DiscoverUp and Vanished23: Episode 23 : Who is Bo Dukes?

23: Episode 23 : Who is Bo Dukes?

Update: 2017-07-187


Exploring the details of Bo Dukes' mysterious conversation with a stranger.
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his voice or the day and I wanted to remind you that there's only one more episode left in oven been a will come to an Inn with episode twenty four on Monday July thirty first it's been a truly amazing journey to say the least I've talked to countless people a connection that arrogance as Case close relationship with people the last a lifetime I had no idea what to expect going into this but the results we've achieved together have blown me away I want to think you as listeners for all your support and positivity through all this I want to thank all those who are close to tear who found the courage to speak out in this podcast to shine some light on the truth and hope that one day we would all finally know what happened to her in the season will come to an end soon you'll never backed down from seeking the truth in any event of a trial in this case will be covering it with new episodes we've also been working on something very special over the past few months were really excited to share with you after season one is over myself enough in Venice team will be traveling the country to put on a live show version of the podcast I've been working on this case for almost two years now I have hours of exclusive video footage and audio that have never made it into the podcast in this year we traveled over fifteen cities nationwide to share with you an exclusive audio and video experience of season one of the pain vanished I'll be sharing with you all the untold stories around my investigation with documentary footage exclusive interviews in a live audience Q A with several up and as contributors and myself these include Durham North Carolina St Louis Chicago Indianapolis Seattle Los Angeles Portland San Francisco Dallas Houston Austin New York Boston DC Atlanta him anymore recently we created terror instead Scholarship Fund three thousand dollars donation from the oven as podcast ten percent of all ticket sales for more live shows will be donated to the same scholarship fund to encourage young minds to pursue their passions and dreams love more information about that arrogance that scholarship in the finale episode and all the other ways you can support this cause tickets go on sale this Friday July twenty first right now we have an exclusive pre sale offer up in Venice listeners this Wednesday in July nineteen ninety your ticket early by using the promo code vanished on the ticketing website up in Venice the calm flash live for all the details our tour schedule and stay tuned as more dates will be announced soon again that's up in Venice o Flash Live and use the promo code vanished get your presale tickets can experience season with exclusive documentary footage and audio in a live Q A with me and the rest of the up in Venice team that's been best from Flash Live promo code vanished is in the forty two The swarm the pecan orchard and Daniel Carey This hour on the news from the canteen to serious the arson and terrorism toward hours news with the 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less than ten dollars a person for a delicious meal from Blue apron so give it a try blue apron da come up and vanish if your first three meals for free that's blue apron dot come up and vanish because your first three meals for free today's episode going to further analyze the Twitter conversation between Bo Duke's a woman calling Sally before we dive in if you haven't listened to last week's K seven s episode you need to be referencing several important statements the Blue Dukes made during this online communication after receiving this transcript went through it line by line to vote a lot of detail how much of what he said we to believe as truth tellers Bo Duke statements here align with all the other stories we've heard from his girlfriend Brooke that all match up I spoke at length about this with a renowned psychologist from Australia named Doctor Thomas and she gave me her take on all my background is work to jail what the forensic unit psychiatric hospital in state and also worked in the regular jails here back in Syria and certainly not uncommon for women to find him in prison or with a criminal history incredibly interesting well when I think in general see potential in sort of thing where if I really love you and I look after you I can get you at the hall or I can help mend that broken rain so it's not uncommon for women to strike out and friendships with men who are in general have been jealous now so I sort of taken some of that size of it because it certainly was very close and a lot of time and I also saw it and although she eluded to medical training and talking about patience I saw it I don't really think she's a professional interviewer of any kind in fact the counseling time because she was very eager to talk about herself and I would expect of someone who had that sort of interviewing type backgrounds would have drawn out more or try to get probably not injected nearly as much of themselves that conversation anyone with some loses crucify the it's okay to know why even me I she deserved at least someone to watch AI am just glad to be over for for everyone well when he says things like will cause everyone one wants to know what happened saving me it's kind of like the way out this is