some control over the case information I had heard that before this was true in a lot more sense district Attorney Paul Bowden will be sitting at the table with Ryan Dukes defense attorney that day the article was written by a man named Tim Anderson gave him a call to get some clarity on this the first thing that I asked was where that requests for the gag order came from it all that came from the office every defense attorney with for a gag order in every trial that would be even remotely unusual but the A's reasoning as I understand it is that they're worried about finding an impartial jury the attorney for Georgia Press is David Hudson and David knows more about open records in the modern state he said that that that you don't the lala is not written so that you always have to have a deaf dumb and blind juror to have that pre knowledge does not disqualify your injury so what's the deal was a sucess to light the eleven years after the fact is not when you said everybody I mean is that horses left well I say I probably did it on but I know this is like saying that so obviously was involved in a deep serious way of how to win only one involved in or actual murder and we don't think it's a foregone conclusion any of this because of the body but what is before that whenever I find that out for this and the engines in plays of the courtroom to be a lot of people trying to keep troops in Germany now for their personal reasons because their son or their nephew with or who ever had someone vomitted on them drawn into it and there's 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in lastly again change it change everything we thought we knew about this case who we all would have been studying the case have you know that I was really crazy because that of about three miles from my grandfather having the little town of one red light where everybody knows everything he mentioned several times to me about his grandfather having worked closely in the case he was the one standing next to Ryan do in the courtroom that day I learn nothing substantial or call but only keep in touch four months later just a few weeks ago he texted me he said how is my grandfather related to Ryan he sent me this text shortly after release the last episode where this phone call saying that your hair stand on the lion is related to Nelson Park who is editing that what unites the courtroom for his arraignment today is get to share was Nelson Polk disguise grandfather to refresh your memory Nielsen poll was an officer at the Irwin County Sheriff's Department supposedly it was Nelson Pool and another officer named Alan Morgan who perform this search in the pecan orchard back in two thousand and five Allen Morgan Mike Nelson Park in Allen Morgan the heart of the investigation is to couple weeks back she went missing in the pecan orchard called him back immediately and this time he gave me a lot more detail about what he was trying to tell me the first time Nicole even before the gag order throughout the years his grandfather Nelson Pool never told much about this case even when he asked him about it every time I've ever asked them about it a collector of art and to top it is a member of the Deer Mother at anything above a cop but everything about the case whenever this verse has been the levers you know anything about it remember looking into those look like he had the light heavyweight as Paul says it may look dark base going anything new going on with after today that they all ran off the off camera the whole of anything to them and those that are not doing that Bellamy twenty years Allen is it demanded more than what we know this the way we would see it you don't help cover the pot for all of the people in our room right now he was extremely bothered by this but who wouldn't be too full this case your whole life to hear over a decade later your grandpas name would be pretty alarming ironically less than ten minutes later his grandfather call them Hey what are you all like Yeah look I'm the last unlikely as I go in this case and everything I've been hearing your name or our lives really concerned about you know what
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22: Episode 22 : The Gag Order