MFM Minisode 34

Update: 2017-07-242


On this week’s My Favorite Murder minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories including a juggalo ritual, a gas station survival story, a death bed confession, and more.

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pleasure chess for pals is none of my business what you do in a veteran is the conventional sense not necessarily in a matter of here could be anywhere um I just wanted to pop in and leave you with a fun albeit motherless hometown story with the insane clown posse motif sleep last August a woman in Shelby showed up at St Mary's Hospital in Green Bay Wisconsin with a bloody mess of the hand of course her and of course are a I think I said That's you wear everytime I go home to Petaluma I know that I'm a girl softball game because someone's life though Shelly every time I live in Northern California and from running of renown of it ever Michelle V is a very like it's a country named to the rule names is short for something to show man shy it's just like it it's like a local man is what it feels like to me so the idea that there's a Shelby in Wisconsin makes perfect sense to them to get her fingers cut off it's like a name they give you in four H and what it feels like we're on now for its care it wasn't for me okay for the missing finger ago with a bloody mess I honestly think she was assisting the doctors did not notify police of their sudden the inside I was now as cutting coming changes or rewritten yeah I love food but explain that her friend Jonathan shrapnel had consensual or move her pinky finger with a machete and they wrote what as part of a mom or a memorial ritual for for a fellow J Hood passed away a year prior a pinky every year wait you you get your pinky chopped off if someone else as that doesn't seem fair what happened for one of the heavens for twenty years fuckin digits and also just you kind of I mean like think of the friends in your twenties you are chopping a finger off for a view like that girl apart my sweater I can't remember the name Ray and its lie about you to do something like maybe do something nice in his memory and I'll shop if I compare donate fifty dollars your local library hours keep all your fingers you need alt and listen Ask us before even more unless you wanna know the second psychotic or were good with memorials were they it's kind of R J Louis The okay blahblahblah okay apparently earlier that day Shelby Jonathan and two other friends one of whom went by the name bloody ruckus which I think is a strong indicator of their lifestyle in decision making had decided to perform a blood letting for the deceased insane clown posse fan Tom and Shelly offered her arm I i jux student subsequently failed a shock class with her blood she then eye no someone eventually decided that this is not enough maybe was too Twilight Iâm not sure what that means and thus began the inevitable happened oh and they people fell of theirs I kind of cold stare porn because I thought I could not stop laughing because all they do the first time the seat others just stare for probably forty five seconds legally hire yeah but it's really intense it's like taking Lincoln was a good teen romance movie and then acting like it's true crime there's an there's an element of menace to it that's so like perfect for sixteen euro grown Robert Pattinson staring at you like you might when I'm like fuck you or he might want to ring in at just the that guy doesn't look like that say someone fucking staring at me for forty five seconds press mute on them the next time and just watch him stare at her and how scary it is how creepy it as any looks like our past and I'm just a means of shame people who don't fuckin be at the reactor now staring is nt women still running it's an indicator that he's a vampire to me on a time that he drank the blood of that said that while eighty and thus began the talk is remove all again and complain in general herself and with two whacks of a machete shop had removed her pinky all of to the pom the uh oh you normally get them done in one day but the big bad terrible thing please everyone hides a pesky why would it take to right now the the seals are you shocked I've um okay all the way to the palm he then put the pinky in his freezer with plans to cook a meal later oh my god guys what so many bad decisions is this truly your fallen John comes back from the dead is like here a quick painting Red Sox can you guys fucking quit stop if this is about YOU not me you're being really selfish right now is showing off after amateur surgery hour was over the group attempted to Cotter I soon for it with first of the car cigarette lighter then was a blow torch all caps why shall we continue to hang out with her Ice EP crew for the rest of the day until she began having seizures that they suspected may have been a result of the finger chopping ye think I may be that or the crane yet she was clearly on so they kindly dropped her off at her boyfriend's house the boyfriend's mom insisted that she got a hospital think I mean and that's how we ended up with this gem of a story to wrap things up Jonathan trap was recently sentenced to three point five years in prison for charges of mayhem and reckless injury during his trial the judge tried to liken juggle OST track is use the incorrect granted I've never seen a start I've never seen Star Trek but I haven't heard too much about fans were moving body parts to honor fallen comrades in here come all the e mail is the exact way that story actually he has a sexy maybe spring flowers to the cemetery next time Shelby I'll honor that was just requires a cemetery next time tell me lots of love Alyssa oh that was the back and it doesn't have the ever so people are like what we do to commemorate our friend who died and Shelby's like Let's cut my arm off she raises and twice in the US like I got the idea and I will do it the thing that seems like I have an idea in his lightweight I have a better of staring many miles out ok and let's see the subject line of this is attempted murder as creepy as fuck gas station this one's for you Karen hello there my sweet baby angles and Stephen Ellis and Mimi is Gabby and I'm from a smallish town called Painesville about thirty minutes east of Cleveland Ohio my best friend Peter Disney or podcast needless to say were both obsessed PR care just like Aaron I didn't watch a lot of I survive so once I started listening to podcast I knew I had to tell you about the attempted murder and kidnapping of Megan a super sweet kind hearted girl that I went to High School on November twenty eight twenty ten both twenty years old Charles J Rhodes will call him Chan will call him Jim all right um an ass Megan for a ride from a party they were