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Matisyahu (new album Undercurrent!) makes it weird!

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or the In The The The The The The The The The The The The The home What's happening where does this is my conversation with a modest Yahoo the incredible singer beat boxer I mean we get into that as I always say let's get to as quickly as possible obviously I was fascinated with this guy giving his religious bent and also his musical genius and stylings and wonderfulness so like I was saying let's get to it as quickly as possible our episode here is brought to us by our wonderful sponsor square space I don't know what it is you guys are up to in your lives but chances are you need a website and square space makes it as easy as literally possible nothing to install or update yet easy to use template stuff that makes things look great on line stores blocks landing page whatever you need a square spaces here to get your dream into that next lab all take the next step with where space for ten percent off all you need to do is go to square space dot com and use offer code weird that's w e i 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try Charlotte's Web Tri Alpha brain the ol' Pete's pics and enjoy a modest Yahoo for some don't make it to the end skip to the end we do something amazing at the end that I'll never forget but the whole conversation is incredible check out his new album it's on spot a fight it's wonderful it's in my current rotation he's incredible enjoy get into it I one time got a size in Amsterdam yup I the I I know this is going to do de swear I'm telling this sounds like a fake story like a sweet guy and I was with my girlfriend and we were high we ate some space cake or whatever yeah normally suppose like split that was our last days we had a full cake and I to this massage business that no sex no sex no sex no sex in which like great we just want to size and we went in was like very I've told this true for Sookie to preach but its like very clear this is just to have to hand out places where yes and you can adjust the banks body and the ay ay there's the cover and keep you from here yes it's just clearing up though everybody always says that if everybody has to go around knocking pages are judging sheet you know she has hands of some people do shake anyway when they're sick as gross as a singer was horrible i din even touch your hand I'm trying to mess with this thing right now would I face from doing go boom and it sounds worse than the aye aye aye aye the the body will be bugs in baby speak to the As the end I got out of getting a hand up by saying Macy was who called out a hand job because they didn't know how to not embarrass the woman but also get out of there yeah I didn't want to on in town just like I don't want to hand the has lazy eye problems keep happening you need to go and help them find more reputable site like this you realize it is amazing one of the first thing in order to meet you it's great to sit down I was listening to music on the way over I was getting chills and feeling feelings and just so much spirit to it playing on the training you know music and is waking up a little bit young and you're looking at people as brothers and since I'm not even butter your bread thank you am I just thought that's how I love music my useless music everywhere on the subway on the tree I just made everything just make more sense to go together like you know that's right you feel the song of life if you will that's right I was giving expression to something that we are kind of stuck in a vibration not get too heavy right up top everything is vibration and music is human beings which are vibrations themselves harnessing melodic vibrations and manipulating it was a way of playing with the stuff of creation has a new listening to it and it's of a frequency resonance you can look at people instead I don't know if you ever witness your mind but sometimes on the chain you like look this fat ass look at this ugly woman I'm not proud of this I work against them right she is being challenged mentally being judgmental and because that's that's the world we live in we go like you a Coke or Pepsi and you like this woman a deal like this one you like people with pants like this or does this haircut annoy you so you start getting but when you listen to music sometimes this is happening with you spot of Iran shuffles it was all different albums I was I I was able to just kind of smirk you know that cosmic smirk or you're just going okay as for why why am i always thinking about things in stages being on the train Texans game I gave my focus a place to go that was beautiful and everything around me kind of wilted nice yet you feel that way I do I think music is incredible and that's the type of music that I tried to create now is like more like it so most things going on but it helps to have stitches create an atmosphere that's right you know that you can like you can just put that on as a backdrop as you're going from place to place in and have those moments as private and what's in your earphones you like this like a weird silence as you have it nobody o' coffee for the free via the hot and thus the first trick the eye the wealthy out listen man you're awesome incredible um I have let's talk about the boxy little bit because I think is very interesting as a comedian we work on sounds we're little bit different but is musical and physically when it comes to like impressions and stuff right trying to hit a K rhythmic is rhythmic absolutely you can hear the rhythm of the way someone talks and nail it even though it might be too high to low whatever you like it does sound like all right but what I think is interesting is when I hear you with that amazing iconic video you did in the Old City where your boxing or just we just that it now that's a result