MFM Minisode 35

Update: 2017-07-315


On this week’s My Favorite Murder minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories including a haunting or two, a friendship formed with a thief, a David Lee Roth impersonator, and more.

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air to try their new pre op for the style of talk on slash they were to try your new favorite bra for three three three three by the the I love my mom said Why mongers like this as it was thunder shakes the walls with her parents she is Homer Simpson yeah your upper lip shapes are no showers me with the guys and am learning learning to ease the burden that was recorded the I R A I The curve the face of exciting new phase my own God for having once so Clayton Kelly what I can see it's your show face or trying to put on those days I get to know how you know I there's no shows this necessary in this podcast No hell no there's no censoring and there's no proper intro hello welcome to my favorite matter the Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota was high time this is the podcast right where we read your you sent us home they could be ten winners they could be hometown EMT stories and feel of first responders arses out their first responders any kind of any emergency experience you've had and no I think the floating slightly and lightly into the hunting area who gave month rate that's definitely has become has said that last time any time you have one yet hear the the just really friendly but it's because the mike as I heard when we are looking over our notes I heard you gasp and I was like Oh my God yeah yes he got the we're not paying attention but Stevens definitely paying attention that's a good news about this park I name you know me it's a late meal I know and we mean to but we can absolutely make the best intentions of Murder fascination best intentions go bad execution um okay so what seeing a vet a couple let's start with the first one my ghost Uncle Jerry for my Aunt Karen Georgia Stephen and other animals I think ass mo fo they recently moved to Milwaukee shout or boy I was sick and are just average and Herman's whiskey that I saw from the um and turns out I live less than a mile from his apartment was show in the never ending struggle of making friends in any city I've been able to bond with many people over this podcast yell change thoughts I love that love that song my heart is to make friends in life the person you're the older you get the weirder down in France in the talks saying it is only you and the south of I can meet someone who's like oh we are not trying to have this conversation we're excited about this conversation the conversation was already happening we jumped in and looking each other this is this was meant to be and it was about her totally I love that some issue that fond of honor murder yay we love it they're already doing it okay so anyway you mentioned you might like some hometown stories about hunting well I have one for you that is a hint of The Sixth Sense but I find more comforting than spooky because it involves occasional visits from my Uncle Jerry who died in nineteen eighty six Jerry was in a car accident was killed when he was thrown from the vehicle he twenty first birthday all the awful week before he was supposed to graduate from college is that I never met him but from how my parents describe him I could tell that he was fun loving charismatic life of the party kind of guy his death was extremely tragic thing for my family I'm sure it was flash for June two thousand and nine when i'm high school sophomore in my English class we're talking about certain children having a deep connection with the supernatural because that's what you do in high school teacher come and often times children have imaginary friends that turn out to be ghosts or spirits or whatever race at the time my youngest brother Dominic was seven years old and I could not wait to go home that afternoon and interrogate him about any potential imaginary friends the sad thing so after school the two of us are playing video games our basement I ask him if he had any imaginary friends to which he responded Yes I used to have one injury from when I heard this my stomach dropped I then asked him what he remembers about his imaginary friend and he said not much just that he doesn't like to wear a seatbelt I know you're going self the rate will her next line is literally what the fuck I I I like all the things that he could say to describe him that's what he said at that age there was no way that my brother details of her uncle's death would have to put all together later that evening I told my mom about a conversation and she didn't act surprised at all in fact she told me that when he was younger my brother would not let my mom back the car out of the driveway until he had buckled up the who was sitting next to him until he had buckled up Jerry who was sitting next to the mamas to me like the little sick of what I mean also knowing the whole story it's like to personally never have I personally with my ghost Uncle Jerry but I find it kind of heartwarming the soul hanging out with us thanks for the story with you I believe that not all ghosts are scary bad ghosts and Jerry is a testament to that stay sexy and wear your seatbelt Michael's Ontario that bless thee oh I mean crazy so that Mia has no point but when I hear like my uncle died at this plan I was like an older uncle that then you realize like the Broncos twenty one technically juggling the mrt never met them yet they are older than I It just makes me sad yeah yeah rates however out was at Ji won ok David Lee's Roth impersonator from the Canuck Bibles I don't care about the only asking anyone with an NGO that high can Georgia Stephen Stephen saw the different way toga and assorted this is a hometown murder story that involves everything I love celebrity impersonators new satanic connections one triangles and insanity defenses in nineteen eighty eight in Cambridge Ontario I really now Parsons was murdered having been stabbed seventy times with an eight inch carving knife by Kimberly Kimberly blink warm turns out Kimberly is defense was that she had been controlled by her boyfriend David Koontz chess meal is on tuesday him to murder his ex fiance we met he told her that it was her job to kill Parsons and she testified that Kuntz told Katie went easy yeah told her that she had sold his soul to the devil but during that trial he said it's just an expression due Soldier Soldier rock'n'roll what a deal that apparently they found some satanic Bibles around the house too so that of course made the of us murdering has at some bullshit evidence of