MFM Minisode 32

Update: 2017-07-101


On this week’s My Favorite Murder minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories including EMTS, London escapes, a follow-up to the Berkeley hostage crisis, and more.

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hey guys this is Esther and Caroline a brand new podcast launching on feral audio this coming July Fourth and whoa it's cold and blowing up hands well the day is over my head no hey guys as surging Carolina have a brand new podcast launching unfurl audio this July Fourth it's called growing up and it's all about beauty and makeup diet exercise basically our journey to blow up and be beautiful on the inside now and you know are talking about is going to Chloe and you can find us on Apple podcast that girl audio dot com or wherever you listen to podcasts and fall or Instagram growing a podcast to be so fun to be updating you on all things Chloe had her You Need Coffee rhetoric coffee once again it here and they're cool people and school coffee and then copy and it's hot some call you Can I sit here and there are companies like them they have in my favor murder planned and they support artists which is super cool yet so it's seeing a thirty percent off right now by going to read or coffee to calm the promo code is murder we really should get the The you know what to do that I what I was like a use it was like you're trying to get me to come back over to where it like I was a little duck or a dog clearly hear the talking and she kind of wide eyes the eyes but now I'd forget Botox in three was just the eyes of my favorite murder many end we read to you your hometown stories of murder mayhem and a will call other are for other which is great listens someone doesn't have to die for to be fun lo we enjoy a bit certainly exactly the truth if not more so I wouldn't say that unreal in a normal episode the people who are like dedicated actual me said it's like no on six minute now he was in a full fucking yet they get you guys are the solid second believers you guys achievers believers it come on the cheaters believers this key verse skiers mosquitoes now ready yet you go subject line is my EMT story lighthearted hey Stephen Karen in Georgia I would the order Stephen is not the first person a point to point away from him every of those things where we slowly give Stephen the power and assignments in this and that and suddenly people are only talking to Steven people are calling at this to my favorite Steven Cunningham are freaking out a park pass the tray this is all Captain Steven I okay hey Stephen Kiernan I love the podcast about it was around nineteen ninety seven because that would have saved me from this mistake oh back in ninety a very and sheltered new nurse who had been working in a local PR firm minute or two I instantly became fascinated with the paramedics that brought us patience up for six week EMT class at the Community College since I they assured me I already knew everything I needed to know and the educational standards for EMT is back in the day were not as strict as they are now we spent most of the class listening to our instructor tells stories about all the fucked up shit he saw it throughout his career the fact or City College were coming for you come on okay then we took in very basic tests and boom I'm an EMT driver's license took my card to the volunteer fire department and signed up to be on a medical first responder they handed me a t shirt a page or a map book and a red light for my car no training I would sit looking she wasn't a nurse yet I would sit all day at the house waiting for the pager go off and then of all by myself eight twenty two year old blonde girl with a medical background story you to my reality at the time I didn't they didn't have many good crime shows on basic cable didn't have a cell phone lived in a town that had two traffic signals so one afternoon our fire department and sheriff's department got paged about an unconscious person suspected DOA at a house that was very close to where he lived I knew I'd be first excited so what I jumped in my car and sped to the house alone did I wait on the sheriffs do deputy to get there before I ran into the house hell no when I got there a man standing on the porch pointed to the front door of the house and said the bedroom old around the house by myself the bedroom there's a woman who was obviously dead propped up in the bed with a night shirt on no underwear it was my first potential crime scene so i do i touched everything in the entire ground I walked over to the patient made sure and put on my medical bag to get my stethoscope but there's too much stuff on the nightstand so I moved it all space home the glass with a drink in it then I got concerned not drink over so I moved it again for safe measure then I noticed the TV and I was to her heart sounds to confirm death so I walked over and turn the TV down then off about this time by fire chief walked in he was very kind patient was like honey dead in them to get out of here and stop touching thing I can so I spent that evening downtown at the sheriff's department giving them my fingerprints and DNA home my receiving and nasal flares lesson SO hard SST GM especially in my Fire District in nineteen ninety seven K in North Carolina on I feel like they now before the nineties that's how it was done now it seems like every the sixteen hundreds right up in ninety seven it seems like out of eight we like the shed hey I've seen a show called Friends and file don't touch anything the OK who you know what I was thinking how cool would be to have the unsolved mysteries I can and the theme song as if I can ring tone hole would you like every time I would like it shows that such a good idea I must be available at anything that has seen them it down the R A OK great amazing friends escape from intruders was here can Georgia Stephen Ellis Mimi Frank and George was a girl alone at the roll call yes my name is Ali and I'm from the South East of England about an hour south of London and my belief is that EU all equal awesome particularly happy because I recently got my husband to listen to my favorite murder and now he sucked because well you all are awesome head thinking the one amazing friends has a terrific her ordeal back in two thousand and eight she was chilling at home on a Saturday evening with a glass of wine or flat in London's sounds amazing I mean but then she heard the front door open she naturally assumed her two flat mates the lab made sense to think about much to think much of it the next thing she knows two people a man burst into the room and dragged her from room to room forcing her to fill the highs with valuables all the while shouting at her that they were going to fucking stab shoot a night talking and I just I sure as starters are the mom backing