Mogul Cameo: Warren G

Update: 2017-07-051


This Cameo is from Warren G, who was one of Chris’ first big clients. Warren G shares a story about how Chris went above and beyond the role of manager, to find Warren G’s missing sister in the drug-ridden streets of 1990s Times Square. 

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no war what you have for breakfast this morning the test and levels that I went straight to the gym still testing the level of danger yet not so good at it and as with good numbers you'll say this is a mobile cameo featuring the original regulator himself Mr. Warren G The ok so this is the first cameo you've heard his back we made mobile we gathered hundreds of hours of audio and it just wasn't enough the fall of in the show these chemicals are placed all of the dope she did manage to fit into the series in the case warrants it was a lot of stuff you want to include this guy is one helluva storyteller was this moment in the Warren's interview that was really insightful for structural reasons we just concluded share with you right now it's about a time with Chris lady went above and beyond call of duty to help when his clients he is selling its my producer Matt Nelson one thing I can say gan about Chris's day outside of the music he was a solid cat I had a situation in New York where Hamill assist and one of my sisters she was all crap but I had pretty much took off to St U noe nw s cold nose last I had to maneuver went Sakae keep them in we got to New York she get out dare get out to move maneuver bit to mess around and ran it to somebody who knows what the crackdown Times Square you know Santa so you know she she went missing you know for Sunday so I was scared to death you know who was was upset that will sweet with combed all in all town square I mean with Konad my offer to the max and we messed around and got a pretty wise guy like a bee us and Chris you know this is an executive talking about Chris and local Rona they went to Lodi the same before you know just to go get my sister known this just in an record company she that this was like yes this was right Mayor Street they found at a hotel called the kor just like the movie I mean only found the open air you know to have her tied up this fall not out of the far right will grow with the no fi nerd though you know San Sai no telling what was going only so they figured out Dan got up out of here we know now was it what you think the story tells you that lately he has and as the main he's just so real that just straight up good do loyal loyal person you know to to whatever he and then to people outside when he was involved in he was still light and tell me how to be loyal and that's just the cysts you know mom have needed to to have that ten dollars for showing me you know how to be a man at the same time the automobile drivers will fry you like what we're doing here reading the review describes with an apple podcast is a great way to help others find out Mortensen as we raise the bar to help us raise it higher for more bonus content information about the show follow us on twitter handle is at MOCA so Friday incident be safe go the the
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Mogul Cameo: Warren G