MFM Minisode 31

Update: 2017-06-191


It's a new My Favorite Murder minisode where Karen and Georgia read stories sent in by listeners like you! This week's hometowns include: a story of survival, a light-hearted SWAT team takeover, an encounter with a creepy tree man, and more!

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hey friends I'm Dave Holmes is going to be straight Mike Doty and I are old friends and are both obsessed with the real world so I made a podcast about it it's called True Star A were starting with just an in depth look at season one of the Real World back in New York in nineteen ninety two more innocent time Julie Heather Andre Eric the whole gang listen on Pharaoh audio The uni coz he read or coffee once again a tear and the cool people and school coffee and then copy and it's hot some call you Can I sit here and there are companies like them they have in my favor murder planned and they support artists which is super cool yet so it's seeing a thirty percent off right now by going to read or coffee to calm the promo code is murder we really should get the The mei said this is that she really short episode that gets you three are weak by us send us your hometown murders or year or whatever town murders or your whatever town incident weigh in since the exciting things for weird thing when I'm still loving it we everyone is well get something good you see the picture of the girl who went for Halloween as the Swiss cheese per the flick one of my favorite the adore that girl who out there an amazing person gets the best it's the bass last gotcha last all kinds of stuff out there we really look hard not to be and if you have some stuff like that over yet yet we don't judge the judge you in on are you ready first cat food this one is called I unknowingly played fetch with human bones can see the mouse Mimi your podcast tell me three sleepless nights and terrible postpartum depression the worst maybe you guys are truly my sweet baby comedy on Saturday send officially radio and vetted by Stephen about my hometown murder I'm from a morgue and the California you are no more calmer Ghana a very affluent suburb the likely I'm a learner says Marie and what is so affluent I've never they don't want us to know I wonder if it's near black cock or something like that never sorry how how far away from Berkeley it says this ever and I'm sorry this is an affluent suburb east of Berkeley oh okay it's in the hills but probably more can I affluent I just found out how cigarette Mr. Ackley next sort of house once owned by serial killer Philip Hughes and the POS Philip killed teenage brain that's because he got down to Beaver Dam High School never got over it when he wanted no it's because he's a serial killer I mean we want to murder who thought he would be too obvious a suspect so he decided to look alike would have to suffice he is deranged wife would pick the victims for him lol was an early fifteen years before him and in a town Philippines to bury his victim's body parts around the foothills of Saint Mary's College and Mount Diablo however he would see a quote trophies of his victims including bones and body parts his only he only caught because his lunatic wife turned him in because she was all caps jealous of his intense obsession with his victims on but the fact she got immunity for her testimony double what the fuck pass for a few decades and I'm a teenager and would pet sit for the lovely young family that moved in to his dick it moved in today click Phil's old house and since it happened decades prior about Philip Hughes and I was this house the neighbor's dog was a rambunctious yellow lab named Bear that would dig up anything and everything in the backyard though he since has a huge open space and are houses backed up to a soon the bones Baird ago were many deer possums foxes raccoons skunks except for that and fields so I would sit in the backyard and play fetch with their and do homework maybe smoke a little early because I was a teenager with a house to myself and I discovered the history of Philip Hughes where he lived and that some of those bones or possibly some of his keepsakes he kept buried in his yard yes a play fetch with him in bonds and then let the dog chew slash eat them sigh now my dad was a federal prosecutor at the time is now Superior Court judge in contra Costa County says organic on the interest and I and it never occurred to this to him since I thought they or star Bob owned a dog bones was afraid he'd train and even smoking weed while watching the dive I did eventually tell him now that I'm thirty five I don't smoke weed and hoe that if you find a body part tell someone not only Maddie that you trust pass on the Lord's land love you all stay sexy don't get murdered if you if you find body parts Collier she didn't know at the time now like this is looking back knowing that she has a dozen of proof they were his or even human but it's just there's a good chance yes okay okay and this is from Lindsey thank you Lindsay that's so creepy creepy question mark to have like Hannan may be touched a femur and I'm like whoa that's rough I've that serial killer entered that town a medium asleep right now ok my reign this subject line is lighthearted Southern hospitality for SWAT team Steve and Karen Kay Stephens am going first is someone who's clearly Steven trying to play well together to help stimulate up and we a fucking town is it's like gnome made a B A s even Elvis me and Karen style Hong going good I actually have to say in the last couple times we've done many souls I have felt left out because now that it's the roll call and Stella every he's not really part of the young and that she's year and I'm like fine wine tells of two pencil people of people in here and you can throw Franken Georgian there Steven just added everytime I feel that you're faking out the A I and just remember George's ago okay wait I'm a girl George is a girl yet I took a lighthearted Southern hospitality for the SWAT team ok thank you all a Mercury the whole day and thank you all for creating you know culture oh we did not create it we we merely at Mayo has been here for years before us in the house existed inside of you just like shingles the I just like the obscene Myron and I um didn't stare ok things were pre needs it that's very true here's sweet story hailing from the