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NoSleep Podcast S9E08

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It's episode 08 of Season 9. On this week's show we have four tales about cursed creatures, sinister sleepovers, and abysmal appetites.

'My Birthday Dolls'† written by V.R. Gregg and performed by Addison Peacock & Nichole Goodnight & Erika Sanderson & Victoria Cline. (Story starts around 00:03:20)

'Confessor To the Dead'‡ written by Marcus Damanda and performed by Matthew Bradford & Elie Hirschman & Jessica McEvoy & Nikolle Doolin & Mike DelGaudio & Nichole Goodnight & James Cleveland & Jessica McEvoy. (Story starts around 00:21:20)

'This Creature Has Been Stalking Me For Years'† written by T. Takeda Wise and performed by Jessica McEvoy & Kyle Akers & Peter Lewis. (Story starts around 01:09:30)

'Taco Tuesday'† written by Henry Galley and performed by Mike DelGaudio & Erika Sanderson & Nichole Goodnight & Nikolle Doolin & Eden. (Story starts around 01:38:30)

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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement‡

'This Creature Has Been Stalking Me For Years' illustration courtesy of Jen Tracy

Audio program ©2017 - Creative Reason Media Inc. - All Rights Reserved - No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

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Betsy knew coming here please pray we need to entomologist seems no one can get a hold of the previous one oh you mean Robert marker last strange usually available as a reference he knows everything there is no about spiders well all in sex really rad a la carte he's the guy with that weird history like talking about it he lives next to the Lockhart lives in the place is rumored to be Chrome spiders literally sounds like a great resource you can run a good extermination company without knowing what your fight scenes there's Lockhart fellow heard from in weeks you don't suppose he he was never mine own will if we need to hire someone quickly I know the perfect why has it occurred or how to zip or crew to work Lacey was if a career you can post or job do a hundred plus jobs sites with just one click then their powerful technology efficiently matches the right people to your job better interested in his expansive houses can be a week ago his job and couldn't for free by going to zip 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to hire another one soon enough good thing reuse in zipper critters find out today why zip recruiter has been used by businesses of all sizes to find the most qualified job candidates with immediate results post jobs on zip recruiter for free that's right free just go to zip recruiter dot calm slash no sleep darkest Night Season two launches on Day made twenty nine check it out along with the great new all ages darkest Night book called caretakers I find it all the darkest night pod dock call this the storytelling podcast and tails and disturbing intended to shake you up listen at your own race the wrong route the night there will be no lead the the the brace yourself for the podcast The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The it's the no sleep podcast by David Cummings thanks for joining us on this week's show we have four tales about cursed creatures sinister sleepovers and Pismo appetites you may recall the name Olivia White she's an author and the person who told us about the final party writer telling us about the final party writer fiction writer anyway Olivia has just released a short story collection entitled bright lights and glass houses therapy addition it's a collection of horror mystery and thriller stories about serial killers short order cooks child prodigy he and a particularly persistent psychiatrist it's available on Amazonian physical and e book form check the show notes for links to where you can find and pick up a copy of Olivia's twisted tales and speaking of real podcasts I want to make sure of a great podcast currently in its second season we see Iran Assad is a serialized horror drama set Star State of Texas it's the ongoing story of Matthew fitness as he investigates mysterious and paranormal occurrences around him and no sleep listeners will recognize plenty of familiar voices on siren the site with many of us making guest appearances you can binge listen to all the episodes and make sure to check out the episode coming out this week Season two Episode seven as it features their largest cast ever and our very own Nicole good night in the lead role check the show notes for Elaine and treat yourself to some Texas size terror with siren writers books podcasts voice actors sounds like some things were familiar with so let's get started and kick off this week show the in our first tale we meet alone well off her PR Greg might remind us that she's not actually alone she shares her house with a collection of dolls but the way she acquires that all these nightmarish indeed performing this tale are Addison peacock Nicole good night Erica Sanderson and featuring Victoria Klein so before you blow out candles be careful what you wish because this woman got my birthday doll's the the the the the the the the the dolls never let me swing not the night before the it's frustrating that's the time when I need my rest the most and yet they fill my room with their chatters I'm not there they speculate and cajole well into the early morning the the as if they don't already know it used to terrify me but now I just find it irritating I know the game they're playing trying to balance me knowing is half the battle as my mother Beckman she was a person your probably wondering so live with that then why still live in the house I was born and thirty seven years ago the Y after all the blood that's been spilled here I can still stand to walk down these halls and sleep in this room it is as with all things were complicated moving is not a simple thing the requires conversations and relationships when you have to talk to the bank to the real estate agents to the inspector in a lot of new people have no interest in meeting people with them the bash for them it's bad for me and getting rid of the Dulce the crash and the things but I am not boxed are only time I really hate the most the night before my birthday but they do this to me other times the perfectly pleasant generally silent and thoughtful I think they must get is apt as I do and this is just their way of expressing it so instead of sleeping the night before bed usually end up awake and staring at the ceiling trying to turn them out the gives me plenty of time to think about