John Early

Update: 2017-06-14


John Early (comedy!) makes it weird!

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or the In The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The home of the what's happening where does this is the incredibly talented and hilarious John Early incredible talk incredible please watch him on Netflix's characters all the things that we talk about in this conversation are worth checking out he is amazing and I would say let's get to it as quickly as possible I'm sorry to say that the sponsor for this special is HBO and T J Miller the Jews are the rule is a hot is a new hour standup comedy special meticulously ridiculous TJ is the most meticulous ridiculously ridiculous meticulously ridiculous person I've ever known the meaning is deliberately absurd whole area is wonderful and SO SO SO SO SO silly it was found at the paramount Theatre in T J's hometown of Denver he the air and highlights the Silicon Valley stars high energy on Orthodox comedic observations on life death and everything in between you guys know I'm in love and he's been on the podcast I think maybe five times for five six maybe including the live ones includes a one hundred range TJ and plenty of audience interaction this special offers his offbeat take on nightmares marijuana and alcohol and his favorite historical figure and the challenges of talking about death he's amazing he's a genius he's one my favorite stand ups and comedians of all time check out TJ Miller meticulously ridiculous as it cracks open the effect of my eccentric mind of one of the most fearlessly weird comedians today premieres Saturday June seventeen at ten pm on HBO can and do it again for EEE end of course that the that the sponsor thank you so much HBO and TJ for that support a show please support that wonderful special and having to check it out and that we have monkeys pics which I always plug these are two products that have changed my life for the better that I take almost every day certainly most days especially on days like today were shooting crashing season two here in New York City which is 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even better that than men I like the every class every day advance cause with the advance you can take a very very little amount and still feel the difference and it means alot alot of weird as it tried it and they love it and it's a great great product right go to CW shows Webb CW hemp dot com slash weird and there's a new promo code is keep it crispy all one word will get you ten percent off again try the everyday Placer the everyday advances going to notice the everyday is more like something you know it's good for you to be in the wheel only feel it I like the medium and strong strain myself those are the pizza fix I want watch T J Miller's HBO special meticulously ridiculous Saturday aged seventeen to ten pm and I in the meantime please enjoy the very very talented John early thou be the ones they get into anything she does not generally kind of why I saw John and watch especially watching the wind and were proud to be an American in spirit how embarrassing how when where Sai I was always nice to see the hairs on the U S to his chair saying that against you if you don't mind don't impose been used to it I'm surprised that you like this how's that not a head on oh you mean across yeah I don't like the crust too much stayed in touch yeah I can come for the week with when we talk about how you got yours how you got your start and which parents sacrifice the most the only laughter that's fine I The USA Is that okay what is left here just so funny you're so funny all things we started yeah we can record and hope we can make a note to trim out some of this part but some of the drama that we had getting our earphones properly you you you you you know it's interesting and layers of body thanks for doing this fairly well you're so funny I add some things like your phone's not working is kind of like your area wow I think that's true I'm saying totally you love people interrupting people fucking up yet what is the name of the eye I laughed so hard the name of the woman who is both reclaim the dream but a new Netflix the ol' Johnny is all good all the little funny xD Well we can give Michael credit was due but this one's on you John are a few thank you to be lip syncing supposed to be mocked playing the trumpet and she does them in your real voice Nicole cuter is the funniest seems that it kills me it's so funny but he really liked it I love it reminded me of extras where David Bowie goes yes and I like that sometimes you know anything this are there some reason names can be so funny to me yeah and but here's my opening let's talk about this to start it's such a scary thing because guys like you performers like you and performers like a dreamland as well me hey she's not gonna listen why she hates this I She's done a good duet and then see if I wanted was a blessing she sat right right oh right it doesn't do much for me just cuz we sleep in the same bed every night but would like when we do too or is it to say guys are IRL and Lena all a lie dying on the second is that I ha he he I don't think you guys like fight like men but I know that Valerie My My Lady has a very hard crush on you guys on relationship wow I just know her by the way Tyler was that roller skating ring the bell like ruler had a party yeah I was in live tweet and it was the finale of crashing that night so I had no idea we were likely flee skating during the finale it's still on their the whole of her eye she was home for the late one she actually lived the good ole one who coaches really fun blessed are those I can't use iron and she was funny what a journey and to have a partner who'll lie to your finale was down to clown and down or a Democrat and that seems to be maybe have that other people and I certainly don't have a romantic lead the eye for and