DiscoverUp and Vanished24: Episode 24 : Black Out - Part 2

24: Episode 24 : Black Out - Part 2

Update: 2017-08-0118


Part 2 of 2: After 2 years investigating and bringing weekly updates on the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, Up and Vanished Season 1 is coming to a close. Payne Lindsey takes it back to the beginning, bringing the case full circle, and uncovers a new theory in the process.

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the nurse had spoke to Randy I've since learned he was having blood drawn and she knew him separately from us before all this happen in as you know what happened and he said apparently she did not die she was not you should add that she was not murder she died accidentally from an overdose now I find that hard to believe because she didn't even drink have had multiple they will tell me that she never ever drink so the idea that she was doing drugs at a party which apparently shoe that's what Ron said I believe obsessed with pecan orchard I don't know what pecan orchard um but obviously we will have have contacted me I believe that the conversation happened I don't necessarily believe that the story is told is true I honestly believe that I believe that is the story Ryan told at least close to it I just don't believe that this surgery no matter how I try to frame the story or how what which way you try to look at it there's problems there's some fall it's apparently corn one story of her you know he was messed up the whole time or in the situation with the high adrenaline you don't get come your senses you know sober up some you know that it didn't happen in the house or problems for that there's problems with everything I hear I haven't heard one theory that just snap together like a like a Lego well the indictments are very vague and there's that used his hand and to me because I've heard for sure I believe it that Ryan has said that hitter that's multiple stories of said that and um from what move seems to be to say in is that at least one conversation his family said that he is that Brian string order Well which one was it let's be clear about some things here didn't do drugs Terry didn't even drink any of this be true even if Ryan did say these things to a nurse how could he be trusted after all he's in jail for murder proposing any other scenario for death obviously being his best interest a few weeks later I heard the story again this time from someone different Reese got when talk to somebody the hospital for dialysis or something yeah on the bed while we there yet full of errors of the story of what happens the same thing a person is now reading those stories don't mean what he did say before anything that he I need any of the virus going around I see basically the sooner I want to hear the order in the guise of what the hell Ryan and me and I told her there here we see was the out call her in and have never heard his name until today I heard in years and was there and they continue to drain party or whatever and why the heck are you serious right now and then her body and had a year later he did say that I use our car back in the name of Ryan told her that love was the one thing I did point out is how the economy and the person of the one problem that I have heard this story is that the hour or so and they'll still call that an inmate whatever is true for anywhere they have in our lives and I you know considering what he was arrested for and now baby you are going to the wall with a female or male or female you know in fact I would imagine the interaction he sat down quickly and I said I think I was in the barn door I were in the hospital workers and the rematch with her and her information was interesting was completely under viable for all we know Ryan dude didn't even say that its wonders why rabbits I've been chasing since day one in this case so I thought all this aside and focus on solid information obtained straight from the source is one thing that I can never figure out in this case is where Bowen during the time that era when missing it's easy to assume that pace all the stories you've heard the door I live in the pecan orchard well we didn't know only that but I couldn't find anywhere not a single friend of Bill and Ryan Brooke herself to clarify where they lived why was that even a search to property records turned up absolutely nothing Brooks said that there were seven to eight people at their house in the night air went missing she said the guys were drinking and eventually they left and Beau was asleep when Ryan allegedly stole his truck and drove a terrace house because none of these boys would ever talk to me cannot be certain who else was there that night for a night for that matter can do is go off the facts pictures from old myspace accounts reveal very clearly was in the friend circle it was the same guys everywhere I looked in the more people I talked to in our circle this friend group the more confirmation I began to receive a few episodes back I told her that I recently received threats and nasty emails from locals this is true a majority of this anger stemmed directly from having mention this group of friends on the podcast mind you not by name literally just the words group of friends the rest of the dots these people connected on their own but just so we're clear I'm not saying these guys did anything or even knew anything for that matter I've been told countless rumors and theories about nearly every person in this case including his friend group refused to broadcast anything without vetting it we learn from the horse's mouth the search was conducted on his pecan orchard just two months after tear went missing all based on a tip that Ryan Dukes at a party one night he killed Tara getting going Ryan's friends the benefit of the doubt let's say the only one person heard that maybe that person alone went along for ten with that it is probable maybe even likely maybe wasn't a close friend someone I didn't hang out that often just happened to be there that night all these things are possible based on the limited information I have I can't