the past but all of these birthdays and their consequences the there's some irony looking back on and how much I loved dolls as a little girl we only ever worn it pretty dolls to Trask home I loved the smooth porcelain a fish skin and their dimpled smiles froze and shy delight the eye loved their big painted on my knees the the I really just wanted to be like if I weren't all that I could be pretty and perfect to be chubby or buck toothed happy proud and on that day three decades ago and the old woman asked me what I wanted for every birthday the answer I can re watch a brand new doll each year in a new beautiful thing to love and care for I knew this year's birthday would be particularly difficult I had had about one in years been so careful in the mail man last year and the meter reader the year before the strangers the blank faces the heart of their loss not mine but others felt by someone surely not me and made me sad I made my heart ache but the take was dull and temporary the Knights of the theater's the This year was different I first saw Faye three months ago the I don't normally go to the grocery store but I needed something I can remember what usually I get a delivery click or two on and the box arrives at the door no interaction it safe and effective but this time I needed something I wish I could remember what's so damned important anyway I avoided eye contact with everyone at store it wasn't difficult and not the easiest person to look at even if I'd bothered to brush my hair put on makeup with my head down we trudged to the checkout line with whatever it was I was buying this was the party and reading the most social some sort of interaction with the cashier and eventually weighed my options I could keep my head down and speak in one syllable responses or I could ignore the person behind the counter complete the latter risk an escalation the what if that person insisted some sort of response from the first option seemed to be the best in humanity the chipper voice rang out over the beep of the scanner the afternoon the out of my hands did you find everything you're looking for today I graduated response they had on the scene here before usually other customers well I think that by now many display which aim my heart started racing thus was far too much conversation the I opted to stay silent hoping she'd get the point maybe should just think I was mentally ill and try to get me out of there as soon as possible she did not the much of a talker home shook my head I could see from the corner of my eye that there was no one behind to rescue me from Phase politeness well some days I'm not much to talk and understand anyway that'll be five twenty seven even though I forget now what I bought still clearly remember the price I remember because that's the that face fielder fate I fumbled through my pockets working hard to avoid looking up at the soft voiced woman behind the counter pulled out a crumpled five dollar bill and a couple of quarters shoving them in phase direction rocker fingers brushed mine ish collected the money the pullback as if it didn't hurt the deer I'm so sorry I mean startle you here's to change anybody's sons the she carefully laid the change on the counter I caught a glimpse of her small manicured nails the stilled myself and pulled the coins across the counter focusing on the sound of the metal sliding along the Hey will you have yourself a pleasant day and turn you now have you talk to me in no time flat that's my mission I grunted again and move to leave I was almost out the door what happened the crash of falling boxes in the direction of the counter as if by reflex I lifted my head and looked that way Faye was focused on the commotion behind her the stock boy pulling cereal boxes back into a car to the the I was able to see her for the first time the Bills was slender and petite them with narrow shoulders and a narrower waist copper red hair curled on her back my heart caught in my throat I tried to turn back to the door before I could look away however the Fey had turned back toward me she caught me looking at her broken to the greatest grand the firsthand the her whole face in to light up I turned my head away and rushed outside it's too late I was in love I tried not to think about her to focus on anything but that joyful smile every time my thoughts would return to her which was more often than I would like to admit my heart would start to race my palms get sweaty the ad never been a month before I had seen movies Ben had the sentence the I wish I could tell you that I stayed away from the grocery store completely after that at times like some literary tucked away in my proverbial bell tower the midst of going to store once among the first the once a week the twice a week a new phase scheduled life and knew I'd best be able to spot still didn't speak much three decades in practical isolation makes socializing difficult to say the least bit older my name and sometimes responded to her questions meanwhile she chatters smile that was I really wanted anyway I knew I was doing was wrong I knew that I'd pay for it on my next birthday I never felt anything like this before the Greenwich to get some sleep in their of my birthday dread greeted me upon waking and stuck with me as the morning went on the tried to busy myself with chores but not panic would not be subdued the TVs in the back laundry the knock at the door the froze the thought for SEC and the if I could only stay quiet the whoever it was Mike just go away the had ever worked before but the trade that it might work at this time another knock the craft from the launcher and the carefully to make noise well the aggressor in the human body going on over via the They shouted from the store by the heard the creak and groan if the heavy door open not blocked it didn't matter my birthday never did what that moment I couldn't think about anything other than shut the front door and no rush down the hall for the door stay outside the the team choked my throat in the last word die there the was too late they had crossed the threshold of groceries on her pretty face vanished as she You do my best to intimidate her way just to make house all by yourself no one helped out change away for yun the how could she put my bones of her shoulders to push around the open door she resisted against me twisting one tried to reason with her she struggled tried to explain to her that it was my birthday suddenly the struggling stopped second goal in them I tried to pull myself together my hands were still when I felt and heard the first of the bones snapping the It was