really amazing so confused that I really wanna answer so well like everyone is having on the answer gosh what could it be sewing these kind of tacitly implying he's on the outside looking in as well and this confuses the midst of it that's interesting you know I keep asking why he is putting itself across is that well of course I'm one of the reasonable people in Norway I keep asking why when he says I'm glad it can be for everyone no have had generous in saying that and then when he says I'm so afraid of someone being arrested who was not responsible the role very reasonable things to say that normal reasonable caring concerned citizens say and then he says things like she deserves someone to watch while she was doing it so it's all simply implying that no justice a normal person like the rest of this now very concerned about only is that somebody who is putting that out there to make their image look better to the public knowing that they are not that good person or is that him convincing himself that he's a better person good question I don't know enough bass to two to be able to answer that's certainly good at distancing technique because if you hear yourself saying these things often enough you brainwash yourself into a sort of believing it I know lots of guys in jail really believe the world some guys in jail really believe that they didn't exactly do what they are accused of doing it because every thought of so many times and they talked about it no one of the problems with the legal system is if you're trying to say plead not guilty to something that you know you've done you have to say our own doing I wasn't there I don't know it's if it's a church and after one you almost everyday yeah if you get a speeding ticket or failing to stop a stop sign and you replay it in your mind after awhile you can really very easily convince yourself that you stop for a long time but you do kind of porridge that's like stopping so I think that's that's part of what probably almost anyone would do that he's doing it quite alot know he's he's putting yourself across as a concerned citizen I think that scene as a more reasonable person in his mind he is he's another one of the reasonable people observing the situation not a player is right not not responsible and I thought the final touches he just remembered yesterday he said The Lord's Prayer I thought that was last fall because my impression is it's probably a religious town that also makes him part of the religious community exactly see I would say that Bo is we know he tells lies no he's been convicted of fraud in the past that is about to send me a line so we he's a person who tells lies so in that case what I have learned in my work is if you are dealing with someone you know repeatedly tells lies you actually can afford to believe anything that they say at all because you don't knowingly what we generally do is we rethink Waste knot and weepy can choose what we believe we are well nice guy tends to tell a lie said that possibly is true that no one said such in such awe account go explore that and my philosophy when someone sees you actually cannot believe anything they say unless you're independently verify everything that he said he is the reason I came up with things rather than comment on each individual scene is because and we really can't blame any of the individual things said no where when and how much analysis we can do until we actually find out what happened we prune some of these things and many of them of course we can't say the second one was his pride is not loyalty to rhyme and his sense of his himself as a person who is loyal is just This is who I am waiting for my I was protecting my friend and myself use my trunk honor of my family's land know he was my best friend yes it was that then we were friends but I could have beat his ass physically any day I know it's interesting the world featuring a pair is into it's painful because you know from what we think we know he was the one who dubbed Ryan in his loyalty and lasted a finite amount of time to talk kept taking the train has this been supporting Friend I'm Your throne and I knew I didn't buy anything just saying that this kind of like when you put that to excuse the earnings from Lee's body from the isn't it it's kind of like OK so what could possibly follow that God would justify what you do this kind of like well no more oil to a friend and many trying to bolster it by saying In you know he could implicate me and it sounds really just relaying what he said No more years that highly unlikely but then he sort of implied that he was scared of Ryan but the end of the conversation was posting about Halloween he was askin Ryan tinkered with his ass or whatever said any day so playing the loyalty card loyalty doesn't seem to still very fat certainly not in sadness and also when we look at other kinds of loyalty well one very loyal to the Army for them and his loyalty to book it is interesting because he said the relationship this book will survive while he is having flirty conversations with a woman on Twitter and then he acknowledges he's being unfaithful his boss again but so is aware of it said that kind of makes your eye the current issue that is well you know have these things out so can use loyalty only extends to metal frames not too hot no certainly not to family my uncle deduce my uncle that he's controlling the family fortune et-cetera I don't care that the stuff so he's very selective in his loyalty so now