DiscoverUp and Vanished24: Episode 24 : Black Out - Part 1

24: Episode 24 : Black Out - Part 1

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Part 1 of 2: After 2 years investigating and bringing weekly updates on the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, Up and Vanished Season 1 is coming to a close. Payne Lindsey takes it back to the beginning, bringing the case full circle, and uncovers a new theory in the process.

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the visit of an alley is brought you by the twenty Century Fox film Murder On The Orient Express in theaters November ten everyone's a suspect clues are everywhere dock on the spot later in the Show The World Herald Alex Cohen they would ever make their own way these people always get result of the current situation everything they've got going home the house for those with Alan Morgan never get to work that came from someone in here and now the first Doctor Nelson Tony let marinate for him we tell him trying to get back to sleep so I settled for now this is the long term says our teenagers it's nothing new I think this is the partners want anything to do the switch is also light is even more equal than the sum and people arrested who are to sae sae sae is uh the the the go fer I do the all in all new the the the tune The The The The The Who The The The The The main reason for her pain this morning burner care there is a beautiful purse to hold in the city of Buffalo Bill Porter is not from our system are spoilers in the chains of sin in our grown up to vote no a sister group of killers stupor in nineteen forty won this some of the cell phones over bone for all of the wilderness in the eleven mom Martha Brown ruled from here to moon is just a beautiful pairs of shorts from murder to her for over one or both all were for clues all twin mom always says forward on ensuing who won a lot of places all over Iraq and the server Crocs are going to so many places own standard of the show to move because although rare is the first air with a new for all the prayers for a bar or saloon was to go hm don't have to supplement the movie is going us and then she learned a lesson well from where anger toward around now and feel good until my son pulled her from playing with Bono was no better the lives of most all of the oven to brown most troops and others in awe was so universal use of Auto tune and her grandchildren still the results from the stirrups on the farmers of smiles ma muscles to color in the spring won terms of service but murderous two numbers that we're in for the slow unknown person did you guys ever search in the torture that the fount Aaron nor were never searched in this order for this is a non our core America tortures eight mile marker appear just in the next ma this is James Wilcox eighty five years old he was born and raised in Pinal County James lives in an old house off Route one twenty nine Fitzgerald less than a mile from where Terence is remains were found back in two thousand and five James felt compelled to help find Tara because he too had been the victim of an unsolved murder case in his own family after James and I talked for a little while in his home he offered to drive me out to the orchard up until this point I'd never seen in the daytime the uh the order to grow to the smaller just a few moms for moms were left on the James was still in disbelief after dozens of searches for terrible two's backyard whole time opposite the Moon James drove by this pecan orchard every single day at the orchard was huge so big you couldn't see the end of it from the fence where I was standing the rows of pecan trees with offers for as you can see by all accounts the orchard itself looks and feels unsettled the like something out of a four million compared with the thought of what happened here a decade ago was genuinely unnerving the garments of the artists from bar to know that Mo Martin told the sermons are the some are the of the car for the the start run when people know what the the the fact of some artwork to loosen told him to first the room and then they didn't know what else no bond for the government versus versions thus to search harder to own the ability to better draw the mower assists us to the show most of his candor own research if I told you that an officer found the Irwin County Sheriff's Department who is related to Ryan to win now on his own in search that orchard and nothing ever happened from that 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at checkout to get fifty percent off your first month again o promo code vanished before I left James pulling a box of old VHS tapes told me this several times during the searches for Tara back in two thousand and five he brought his video camera along to others and from work to remove the oven to three weeks and warmed her heart from the Mr. Schumer was from Turks is your own people a dusty old tape from the box a peep out of his VCR and then popped in the tape the The Who The Who The The The The the the the the the US The Ocean mission French the the current she drained we the stone terrace house from the road just a few weeks after she went missing was crime tape surrounding the entire property come Home Soon sign the front yard it deflated balloon tied to the back of tears score the work of imagines they would be more than a decade before they found anything the the the law the The clash The clash The Head Day who to start the class of kill switch in the Georgian us that we got to do are listen first and the gate Monday taping that they would free kick about in class the last ten minutes of class the week to talk about it if we get there with the They were asking our questions be curious in the classroom though reckons the is to teach the way she also cleared out the report to the office after that restart three evenings possible who to search for two that she hated just person who's not afraid you need shawl in any sub to shoot up the work of a and it took me awhile I competed tonight only major that I was gonna reach my goal and missed was my second to last page it says twenty four is the age was graciously to Hala aye aye aye aye aye aye be bloody all I hear is the hero the eye with a yes as well the ranch at the Everett are the people the remote and he he he he in the great thaw and the I R I The lady where the state has his eye the people that I had a very rare very very rare for me was not his whole eye he is the the the the is that they have yet to be caught at the the the the the the the the already in the the I I thank the the deal in the one the year the he man haha Remember the Maine The The The The Right news I doubt it but the case at all it was a good helper he was the house with her yet he The Hardy Boys is a little the pain hey I pray to be there as I hate them even when people are the God he was the whole way there was a cow I know I have it I would have if I say I welcome the year what I what I pay no the This year the whole way I had the everyday to the market people are out the I know I was in the pole and why he may be ours the baby or the black white whatever evil eye to eye the ear the ear hat and it was really eye as if the well you're the the Yankee what I was half her if she was there I was thankful the wishes or the or people have with this lately that I hate that the back piece was very high yet her what day it was the first half he heard the hit with the the little hill rep I really live live with God