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Fat Joe is one hell of a storyteller. And in this special episode, he drops two great ones. First, the story of how Fat Joe the drug dealer became Fat Joe the rapper. Then, a story he almost never tells— because, as he says, “That's the realest story. I don't tell those stories, because then you'd think I lied. But it's a fact.” 

CREDITS: Mogul is hosted by Reggie Ossé. This episode was produced by Eric Eddings and Meg Driscoll, with help from Isabella Kulkarni, Jonathan Mena, and Peter Bresnan. Our senior producer is Matthew Nelson. Our editors are Lynn Levy, Caitlin Kenney and Chris Morrow. Sound design and mixing by Haley Shaw. This episode was scored by Nana Kwabena with additional music by Haley Shaw. Special thanks to Victoria Barner, Caitlin DiLena.


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the soda mogul is brought to you by Bud Light we just open up this can of Bud Light ad Ghajini as they go on bail wire twine he cheers here recently I caught it with my fringe and Milam you she's a writer and a culture critic we talked about everything for me on his new boyfriend top four year old daughter's obsession with the group New Edition you know their name the piety garnish each time on here love the and get a new addition themed birthday party for as it is really set the mouse moves that I personally could talk her about anything for like the branches to the fun things that are pretty deep and we got pretty real and ended up telling her what I really appreciate most about our friendship one of the things that I am fascinated with part agree with you and just a whole crew of armed black women feminists such as how you guys really continue to open up my perspective and you know the popular country song be humble when might be is just rushing to like how her and just argues seconds be over because I'm fascinated with looking at perspectives that make me realize my own sex a shortcoming that is the thing about you this and that for me right it is kind of here this late I want to be the one who's the most and I want to be the king won't miss a post like I listen I want to learn and I think that's important but these are things I think about things I care about race I wish there more people willing to do that where the seventh uncountable you now it isn't Cup gives these days friends of the people use when a kick back and talk to pee pee on your toes and who you appreciate for making you think about things you never thought about before just to make sense thank you thank you thank you Bud Light famous among friends enjoy responsibly my basic question whether ACORN fed job may sounds a little kid I and my projects always call me Fat Joey so I've taken as a term in India of the dearly rocked out with the say this is mobile the life and death of Chris light the production of the loudspeakers network the the the the art halfway through the story we really wanted to pause and do something a little different before we tell Christmas Tale twenty people came to be from August bajo and heard an interview with Fat Joe will know that the man is an incredible storyteller to him Joe dropped a couple stories about critters we couldn't fit into a standard episode we still wanted to share with you right here for just before we get into this warning If you have strong of violence you may want to skip the surface of across Lite he first met Fat Joe was in early nineteen nineties Chris is building his reputation as an executive but he still kept it to the streets and that's what he found Fat Joe in the streets of the boogie Down Bronx the Saints with the Chris came from back then just on the build a reputation as a rapper but a lot of people in the hood heard about him to something else that Joe was a drug deal a lot of rappers so little weed on the side it's been about being on L Chappell status and such but if the Jones case this is no exaggeration fragile was official a big time drug dealer when Chris first went to meet him to discuss the possibility of signing him that's exactly what he was doing show and Tom Hartley you know you know and know that Saddam really take him rap seriously and Chris Layton came to my spot from us by like enjoy place one of locations lot of bands Dave being the day I got gold chains since it was an apartment has now is in use in the streets so and I can build and it was old coffin factory ended up we had a hole and a picture would would we would double cement that and put steel so the police will get in and a nom they would pitch to the fuckin war which means I know what of dough rise Anja dollars beyond just so we had a God beyond the door almost like you went to a check cashing place you never even calcium and weight control a crowd outside the tool to edit sound to it I'll keep him with my dad and watch out you use like a fortress city cops really never and never and never boasted the body of the day was to watch you couldn't even get in their names and he came in a spot on ages yet he walked up on me there was no fancy car no crew one B He was a year was some big thank you Fat Joe way was I hear French Tuesday Chris baby christening was is he was a yacht that you could be a dope rapper at The Q could be and I was right were he was aged men got signed a contract in the middle he came with a concert at the I made thirty five thousand associates and that's time I was because I me like all us ladies and from that point the jug I just went legit because he left the drug game didn't he let his guard down fat Joe still had enemies one day his past caught up with them this is the story of how fragile the shot the story you a Story Bone is really a story on some stories continued to howl I know but it's a fact the the it was use to pick own wallet on the He in the unseen zones from generally only ten dollars The only ten dollars I would like to face with them I really to what I would think the retina may be the most only the one day he was four for July and was having a picnic will place all for the wit me we are maybe fifteen guns in the paw of course I go to get Pepsi about to storm the kid is standing out there with a black leather trench coat is like one hundred degrees me two dollars sixteen o one and knew something was funny how just thought I was invincible how does craziest thing on earth what what diaper as he liked his size he was still bottoms now see a man with a fork you don't know him if he had to cite Green's face was like a memory smaller than human the new government's announcement just remember he was lost I can disown the main cause of gun when he pulled a gun I still look to him said no one is fucked you want a wood deck going fucking crazy so I hit him in this boy he lists so with Diet Pepsi now watch someone die the bottle dissolved into sawdust down on a diet and he was a black knew it was a fuckin white line looking like lightning was white meat and blood started coming and I look in his face he just started laughing and peacock ship back side that point on you although she a run in the the crazy then turn around four for July recipe boy be someone the the the right and home run in at one point the Quran to the left calls and had two guns in Marco could have ran to the left and got away got and there was a one two little kids playing and then as split second that I thought about should I go to the left and gold get away but I know these little kids are it enough thought about that very split second I thought of both fought to keep one the a very split second bomb and in this I'm not a white T shirt on the whole shit was read somthing can chase him down I think is behind the light I know this guy gonna kill me we got to finish this job like Godzilla has in much mothers out there with son Joey in the carriage jab lookin' at me this is crazy man us some carrots get to mark all the time seat in the passenger side and pull out the guns of felt like it was like on just one so when I remembered eleven guns my Canada with coffee the is beside the the MoMA was Javanese don't notice the you know you know I can give ma thank God can give so who will the Senate which adopted a teacup on clothes off oh yes it was like they actually said I was dead so was my big guy that when it's a surgery and made it out on the other side alive he was recovering in hospital Chris lady came to see him he had only one question for his artists ECU good I'm like damn good okay the fog of the money I broke out the ideas that will someday see I was like a fuck about the base is Gable registry business now we say he's appreciated me a businessman toll now say Yorkers will be humans and I'd make some money I The the week on more will return to Chris' life story he's got more chaos headed his way of us will be downstairs just like stays call office but Chris if I come here right now it comes as a check to see you live in one of the law to me with the cereal every series this episode a mobile production given media and the last because network was produced by Eric getting and Meg Driscoll health as a vocal corny Jonathan Anna and Peter Breslin the senior producers Matthew Nelson editor Caitlin Kinney Chris Morrow sounds and mixing by this episode was scored by Nona cabana with additional music by Halley Shaw like what we're doing here these go great with us on Apple podcasts it's a great way to help new people find out about the show more be due for culture got into nets got Twitter followers for all of the latest news in a behind the scenes look at the making of the show handle is at the moment day they saw spots a bottle a bit less famous amongst friends go to Bud Light com for more information please enjoy responsibly
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Exclusive: Fat Joe