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NoSleep Podcast S9E06

Update: 2017-06-112


It's episode 06 of Season 9. On this week's show we have five tales about sinister sounds, sluggish slime, and severe separation.

'The Final Party' written by Olivia White and performed by Nichole Goodnight. (Story starts around 00:03:30)

'When I Died'† written by Lauren Lutz and performed by Addison Peacock & Kyle Akers & Erika Sanderson. (Story starts around 00:14:50)

'Change'‡ written by Henry Galley and performed by Jessica McEvoy & Nichole Goodnight & Atticus Jackson. (Story starts around 00:34:00)

'Snails'† written by Alex Grey and performed by Erika Sanderson. (Story starts around 01:11:11)

'The Smiling Ones on Space Station Mir - Part 2'† written by Darius Pilgrim and performed by Mike DelGaudio & Jesse Cornett & Kyle Akers & Atticus Jackson. (Story starts around 01:28:00)

Please visit for full show notes and links to learn more about our authors, voice actors, and producers.

Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement‡ & David Cummings

'Snails' illustration courtesy of Naomi Ronke

Audio program ©2017 - Creative Reason Media Inc. - All Rights Reserved - No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

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Betsy knew coming here please pray we need to entomologist seems no one can get a hold of the previous one oh you mean Robert marker last strange usually available as a reference he knows everything there is no about spiders well all in sex really rad a la carte he's the guy with that weird history like talking about it he lives next to the Lockhart lives in the place is rumored to be Chrome spiders literally sounds like a great resource you can run a good extermination company without knowing what your fight scenes there's Lockhart fellow heard from in weeks you don't suppose he he was never mine own will if we need to hire someone quickly I know the perfect why has it occurred or how to zip or crew to work Lacey was if a career you can post or job do a hundred plus jobs sites with just one click then their powerful technology efficiently matches the right people to your job better interested in his expansive houses can be a week ago his job and couldn't for free by going to zip recruiter got home slash no sleep was if the critter is different I got the job sites the zipper doesn't depend on candidates find new ones um in fact over eighty percent of jobs posted on zipper critter get a qualified candidate and just twenty four hours you think they can even find us an entomologist of course no juggling emails or calls to her office simply strain rate and manage all the one place was if recruiters easy to use dashboard okay I'm convinced tell you what you look after hiring someone use in zipper Kruger and send the person straight down to lock our woods that'll be a good way to get them used to the kinds of spiders in this area congrats Shannon la carte Woods has a bad reputation I've heard rumors of a strange spider human hybrid that Hans place in fact I might have been what happened to Robert Lockhart maybe one and saw none since Betty hire someone and send him down though get to it use a strategy for sun and the new person into those woods that I'll be looking to hire another one soon enough good thing reuse in zipper critters find out today why zip recruiter has been used by businesses of all sizes to find the most qualified job candidates with immediate results post jobs on zip recruiter for free that's right free just go to zip recruiter dot calm slash no sleep darkest Night Season two launches on Day made twenty nine check it out along with the great new all ages darkest Night book called caretakers I find it all the darkest night pod dock call this the storytelling podcast and tails and disturbing intended to shake you up listen at your own race the wrong route the night there will be no lead the the the the brace yourself for the podcast The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The it's the no sleep podcast time David Cummings thanks for joining us on this week's show we have five tales about sinister sounds sluggish slime and severe separation on June thirteen which may be today if you're listening to this a few days after its release the no sleep podcast will be celebrating its sixth anniversary it's the sixth month of the year it's Episode six and it's our sixth anniversary it seems appropriate that three sixes involved in this devilish delight the six years so hard to fathom all that is going into those years suffice to say grateful for the multitude of contributors who have joined me on this journey and to all to us over the years as we set off into our seventh year lots of exciting things in store new projects new collaboration Zahn quite possibly another live two or so stay tuned buckle in and of course stays asleep speaking of being sleepless I know love the story we aired out the podcast called Feed the pay by Elias with a row well I'm happy to announce that Elias has completed his novel titled The Black farm which expands upon and delves of the Feed the Pig story a couple Nick and Jess unable to cope with the misery that fills their days discover that the world beyond this life is not the idyllic peace many suggest nothing could prepare them for the nightmarish reality found the black farm check the show notes for links to where you can purchase your own copy of this in transferring known awful and finally I hope all of that the darkest night podcast has kicked off its second season we the mysterious of Project Cyclops continues so join in and head over to the darkest night paw daughter called to find out all the details he penned so with six full years a great new novel just waiting for you in a fantastic podcast ready for your ears I think it's time we start this week show the Oh hi Nicole hates the cold