humid hell hole of Booker it on my college town shameless plea please do a live show in Florida please guess my tease ur okay okay it says Raul a little crazy and carry deodorant in our purses but we can be fun I told him the OK it was the end of the semester my lived in a small house within a neighborhood consisting college kids and all around sketch balls I was something memorable when I start losing ran into the living was crouching down beside the window peeking outside I dropped to the Florida Army crawled because that's what I felt was appropriate that my eye the there was a fucking scene at the house directly across from ours the entire SWAT team had mobilized guns aimed at the house poised behind in the middle of the street making a serious fucking plan that's exciting I'm like It's so exciting to about three minutes later we would learn that their plan was to stake out this house from the best vantage point possible our founding all caps know when five members from the tween teen made their way to our we literally her my I cannot not know they love that that's the soy eyes which is incorrect we literally our minds they slip down your ears and onto the floor they were intimidating in their vests and helmets and they were as chivalrous as learned that the man that the man o across the street was holding his family at gunpoint to his son was able to break away and call my mom one which caught the ball rolling was why note the next day I heard to that this was provoked by a dispute over the son's Xbox also the man ended up surrendering after a few hours anyway they explained that they were common and we have to escort us out through the backyard FYI they created a human to safety outside my roommate clutching her miniature schnauzer to her chest in their guns cocked toward the house shouting commands to each other only kind the hottest saying of all time and then the bodyguard song started playing with some other concerns the eighth but that one big thank you for cheering me up that was that I was like if someone not me say it you see is merely a stage mother that way of life and what's this on Karen's getting a couple months and I can pull this mike off his mike stand and I the while my light my block to the front with mammogram a great read um this is a literally one of the most surreal moments of my life but what made it that much crazier was that the SWAT team spent the afternoon in our shady Goodwill furniture clad living where huge composite photo of our entire sorority Hong drinking water from red solo cups and maybe occasionally glancing at the TV that we had turned on to he loves see that's the best beautifully written her hilarious speech on nine died exciting it's almost like an aspirational email yes he gets to see that kind of name it so exciting to Boca so cool we got to get a bus come yet if you live in Boca and of the SWAT team and by chance we do a live there we love to me yes yes we want you to escort us on stage I want more than schnauzer just for fun we want for the full slideshow will side with them that's such a good and see a bucket and was playing care in the man who must miss my Q There you go Okay ready for creepy Tree Man story yes ladies and Steven so wasn't cats or dogs either so yep fair everybody's Fine and Fair to this technically isn't a murderer but I know you like some weird creepy stuff so I figured I'd share with you hell yeah I just moved to Indianapolis from upstate New York and I just miss you guys when you're here the town of Greenfield New York when I was in elementary school so my exact interpretation of this is super different than what was explained to me later in life so one night when I was at eight years old I decided to be brave and sleep with my blinds open so we are called cancer so the reason people make the kids make decisions yet her reasoning as I was falling asleep Emerson figure leaning against the one tree in my art so I freaked out until my mom and she told me I had an overactive imagination but she still up in the front door and didn't see anything she urged me back to bed and after few minutes as I was laying in bed I looked back out the window and sure enough he was still eventually just close my blinds and fell asleep now now that same exact weekend I remember suddenly having to spend the weekend with my grandmother in Saratoga and was reason that I was a teenager and dried up in conversation with my mother when she told me that the reason I stay with my grandmother was because apparently was stocking my mother and let himself into our apartment and watch her turns out this was the first time something happened like this with with the guy Annie and done it with previous ten as well not happened with the guy my really talked about it again or wanted to talk about it but we after the incident so there really was a can do in the yard yet healthy and also knew was late to open the door were that scares me oh God I hope you enjoy this as a creepy and I look forward every episode every week counting to see guys live soon also cat out of the forest Adam the that's the worse bass worse stalkers know the guy I have nightmares about having soccer because it's just like you have no control rain kind of how to do for her stock are excited about it is laid stop trouble I think about the hour it's like people are like Oh my excrement totally shocked me and you know I did some shit when i was like twenty one yet lake absolutely could have been judged the stock or a yes or lime as dry as dry by her maid Paddy Reilly Dry be by my Conyers House seat it seems from my did that too with those same people the I can't remember yeah I definitely sense some flack am obsessive pages paging people dam point three one four three in love you know I'd better just when you were surgeon I was a drug dealer surgeon going this fall to Fox pager that pager life that you are oh definitely live operator stock let's talk real I mean I think also I feel like that is what your twenties are for yet in terms the stocking page isn't stocking lives here I I yeah for sure they're supposed to do sch crazy shit yet which is why I like I can listen to like my ex is crazy it's like well that's what love does to you yet you knew you when you are disappointed or hurt in love you have reactions that you can control because basically your drug has now the honours in the