both at the two of them had previously dated back in college a few years prior they arrive to Jim's house of four am nothing good happens after midnight where they started to discuss their relationship Megan was ready to leave the gym for some odd reason have the keys would not give them back to her bodyguard as he tried to leave Jim tackled making the egg and a striker to her in the face with his fists he broke the orbital on her face I guess is a fancy term for the bones around your eyes it is and knocked her unconscious several witnesses saw him drag her to the trunk of his car then go inside his house and come back out with two steak knives and some personal items did the witnesses call the police like you just saw someone get a salted and dried into a trunk read too busy making your fucking PB and J to call eco don't understand what the people ok so the gym then drove to a gas station which is now right down the street from where my boyfriend and I live it's creepy as fuck as I stated my subject line I know you like a captivating subject line and I hate going there because all the workers call me darling or sweetie and I like them Not Your sweetie and can you not kay bye bye Georgia voice Jesus Christ is the story so while at the gas station Megan being the badass that she is was able to pull the release trapped inside the trunk and then jump out that's amazing that they started making the house and saw insane that we have to use them it's so crazy that you know some person had a ton of anxiety in their whole life is just like you need to calm down wreck and then it was like I should have pulled things out of things Trek yet such a crazy there's the movie there's the movie or dinner a movie wrecked his release lever pulls the Yes Rick pulls the release lever does last a lifetime ok this is bad so well of the gas station about us that she is was able to pull the release trapped inside the trunk and jump out yet yet we started talking at the yet ok yet Jim caught her and stabbed times in the head neck and back the blade of the knife broke off an imbedded in our neck then she ran inside the station and collapse while Jim took off in his car she was transported to a nearby hospital was treated and released while Jim flat all the way to New York he then called his father who convinced him to return to Ohio and turn himself in a good daddy yes in court friends and family argue the gym had a personality disorder and that therapy was needed rather than the present time that nearly twenty years prior but the judges like no fucking way and Jim was sentenced to eighteen years in prison Megan made the following that's made the statement to him at the hearing I know a lot of people are downplaying the felonious assault I had three wins from a knife the stock in the back my head I don't know can say that that's not serious I remembered the entire night if I didn't get myself out of the situation I don't know where my family or I would be today she says sex scene did not get murdered thank you ladies for your love true crime and all reassuring all of us murderers out here they were not the only ones happy Academy banks I mean I hate to go over Stevens had but one that I want to read that I found that's okay if you consume and live to take the floor okay it's called as it's called a deathbed confession oh Karen in Georgia love the show immensely my good chum oh and to see a live show in Indianapolis that doesn't make sense we thought that meant you were Scottish I've always wanted to send in hometown murder but I don't think there are any murders nearby until I had a conversation with a neighbor for some content contacts I live in a very small town is compromised comprise the compromise bill is less than four thousand people that being said it's very rare to have any sort of crime in a town that is like me beri beri as it turns out young girl named Cheryl fossil Foss to sell fossil fossil is brutally murdered in nineteen seventy seven she's only sixteen at the time show was decapitated and her head was found in a creek her torso is not a few miles creek can you tell this is the middle of nowhere no one has ever been convicted of the murder the woman in Texas can pass on her deathbed that she witnessed club slash took part in the murder this woman named Anna another individual as an accomplice only for police to find he had recently committed suicide people speculate that Cheryl had become part of a group of drug users transients and was killed for threatened to tell police about the nefarious activity I believe that a local maid of might have killed her and that her murder was covered up by the craft local law enforcement friends called case fascinating which I thought GA Mei also and still so many questions that family members and locals have ur Maine's most perplexing is the fact that law enforcement has tried to sweep the situation of the wreck and not just as it makes me so sad that this poor girl is concerted attack will run away murder was no will not further looked into an email to start in a positive note is impossible so stay sexy and okay murdered much love to you both stay safe cat Milo can deathbed confessions and how how you sleep or be heading under the Rhino now home I guess I guess it's understandable that police are going to have like a yearly conferences make a wise man or nothing happen but that's only me but unless they had like exhaustively try to look into which we don't on it and we don't know anything really but it's just that idea is so dark it's like because it's not she was chief was found dead under suspicious circumstances not like Abby had a camera stuck Karen yes stop tugging strap so limited in the process second guessed or size I do that all the time well it's time to put the first with third love finally someone's being honest with me for third love I know you're talking that uses in super smoothing memory foam decree for Oz that fit better and more comfortable nests and they offer sizes from Double A to G as well as exclusive half cup sizes care of them that's kind of it really is really all usages answer a few simple questions and third level recommend a bra in the right size and style for you now for love to try one of their perfect twenty four seven draws free for thirty days you just pay to ninety nine for the shipping to a perfect fit feel free to wash it worked all day forget they are airing and it's not your favorite new bra just return or exchange it for free got a third love dot com slash favorite now to get your perfect third love Brian try it FREE for thirty days Dexter loved the calm session or to try their new pre op for the style of talk on slash they were to try your new favorite bra for three three three three by the subject line of this