I don't have enough to say he's a psychopath when I first contacted you that was just my theory because when I was hearing about what happened with power and sent to learn about what happened with the body and you're talking about Ryan saying to myself so it's a cycle that this is by confessing this post but comes along so well sounding like a Beaver I can detect it but don't the way I talk to my clients I don't generally talk of that cycle has to know that there are lots of women who really abusive relationships I often talk about bullies are abuses I say that there is too important things to know about police abuses and the first is fries a bully is concerned people are like signage or simply miss him around to thinking purpose and if you've got no particular purpose to someone when you just put in the shed and make them again and then you pull them out when you made them use them put him back again so for most of us that's really had to come to terms with because most of us could imagine treating people like that the second thing I tell them is said in terms of communication of course is a huge amount of trust between two people talking to each eye I tested the other person is telling the truth as saying no and I hope that they test and telling the truth as I know it or to this in mind already but when a bully or interviews or psychopath words kind of like a smorgasbord laid out in front of and they simply choose the word and seek them for that particular purpose to achieve the effect that they want to achieve absolutely right now with that person and if circumstances change literally five minutes say something completely different because they've chosen differently from the smorgasbord and if you try and call them honest well firstly their attitude is Well that was staying this is now right secondly well I have a scent that surgery you always confused and then fourthly they do et-cetera one eight tsp interview and they say the site the one about that's the very good at completely changing the focus prime example would be when Bo says that he was initially scared of Rye free the Rye was going to pin on him but then at the end the conversation he tells Sally that he would Ryan's ass and he did move he was not scared of to different points in time to different parts of the conversation both statements fitting circumstances at the time they to do so one was himself not scared of rhyme and the other was more work than I do justifying his action exactly him and he would see no contradiction whatsoever buying clothes can be super annoying and just flat out difficult maybe felt the pressure from the sales clerk she bought a few colored top or maybe try a new trend or maybe bought the perfect outfit only to find out later that didn't fit it's time to eliminate that risk altogether by using the tote tote the fashion subscription box that says you brand name clothing accessories write your doorstep for one low monthly fee the tote style and fit experts use data to fit you better than any other retailer you can read up to seven hundred dollars with a fashion from designer brands all month long it's also perfect if you're expecting even have maternity totes 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counter issue of race and just today I looked at the current size of buses and you look at the two of them and some erroneous knit side by side and it's kind of you look at H's and you think ok so if one is the lady he obviously not Ryan is it right if you look at Rhine you go so this guy is intimidating the other got just a non verbal signals it seems not messing with me know he's got that really how I look at adding this is going to give us good as I get the facts and increased something where is Ryan's got a much softer look and most people don't take good mug like shots sent Ryan doesn't look too bad in his right now this could be said for the non verbal signals that someone sends a cause that doesn't necessarily say the guilty or innocent but it certainly gives you a sense of how they project to people and not nice people when they're having a mug shot taken and not looking this isn't that exactly I confess to many people I don't think most of them believe and my ex used to use it to blackmail me well this is where I see the is I think some slowly but consistently introducing the idea that you know people are just about as responsible because she hear Michael saying to people confessing ally in the place I'm doing my post is to get these out to to to do something about you know what I was done and yet no one picked up the ball knowing anything about it what's a guy to do right because only reducing his responsibility by sharing it with others he doesn't look nearly as bad because so many are bad people out there as well of course the sky and in flight what's more estate people write is that a common thing that people do when they try to justify what they've done I think what he's doing is a bit more subtle because generally when we're trying to minimize our own wrong doings with Timmy to blame the other people that we interacted with these around the wrong doing well use it for me so that I said that and you know you look at me sideways sigh you kind of thing so this is more subtle because he's referring to people who when even the takeout in India says this is far more subtle because really obvious if you say well you know how it's read to me and she swore at me and one and a well know that's the kind of minimizing that we