yet it seems like oh yeah and you sometimes bunk together off the lease for the first years of our friendship in the same bed right yeah like a that's a that's the Himalaya girls dynamic that I think women really enjoy which is the cuddle buddy not necessarily doom we don't cut Oh yeah but the intimacy is yeah you don't care you can see you can hang out yet I feel about like we love hanging out we love it feels like a sleeve over the main requirement as a new leisure is not for some reason right Steve what you don't need everything from your partner right it's like you doing out with your spending one hundred and ten percent of her life with it's a good it's a good feeling and tell me a view of this will get when you when you see somebody and you're like genuinely excited even though you are out and thus renewing our works is this really nice but here's here's the first question any question call Nicole and watching that one take so beautifully done in the characters which as you watch on Netflix and it's so funny because I don't know everyone can relate it's the stakes of a lip sync so someone lip syncing by definition someone taking themselves seriously doing something stupid yeah it's like people get nervous about it's like I got to get to write like an impression that I really have to stick the landing but the new betray it is called Nicole and the sound but so the joke is Nicole and the joke throughout most alot of your work is and please know that I love you and that I figured to die for you is that there isn't a joke it's an attitude totally posturing yeah what the fuck I had my eye how do you get into that place only to end up will go like Oh my God that I noticed that I got that but i got abit you're going into something far riskier but also much more rewarding when it clicks Rory school or you are capable and goes out and goes like I always reference case I'm talking so much we're going to get all that I'm not worried at all I'm really not worried I give you the inside I'm just excited when Rory goes out and just decides to be like Guys put down your water but I don't want to see water and digs in to something like that what do you do to get into that kind of space Like You doing The Tonight Show you doing something live near there UNK to do and what the fuck does run your first took the jury is not that there's no joke the joke is this absence of like that's why the uni make me read you know I don't know what you make us all look stupid doing something far more wizard like it's because of that is our sweet spot in my seat it's like I my sweets but is not just pure joke rating yeah I finally found it so much more comforting on The Tonight Show knowing that we had a scenario that we could just play inside of light verse is like nailing Jell O yes like and I and I don't see millions of any sort of judgment about it I wish I could do that you're saying it's natural to you yet somehow you may attain this is also is not to you but I want to make sure to leave listeners know it's child like childish like shit and that shatters you doing something that I like you somehow maintained the Amber that we all had yeah that on the playground the kids that were like instead of monkey bars let's pretend we're astronaut and use means that until I'm twenty the AI AI AI in twenty imagine for this intimate yet natural for years it is natural it's like yeah and so much more fun for me like i also I would be so paralyzed if I was doing jokes because there's something about I mean you're stuck you're stuck in them and then you have to the weirdness of standup is that you have to pretend like it's like off the cuff like that that is so embarrassing to artificial yeah like it's like saying I'm really liking our page is like like like in a show that's not being filmed whatever the ever ever ever under sub consciously agrees to the contract the social contract like I'm going to be pretending like this is off the cuff Ray and The Tonight Show setting I would like but we didn't have an option it's not like we were like shoe jokes or should we do it rain like we do what you submitted a scene and that's what we're going to do what's interesting to me is that those things they they run you through the rumor of like I did called me and they just bite the shocked the the night was no way but will send them this yes and then season them a tape of you doing we did a very messy version of the show here them yeah see that's why I really hate to say I'm an old tiny Barber shop I think that's um that's up to it because I have bits that don't work unless you're in them yeah and all you do are bits that don't work unless you're in yes that's a very high comedy just circling back to this compliment but he exactly if you wrote them down yet nothing funny about Nicole is funny about what your face doesn't and you know he has an eight show audience not sure yet it's a great Sat don't get me wrong you're like the like are we laughing right way are we laughing right in to adjust it was strange the laughter because that also we weren't prepared for how the laughter doesn't make sense in the context of our of the imaginary circumstances Ray like the loud like a yeah know that people should actually be squirming but people were by the end of it were because you know they were warmed up very well right of Mr. Fallon as the eye but yeah so this is when they were laughing like oh wait this doesn't make much sense and then it was so nice because of her laughing it was that we're acknowledging that it was fake and it was just very silly uneasy right and there was nothing like potentially kind of like manipulative or mean about like making them uncomfortable or something right yeah there's nothing malicious about what you guys are doing but it is funny that you went out trying to be more authentic again I can see that the standard goes up we a lot of us you know make jokes about it now