Mogul Cameo: Uncle Murda

Update: 2017-07-251


This Cameo is from Uncle Murda. The gritty Brooklyn rapper rose to prominence after dropping a series of mixtapes with titles like Murder Capitol, Respect The Shooter, and Summer Time Shootouts. Just like Fat Joe, 50 Cent, and other artists Chris Lighty worked with, Murda wasn’t putting on an act: He was a genuine street guy. In this Cameo, we hear about how Murda first pitched himself to Chris as both a rapper and a hired gun, and later found himself joining Chris on a daring mission. 

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as you go in with the name Uncle Murder Mase is because in the from the whole name used to be LG for my own issues but in the home in the study when crazy again the whole you know you start bustling gonna this so enjoy those come with another nickname encompassing shoe you put in little for the safe call him our tummy is soo soon be in a little crazy so I stuck with me which is used to call me out who America is to give them like little doubt as acidic as the hours five hours so the kids tomorrow of them are the fucking call me Uncle Merv was good internet radio say and this is a mobile cameo featuring polka murder open murder as a rapper from Brooklyn who was managed by Chris Lai de and he's know for rapping about some pretty hardcore shit this is a God who drop mixtapes call murder capital respect the shooter and summertime shootout thing is with murder it's no act this is a cat who's seen and raps about and as we know from the storage for fragile with Chris's relation with fifty you like guys who like officially official on the streets buses in the murder describing the first time he met Lady of the volley the office is this a place in the mid two thousand not long after the fall aid offices been shot up around this time but will start to get some buzz after dropping a few popular mixtapes ok here's murder my producer Matt in this clips of songs walking around his office problem as Selectman the suit in this mother fucker Mayo gotta suit up to a thin fog on the valley that some of Chris's work of art o mat no more office time ago murder may he go and first lady will house and see a lot of margin in so doing they are so many is up here Chris Amaya has offices for this is after all traffic with lightings at the door for the guy so the car rolled again the is a payment before going or you're possible na may he says unless the music oh yeah a given sum again in the mix a bag with green may use Imam of June Omega of information let you know if this should whack I made a few personally call you Original Sin wet cold icy weather real track Yeltsin was the music he was cocky he said I was going to Rome as the viewer to music are to be assuming I'm officially you eco years the left and I am almost into music mommy my cool ride called the next day like Dharma folk and which get up here is a fan of music is live music and from there was only go so this first being that you hear we're flat you're and why that that somehow still won't let us in the street is home it was really nice and I read the court with it police think eco without a warm day so focused so when you talk or flighty to choose a shooter and you know you're emotional just like this he'd like that you have thing this was deftly handle in business it though cause they were come from a street background thus i'm just for people who don't know wat was was aiming to the sheets are my missing as many most people select the best the deficit was soo mad just see the gun the Schumann the focus murder told me about another story to see in the fiddle out of the stuff we heard from other artists and no matter how high he climbs in the music industry Chris was never afraid to go back to the streets it all started because of a missing cell phone those girls I was working for Chris unknown of cell phone the stolen or misplaced the twosome broke a vow that I was here in of business so for all that that sounds he was very important right in since S O Zion that phones very valuable as loudly connect the information to have understood the importance of that phone as well peep this track on the phone he could see its location was the Marcy projects Brooklyn back in the day more she was notorious for being one of the toughest projects in New York this week Jay Z grew up it's where Jay Z use a deal drugs to as a fellow book tonight we put it like this Marcy was not the kind of place you want to go hunting for a cell phone but that's exactly what Chris decided to do the whole locomotive come along for the ride home of Gary Lamar Smith allegedly defiled is just distract my goal was was this game and some I stole a foam cone now we file a suit the first time that Chris is on a mission which on a mission we missed the first sound a couple of couple oh well some would need to be told though but we had a couple allow situations arose about the Crazy for This Is It is like saying we want to well go salesman for this phone now we are Marcy we going up the people's doors we go when you were sliding and we are going up to people's houses we went to some house bootleg was here was the last location that was some guy's house so we go do you know Chris Lloyd thing we have to muddle and all because we don't knock on his dorm and coaches who lie with Selah me why he won the gold but we really all got out in October might be different house doors knocking on people's doors I go they said the phone to see a look we got the low kiddo we so people are phoning our phone is too we just go all over looking for his foam the general fund if of course we didn't find the phone you know how crazy the dough like Did you ever ask yourself Chris Lai de super successful Mariah Carey all these awards millionaire in the hood looking for phone yourself number I was in with as little notice a button saying all the people the mess well as high in terms of like the highest echelon of the music and three and he's on a hunt in the hood you know it does surprise me right in the fog with Chris was transmitted to me for most of it is so Mimi Rockaway am so alone in this aren't things that we'd gain experience it didn't surprise me like he really regular folk that we will find this fall so no matter how hot Chris went there was enough and for him to get back on there was enough in the still be who he was was opening day the final episode a mobile drops off Friday trust me you don't want to miss the moguls of the world if you like you're doing here subscribe rate and review an apple pie Cass is a great way to help others find out about the show can one continue to help us raise the bar for more bonus content and information about the show follow Us On Twitter handle is mobile so friday be safe
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Mogul Cameo: Uncle Murda