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Live In Atlanta + Q&A

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On July 30th at Terminal West in Atlanta we gathered with a few hundred Up and Vanished supporters to listen to the Season finale live, followed by a Q&A. Check it out!

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tender food TV and the up and vanished podcast are proud to announce the unfinished Life two or an exclusive season one audio and video experience plus Q and A UAB over fifteen cities across the country including Atlanta Chicago New York Los Angeles Austin St Louis and for a full schedule and ticket information visit often vanished dot com slash live experience season one in a whole new way with exclusive documentary footage and on the ball the live Q and A with me in the rest of the best team I've been working that arrogance the case for almost two years now I have hours of exclusive video and audio content is never made it into the podcast will be sharing with you all the untold stories from my investigation tickets are available now to get up and bear stuck on the last line up in their stock from slash line the last Sunday we came together several hundred in various listeners at a venue in Atlanta to listen to the two ports season one finale together a great time with everyone it was amazing meeting some new guys face to face today are going to play some audio from a live event as well as a live Q A session with Philip always Reese got one myself I want to personally thank everyone who attended locally here in Atlanta and also those who drove or flew in for the event your support was phenomenal for those of you didn't make it yours all went around the eye the pain it's not paint the sky anti climactic event was commemorated the live finale of up in Bannister wee little cot applause c'mon that's amazing my name is Robert ricotta ricotta like cheese in lasagna and every Italian dish you love your welcome I feel like this being a live season episode I should do like the explicit content warning or something like this You're A mean I don't know if you've been you know my part in it but maybe you'll know after this k this episode finished the hey it's not as good as painter Marie's to the other ones but that is what I do this is actually bend A over two year journey I don't know if you guys know that as far as the team we've been doing this for not that we're crazy prose or anything in this for about two years and now and you're going to get to experience all of them lie which is amazing it's really great guys here with thanks so much for coming seriously this is our first stop inland obviously being the home time is for cities is everybody from around the area would imagine so what cities yell awesome cities to carry on with us from okay maybe Macon Macon Georgia ok so pretty for Alaska no slides it you'll need to wait until maybe another time to come that's closer to all I mean blessed you know in to get this started actually we're going to show a clip that I promise has never been seen before and you guys to be the first actually we have some people up there I'm so sorry I love you all up there same down here is up there ok so we're going to show this clip broke wake and turn your attention to the screen welcome to the live season finale the video showed the audience was a sneak peek of some of the documentary footage I've been shooting drought my investigation on Terrence its case this clip was exclusive to the show but it will be available soon for everyone else to about the disappearance finding monitor the first for the the the the uh his name I never got bored that is not accurate the the the thing is about to slip ups the downs the bloggers the water turned I found out on January the what happened cases The Wilson says the alrighty alrighty guys enjoy that honestly no one's ever seen that before I like their bodies and their feet as I can row quick to get you Buffy zero immunity weird stretches or massage people we don't do that here we don't do that here I honestly would like to introduce you to face aside from what's been on and on the TV screens that kind of thing he's a good friend of mine is the director producer of the up and vanished season so far enough in Venice is a brand here in the stage my friend Kane Lynn's loaned us a lot more people die but I was going to be used to like being in my room dislike with a leg or bone in my underwear something on so I wrote this in the way here hope that's cool with you guys on the Real I wanna tell u guys that we've been working on this episode nonstop the last seventy two hours literally the biggest interviews we have in this podcast came the last twenty four hours which is been absolutely crazy so um just so I should get my facts tree here a year ago I could not imagine being here right now this is absolutely awesome your support is what makes this a reality tonight we're all here to listen to the final episode of open vanished are also your daughter here instead I never knew Sarah but during the past two years I've become very close to a lot of people who did and it's been a remarkable experience for me it's a real honor and privilege to have told a story to you guys it's been very emotional and you know it's been fun has been scary it's been everything and you guys belong to the right it's amazing to think that our own curiosity and fascination with true crime can make something like this happen and before play tonight's episode I want to make one thing clear I didn't solve this case we solve this case and that's how I feel without you guys here deny your passion your devotion your curiosity your burning desire to want to know what happened to tear edges like me that's why this happened and I firmly believe that my grave thinking that so without further ado I want to play the first part of the episodes in the two ports for you guys so once the person and it's not over it's even better so without further ado let's play this thing I look for to me you guys shortly and let you guys the broiler or carry out what was going they were the wrong way these people hours in the We kicked off for one of the finale to a sold out crowd at Atlanta's terminal west it was jam packed with several hundred seated in standing room only in the back Morgan never get back to the bear the torture them coherent let marinate for him we're going to tell him trying to get back to help my grandma ended part one behind the drop was at the intermission place them in Venice trivia with the audience that's coming up after the break I want to tell you about society six dot com is a global design marketplace that allows you to enhance the appearance of your lifestyle and support the world's most talented organist at the same time society thinks