expect that this is much more subtle yeah exactly it's mind boggling that no one said anything so because people talk on the nine days in a smallish country town and Jewish guy walk into a store and say hello to someone in the tiny hole if it's somebody else's so and people who know as we know love to share a secret so I simply can't believe that no one said anything unless there was something going on that intimidated the people who knew saying nothing it can't just be the wave is already one has to be more because you just don't want to have that secret self you want to share it with someone so they can guard come on back That wouldn't happen yeah you're I don't I don't play set to be ridiculous I can't believe he told lots of people that nobody told me there was no compelling reason some kind of intimidation that made them not i it's not something you think about a twenty one okay it's easy understand works he was portraying himself as was someone who is kind of has to the shark in not understanding how the world works so on Monday it's just a bridge to a world that's really hard to believe when he told the night before hey this is what this is what he's saying that this is what I did and then the next morning someone kind of funny it's likely that that happened it didn't register no it didn't register said I was so frightened I was shocked or whatever that may just like he didn't put two and two together that's kind what he's implying he's just these ordinary guy not that Brian couldn't convert the two pieces of information together yet and he of course it is because his mind works kind of slow it took him to wear save for the ending know he kind of realized and then it was really late and wouldn't stay so he could really do anything more about it that it's really light and he said I didn't want to believe that I know that sounds pretty normal and many he's talking about hurting the body it's not something you think about it twenty one don't understand the way the world works well he's a guy who obviously is some kind of intellectual disabilities something slow but Mingo would not want us to think if you are someone who does he boast about how he used to call outs to the people we have no tolerance for them and when he was talking on Twitter he was not in the park as I was talking about hell no and in native intellectual stimulation in life not when he's not intimidated by the fact that so he doesn't think of himself as a stupid person but that's kind what he's implying is old times write down for me no illness and is well mixed and a mentor I think I checked in with him seems inconceivable for someone if not action oriented person so more of that he had no choice and he couldn't help himself from the message board so again he's promoting this idea that not just the zone read I know sometimes things happen like this had to get on the message board and defend himself I bet not so angry so I said or I can believe what people were saying this kind like this Oh no and he couldn't help himself with helping Ryan apparently because I'm scared Brian Nevin choice and not being able to help himself of course happens when he's resting sleeping with lots of women the charming self but now he's trying really hard to stop he's minimizing what he's giving away responsibility at the same time is actually boasting such a great guy they got in anyway so then when he says after Tyra I thought the roof would fall in since the end to any makes you take big risks that's now just excuse the fraud that the government by because this is the incident and it made him do it wasn't him yeah he's happy to play the victim but if pride won't let him do it for very long he's really got to be the hero in control try going to let him keep playing the victim is a very long it makes perfect sense which is why he said that Ryan threatened him but his pride said Well not really I could be Ryan's ass so the brain Sam Lisa trying to protect business attacking in not supporting him know what bad people they are because they should be loyal to him he's not loyal to them but that's okay but they should still be loyal to him so again it's that double standard and I thought it was lovely many of my actions as being for other people well firstly what does that really me but he's kind of playing the sympathy caught and then when many said I sound like a sociopath that's a really clever sort of negotiation technique if you call out the old room and you know when you're saying it to someone who has time to this other woman he's trying to foster a relationship with Him it's designed to get hers said the the East End which is kind of message she's sending a cell phone with classic way and when she was talking about apologizing he says the family does the same way I interpret that because this kind of a difficult thing since it's almost as though he's feeling like well if you apologize to them he would be putting a burden on many of them it's not to worry about him feeling the shame and they know that would be added burden for them to use only so sorry for myself yet yeah the way he's putting it is of course there will be concerned about me interesting also that sense of shame I noticed that was a phrase book used that and also uses so it sounds like a no phrases they used to each other or he has used to her yet shame yet more of a victim mentality when she said world know why lots of people
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23: Episode 23 : Who is Bo Dukes?