that time my dad took me along to a hostage situation there's the situation isn't the end I got to take me long to a hostage and then inference is a first responder ish story cough hey mama Stephen and all the collective fur babies grow it's becoming winter and you're also love the podcast I grew up in a fairly small town farming community in southern Utah that relied on the volunteers of the community to be the empties firefighters reserve deputy Office et-cetera My dad was very involved in those things and have a large thirst for adventure animals no fear in the face of terrifying situations at six six and probably somewhere around three hundred pounds he is almost always cold to any situation or search and rescue mission His presence with the It was either intimidating or or extremely comforting depending on what was happening it was not uncommon for him to take either me sisters on different calls that weren't dangerous i e a kid getting stuck on the roof I the haven't been that down see you go out your bedroom window that's on the second floor has theirs you through thing out or your brothers like Just do it he'll be able to see your big brother took a forty five yours that you were trying to listen to this Vedic and threw it on the road got together to get it and then all his friends were watching was Hunter in his room watching out the other window laughing our asses off you start sliding down beside her groove God then everybody stops laughing at and they're like an homage to just tell you some things yes and then goes right to the children or if well at home but one night when I was seven or eight my dad picked me up from a sleepover at my grandparents because I was homesick or whatever reason kids have for wanting to home and there is an emergency call as we're driving home the county sheriff had gone to the home of a couple that got into some kind of does a domestic dispute things escalated quickly and the man took his wife and the sheriff Haas the while there'd been another search and rescue mission that night to look for a missing lost on the mountain and most of the responders were already on the Kona Kai wo my dad to the home of the hostage situation with me still in the car told me to the floor the backseat I don't think that not to move or look at the windows look out the window the refinance you're like the idea that the sleepover yet determined how now the very real and your dad is walking straight anyway but I lock the doors okay obviously I started stealing looks as soon as he shut the door and ran over to the other deputies outside the home I didn't see a lot there's a lot through a megaphone to the man in the house and things like that but not much more that I could see at one point I stole a glance and my daddy disappears I lay back down for what seemed like an hour before my dad got back in the car and took me home years and years later and my dad's funeral just that same sheriff's I spoke at my dad's funeral as they had been close friends he repeated the same story but from his the point when the sheriff had been held hostage by this man years ago with a gun pointed at his head the man in the front window this home threatening to kill his wife and the sheriff and screaming in the Debbie's outside my dad had gone around found an unlocked window somewhere and silently crawled through the window Japan now crawling through window silently crept his way to the room where the others were my dad was able to see couple find them put the guided show gold get the gun away from him my dad apparently whispered in his deep deep voice we can do this the easy We Do It My Way You Are gonna like the time the guy threw up his ans and they're able to come in and taken into custody after my dad's funeral I told my mom I had been there with Dad during the call she had no idea the n cry of slash laughed so hard she was almost hysterical was extremely questionable parenting most of head as this I realize that my dad was the one who planted the seeds for my love of true crime and I love that it was something we shared a very much appreciate am so grateful though you ladies talk about and are so open with mental illnesses it was his own bipolar disorder to the end of his life and a voice of the stigma around his disease and death like it was some and his mental illness was an isolated thing when really it's everywhere and I appreciate your willingness to start an honest conversation I love you ladies and Steven keep up the good work stay sexy and don't take your kids hostage the the the that's really fucking awesome the way she's exactly right that is it's everywhere but when you suffer with mental illness in families it feels like you're the only ones going through it yet and on top of that NBC happy that we got to tell that story about how awesome because you heard he was in his mental illness yeah he was he was lots of other thing and that was just one slice of his life and he did fucking he did heroic things that some people never do it in an entire lifetime of plain old and she gets a look back and think of at hilarious memory I just love that he is the picture of him hopping back in the car to get the The Ms McDonald appears twenty four hours is for much the pay is they don't tell your mother this year it's so um it's like Dirty Harry or lake it's like an eighties movie into words just like the one caught that doesn't give a fuck going through the tiny houses like this I think he has two young daughters and not as often he would put them in little there but everybody's daughter like me and why daughter P S Oh rats and was offered a full high fives here this is a let's get a pinky up for Dad I don't today because there's both arms thing hero defending him yeah those were great as I was that sent more than land on the earth as it was a nice As agree it was a nice session arate will send us let see now we've got we want your hometown murders but we also want any empty stores you might have any first responders respond or story like that is good also please don't forget the Swiss Cheese pervert right column of just weird local things that are kind of creepy crankiness after any base not just weird piano but also the media haunting and yet they find maybe maybe night also your heart your parents' hometown runners in your college you know it's it's a very vague thing we're all about no rules know if that's what we want please send an email and see them fix it or not we're almost like the insane clown posse that way where we are the rules of play us we have a whole different set of like a lifestyle living rules in hand and blood is involved thanks for listening you guys yes to sex and don't get murdered the the
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MFM Minisode 34