is home to hundreds of thousands of orders from all around the globe to upload and sell their original works are thirty plus premium consumer goods from canvas prints t shirts blankets because there's so many designs for t shirt collection is insane just last week I ordered several awesome t shirts with original print designs you can find anywhere to store and ordered a backpack with his I call gravity V to everything here is original you can't find anywhere else and here's the thing the products aren't made until the purchase making every piece extremely unique over four million unique designs have been uploaded today so no matter what they have something in your style for the love or go to society six dot com flash vanished into my promo code vanished at checkout and get twenty percent off your order plus free shipping the Society six dot com slash vanished for twenty percent off your order plus free shipping gram on the the How can you not love her everyone has a vision in their mind of either their grandmother like the sweetest woman but actually she's here tonight she's the real MVP year of a couple things to know who hold up your phone everyone has a smartphone right pretty much if you have snapped at we actually have a close them up in vanish filter go up on there keep on forgetting guys and not forgetting you promise but we do have a custom of the vanished a filter for you guys is well I think to the right to stage over here you guys are welcome to an intermission to take a bunch of pictures with that and Donald know he's pretty handsome though but yeah you guys can take pictures with that we actually turn intermission you're welcome to the bathroom grab a drink food anything you guys want to do it this time can be about ten minutes long but actually if you don't mind we're going to do a little bit of up and vanished trivia of Sri with you guys so it literally from here going to try to see from up stairs and then from downstairs as well as I ask these who puts their hand of firsts that's really hard to tell Joe to fly out some lighting their cigars welcome move around take some pictures as well but we're also going to do some trivia during this time as I said so oh and we have prizes because we're not cheap people this is not a cheap thing could be money could be liquor I don't know actually it's this is no lie and don't just tell me this actually did not know this in every one of those bags are grandmas Cowboy Cookies what what you don't deserve that you do you do deserve that is everybody enjoyed little bent ok good because I don't get paid a dime for this I'm just going to get cookies with this well we have a lot more to come again pain as pain said this is two parts so that was the first part obviously the second part that's just as long if not longer you guys enjoy that I'm going to be coming up later and we also after that you guess the video at the beginning is that right that video probably can see very well could you there was daylight it was really crappy so that video is actually really excellent so after States right after this next portion and we're going to basically have that video play again no comeback of Love A Q and A with some of the best of the best for now we'll have about pri three four minutes intermission and will go to parts to thank you guys use in the The The The The to the wide array of emotions the crowd there were tears there were cast in some of the more lighthearted moments with my grandma was even laughing it was amazing to see so many people from all over so connected and drawn to tears inside story of course the very end of Part two we had to end it off like this hello pain here he was on and you know um I don't even think you are the the the are in case handing the maybe Into the wording in a couple initial from the goddess of easy after and we just hear the end of season one would anybody be up for Get on the mike kind of as a whole summer maybe even been Jersey yang kami well first off I will like if I lived in fish rolled about six months after tear disappeared and hearing about all the places that come up in the story oh my gosh I just feel like a mad cry it's I know pretty much every single one of these locations or it just makes the story even more surreal to me than so be on as this podcast is my whole life I owe my entire future to this podcast I'm going to college in August first forensic science because of this podcast I'm happy that it's that this is some like coming to a close I'm happy that Sarah is finally getting peace in her family and the people around her and my gosh I feel emotional ok yes giver hand seriously that's amazing sometimes you know we do this and what kind a reset in having somebody is life who's looking towards the future this is pretty phenomenal honestly and as Payne said there's no way in hell that we would have been able to do this without you guys and that is the truth shortly after the episode ended Philip hallway Reese got one myself the stage to answer the question from the audience this wall for over an hour but here's some highlights please welcome to the stage obviously Doctor Maurice Godwin the of course last but not very least all the following come sit over here guys that doesn't want to be on the mike been asking a few questions that that's okay cool that's alright with you or a taxi first one let's ask a question Doctor Godwin that's okay sir will start with you what was your first impression of pain you just do what is your impression of pain know what was what was your first impression of pain after your initial conversations with him and did you think his involvement would advance this case you worked on I'm not too long to the extent that it has happen like you would go this far so I'm surprised to see one in the audience and elated to be it was somewhat difficult to contact painting again and ever and ever time a college paper saw exercise and were in the knees meet at the Emmys were true oh but on family you just can't leave the mess he says his cell phone just blow up boat out of the nom nom it were and all this is the greatest adventure that I've been home and not think Doctor Godwin let me let me just say this because though he opposed omg we have sleeves and I answered it softest a case and don't ever let anyone convince you to differ with Sir begin with Mr. Payne over here in the middle I can see does work out the clear look at that now so be it some months of pain how is the reaction both nationally and obviously locally we had a girl just showed right there but locally in those silly changed as the case's progress has to go and um what purse no I want to talk to me at all which was I guess the kind of expected that but then all sudden they all wanted to talk to me ok let's let's keep talking and then