it's like I went to the Barber shop I usually store when people the yet or I want to store the other day and two years ago I wrote this gem here who are against not stock but it's interesting to me I think may be interesting to you that you were like Let's go out and really going that X Factor space that kind of still air space the cane I are really connecting and really listening but then you had to pretend in another way yeah we're feeling good and that you didn't know and it's something I've added something to wink I'm kidding when I just want to go and I I I just recently have opened get a simple very simple fly through the minutes that's what my eyes are like when I opened this morning I keep Cliff stepping in some garbage grows you twenty nine younger that reference she's what is unclear to me he's Clint is home Wuthering Heights the bizarre and too many it is the eye I simultaneously younger I really don't get Lori's day of the present even have a line in new thing we like the more real it is the hardest to pretend which of course is a joke that your character the writer is saying but it's almost like that is something to grab it I know you're going up trying to do this alchemy where it's like the joke will be that we that we just kind of like playing ping pong without the ball I mean you can and so adding everyone knows but it requires them to invest in stakes the up to establish who is a very genius move to go out and be like we're going to do it tonight show about how excited we are about doing that instead of butchering in Somalia well it was also just we were so much less nervous having each other and having a scenario to just like yeah because there's no pressure for one moment ago certain weight and is kind of be it was like much more fluid it was really nice we did have a time limit on I mean we did have a time of because of the laughs p ay ay ay did you go but we did over but not by too much but they thankfully didn't edit it when they did the mayor later I don't know if your listeners know it's not live it's not alive you know it's middle of the day that's why everyone's so happy and it's also just like that's it feels low stakes weirdly we're doing it because it's like it's like four pm yet unlike the studio seem so small I can know what it's like to perform that the Wi that's so funny I wrote this down I thought this was good you love special ness and I got that ass hole this is a new one if you are obsessed with that concept here is short video of a project on to me seems to me they are at odds with specialists on one hand someone can be special and Michael Jordan it's a special her eye but then also the performer are commodity is not leaping and dunking basketballs convey its more subtle everybody's kind of funny everybody's a little bit interested in certain ways yeah said a claim of Michael Jordan's status is where I needed to be like Yeah I go i go tell a friend like that sorry but i go tell Ivan for work you know I mean oh well any o six on the way back find out the way back to the turn of the earth slows down the way the subs are going to present the you know she don't you when you say well this the status part is also you're doing it's not to pull the curtain back I feel like you probably like characters highs low status people acting president of the heist I mean that's the simplest yeah that's like totally what is right yeah really and secure gay guy at his bridal shower bridal shower wedding shower rehearsal dinner rehearsal dinner yet and but he's acting like a total dick when he should be apologizing to everyone for you but you agree they are their influences I mean it did remind me a little bit in the good wave of like The Office the British offices mainly because he's a very high status guy who should be gently weeping or absolute a lot of your characters are withholding something I am just ah yeah Jesus Christ I love I feel like I was there for the I Phone we like is people denying a total Mama's you don't want their kids who want to be performers this year might be gay are obsessed with their mother I'm not exactly sure what that guy's deal I don't know either there's no like there's so much random improv from that that I relate leader suggests like crazy stuff like that I couldn't even hear dad but I knew big one coming did I buy but so funny when people call casual Queens is their family that's the funny mean he talked about his camp friends yeah yeah I should watch the kids before you get but we do is do just leave it on in the BG I I you people that go like I don't see my friends from camp from so long oh right they're my real family rate of sanity that saves you about yet no no not in that way in the quickest way to creep people out is to say your my real family the third time you find my real family yeah there's lots of years this anyway so what do you think status status yet know that's that's definitely I think what's funny I mean um well yeah a lot of the obviously like to draw all over it like our churches we unfortunately so did so good she said I read so iconic um but that mean that such a great example of like someone who Mickey is one of the best care to call one of the Great escape cover of Time game I'm clearly yes I only saw an interview I gave Bob Seger are always dropping into the air like serious medical problem yet the other possible melanoma to eye with that that would be right up your outfit oh and another person who quietly weeping yeah who's so it goes back into pretending pretending that they're straight people pretending that they like their kids yet this seems to what does that feel like are you not mad at the world go home little friend I do feel a little heat the other side here are the Yeah Yeah but I think is slowing down there's a calming down a little bit um but it's a good it's a good show it's great anger anger but is it is just like because I think I've gotten through like