goodnight Ladies and gentleman the side and trucks but before you start the show I have another podcast or the well that's fine I guess I mean I usually ask you to submit requests like these you know go through the usual channels that yet yet whatever I can't wait for the paper to go to our listeners really need to know about this podcast located he was recalled all check it if it's worthy coveted recommendation but scored the final party it's really freaking good and I'm kind of had the final party right okay I'll look into it and get back to you in a week or two David now step aside and tell everyone about it my friend Olivia way told me about it you see boys been a big fan of AIG's and forth while breaking or and stuff and this podcast is super good for that he has no professional or financial connection to this podcast I just wanna clarify that in just a big fan her work on it I am still got no sleep I don't know who does what actually they don't have any kind of social media presence it with the Instagram face but I found a few fan peaches but who seem to be official and nobody knows the details of who's behind the show itself it surprises me they have so many subscribers generally podcast seem to need to promote the heck out of themselves on social media the narrator has a very familiar voice first I wondered if you or someone from the four narration community but can't seem to place them he's got that sort of sultry vaguely menacing British voice that some of the best male whore narrators can flop really well but there's something extra about like I swear this guy wouldn't sound out of place in Hollywood who she knew his name was people to listen to more of his work on the show he just calls itself The host Reds really the podcast is kind of hard to describe her anyone who hasn't listened to it which is why reaching out to other fans on here so maybe we can get a discussion going for tonight which I'm really excited so like basically each episode takes place at first I thought it was the weight above the final party but I am the location seems a group of friends show up to a party and generally is always some kind of decadent Lee decorated basement plenty of booze playing and here here's one of really cool part kicks in after we hear the partygoers shooting or ten minutes the hosts always something some of my was and on pain of death for all of them and one of the slices and sort to see who is a boy called Kraken his girlfriend up his insides the episode where the guests have to decide which member of the party all horribly by the host that'll but is straight damn dumb to actually shop for something to get that sound so yes of makes me wish they'd live to you the way he described the scenes the way he tells he's actually both myself and the title of this goddamn you guys if not i really hope you or I just hope that either way I don't die first I am really fucking excited he The yeah that's the that's quite a description of the show Nicole the rate I'm really not sure it's such a great idea for you to go to the I gotta go get ready to talk to you later bye everyone the bye good bye in the cool wee hee hee well we thank Nicole for sharing that with us and thanks to White for telling the coal of us about that podcast The Strange to the website the final dot party but can't find much more about it strange I think it's best we all steer clear of that show anyway let's carry on with our next tale we were young healthy young finds herself fighting a life threatening illness she must endure unthinkable ordeal in this tale from author Lauren likes the woman is legally dead at one point and what she discovers in that time will affect her entire existence performing this tale are Addison peacock Kyle Akers and Erica Sanderson so let's hear the woman explained happened as she tells when I die the the the not too long ago I came across this theory called IO centuries and it's a theory in quantum physics developed by Robert Lanza posits that people actually dying the body itself experience as biological data but quantum materials stored as consciousness in our narrow two bills gets released back into the universe and continues to exist in one form or another in other words our minds continue to live after death that's a very dumb down version of the theory but scientists who support a claim this can explain astral projections dejà vu experiences and visions of the afterlife this might sound like nothing more than science fiction but it's something that onto as it helps me cope with what I experience when I die I suppose I should explain myself since I just made a pretty bold claim and answer question no I'm not still dead I wouldn't be talking to you if I was I was resuscitated at three fifteen am after fourteen minutes of being legally dad when I came back to life which is the strange thing for me to say and my mom told me what has happened I didn't know what to think I didn't feel like I had to I felt like and just woken up from a deep sleep but how is one supposed to feel after cheating death now to answer your second question How did I die well it started a week before it actually happened was at work and couldn't decide if I fall sick or not have twinge in my stomach and I felt a general my brain was slow and I was more tired than usual my coworkers kept asking if I was okay I told them I didn't know if I was just tired or if the bacon in half with my breakfast was under cooked or too greasy I have been eating super clean vegetables fruits and processed me it's very little grace maybe my stomach was unsure all the bacon fat I had played it safe I decided to go home after three hours I felt guilty for leaving as my family instilled a strong sense of responsibility in me and I felt like I was letting my coworkers down by not talking about an hour after I had the thought started vomiting at first the It was kind of funny I have