and therefore her we had paper had to live with the people are rumors that I was leading her and called it a The Edge heart and ye Olde and I like the the rail I was here and I know I have had to take that for when the first go in lah he was in this situation unless you're in it and Maine The Year of No idea how you feel the the the hell ya every every every time I try I The The The The The The state has hurt the two are the it but it is the how is the whole world at the plate the past but with how the The Secret have built I feel I the people I work day is the the the the the the the the the way it hit the Y The Erie they pull over the headline is that it is the eye we had the lead is now it was the birth rate paid to the very day she did have a year at the end the aye aye is the day with whatever way I try real hard to pray real hard to see the the uh the uh the the it was the eye and I relive it every every single day my day here's the I R A or all this I ask where it was because it is real it was some eye he holds that the guest that part of me why the hell I know someone who could actually heal the hurt I hate him you know that it will in the deal they get people that if the the the Leslie you know that I got a really I was as the bear is caught his eye the eye oh how I would have been banished you probably appreciate thrilling mystery only introduce you to an upcoming film The sentry Box called Murder Express murder on the Oil Express hits theaters November tenth if the title sounds million or less because this film is a re imagining of the nineteen thirty four classic novel by master storyteller Agatha Christie thirteen strangers are stranded on a train in every one of the suspect one detective must race against time until suspenseful puzzle or morality is questioned and people are not always as they seem trust me I've read the script screen footage and this is a classic whodunit with a great character driven story of deception loyalty love and revenge Academy Award nominated plan directs believe that all star cast stars Penelope Cruz William Defoe Judy Dench Julia Michelle Pfeiffer Daisy Ridley and Josh Gad this film truly has it all transcending gender age and race early or an Express hits theaters November ten but you can check out the trailer now clues are everywhere the calm tender for the TV and the up and vanished podcast are proud to announce the teen vanished live to air an exclusive season one audio and video experience plus a live Q and A UAB over fifteen cities across the country including Atlanta Chicago New York Los Angeles Austin St Louis and many more for a full schedule and ticket information visit up in vanished dot com slash live myself riesgo and Philip always can't wait to meet you guys make sure you check up in his talk arms last live if you're having your city a portion of proceeds help fund the terrorists that scholarship fund for TV has pledged to donate a minimum of ten thousand dollars towards this fund over the next several years parents that loved her students were proud to announce the first scholarship to the next five years the new graduating senior from Irwin County High School received one thousand dollars scholarship for more details of the best comps last era the the tear was a happy person who inspired those around her devoted teacher a loving daughter a best friend as we learned some of the previous episodes from some of the emails tear sent to Mark is Harper's mom Tara was a very passionate person and in the days and weeks leading up to her disappearance was experiencing her first Harper was emotionally torn about her split with Marcus Harper expressed that in many ways recently I was given a never before seen letters the terrace at Marcus shortly after they broke up in spite of all the hardships I've learned a life long lesson marriage something I should never dwell time of course I would be happy having but it's more important just to have you do not need your name have you in my life all I needed to act right or perhaps look at the situation differently I should have just been happy having and now that I don't I'm experiencing the most terrible pain in my heart I'm realizing that not having you in my life is worse than not being married all this time I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me and when I should have just been happy being your chosen goal for six years but I did not know what it was like to have you you know now and I also know I will not find anyone like you know we both struggled with other emotions such as job finance schooling cetera but my insecurity got the best of me and when you are Downing concerned with those matters I assumed it was me sir I know I call some additional stress on you it was just my plan for some answers in my life answers I thought you could virtually give me when actually the answers lie within actions and time emotions are more important than words and know what Phil Marcus have a tremendous amount of love for you in excruciating amount of pain from this broken heart love can heal the pain we both experienced am willing to completely love you if you can meet me halfway let me prove to you or rather show have learned about our relationship it's not about our but it's about our unity as two people who love each other yes I know you're saying why did he see that before I just didn't I now I do my devotion to you runs deep as you know and I want to show devotion it's not just about You're Gone and doing for you it's about me learning to trust that you love me I was always scared he did not love me like I loved you and when with friends I thought it was because you're a falling forgive me wanting to spend time with you because you know I've spent plenty of time alone but I can surely see your free time away from me in a different light life is about learning Marcus and please do not put a tragic it's me for the past three years none of this was meant to hurt you or me but in a time of emotional confusion I hit rock bottom only to see darkness it took this time for me to learn what the past six years was more about it's more about just us being a couple thank God I see that now and pray to God that you always give me a chance to prove what I see it will be better for the both of us I tried to jolt the market several times throughout my investigation but I never got a response but three days after I induce arrest back in February I received a Facebook message from he said I'm ready to talk now are you I was driving back to Atlanta from Mosul at the time I got off in the first exit I saw him pull into a little coffee shop yesterday to call me he did in the first few minutes we had a sort of burying the hatchet moment he expressed his distaste for some of the earlier episodes of up and vanished but then he told me that he understood my role as hard as it was for him to hear it he knew I had to be done and that I was in the first person to question him in tears disappearance I asked if I can meet him in person he said he would do it but only if I met him in New York City coincidentally I was going to New York just three days later we arranged a meeting Marcus and I talk for hours at a restaurant off record after an emotional couple of hours we parted ways we continued our communication on a regular basis over the next six months in just a few days ago for my own request he agreed to give me an official state
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24: Episode 24 : Black Out - Part 1