air like I couldn't sleep at my raya because every one of the injury none of them that thing where you think you see them everywhere lol when you're like I was it was because it on diet pills lapse of sanity crazy obsessive and then it was something of a person and didn't Los Angeles and I thought I saw him everywhere totally get that horrible too wanted to so at the DMV and needy who happen to be there and then you're kind of like getting ready all that I to be ready and get ready Maren likes effect years ago 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can do the me I met someone and it honestly seems like it could solve of problems for me yet none so that I could get my house painted but now well now you pull yourself up exactly maybe they can put it down put up for me that's a separate pro that he would calm yes that's like a picture remover and we Age Imagine No me neither lets him enter that and see what they say to contact our common sessions you ok this one is called I survived escape from self storage oh shit what's okay so a friend I love it just get into it via a friend from was interviewed by OSHA and wonder what her friend was from her she left out a word ok so a friend from was interviewed by ICE arrived for her story with a high school friend from Iceland to high school they ended up not using her story but I thought you would enjoy hearing the story the help that ass or e anyway yep i ok it's ok a okays so we went to college in a pretty save rural college town in the south she was taking some classes over the summer a cage is pretty much alone because no for the summer was living in a house she and her parents are renovating for future rentals because they were renovating the house and a lot of stuff to storage facility that she would frequently go to one out her storage unit and a man John Turner a she fought like hell but he threw her into a storage unit ties her up locked her ire and laugh hate being about my friend managed to get out and began searching for a way out in the complete pitch black I going to say how creepy that is because it's basically like an empty room that's pitch black you're never connect your eyes will never get use to the blackness re begin because even a stream of light yet ok she somehow found an old flip cell phone I don't know if you know this but old flip cell phones have a special reserve battery see her one even if the phone claims channel of at home cream block back flip phone yet ok the cop showed up caught the guy as he was returning to the storage unit afterward they searched his car and it was filled with everything he needed to murder her and dispose of the Biola Mike I don't know that was in all caps that's why my inflection is what it is the so very dramatic I don't know if you believe in God in a god karma or the great Lords the fence through the I never know how to pronounce the set though Lou um but something happened that day in that store June and it saved my friend's life SS de GM LS in parentheses female else's me know oh my god a badass horrifying thing ok here's the thing that made me think Oh if you look it up on YouTube you can feed they teach you how you can break out of zip ties ye see not the one where you clam if the media if you tie together and you can and you get years it I think that's houses it was basically you're zip tie along something else to create friction and you do it long enough you can pop and classical like break and that there's one for duct tape to the lady over how to go that's not yet throw your arms up a certain Reese three or arms in yourself or some shit thing it's like yay at look it up close and why look together at the lookout because the AI mian Sher that like a low magic based escape tactics are good things to know the last hill that's right probably annals NBC NBC themed sand and BC like a Ong said that isn't the one I read this thing about the number talking shit on the woman who jumped on that car are always getting car jacked oh yes like why to someone as friends of her and she read us her car was somebody stealing her car saw the video out and jumped on the head on the head of the huge SUV Hi Karen Jordan of course even the kiddies are counted on you know it's okay I can I can't change horses midstream and expect people to sue for a I'm the one that said they didn't want to talk about a gay in the middle the MSM is twenty a lady who jumped on top of her SUV was getting car jacked as it turned out I know rep for the company they used in turn on and was of the sweetest and pert most personal wraps that I were him I'd had a meeting with her not even a week before the incident happened about shit my pants and on TV it makes sense to me that you take such drastic measures to keep her car because she much for work and keeps in the car was um she's a wrap a vendor rep it says so basically all her stuff she makes money her car can and probably took place in Canada and the fact that it probably took place in Milwaukee Wisconsin so could a very weak it you want streets alone you know Jeff Tom and all anyways I just thought you backstory have jumped on a card it be car jacked thanks for this podcast it keeps a lot of boards College Board college students in turns entertains cheers IV on a nice guy like that knowing the stories about people who love information flow more details if you have details or full stories or anything like what you just heard Sunday to us at my favorite murder at g mail dot com Also I think are due for another first responders nurses episode oh yeah let's have those set foot in a tight already yeah first responders nurses also if you got to me our story loose that has to be you know not just like people had like a whole telephone pole in a thick not just a matter of the extreme and integrity actually stuff on I was looking or going out on the cellphone bling it's very difficult for me to walk in the emergency room because of how long I know for listening say sexy and don't get murdered going to kick in the the uh I uh uh the the great United States government do the mission of the National Security Agency to assess complex citizens of the country who may present a threat to secure the clearance to wiretap by any means necessary to enter dental recordings of private conversations The Files and the audio Tucker
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