nothing something that is some bullshit evidence of nothingness that I'm the worst part of it was that Rowena was murdered in front of her and David's three are on Kimberly was found not guilty every win by reason of insanity and sentenced to secure custody and a mental hospital he was never charged clash or Two thousand Eight and dude was pulled over driving erratically and told police he was both suffering from an allergic reaction to nuts the undead he was a really rough go of the thirty two does it does one start and cause the other I don't pick one handful of cashews and David Lee Roth you're just jumping in her leg straight up here um apparently following the brutal murder of his mother's child of his mother and child he went on to a person a trough the cops brought him to the hospital but after he was discharged or left on his own wasn't super clear he was seen at a local bar with two women dressed in scrubs he also convinced a bar seemingly filled with blind patrons that he was David Lee Roth and got to perform at the house band some news sources reported in reporting is actually David Lee Ross who was driving across like what the fuck I'm not allergic to nuts anyway the guy's a creep who doesn't look like Roth and is now facing child sex charges in British Columbia actually get punishment for something this time I'm sure glad I'm sure he'd be great at the present Alice to keep up the good work you're helping with junior survive long hours and unbelievable professional self doubt much love from cam back Courtney Courtney Courtney that don't allow yourself the staff from the crowd year here doing it they're making it happen that story with every day it went in every direction insanity Fernandez wired hell yes and so you can do all you do is focus as you pass the bar and then right some wrongs and then defend us and the inevitable trial please help us I took a gutsy and turned a figure of another have a nice three hours all did too ok it's ok this one is hometown haunted Field question most of our hike here in Georgia Mimi Stephen Franks to purge and the most handsome Elvis from you mentioned that we could send in stories of haunting so I wanted to share strange story from my childhood I grew up in a town called Nick's in Missouri and Missouri which is where Jason Bourne claim to have been born in the barn so complicated for the slaying Print disease that's interesting because there is no hospital annex that must've been a homebirth hilarious when I was pretty little probably around first grade we lived in a house that backed up to a big open field and my bedroom with my sister was on the back of the House floor bedroom looked out of the field one summer day I was sitting in my window seat with the window open coloring a coloring book I already so scary the suddenly I was trying to say there was blood coming out of the ceiling ok suddenly I heard the voice of a child say mommy and kind of whimper of uno came from outside so I looked out the window to the field and to the yards next to us as far as I could see there was no insight I ran to my mom and she said I probably imagined it I knew I'd heard it though and I told my sister to about a my sister and I were sitting seat together with the window open once again out of nowhere the voice Mommy and the exact same whimpering shocked I looked at my sister and said ok you heard that rate and she shook her head yes I told her that was exactly what I'd heard the year before we were both freaked out fast forward to high school my family my family had long since moved out of the house and a new neighborhood had been built in that field for helm and was able to come I ended up babysitting for a family who lived in a house that was in the new neighborhood on the second day of I'd use the toilet that was inside the laundry was it hit my pants when out the candle sell off the back of the toilet and spilled melted wax all over my jeans thinking back on and I have no idea why there is a lit candle in that room because I definitely handle it myself neither had the kids I also could not figure out how the candle had fallen off the toilet because I didn't bump it there was wax everywhere all over me and all over the floor I spent the next hour trying to scrape wax of the floor with a naive sometimes I would get to their house before the girls got the school bus and I watch TV in their basement while I waited many times I would hear and see the lights in the basement stairs go on and off as far as I know we weren't on a timer and they would go on and off sporadically I try not to think about it too much then one day I was there by myself watching TV in the basement I heard upstairs III what it sounded like was something falling hard on something metal it was so loud it happened three times not in a regular pattern I was actually sure someone had come into the house and I was completely frozen in terror eventually I forced myself to go upstairs because if there did happen to be an intruder did not want little girls to walk in on him or her when they got home here are the Gods work um I got I called a friend so that he would be on the phone with me in case something happened if the high schools I love that so smart I stay on the phone with me I was scared outta my mind honestly sure I was going to see something I did not want to ace a leak I slowly crept through the upstairs rooms didn't see anything abnormal until I reach the laundry room there was a jar candle lying on its side on the floor the sound I'd heard and could picture the candle being thrown against the washing machine which would have made exactly my sound that I heard a mom I was absolutely completely creeped out I went and stood in the dining room looking out the window talking my friend on the phone until the girls got home I of course never told them and think it was a coincidence that I heard strange things coming from that field when I was little experience more strange things in the house that was built in the field years later I've always wondered if the field was part of burial ground or something whatever it was I would definitely never buy a home in that house the neighborhood that house was to noon two of arty taken a haunting of its own I must've come it must've come from the field that's it peeps I love love love your podcast and I got my husband and some friends have done it is always a sexy please for the love of God do not get murdered love Tessa that scare ghost in the new scares me more than anything yes you can explain ago Arsenal how something happen at some point was that movie where there there was a demon that killed the most anyways The conjuring yet now it yet maybe was there