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NoSleep Podcast S9E07

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It's episode 07 of Season 9. On this week's show we have four tales about nearby nightmares, dubious doubles, and woodland web sites.

'Too Close to Home'‡ written by H.F. Fae and performed by Jessica McEvoy. (Story starts around 00:03:40)

'The Forest of a Thousand Legs'† written by Rex Lovezinski and performed by Jesse Cornett & Eden & Erika Sanderson. (Story starts around 00:22:00)

'What I Saw on Granny's Farm'‡ written by Sam Raffield and performed by Mike DelGaudio & Erika Sanderson. (Story starts around 01:12:20)

'Carnival Cove'† written by C.M. Scandreth and performed by Erika Sanderson & Penny Scott-Andrews & Andy Cresswell. (Story starts around 01:30:00)

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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement‡

'The Forest of a Thousand Legs' illustration courtesy of Jörn Heidrath

Audio program ©2017 - Creative Reason Media Inc. - All Rights Reserved - No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

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Betsy knew coming here please pray we need to entomologist seems no one can get a hold of the previous one oh you mean Robert marker last strange usually available as a reference he knows everything there is no about spiders well all in sex really rad a la carte he's the guy with that weird history like talking about it he lives next to the Lockhart lives in the place is rumored to be Chrome spiders literally sounds like a great resource you can run a good extermination company without knowing what your fight scenes there's Lockhart fellow heard from in weeks you don't suppose he he was never mine own will if we need to hire someone quickly I know the perfect why has it occurred or how to zip or crew to work Lacey was if a career you can post or job do a hundred plus jobs sites with just one click then their powerful technology efficiently matches the right people to your job better interested in his expansive houses can be a week ago his job and couldn't for free by going to zip recruiter got home slash no sleep was if the critter is different I got the job sites the zipper doesn't depend on candidates find new ones um in fact over eighty percent of jobs posted on zipper critter get a qualified candidate and just twenty four hours you think they can even find us an entomologist of course no juggling emails or calls to her office simply strain rate and manage all the one place was if recruiters easy to use dashboard okay I'm convinced tell you what you look after hiring someone use in zipper Kruger and send the person straight down to lock our woods that'll be a good way to get them used to the kinds of spiders in this area congrats Shannon la carte Woods has a bad reputation I've heard rumors of a strange spider human hybrid that Hans place in fact I might have been what happened to Robert Lockhart maybe one and saw none since Betty hire someone and send him down though get to it use a strategy for sun and the new person into those woods that I'll be looking to hire another one soon enough good thing reuse in zipper critters find out today why zip recruiter has been used by businesses of all sizes to find the most qualified job candidates with immediate results post jobs on zip recruiter for free that's right free just go to zip recruiter dot calm slash no sleep the or storytelling podcast The Our tails and disturbing intended to shake you up listen at your own race the the day there will be no lead the the the the brace yourself for the podcast The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The it's the no sleep podcast David Cummings thanks for joining us on this week's show we hao for tales of nearby dubious doubles and a lot of people are big fans of the voice actors on the show we're fortunate to have some truly outstanding people sharing their talent with us and I know there are people out there who were interested in getting acting field but if you're new to it you'll have plenty of questions What kind of microphone should I get what about software or headphones how I record myself to sound the best except right after so with that in mind I want to point you to an outstanding YouTube channel that is geared solely to voice actors it's called boot junkie booth as in a recording booth where court herself and junky as in this guy's addicted to voice overs acting and who is this booth junkie you ask well its none own Mike Delgado Mike is making an ever expanding of videos with great tips on how to record yourself audio software tutorials microphone reviews tips on how to sound proof and treat your space to sound the best and is Mike is super sexy bearded stud of the script but Mike is also very personable and funny he's not only steadfast rock solid voice actor but he also records audio books and does audio transcription zz for this little small town newspaper called AI is here it is the New York Times so head over to boot junkie dot com to check out all of Mike's work and subscribe to is channeled his passion for his Crouch and willingness to teach others is quite admirable and he is a great teacher that's who J UNK by a dot call for all the best advice on voice acting here looking hot with a beard this script he he Ok well beards or not we