one day this and now we're talking more ok well when not done yet but nothing like this up and down thing it was first it was hard to break the break into it and then they wanted to talk and then people start realizing Hey Will so so news so so new and it was became uncomfortable when I became this guy who was you know uncover and all this stuff and it's been very interesting to experience that from being you know I was doing an interview one time it was right when Randy was rested there was like a couple of news people out there like Polly it in interviews that day I only know what I said I mean who watched them yet but so is robust o you who view someone over here to the guys and you know that that kind of went away and also in people like you talking about my so so so so and I think that it's now coming back to a place where people are accepting the fact that the truth hurts and that was you know this is what it is I didn't choose the story I just found it and been told but it's been an interesting experience I miss Bill Holloway his family can channel her family the case over Mr. Philip Holloway was of all the cases you've done on the scene that you've been involved with on either or what drew you to this case specifically and then the duo question would be how the heck did you get all this that was our pre arranged questions trip use his pc favors the you get the I've been doing my own notes revision so corrupt in south Georgia and Afton where pain a mother now lives and who and in two thousand and five I was already in the Atlanta area practicing law but in nineteen ninety nine which was the year the terror one that missed shift and crown I was attempting to practice law that if there's not a lot of crime in that area so there was a limited group of potential clients especially people that can support my lifestyle so eventually came to the Atlanta area became a prosecutor in Cobb County so I was familiar with this case and I was at was and still am personally friends with lots of people in the law enforcement community that were involved with this initial investigation so it was something that was all my personal radar ever since it had when the podcast took a turn based on the arrests were made it seems to me that pain might could benefit from maybe something that I know about not only the legal system but the local community in that area after all I have been a police officer part time ano sila back in the early nineties way before this case half and half felt that maybe it would be it would make sense to reach out pain I did so over Twitter and he actually had as I recall we followed each other out about the same time in the cinema message and I never really expected to be the cast members to speak of the podcast to repair her heart the theory part to you yeah uh yeah I know a month later I think it was something like Those same day holy the response me for what he said is that still working I had that the wall so he said I think that was something along the lines of I think we need to talk or maybe some things that can help you with an ego is absolutely I agree to your words so I'm doing please tell me right now yes folks we met in person it was shortly after that and the rest as they say now in the history books is weird we all like some of us is meant for the first this is actually is fun fact it kind of strange it is well you know we do a friendship a Nye is the first time we've actually ever meant person worked on this is the true story we actually it was on the couch and there's the strangest thing in like it's like seeing an old friend or good friend or whatever we'd worked on this at least two years together so it's almost surprising that weighs well him being able to let me be apart of his well I don't have much to say but in terms of him being able to put that to me the opportunity to do this for the right reasons is why involves well let's face it no one likes going to the post office I don't like saving time money and that's why you still suck on that inner foot anything we email we used the com for more standing in line are wasting time of the post office stamp saves you time and money which you can use to grow your business I can mail any letter in any package just by using the computer and printer in the mail man comes and picks it up avoid the hassle the post office to mail everything from postcards to envelopes and packages domestic or international break from your home or office you can make it stands account in minutes online seriously you just click Print Mail you're done in right now you can enjoy to have snuck onto the special offer includes a four week trial plus postage and a digital scale with a long term commitments stamps not come at the microphone the top of the homepage and type in the promo code up you pee again become promo code of the outcome never go to the post office again we actually want to throw it out to you guys wore some questions and yeah actually get a doll done here pretty handsome guy to bring in Mike a matter of opinion yeah actually you know what the best way to do this the formal way to do this with the lineup is like a second preschool single file use the first woman yet when we come over here is Austin opportunities they are so good to see the question but the guy that you interviewed on the works of being a part to the friend I write due to the FBI should store whatever she said that that night in question he was in Jacksonville Florida for the Florida Georgia game in the Florida Georgia game that here was on October twenty nine he is actually after Tara had gone missing the median missing something but have you he was talking about the next weekend because the question for the gym I was there yet either the night the Ryan said what he said or the night that they were burning terror see I was saying that yes it's like a mix of a Hey I think this class is the brother that was interviewed at the same brother brother that allegedly live with them is not actually that was ever clear his name is James was Steven so it doesn't even know I did not he would talk to me I tried obviously you know a lot of personal investment in this but my question is do you think some of the information that's come out will raise reasonable doubts are you or do you think the defense is going to take any of this information really I honestly have no idea I just have this like feeling that I can't shake that they just do not care what I do they just don't believe it they just think that this is not the truth is that podcast thing in the truth is over here I don't know I would just good feeling to say they're going to try to ignore as long as they can but than again a bit surprised many times in this case
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Live In Atlanta + Q&A