any dolls involved now it was like claws and my house and unload on fire educators unlike them the team and are unveiling a new house new building because the bunch of movies was of the thing where there is the big black mark on the closet probably I mean I go see these terrible movies all the time soon no I didn't give him a treasure for anyone to know it was even Harkin and now it was an famous it was like and their videotape forget was the whole thing the videotaping was at the activity yes onto yes nicely at the meeting yes old I can handle that we think there's an Augusta woman like adding yet another story about one a day look at you like add area it's a big one but no I guess I can tell now but if you go on to summer party would urge an alley you can hear me tell the story a way is first class luggage at a Coach Price 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of bed in the next thing I hear Adam say is What are you doing here I hear another voice say Get down on the ground and you won't get hurt by them my heart was pounding I covered my head with the covers and call the police whispering into the phone that someone was in our house was on the phone the operator in my told the guy he had a wife and kids and he didn't want any trouble I was shocked by this and they started having a conversation about how he thought the house would be empty and that he was from the area he added continue to talk to this guy and man should take the conversation outside with us on the front porch unaware that this was happening I was still the phone waiting for the police arrive Adam an inch or so the police car roll up outside the house and the intruder quickly grab Adam and Brian inside and told him to tell the police doorway I know this so that I was on drugs me a coke and co came into the bedroom and asked if I had called the police which is that of course he instructed me to find a way to get rid of the policemen was in the House potentially armed with our small kids sleeping nearby Holy I went to the front door and explained that it was a false alarm heard strange curator be doing that and like do wink at the cop you know um but no one was there the policeman had a look around and sat outside of the house to check for any signs of break and found none he noted our power had been out so he turned it back on for us and said Can I get a broken turn the power of Yes o What Is Left the intruder got friendly he got the pillow cases filled with anything valuable he can find all the while telling us about Himself and His name is Peter he stayed and talked to us and Stow our stuff for thirty minutes when he took Adam's laptop and Matt Flynn he work was on my laptop and he took it he never get back that work Peter took the laptop anyways that dickhead once he laughed we land or bad for an hour trying to sleep know what that then the door and four and we thought it might be the police but it was Peter Cohen felt bad to return the fund the with the housing in reporting in the look through the House of Suz taken and discovered he had our car which also he's in it we also found a prescription bottle of pills with Peter's it here or we call the police fingerprinted the place including a cap he used their place yes yet casual drink without him in our kitchen the investigation investigators and police said was the funniest and craziest breaking story than ever her hilarious um so famous in the police department that a lady later her work in that department had heard our story the police caught Peter two days after the break in which was her second attempt after he escaped the first time they found him Peter of sincere apology and remorse to last according to the prison chaplain the letter he sent was sent on his own volition and would not be recognized as the pre buy the prison is good behavior we never spoke to Peter again but I hope he's trying his life around I think three awesome podcast guys and thanks for taking the time to read my story SST jam any that I have to be right doesn't know good no I mean ye that Peter really cross the line several times and he earned to that good well now and they the fact that they had the time the presence to calm him and not freak the fuck out and like get him to hang out with them and that show that they actually cared is like incredible Pizza for it to keep the car from stealing he could have gotten worse but here's the thing it didn't have to because the cops came out so late and now it's crazy it's so great everything about everything about everything about us crazy I mean you know did they did she say anything about where she lived on the is the bike as it makes me think it was like a small town am I'm picturing a small town know nothing about where they live also that day I mean dropping pill bottles it's like dude in need I mean go over a checklist before you turn the lights off in someone's house a break what kind of tells you they weren't second they were fucking cholesterol medication is not stat and now I write this one is good subject line friend was killed by wood chipper perfect for ladies hey ladies sorry Haley's my name's from a town murders aren't super common but they do happen the scary thing is that you never think it could happen to you or someone you know until it does and what happens you realize that your friends are adults now living in the real world think that the truth why you're not quite the same person needs to be I had a friend of a friend in high school will call him Jason who began work at a local logging company not long after graduation Jason doesn't understand all social cues these very nice guy wouldn't hurt a fly or insult anybody on purpose it was an ordinary day in September when someone tried to kill Jason he was running a wood chipper when a guy he worked with will call him Tim picked him up from Heil and tried to throw him in head first Bachmann must have been by the grace of God the Jason put his arms out at the last possible second to stop his head the I got out mostly unscathed when he climbed out of the wood chipper he noticed that Tim toward the company office it was later revealed that M was going to try to tell the supervisor is that there was a freak accident that killed Jason Tim is currently facing life in prison so he thought he was dead and you drank from the office are a yes oh god I did what motivated him to throw Jason into a wood chipper is beyond me I love your heart I I I that's the whole thing the part of my boys and I was into an almost everyday during our free time give else it could be for me as always days that you know Carol of the alley its whole air ages
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