I know as a performer I know that the result of you doing something that's not inherently cool just sitting around in practice the yeah although it was pretty cool I gotta tell you the go I wanted oh I mean whoa I started out I don't like rap music very much in all my friends did and here is the worst is yet this is in than I would say when I was in like middle school or rain right in high school ninth grade like ninety I graduated ninety six is like BC I'm I'm like Batman's come home Chen clan and Onyx and because New York hip hop like Fat Joe and Big Piney okay and I was just like I was a hippie I was into the grateful Dead Fish and Bob Marley and button plain shoes I love music and my friends wrapped and I'm I I started beat boxing and I just could do it and then then I start that's how I start is Love Hip Hop music was the start to understand music to be boxing I was like okay well how sad these I've got these three sounds right and I can put in together and then I can put it together but if I were to my rhythm you know you get into places the same place but fast or slow aft tht if i just hate that snare just a little drop late Ike isn't a whole different swagger as I start to learn all about music so then what I did as I got my work to Borders in the music section no White Plains and I moved home from Oregon and I am I so I saved up on what JB like a big big P A system output in my attic and I just sat there with effects and processes to bounce around how to do all kinds of cool stuff like how I learned delays are just like the verbs and Heather mess with any trip yourself out Stephanie like I don't they still value my girlfriend daughter I guess it would be a Looper Looper and sometimes especially if you're so yeah you play with a Looper it's incredible how the facts like something the said by accident like yelling at the dog comes back at this perfect and I'm right and theirs can be something about it we see that this thing is not a loop or you just have so yeah I was just messing around with the boxing then I put a drum set and I start singing and drumming and chanting in and do an all access a list that was fun but I mean there was late like when I start my career started and I had to learn to take care my voice and singing lessons and speak a certain way yeah so that was was that was like in the in the bedroom like yeah it's funny I have a friend that came a song that is shown just couldn't stop laughing just cracking up both so what did you see from some kind of monster the Metallica documentary and see it now Hatfield of Hatfield yet like is doing that sort of stuff oh yeah most metal band metal bands ever and he's got to do it but you know I do that too I got my vocal steamer and stuff like I lose it because you think it's cool to leave it all out there like you should kind of burn a little bed throw should you should lose it after the show but if you do that in the SHOWBIZ not know the O show ye walk the ten o'clock show because know you thought it was not cool to learn how to write sing from Wei Sing Your Words little bit more would be doing well yeah actually this isn't just general stuff actually interesting my voice right now I'm speaking like exactly the opposite is how I should because you've been here know I'm down here today I up today I like them it's all it's all down modify really if I was really taken care of my voice right now probably speak like this from the nose mask on the air on as a whole on the eye can see I I I a flipside he heard me speaking with this modest the bull why does it sound a bit actually fit a bit about how effort isn't cool right that's why doing a piece of this WAY cooler than this way because you have to turn right this is cool it's the art lesson so like this is trying as I was there with them is going down Tiger alone give a shit like that school had the lake and the bit is like that is evolution is the giving away your position to predators if you're like the lady played some Tiger maybe you but this guy is like a cool guy thing that ends up the cool guy load down low to slip in from you know you where were you playing the drums and looping are now living and reviving boy stuff with your hair every parent's house yeah I had moved away when I'm seventeen and I was back home I was like nineteen or twenty years old I was living back up to my parents' house in White Plains Ohana Kai was working at Borders season at the gym keep myself in on track in the visa because you have that vision that's what I think it looks a ok I'm a comedian that's amazing to write but incredible is talking about yesterday is the right is rock stars the hallway my band were the same to my fav use an incredible bass player and my guitar player and nine to two worlds talking about comedians who listen to some Xanadu from Boston builder yeah my favorite I just couldn't stop the tears happen on the way to the airport I know talking about how I was like the guy was like is this I never just been tapped into or is there like a wave of some hanging out of nowhere seems like the public is just like more excited and open and it's not a little thing yeah I mean there's always been like since Richard Pryor right there's always being given away the gloom eighties comedy them so what happened was Carmody was there and there's like Saiful all Bruce obviously starting it and then Pryor and all that and then in the eighties it really inflated into what was known as the bobble on the bubble burst late eighties and all the county comes became you know rock clubs and stuff like they went away they went from disco tax rate comedy club back to like rocks around in ease and stuff like that but now I don't like the ease any artists typically but the comedian seems to have risen to the task where it's like oh we're allowed to say whatever we want yes you know you mean like even with Kathy Griffin and the and the