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Mogul Cameo: Russell Simmons and Sophia Chang

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This Cameo is from Russell Simmons and Sophia Chang. As one of Def Jam’s co-founders, Russell had a huge impact on Chris’ career, while Sophia was one of Chris’ closest confidants. In this Cameo, they each discuss how they processed the news of Chris’ death, and how the pain of his loss is still present today.

Reggie will also tell you about our upcoming live event. On August 10th, Mogul will be at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan. Expect great conversations, a lively Q&A, and our very own park jam. Tickets are free. To RSVP, go to:

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the the with good internet radio saying that the mobile cameo featuring Russell Simmons and Sophia Chang before I get into that which is a big move having show that's right its majesty here's a gif enjoyed mobile entire body is invited to parties well here's the details things happening on Thursday August at the Highline ballroom in Manhattan doors open at seven and I'll be there because I'll be joined by several people who are featured in the show will have some new voices will be talking about the history of hip out this lady's legacy and will share some stories that didn't make it into the show then we deal with that going to have a whole part shame to have a DJ and the drinks with the software use the trusty internet to be lit RSVP go to mobile of a dot com mogul of the dot com and help combat cancer so in the last episode of mobile heard about the circumstances surrounding Chris is that if you have a listen to that I suggest you go back and do so now I gotta say man I was a really tough episode to make Chris passed away in two thousand and twelve pain is still really raw and Billy present everyone was in his life everyone we spoke to ask about a foot when Chris died they all have some poignant to say they all had a vivid memory for some recollection of exactly how he felt when her The Chris was God Russell Simmons played a key role in Chris's career and in his life he is talking about how he reacted we found out Chris was dead I was brokenhearted because I knew His Spirit and watched him I loved him like a relative he meant so much I always think of all the people around him people around people when they pass and he meant so much to so many people always think and I'd always think that what happens in my passing I think Madonna is hoping only tally don't think that about each individual as they pass the time maybe insensitive but all I thought of devastated for the people around him and for him you know miss M and euro was a great influence on my life had become a person who has influenced my life but I was worried about the people around him and that's what I've done my first thought was Oh shit Chris is gone oh shit what about people around him we had an impression on so many people's lives and finally all him as we dig deeper into the store are finding out that he did suffer from depression that when you wear that I was not aware that I never saw Chris to be depressed I guess people are depressed in many cases a bit by poll on the new seed of the up and alive but the moment that you're not seeing them a lot of time to suffering I don't know that he would have taken his life and will incite any kind of talk but I can't imagine it might not be allowed to party status can imagine that he take his life is no depression that I saw in him and I can imagine won a bout with depression so great that they would be that moment I still believe that he killed himself just talked about it a bit can you talk more about particularly an industry in this industry o What is such a taboo about embracing meant to help articulate black man well you know of it's little less now a little less macho now but was still very much Elise industry full of bravado know in the way I want to go deal with mental how there was a moment with you even sent a man going to pay some have been around long time so I'm sitting on top is a really crazy that you strongly are you crazy right real crazy I know that mental health problem that people deal with Barry and so it gets worse and no one attends it tries to so that was probably you know his his take on it like not to bring it out if it was that intense but I don't believe it was that intense like you know I know what to believe but I really feel like that than Sally Chris Lai to be unresolved emotions questions about Chris's passing those were occurring things that came up in almost every interview we did one thing it was remarkable how many people spoke about of Chris after his death one of them with Sophia Chang one of Chris's closest friends before this interview was the last time you thought of course I spent a nice night time lows conversationalist but I told them I was coming here I said I hope it's okay I told them saying it promoted a little bit and put my name out there but I know you get that and that's OK with you I said tell me that you're happy I told him that I missed him said I love you I said I will never stop loving you and I will never stop missing you I said I don't walk as tall as I use to and there's still a whole think about him all the time Richie all the time everything in my life when my daughter got into Brooklyn Tech when my son going to Brooklyn Tech when my daughter graduated when I got this to new job when I quit that one when I met this person every modulation of my life when I feel challenged when I felt sad when I was hurt when I was frustrated when I was happy when I was jubilant when I was celebratory everything he was that friend and I would always especially towards the end me to see him a need to hug him me to feel him touch him and let him know that I was okay and wanted to know that she was okay but this Kristen back to find some money the last he just wants me to be okay I had a dream recently where can like a movie waiting for an elevator the elevator doors opened he was standing need to set that inimitable winning remarkable smile on his face and I knew he was okay what the sure the trash your dress slacks not to sue feel soo relaxed cow sky the moguls I are free because when not done yet is going to be a couple episodes about the making of the music we use the mobile remember we have a live show in the tent again to RSVP go to Mobile event that calm if you like what we're doing here please leave us a rating and a review on apple pocket a great way to help others find out about the show for more bonus content information about the show follow Us On Twitter handle is at mobile till next time be safe Internet's no to 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Mogul Cameo: Russell Simmons and Sophia Chang