have a whole group of voice actors ready to perform free now so let's listen in and kick off this week show the in our first tale we meet most everything about living in her neighborhood but as we learn from author H Cafe when her an extended period of time she starts to wonder if the neighborhood is as pleasant she hates performing this tale is Jessica McAvoy so let's empathize with the are too close to home by the the the FA night at exactly eleven forty five pm ride our bikes and my neighbor and he gets home from work at the same time each night and it's been this way for the year that I've lived in this neighborhood the bothered me the first release name and I will use it's kind of comforting the knowledge that the old man next door is home for the night was a nice man my parents quickly befriended him the has helped me move possessions last year and they ended up sparking a conversation with the neighbor while he checked his mail his name was James Barton and he'd lived in that house his entire was the same age as my father and apparently they had graduated high school together good friends back then but James said he thought he recognized my parents mother graduated two years later so they would still have been attending at the same parents didn't recognize James he seemed like a great guy the mother had planned to cook a nice family meal to celebrate my new home and James to join us for the housewarming It was nice and pleasant conversation the James didn't speak a lot but when he dead it never ceased to bring out at least one smile the over the last year James has attended a couple of our dinners and we make pleasant small talk when we see each other outside has become great friends with my father and often enough I think Dad visits me just as an excuse to make plans with James the It's nice tell the feel safe when my neighbor is around the edges kept me informed about the neighborhood that had to stay safe when I have to go to work or walk my doc didn't mention it to my parents but often enough that there was within ten blocks featured on the nightly news he already thought the place was dangerous but I didn't need them to reel me back home after I'd only just decided to make it on my own more than enough people survive bad neighborhoods the my dog Jade loves our neighbor she's always excited when he's had treats because he had his own dog as well Hays died was a small lap dog nothing like my larger pit bull Mastiff makes his little Smokey was cute at least but definitely not my type of doc Jade was not only strong and protective of me but she seemed it just be the perfect dog kept me safe n didnt accompany the ideal pet for a woman her early twenties she knew the daily routine she was smart was part of the reason that my parents agreed to let me use my savings to move into this one bedroom bungalow the rent was relatively cheap and it was close to where I worked by it it was in the bad parts of town the I think my parents were but slightly at ease about the neighborhood once they saw it didn't look entirely destroyed and having a friendly neighbor nearby in case of an emergency was a plus the I was happy finally out on my own and working towards building my for the longest time I felt entirely the still nothing could get to me through my neighbor and Doc the things in the neighborhood could be crazy but with the news of the supposed serial killer city of criminal activity that surrounded this area on a regular basis the to myself for the most part made friends with a few neighbors and James son of the people are odd but James was never one of them the oddest thing about James was something he often mumbles to himself and sometimes after we have a conversation I share Mr. Barton talking to himself quietly usually it was nonsense some small tangent of a memory replaying it has had because of something we'd spoken about the I think that I must have reminded him of someone because I heard one phrase quite often after we spoke to the G sometimes seem sad after we spoke to each other I felt about it that I may be triggering a painful memory from his past she was my best friend in the neighborhood though since so many of the other neighbors were creepy they all seem to blend into the shady environment we left and met my doc kept me safe from them and so did Mr. Barton one night I stopped feeling so safe was dancing around my kitchen music playing and water sector boil on the snow it was dark but my house seemed warm and cozy kitchen light was bright and made it hard to see out the windows I knew Jade was somewhere sniffing around our small backyard it was nearly and I'd been advised by multiple neighbors to avoid walking the streets alone around here sure Jade is pretty tough but a gun can always be to God so Jade was confined to the yard until she commenced her nightly ritual of parking at Mr. Barton's cart when he pulled and those were actually the only times I ever let her out to the small yard instead of going for a walk the parking didn't happen down the pasta in the pot skipped the next song in my playlist and then noticed the time it was a few minutes after midnight and she hadn't bought the into the small living room to look out the window and see if Mr. Martin's car was there the gate he must be late and decided to leave Jade outside until I had eaten strange Sarah and eight to a midnight meal but