Trump head thing which I know people are mixed about but her lawyer was like she's a comedian like the effect you're allowed to push that's what they're supposed to do use posted on the frontline of pushing right exactly what but it's funny because it's just a word it's just it's just the thing that you do you like but when you become a comedian just declare I'm a comedian you know to mean its like saying I'm a Barber but you've never really cut a good head hair just like you just and then I think comedians got wise the idea that we have this creative license to speak truth to power just be whatever we wanted to whatever we wanted I think now we're hungry for authenticity in a way and now not just to bring about you I think that's what you bring to it because I grew out I will get into all this I'm excited to talk to you about faith the very religious and I listen to music one of the reasons it blows me away is because it's on embarrass you know it doesn't it doesn't apologize for talking about God or Spirit or wholeness or unity or whatever you want to say and the tradition I grew up in evangelical Christians we tried to have Christian rock and I'm nobody's saying you do no know I know Jewish pop know I said That's okay but please much but when I hear you I go shit park that's what these probably well meaning Christian musicians were hoping for a bike and hit true enough yeah Everett like Bob Marley sings about this stuff right but they missed the boat down to tell I am excited because the music has to come for the music has to be the condition it has to be the holy has to be the whole thing yeah can't be the vessel towards the thing I think when yet make that mistake and have a feeling like the idea that is really the thing Yeah and you're using music as a beautiful way to try to tap into it but it's just to get you to the things in the file automatically it's not going to wear it's like being on a date with someone who just wants to fuck yes that is a dinner right now to find her and Christian rock is the guy was just like I was really just keep looking you to you know it's funny even before you said that and makes me so happy he say that I can tell you doing something that's authentic and that makes a sound when people do even if their architects or carpenters or whatever school teachers when they are doing what what's right what's kind of like written on their bones to do it sounds correct so where a lot of guys like Christian music try to get into like Scott was really big in the will do Christians CA and there was a way for you but there was a way that somebody could have been like OK let's try make Judaism cool like some weird guy going like I'm sick and tired of like Judaism looking not happen we need to get more people in the temple and that's what everyone really did know let's manufacture modest to write Hill rap about God and will will sell some tourists yet but I I would've gone limp the second when you play no this guy means it right and you get license because the music the jet to sing about what you want and we believe you when you're when you're writing and performing I also get the sense that you're not coming out with an agenda and never thinking about it from an outside perspective of like how will this be received actually you know I just I went to the music just because I was my love just because that's the only thing that made me feel right in the world and knew that that was what I needed to do and that's where I want to be involved in a new expression expressive an expression and then because you have that edge yes kids I used to go my mom's garage with a four track I love the solitude of it but you could get expression out of it you found something you are looking where you needed to get your insides out exactly I was like I didn't fit in anywhere and have like a thing like a girlfriend or spore mess for the better you know I I just I got into like listening to music and I was like this is that I love it and I don't know how how I'm going to do it or what it's going to look like or housed in a And then what I started to find as I started doing after getting to reggae thing and spending a lot of time on my own just listening absorbing and taking it in and then I have a mike in my bedroom and I get instrumental tapes on Canal Street and play like drape beats or whatever and I start seeing this reggae things This was listening to and how all these Old Testament references so felt like the words lyrically like when I was writing the lyrics the lyrics make known or know all that style of music that reggae style Hezekiah saw it was I like when everybody sing about our life so I could use those references and it would be weird you know I like it was like oh yeah of course it's not looking at me being Jewish it didn't sound like you know like like like a religion substituting certain words right offer came off of that pocket to see us feel like and then when I started doing it like open mike nights at the new re compose cafe right here nice to come I'm a crash in a friend's car on the FDR as those come to ask I remember pulling my clothes yet it was an open mike and alphabets and get new reading poets Cafe has been awesome spot was in college at the new school and and and and then I realize that there was this element of surprise that like people would look it looked at me and that they would like on it but I write here comes like Matt or whoever this way cake and was a cool and have anything like I mean look any exotic in any way right and like when the right D came on I would spit out at the reggae thing people would flip the ao of surprise that's going to work for me yeah keep that in letting if it had been reverse engineered if someone said let's get away with it again that not wearing acidic stuff yet but nobody's reverse engineering some sort of marketing campaign which is beautiful yet even