rule it in or out as I poked around for the answer had been shot repeatedly harass with nasty emails and messages all the seams so disproportionate nothing you did anything one of Marcus Harper can of the works in the very beginning bombarding me with angry words before I even said his name would be red flagged whatnot I'm telling you all this to give you some perspective and always do my best to call things how I see it another regardless of why anyone is doing anything in this case has been a highly emotional experience for everyone arrogance as this appearance is one of the tussle over over a decade it remained an open wound when I came into the picture in some ways it's like a rip off the bandaid so I completely understand why some of you I'm doing negatively but I also know the one day people see clearly again and look back on everything that's happened and learn from it before get too sidetracked every back to my main point I have an interview with one of the friends in the circle and I've had it for months this person was very reluctant to me he felt compelled to clear the air I recorded this interview with his permission per his request will not be using his real voice in his name or remain anonymous in this clip you're about to hear his voice has been replaced by someone else but my part of the conversation has remained the same this is a verbatim copy of a recorded conversation was here year he made about his parents about to boil up costing ten days before her shoelace and check the voice my own it was a GBI agent asked in her womb the one made up his knee and talk or call Mac will not find a stable when ever I an ACC was ready we actually we met in this room and I came out here that next mornin and that's fer saying I don't think wait before they got a Dora house like you all please tell me what this is about first when you say it well it's got to do was a homicide investigation mouse will in and the terror case so that was that was a day for press release from the moment I was interviewed by them really didn't start to today after our guests when they announced there was going be a press release rumors started flying in were coming up all that the new scenarios today interviewed it's in the supposedly new soaked and were out I was them party where horse suppose they about it and they were bragging but saying happened to him that I later went back and looked and finally figured out we can party supposedly happened I was actually Jack's built a Georgia Florida game winning shot you know it was very shock the world is just that I don't know at this cabin only to Gaza now once considered friends of war you know Steele do lace one of still considered a friend I think maybe in a podcast or heard a couple different places around these just not that happy person and though neither the boiler different personalities Bo is I don't know he's not just by what people with her or peep sight when he's not that person I mean he's not a crazy Sacco Path Killer I mean I just know he's just now i know him and I know he he they're saying he'll work well actually there are act make of it only saying it might change may use it or some sort of accident hatches I just don't see that kind of hormone purpose never would've expected it ever was completely shocked when their names were released I mean the back to the press release and when I say rhymes name as light layers know why I don't believe there's more to it there's others out just bile not assume more people involved more to Denmark or Yom wrong because as both Shia and if that turns out the true with the I will be shocked last day of my knowledge believe it because I mean that's just that's now and that does not make sense like to say and I can do is say the only thing that the onus now Oreo mean I think it makes sense to me was a person contacts think known Rome you know the one or the other or maybe both or hanging out with her one at Anson and you know some contacts in the Anna yeah I'm ready for all the other with ow i wont truth but would love to know exactly what happened I'm ready for totally over with in our own truth but would love exactly what happened the even six months of trying to stress it still feels like we know little to nothing about him the ball under fair share of elbow do mostly thanks to him self because a much more quiet life the Cantrell discussion board from inside jail it remains a mystery every style several times to members of the Duke family but never got a response that is until few weeks ago I exchanged a few messages on Facebook with Ryan's mom after about a week or so she asked to do an interview under one condition that dusty Vatican's with me she arranged a day in time to meet with us give your address I'll have to do now is get dusty on board which I knew we would be blue apron is the Number one fresh ingredient recipe delivery service in the country weapons mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone achieves this by supporting a more sustainable food system setting the highest standards for ingredients and building a community of home chefs Network is huge as partnerships hundred and fifty local farms fisheries and ranchers all across America as a result their seafood for sustainably under the 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added the blue she woke up in his voice was almost entirely gone you could barely speak that arrogance that investigation has been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone and dusty especially he too is someone who's been reporting on this case on a regular basis but Dustin I had two vastly different experiences I have and always will be an outsider of this community other than my grandma I have no family ties are close friends in the area but dusty live here still isn't home so his approach in the way the fact that his daily life is completely different than me on the June twenty eight issue of those all star or an article titled I lost my voice in my opinion it is best Oracle yet dusty opens the article by saying I lost my voice it's been gone nearly two weeks now so I'm