still haven't heard any parking the went to the back door to let Jade and staring into Mr. R and G are standing still and looking at the time is nothing that I could see it taken minutes before she noticed me calling and came lumbering but she stopped and looked back at his yard she got to the door into the yard then picked up a stone and threw it at the chain fence several birds flew from the overgrown grass of my neighbors yard and I was satisfied with the result Jade had been transfixed on them no barking at all Jade wasn't allowed on she only barked when a stranger came near the doors of the house or when Mr. Barton got home neither of those things happened over the next few days so I found myself bored Mr. Barton wasn't around to talk to while I was outside it trade occupy the free time but things were odd without the usual presents the lived in a part of the country with fair weather pretty much year around they tried to fix up my backyard to deal with the board the cleaned out the yarn months ago the lake nearly every other yard in the neighborhood had been full of junk in Remember the days I spent cleaning out the yard finally the because occasionally Mr. Barr and would see me and tell the she was always good conversation while they got rid of useless items left behind by older enters the sometimes I'd see him planting things while I was busy the tit never cease to look like a jungle are the grass was tall and overgrown plants and flowers grew it ran down the pretty natural and that's exactly how James part and wanted the him once if he wanted me to mow his lawn but he declined to offer one place that holds true natural freedom this he had spoken with a smile on his face in memory After two days of working in my yard alone couldn't take it felt so alone and unsafe in the neighborhood idolatrous to quiet my neighbor had disappeared the end I resorted to stoning birds it was my only way to fight back against my growing paranoia about the dangerous location and who who occasionally I have enough spare change to have some recreational fun the and with my neighbor being gone I found myself able to freely have such high in I didn't want my smoking habits to get back to my parents so I usually kept it to my bedroom when I needed to with my neighbor being gone I was free to set on the cracked concrete ledge that my landlord dared to call how to yell so lonely that's what a day I sat in my R Stone a girl throwing rocks at the birds who landed next door night stare at the yard and wonder if James part in my stash buried in a cemetery and their flowers that were arranged neatly the felt like I'd rather let his grave become overgrown head in a monk natural beauty didn't like thinking about late now she was the same age as my parents only in his mid fifty s the like knowing that someone that age could suddenly drop without a warning Mr. Barr and couldn't speak at the it was four days after my dog stopped barking morning grass Porter coffee and Jade for her morning walk we walk to the mailbox where I stood and looked through my then Jade when I looked to her and to the driveway she was staring Mr. Martin's car was how house excited I wanted to know the reason absence went and knocked on his door the jumping excitedly at me feet no one answered the left to take Jade on her walk after several minutes of waiting perhaps he was asleep the after work I knocked again only to find the same thing the most disappointing he had been gone for days but it seems that I would have to wait to figure out why before dinner they sat in my yard and smell the was setting the all the lights and Mr. Barton's house were off and it still felt empty to me guy threw the birds and watched a cluster fly around in circle over how the hell to myself make the face of disgust the birds flying as they came back down for some it sent a chill through me the had been replaced by a flock of beady eyed creatures the media was because I smoked too much but the birds made me feel afraid if they were mad about the rocks the shots myself into the house for the night planning on discussing the birds with Mr. Bart and the next day I didn't want them to hurt the garden he laughed so much unfortunately the next morning was the same as the last and I found myself spending another few days wondering why Mr. bartender was avoiding me the Sunday came along and with it brought my parents they asked about Mr. Bart and apparently my father had been trying to get in touch and make plants I told them what and my mother took it upon herself to knock his door she received the same response I did and we all crashed into the strange behavior of James Barton over dinner another few days of small stones parents and two dogs that didn't bark the That's when the on the other side of James Barton called someone the she has the car still and the male overflow from its box she was concerned the wary that the old man might be tracked in his home and her The hadn't thought of it partly had taken the first part of his absence heavily into consideration and assumed that it was all connect State which made it seem like he was avoiding everyone they didn't find an injury Mr. Bart and they found many other things found Smokey the Mr. Barr in small terrier mix the I was horrified when I heard the news the someone had actually strangle the dog the still can't understand how anyone could