Mogul Cameo: Maseo

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Welcome to Mogul Cameo. This is a place where we’ll share some of the best stories, jokes, and observations we recorded during the making of Mogul, but were unable to fit into the show. First up is Maseo, who is best known for being one third of the iconic hip hop group, De La Soul. In this Cameo, Maseo describes talks about how Chris changed as he climbed the ranks of the music industry, from his demeanor to his tailored suits.

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the Internet's most of the geo say this is a mobile cameo featuring Mae CEO of the soul now this is a new thing that we're doing here before we get into it let me break down what mobile camera was all about so we made Mobil reported over fifty interviews and gathered of hours of audio and it just wasn't enough room for all of that material in the show so that's why we drop in the small cameos in place although she didn't include in the city the stories the details jokes that hip hop cats like this will be hyped to hear the person got Macy o Sometimes rapper DJ producer and one third of the legendary De La Soul Crew we chopped it up talk about this name in the industry and how his career progress in the sense of style that too ok let's get into it was lady's reputation before you had met a more or as roomy as I was when we was comin' are all always pretty calm stern you know serious cat you know some people so it's a child who was an asshole you know Barb think he was our own just protective of his group's people he worked for Representative Nora Majority Tom dart is gonna be lighthearted you know says so someone has to be pretty stern pretty tough business can be treated like a peddler who know me so he was always a stone businessman and looking out the best interests of his client stars that's what I did know from the view from the Jungle Brothers days because there is Africa got movie deal or early in the game you know Leo Russell put him on a game in and sand and he balanced our whole thing like he took the blueprint he ran with it you know home to some of the early conversations if you remember that you have with lighter side all the frustrations of regular productions and given over to Rush I mean I was actually happy for Chris he was furry more he went from terms and caulk in Art to wear and suits and you know kind of colds so you know this development was strictly steadfast to be an executive in the business he wasn't trying to be no artists you know he wasn't like Oh a wannabe I wanted to be wrapped in time out he was strictly about the support of the town how did he just knew she'd only we first met Krista Marino was he was wearing urban fashion you know was cross Cullen call from mom or polo or IN THE bargain with Bennett on them saying that was useful he was flying you know forty blows and no doubt with that thing back then you know you from Nepal so for the blows was Dave Bing so you know I mean on sheep skins all of you know I mean and then on Carter's watch the chains of prayer for the job you know come in the job dress for the occasion can you describe lol wore his clothes like when he sort of morphs into the executive gives a bit more description was told on tailored suits you know slacks collared shirt you know looking very the executive like you know war was clean two piece suit three piece suit nice pretty well you know was looking like the stereotypical executive on love that come into his office and looking like a truck you know when Reggie was Loy a Rosie was booted off I I I I know she goes there for the occasion you know dress when you got to be drugs and watch them grow into the mobile drives in front if you like what we're doing here we surveyed a number of us subscribe to a podcast is a great way to help others find out about this no coincidence he raised the bar so help us raise a higher more bonus cut and information about the show follow Us On Twitter handle is at Mobile until Friday incident be safe know the the
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Mogul Cameo: Maseo