no by it as I was kicking my guts out maybe because I thought it was such a violent reaction to increase my body contracting so hard just to rid itself of any potential toxin I joked that it counted as an AB workout since I obviously wouldn't be going to the gym that day but it quickly stopped being funny couldn't stop vomiting even room temperature water I carefully set to wouldn't stay down AB workout quickly became one of the painful I was a pitiful lump on my bad trash bin was next to me so I would have to run to the bathroom still didn't think anything of it nothing more than potential food poisoning mill flu I jokingly texted my friends that I wanted them to kill me I stopped vomiting the next day yet somehow felt worse I was dehydrated had no energy as I hadn't eaten or drunk anything over twenty four hours the worst part was that breathing her in her was difficult like my ribcage was encased in steel light headed and dizzy and rested like a weight of my pillows mom came over to my apartment to check on me she brought with her arsenal of flu fighting weapons Lysol soup Petey light tissues crackers and a thermometer to check my fever and despite feeling the sickest I ever had the temperature only nine point eight The shocker had never run a fever and this was no exception my mom was optimistic she said my sweating that the sickness was breaking and I'd probably start feeling better the next day for good measure she plugged in a humidifier in hopes of helping my breathing surprisingly I did feel that the next day the book up the next morning feeling almost human again my skin stopped hurting and I was able to sit upright without feeling dizzy breathing was still an effort but it was coming easier than the previous day my boyfriend made me soo much I was able to eat without it coming back up I was feeling so good I thought I would be able to go to work the next day the last fire sometime chills will be how I was under two blankets and sleeping next to my boyfriend the human furnace I was re think my insides started hurting in the room felt like it was it's been a tragic trying to breath I felt like my airway with cotton wound up taking me to the emergency room the awaited entry ash until nine when a doctor finally saw me he chalked up to a respiratory infection and sent us home with a prescription we stopped at the grocery store so my boyfriend to get more Gatorade and pick up my meds and waited position was difficult he helped me back and about to collapse like a sack of bricks and the mattress do you to stay home with you the use of a bottle beside my bed that the TV remote know I'm probably leave me come back or I will promise a fitting start to feel worse promise he hesitated bedside obviously conflicted about should go eventually he kissed my forehead and left I fell a hard sleep whenever the couldn't comprehend anything vision was blurry and I felt like I was trapped in the lobby for mulching and we're fluid the the gently tapping peachy mom SUV and bright flourescent lighting the the the Carroll said the hospital when I finally came to was in hospital room hooked up to an IV with a tube down my throat felt calls say lean coursing through my body and oxygen entering my lungs felt like how I wasn't so exhausted probably would've been scared my mom was sitting in a band aid colored chair next to my bad she looked like hell to the makeup was rubbed eyeliner smeared chiles rub her face when she was anxious when she saw I was awake I could tell she was trying not to break I must've looked worse than she did how are you feeling I couldn't answer because of today my throat she realized the sun started to cry and apologize I wanted to tell her it was okay that was nothing to apologize or another was going to be alright I was getting medical attention and I can only get better from here but the tube in my throat prevented me from comforting them on just as well I suppose I barely believed that I was going to be OK myself days of lying sometime after that I dyed the after I was unconscious very often I remember flashes of light in her face is the blackness I felt myself the day it opened my eyes the world is different it felt like the train had a keen sense that I was mostly everything was white the shadows were defused it was like being one of those interrogation were they drown to intimidate you I was in the corner of my hospital room I don't know how I got there her doctors circling my bag from figs hosts of me almost as if they were having heard high pitched drone it sounded distant muted almost like it was coming from miles the modern next to my bed had several flat lines running across the screen this confirmed my suspicion that I was dead I didn't feel anything the sand the the acceptance if I took a step forward like my surroundings I wasn't affected by going everything else town I approached the ring of doctors surrounding my butt kicked over a short nurse's shoulder and saw myself laying there limp and listless my job was slack every muscle relaxed whatever dark circles around my eyes my face looked like I'd been sick for months rather than a couple of days it was strange to see myself there market turned away I couldn't stand to look at myself anymore for the door and slipped out into the hallway everything was still nothing seemed to heal despite the weekend everything was saturated with light know she has no one the sounds below the nest was impressive and knife cutting through cold air was hyper aware of how my in awe of a feat made no sound could hear my breath but why would had had a destination the I didn't even know what I was doing was just moving for the sake of no thanks there wasn't anything else something drew my attention by an open door stop to glance to the root is in the middle of the clearing the break room was a Black its was focused the
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