be so cruel the someone at the scene a curious amount of scavenger birds circling the backyard the end it wasn't long until they decided to look deeper the deeper has and they dug up the overgrown yard they destroyed the wild beauty or can I hissed detainee neat rows of bodies were buried in the yard most of which have been identified has people who are suspected victims of a local serial one body in particular stand out body of James R ten the chains bartender who had lived in the house next to mine for his entire the two had attended the same highschool as my parents the James bartender who still kept the yearbook from his senior year that my father graduated the James Art in the coup should have looked familiar to my parents because he was actually on the football team with my father the James Martin who was murdered in his home and bury in his backyard the chains are ten who had his identity stolen the have seen pictures of the real chains are ten cents than the hands of the impostor was quite accurate in his impersonation true James had and that around three years the man I knew had kept his cover all the time person who had made me feel safe in an unsafe place happens to be the most dangerous person possible the they haven't found the impostor the seems to have moved onto his next set of six times or maybe into permanent hiding If your in your early twenty s then the type of victim that he seems to favour When I heard the description of his victims the made my blood run cold and sent a wave of realization through me understand what he meant when he walked away from me the muttering under his breath too close to home The The The The The he was a young is preparing to go off to call it she recounts the story of a childhood classmate who died many years ago and the mysterious forest in their town where the girl disappeared as we hear from author Rex loves in ski the woods are unique to perhaps anywhere known for its seemingly endless species of spiders performing this tale are Jesse cornet Eden and Erica Sanderson so relax there aren't you unless you happen to be inside the forests of a thousand lakes the the the the the the I love the The Hill The The The The a jump rope rhyme my classmate she's sitting on the playground school thus really fucked up descending as Lucy Walker was a real person we attended school in the when we were in second grade so we must've been around on the ride based in truth and that the official story was that Lucy Lockhart did in fact vanish into the La carte would fifty yards from her father Robert's house but he wasn't Jason after brandishing a frying pan the beater with ousting at the time to understand what was happening it wasn't until much actually explained it wasn't a particularly shocking story just sad that I remember missing at least the first day she didn't come school the Monday she will miss in the Friday before the mother told me it was a few days before Lucy seventh birthday in that Lucy had asked her father if she could have a birthday party at the house remember that Lucien group of friends her telling us that she was going faster dead about having a birthday sleepover I especially to be sleepover because the group and was to sleepover with the I was still excited at the prospect of a party are because we knew her father Robert Walker Junior entomologist scone had lots of pretty preserved specimens like butterflies in cases that Lucy would sometimes bring in for Show and Tell anyway my mother Lucy asked her father she could have a sleepover for birthday and it said no because she was going to spend a birthday or mother's house while their house was being humiliated was a normal enough reason fer six year old crying storm on the house but running in to the La carte whew was a bad idea for any person of any age without proper equipment here's the thing about a la carte would some people call it The Forest Of thousand Lakes presumably to make it sound creepier than and doesn't there are roughly four thousand species of spider in America and the law carved wood is a phenomenon that it's home to all of them not only that but they're undocumented populations of some spiders previously thought endemic only to certain countries such as the Goliath Bird eater the couple funnel web spiders and some species of peacock spiders is a myth that says You're never more than three feet from a spider at any thus far cost me half the field to the brim with spiders I think at this point and goes without saying that if your acne phobic this story for you all the of the forest is naturally of great interest to biologists this law carved wood is private property and restricted guided access to the forest was hard to come before Lucy law courts to spirits afterwards nobody can go and obviously anyone to get in the farce if they wanted to stop fence off or anything but this is steep fine if you're caught trespassing clamoring to delve into a forest full of venomous spiders in either I kind of boots clothes gloves first aid kits and knowledge of the forest to step past the tree line the most common spiders at the edges of the forest or jumping spiders various wandering spiders orb weavers most people who emerge from the forest have a number spiders clinging startled by the destruction of their way visitors deeper into the farce by
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