wearing it may be permanent maybe that's a good thing that will stop me from being recorded saying some of the things I said in last week's episode of up and vanished he goes on to say I reckon I lost my voice in more ways than one the truth any cost is not my motto that many people have seen two adopted that motto an online community devoted to this case should not be looked at as an indictment of the podcast though I think pain is help us understand this case this battle all this for very long time I think there's more to the podcast may yet do this kind of like if someone was fishing with dynamite respect the coaches all those fish I enjoy the heck out of eating them personally I prefer fishing with a cork with a fish bite when they want to begin another boat of all the people I've met throughout this podcast has supported me more than just a vast sea over the past year we built a friendship real friendship one of a little for a lifetime after the podcast is over when the kindest human beings I've ever met any one of the most tactful and well spoken journalists I've ever encountered just agreed to go with me for the interview with Ryan Dukes mom but on the morning of he message me with some frightening news his condition had worsened overnight we had to get immediate medical treatment with that being said I want take this moment to ask you to keep dusty vast inner thoughts and prayers this man embrace me from the moment I step foot in Irwin County and if it weren't for him I don't think I could've made this podcast at all Ryan do live in an area called pleasure lake about fifteen minutes outside downtown Mosul the lake itself is actually a swamp in route to pleasure lake within minutes of travelling down to the highway it's rain begins to change rapidly I was nervous this time I was going to do this alone the starting group to pleasure lay the the the the the the uh I ride a small house I said the corps for a few minutes to gather my thoughts I ran over the questions I wanted to ask her a dozen times but in this moment my mind was blank the the um the the the the the I was greeted by Ryan's mom Karen his younger brother James and four dogs without the presence of dusty first there were a little uneasy but after a few minutes we sat on the table again talk anymore people I know it is not the person is being portrayed to be and he's kind loving person and I thank you letters he wants to treat this like everybody feels it is when it comes to truth the Oak Room whether it's for better or worse we find out what will happen even on what us all and it probably that is their kind in an email in a new flower you news few times I did you know seen with a girl lot of times you have candles made up for honoring the only girl the same breaker with that of faded team it wants a storm of the day was the was is upsetting you said I've been on break of you know you don't want to see that reminds of personal time EDC see some of my zoom in Mesa said Eunice to simei to see him saying what much of all talk or about stuff love and you know he was going through something needs to be on one time the kids understand it is just a sad person you'll ever well what I meant by that is is ah attributed to the O Collins leaves goes when you're depressed you know do then just brings you even further down he did and in steel burners at times struggle with depression and anxiety and panic attach my knees he can go out be around a lot of people because he literally panicked with you always like that and it just developed over time because she is very happy and not go I mean well but arming it was popular you have a lot for unions I can't believe they did this one night each day even break in varios en que horror he's never done any it just doesn't make any seniors at all he's just not that type of person but you know they're trying to jio me that well he just decides he's gonna break in of all people a school teacher's Tales round or are you one bit more are they to him afterward and I just can't believe that this one night he decides he's come to this it's ridiculous it's messy it's messy it's to me about all the precautions you take every single day you've 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when this all or nothing endeavor of his breakdown that respect and they came and I'm in the arm with Aaron and our loss of them was don't own course I love Anna and they really have much say he made this and they would come to the main actor director Ron year they wanted him to come the PlayStation because um they said they had some questions for you and I'm not totally well yet have a license agreement they are tomorrow and which was a loan when standing and taking that they are and it's more of the year this is to present this year no I mean I just said they had questions for him what type very long and I came around moves playing in the lovely came out gunning say you know what I mean in a given type that man and they came back in about twenty minutes later they're going wrist for murder would induce the reason why this first keeper Matt should try to avoid immediate let them do their job and thus the best sank in the first fifteen minutes and then you'll agree that there was more yet so Wednesday I left you with Ryan was yes it was of course this unit was bound and mom says I wanted to ask some questions about terror and that what I wanna they wanna ask you something and and a city did not iron and some of my family thinking start something and you know like everybody has heard something over the years and so that's what we figured it was asking one simple question I asked him Did you kill him and said No ma'am did not know what gays must it be you know he is and he said no and that was good enough for me so yes absolutely and that he was scared and I mean I was scared word is not normal people unite GPS coming out here and it was just so out of the balloon and you remember he is in question are you any where around that time the only thing I was in tears class VI
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24: Episode 24 : Black Out - Part 2