a shark the found the twigs underfoot one that way then at once the snapping sound was replaced by sound like paper being crumpled over while Fay was screaming the screams like over my hands to drown my that I was cursing her why did torture me like the I screamed I yelled throat was that I was screaming stop trusts in you nausea when I finally dressed the grocery us to and canned spilling the the faults the fabric it hadn't quite hard and its face and tacky the touch the temporary its can face was in pain the but eventually it would get use the to life takes time the not all to a newcomer things I ran my fingers of its face the myself still you don't the the the could be I tried it's painted by the still look as if the doll work to the The moving before I finished go to day had finally its final position it over his hair and carried it to the from I selected that I'd been saving occasion sage lace I carefully the satisfied up over perfectly as if it had been made just for the doll I finished the look with a white and smiled sadly the face looking back at me the remained unchanged who the the the twenty nine sets of eyes looked on from their shelves as I carried the finished doll into my bedroom that all that looked like another spoke its mouth and moving Reno has come to join the cheerfulness to its voice and its smooth ceramic face trained itself to smile the movement barely registered isn't that lovely the baby doll that had once been my brother replied The New thought we hung out you thought she'd become a hermit the mother doll to touch it and are silent its face set back into its original scowling expression as much as I hated to hear them argue I could tell they hated it more their lives or small enough as it was there was no reason to bring strife into it still the object the turned in his statement both tried to keep my cool in front of them are the happen to Fay had unsettled me but I couldn't show that adults they'd never let me live it down I was the one in charge after all not that I set the new doll down on the shelf adjusting its arms and legs into a comfortable position it's red hair curled around its white porcelain face which pink lips percent Belichick have the site selected for the perfect match the look antique and new at the same time the throwback to the era of craftsmanship can t tell my side and push to curl from its forehead the beautiful top of the The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The earliest days of video game console the kid who got the latest greatest system always friends but in this tale from author Marcus demand the birthday sleepover to celebrate and play video night turns into something much darker indeed and while this is a standalone story those familiar with Marcus is previous stories as Helen remembered it and Paris Green solution may notice some connections to those past tales performing this tale are Matthew Bradford Ellie her shaman Jessica McAvoy Nicole doing Mike Delgado cool goodnight and James Cleveland so stay quiet and hidden when your the confessor to the day at growing up I was always jealous exact all the best stuff whenever there was something new everyone simply had to have he was the first one to get it this included the Atari four hundred game system at least according to him my other friends at seeing Reginald didn't believe him there was no way for us to know for sure none of us had ever visited it was generally agreed that sack came from a creepy as hell family his sister Hannah wore a leather jacket and dyed her hair strange colors which was a new thing at the time no one except on Sundays and at the grocery store his father was a Deacon but no one he did in that capacity for a living the hospital morgue I never him this confessor to the dead this weekend at but I saw him all the time the church it was December nineteen Zach told us about the game system during lunch there was no cafeteria at seeing Reggie is so students had to lunge out in the courts or in the classroom and on the blacktop today that the four hundred yesterday bullshit term serious my other friends conducted their lunch trays without a dead city county both for Christmas and my birthday which is tomorrow he'd be turning twelve which made him a few months older than me I could see card sticking out of his binder invitations if I was right then lunch would have been the time out I wondered so we were friends by your close I didn't know that Zach had any close friends I believed him about the four hundred though jealous I felt a little sorry for him I had some pretzels what you guys later when no looking past me one of the cards I could tell so i din make a thing about it I'd been right he was an invitation to a birthday party and sleepover tomorrow after school but I didn't think my parents would say yes with only tonight to think about it I thanked him and told him I'd ask I nodded to his binder or the other cards were still visible what about the rest no one else was paying attention screw them he took the pack of rubber banded invitations back out of sight just you man after school my mom called his mom she wait me out idea what they say like ten minutes of conversation with Mrs. Cooper resulted in permission given and the next thing I was told to get in the car couldn't really go to a kids party without getting in the present Zach and I bus but I lived on Garrison and he lived in rather handy kites The Heights is a gated community I was always picked up before him and dropped off after those the Garrison game got a good look at how the rich kids' lives on the way to and from school everyday must be nice I shared a seat with them that Friday afternoon listening to the bus rumble past the life I would one living here you know big fancy house cool cars everywhere and stuff like that my dad was a mechanic so I knew about cars he shrugged again and the four hundred all to yourself That's gotta be crazy cool needy haven't played this stumped me but then he went on and doesn't play and I want to play with my mom sister his voice and reason not sad or lonely what's the point the point was fine I wanted to say I had the twenty six hundred at home and I could lose half an afternoon in front of adventure or half the night before bedtime playing Duck Hunt with my dad I shook my head and smiled well Zach were going to break that bad boy in tonight hardcore I imagined on the bay cushions next unloaded snack tables in a palatial room fighting sleep until three in the looking up bug eyed at a TV screen that spanned the entire wall the other
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