the reggae connection we like oh shit there's these Old Testament references in the shit that's my shit right you saw an opening that's really exciting and people tiny guy big boys a tiny guy you're six the thing we love when things don't look like what they are right and that excites us so I can imagine the electricity when you would go up yet and then then then when I keep became religious really like that was all pre me being religious oversight on a spiritual kind of path of searching what does that look as you mentioned fish yes so I'm assuming we'll talk to God yeah I I mean did you take them whose image and yet quite a bit this is a leading question as to exactly where I'm going I grew up religious as we are talking about kind of lost my faith got back into a little bit but then I took mushrooms and it really made me kind of get a grasp on what I was kind of after it felt like coming home and get away I was wondering if some answers exactly question it just felt like that plays you know yeah excited to ask for the first time in Worcester Massachusetts A judge is no center no way that Jim Kidd has yet to name thought I knew how old were you I was sixteen sixteen years old the car had been to Israel that fall I spent the whole fall in Israel is the birthright or it was like a program for American kids we could study in Israel for three months ok we're right outside of television ok we go see the sights you learn about what happened when walk with the people in to then go see a truce them myself on the city Jaffa Gate o Cool J s so I got to do all that so that was exciting time I came back from that I was like ahh just gone to be back in high school or maybe like dude I thought the same way when I came back from it because it's so alive yet there was called in go to Israel like the Hebrew word means to be raised up a wound it seems like a descent but virtually feel I owe so that's one yet so that's when I went to this concert and I and I dropped acid for the first time and experience music in a way that I was like This is it who's playing is Fish officials either so you were kind of I've never done illusions at like a concert like that but I have to imagine music for me is like everything's auditory when I'm tripping or any order to allow it to a very visual yeah for me sounds and stuff like that I'm very sensitive to talk to to be in an arena and the music just felt so right to me and I just felt the energy everything swirling and awesome wonders fiery years old like yeah like this is incredible we were tripping right you made with the mike stand would still be doing that for maybe got the three D box more or I but that's it right I mean it that feeling of late this is amazing every sound is a miracle so imagine what a fish this year with the lights where you're in the lights in the show we're looking at the performer and your audience those shows are designed to make you feel that you're with the lights make your heart and yeah it feels like you're in this big mixing pot of energy thingy on the train and and sisters but you're like literally colored all few show altogether Paul the college seeing exactly I mean have to check for five six hours and that a fun fun I like all of that was first time walking into a seven eleven after why do I feel so weird and they're like OK these lights are weird like fluorescent lighting is strange compared to like the like should I just came from the that you know like and then I just started driving and we had no wish to annoy do we were going example we pulled over to the hotel was off kids fish gets you know we ran inside and spent the whole night like this raging in different hotel rooms really way then I realize that this was a lifestyle that they were like all these kids my age would just like when I was actually the the starry option I was like You know I was crazy cousin Adam Rye Brook and he'd live like in these tunnels in the subway when he was in high school I would always go for advice to him and he's sweet like weeping Willow trees and tree houses in his backyard he spent his time like like climbing the tree houses and was like just take whatever change you have you can do it lah yes it was but he also had three as parents like you know that was Brook but like at some point he left home and he lived in this was like this the so he to this day he says there's this whole underground community community in the subways under Grand Central Station and is a whole like network of people that on TV ever he says I saw my two weeks ago he's talking about now is like an accountant but that's like a movie like here's the journey of view yet his mat and you need to get this call they're like Oh my God there's another way of living and I notice some people might just sound like you just want to do drugs but also in another way it sounds like you're opening up your car like that I love my my life I can do what I was exactly why doing anything but what I'm supposed to be doing I know society tells me I'm supposed to wait until I'm this age are the right stage was like this this this and you OB one can OB weirdo guy living in a weeping Willow behind his father the disappointed disappointed that this appointed lawyer I disappointed but knows his son is secretly happy for them and then him as he pours himself another very bad he's far and I'm toast his father was Debbie We shouldn't I this post by this guy was like a weird weird the show called You may we find this for what a gossip he was like this I mean girls love to hand use like each sheet of LSD like he was just like he was awesome so we're so little like him and his friends like swinging on vines in their backyard you know I just like I on a board on the floor like you had a whole trip was the first person so that the cabal had a lot of people like this in my life this day
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