stab her if she didn't fill the bags they want to hire up to a chair in one of her flats me that meets room and everytime she looked at them she was trying on the faces in case she got out the woman would smack her across the face and tell her that if she looked at them again she would kill her if Kai ay these two oxygen Steelers then took owner ger her jewelry and bank cards the guy demanded her pen was and warn her that she gave my he would come back and kill her she question mark exclamation mark gave left the flat leaving the woman to keep watch for and the woman then carried on going through all and my friend managed the computer cable and use to tie her up and decided to make a run to the front door thankfully she managed to get out onto the street barefoot eventually wave someone down to help her remain sexy and not get murdered could these two days later at a West London to tell the man pleaded guilty and was handed an indefinite jail sentence for the production of the public whoa how can we do the you need to move to England he was told that he four years before he can be considered for release the woman had in not blowing I deny the charges of robbery and burglary with violence was even and nine year jail term wow just in case you wanna check it out these two are called Michael Rowan O'Brien generally kept up much please stay on some carry Stan and please come to London as a CG am Ali so awesome yes that's imagine you're like at your most relaxed couple glasses when the surprise of that how many times must well I guess we can go back entire block your fucking door and locked the door not victim blaming start with basic precautions gotta do it why not do it what's the what's be second flat me forgets her keys she cannot know she announcing its new get up off the couch you work the wine a little bit even drunk or get to the door and before he'll stop at the end of one of your side tables to look at a coffee table book The Revolution I assist you to phone daddies get is that I care and yes stop tugging strap so limited in the process second guessed or size I do that all the time well it's time to put it first with third love finally someone's being honest with me for third love I know you're talking that uses in super smoothing memory foam decree for Oz that fit better and more comfortable nests and they offer sizes from Double 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community has at that is grown with MF am when I heard it said seventy three in Karen's story I audibly gasped laughed gasped with excitement on Birch back from the city the old San Francisco term Byrd is the subway to Jusco we call the census gave the city or if I remember my dad telling me about the hostage situation because he's a student at Berkeley when it happen Henry's bars attached a hotel dere and one block from campus there are tons of popular food places on the Street and University hall right next to the hotel there during his freshman year nineteen ninety and described the situation as that one time a guy brought a bag of guns and has he the story campus I was around ten and he understandably left out the part about sexual assault of the victims he remembered some of the people in Henry's in his when Darcy started everyone on his floor stayed at the entire and watch the police outside a bar through their dorm how could you not be ah what's up with him the most was the extremely from police shooting dusty at dawn pretty sure he added The Don for a fact since it was after seven being eyed as exaggerated even after hearing this insane story is a kid I ended up going to UC Berkeley to him now a senior for the city though the city still struggles with crime nothing even close to this level of chaos has happened in my time here hopefully it stays that way though I still have thank you guys for everything you say sexy don't get murdered Katie and I especially love a second separate one degree of separation yet tell us that first ten version the bass on Okay mom in law murdered the murderer oh yes and yes it's a fun night my mothers just gets right into the van yet appreciate not know messing know my husband step mother's first has been my husband's step mother her mother in law's first husband has not really her father in law right I was a real piece of shit oh baby again she had been planning to leave him and one afternoon our stuff packed and was ready to leave prior to him returning from work oh she went to open the door to make her escape and there he stood the periods that I didn't put an oh shit there he stood in her panic she remembered she had put her pistol in a bag and she was passed as she was packing up with that shit out and hold the trigger she ran to her neighbors and told a common one as she in the coffee and a rhyme she kept asking where was one of the police officers and for my that the coroner her husband was dead she shot him in the torso apparently hit some vital organs with her small twenty two which tends to ricochet through someone's body rather than going straight through causing more internal damage I rough the one that's now we know young twenty two upon search of his car the police found in the trunk oh Karen is your favorite for this yes they found duct tape rope and black plastic bags maybe he was going to clean up the now clean up innocent people die and he was to murder law told me the with my mouth agape and face weight and she ended it with how did you not know the story I think show his dock and then said I am glad I know it now you're glad to give Elvis a cookie for throw Karen stocks are bound to come up stay sexy Hailey while that scar knit so I mean she does have his abusive or not to like she must not have and she had a gun because she was scared of him a real piece of have but like he wasnt fun at parties you know like I bet the city that's probably what you know one hopes to God I hope he was a real bore me at so she Molly did was drink Diet Shasta in the second of all and there was so embarrassed and is from the fucking trim cut down but that's my diet Shasta for special occasion on but dunno yet desert as are may send us yours seem to get a good subject line Owen Steven A usually maybe click on and yes my current email send us your here college towns your parents college Swiss Cheese pervert style story you know about that government the election in L A and also stay sex and don't get married the saying will miss you wanted yes floor at all You're fired his fancy the the er the the the United States government do the mission of the National Security Agency to assess complex citizens of the country who may present a threat to secure the clearance to wiretap by any means necessary to enter dental recordings of private conversations The Files on the audio Tucker
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MFM Minisode 32