a few years of being able to like when you first start you get through like a good five years of like burning the kind of like I can use metaphor I can do a coat and my countrymen oil metaphor or something and ownership burn the think it's like you I can't excite me about There Will Be Blood where they burn the earthquake oil know that oil well in there yes seen him once how the and the accounts they know it's you know you burn through like a breakthrough like a thick mane initial anger at least and it was a or comedy was a good flash washed it out of you yeah and now it's like oh oh you know that you start making something like What am I without just like pure child yeah and which is interesting but the world can be I have the feeling that people these hyper towns mimics like yourself I was visiting Boston recently and it wasn't too bad so see I'm trying this week due to most who are really really bad show oh really I was able to benefit it was a bit of a it's like a commune should not be hosting a benefit oh think everyone's turned in their dislike towards each other in a table yes of course anyways off I know that sounds like a nightmare but I remember I got a lot of this people going like good for you if EU the EU fall and Eugene look what happened good for the inner leaf over the hill and they meant that ye think they meant it to be sweet and Val and I are standing there like oh like we're these weirdos not to say that other people non comedians can't be like that second where that you're saying Good for you but it kind of stuff like oh fuck it's only good for you a foggy dream got lucky at the end of the Get Up In The Moon gets the oh kind of turns into a hangar on like birds on your socks like you can't cleanse yourself until you get on stage none of that specific moment isn't as humid I'm going it down and I'm going to do a show in Boston I can't wait to do good for the U K a year do you go like oh get this going these people have no idea how these people they're being told the right well that's my constant fear I'm screaming a podcast person right now that's funny though as the guy like you're known as the sky but as a guy who's very good at looking at other people and kind of finding a lot of humor and you have a hard time showing your own vulnerabilities because there has to be some bullshit going on with you are you working that out in the characters as well yeah I mean easy I feel like I'm pretty good in my personal life through years of therapy at like showing my vulnerabilities yeah um but I definitely have to think in a public way I have kind of like a corpse relationship to sincerity you know it's off putting the wall and it's dangerous it's just so often misused or like it's like to you know it's or it's overvalued or it's or or there's only kind of went home to a kind of a socially acceptable quality sincerity is like only one way that one can be sincerely truly pure confession of openness you know and like I find I I I think that in general in time I've always talked about this but it is like How dare you like to find sincere he's like How dare you think since it only looks a certain way I dare you any feeling anyway at right now it's so fun about was going to tell you that's what's so fun about watching you for me is that isn't it weird that we have these culturally agreed upon it's different in other countries great ways of posturing right like when when like for example my wonderful uncle just died and the way you show greenery know I took a leave in that we scrunch it with a joke you phase know actually does know please but that's we we get these little glimpses of how you're supposed to behave yes like I walked into the room I saw my father dancing a little bat an and then I remembered the funeral close it up I which is appropriate yeah but it's also lonely we don't feel exactly how we're told to behave like it's not perfect how could it be great even like a label sexual labels political labels yeah even attitude I'm lonely like that doesn't capture all of it yeah and then when when we make fun of just like a phenomenal actor this is the butter in your bread or eat like the way that people roll their eyes are on the or or brags subtly you know it's like why is it why Will doing his impression of a human if we never learn languages of what all been like the woods somewhere right shooting and the knitting cooking we'd all be Mel I know that is to say isn't it a good way to get a glimpse at the nonsense that we're kind of soaking in my making fun of it yes and in no way isn't that kind of cell yes well this is so like pockets one on one but I did but I do just so you see here and I but it is that is the experience of my childhood was Lake here we go we don't have to but that but that was while I always go down Kyle to the eye that was my confusion as a kid did was like I should be I am not meeting the requirements for this particular ritual and that is because in my parents or a server they were ordained ministers during ok was very very young they still sort of do it on the congregations are more but the I grew up going to literally tons of like weddings and funerals an hour talking about yet so they post in May yet yea and when a groom sees his bride the face may we all got the action movie that and maybe even we didn't have movies and yes it's an every other wedding you should glow not too toothy as how you kiss the end of a wedding this is why your rate you have your finger on the pulse oh yeah makes sense that you went to a lot of those things because that's where human beings are pretending rate but even as a kid in you get the sense that grown ups like mushrooms recently and I was like why don't we use our bodies rolling on the ground like the most fun I've had during one's pajamas on the other night I was in sight we did a midnight so I bash the flock inside job
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