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NoSleep Podcast S9E09

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It's episode 09 of Season 9. On this week's show we have five tales about confined kids, striking storms, and freaky forests.

'The Secrets Inside Dune'† written by Jared Roberts and performed by Matthew Bradford & Erin Lillis. (Story starts around 00:03:30)

'I Bought The House I Died in as a Child'‡ written by Olivia White and performed by James Cleveland & Erika Sanderson & Andy Cresswell. (Story starts around 00:17:30)

'An Unwelcome Audience'† written by Steven Schrembeck and performed by Peter Lewis & Jessica McEvoy & Jesse Cornett & Dan Zappulla. (Story starts around 00:43:25)

'It Came With The Storm'‡ written by Christine Druga & Seamus Coffey & Ash Ellinwood & E.K. Skinner & Lindsay Moore & Michael Marks and performed by Dan Zappulla & Erin Lillis & Wafiyyah White. (Story starts around 01:15:20)

'When It Rains in the Woods'† written by T. Weaver and performed by Jesse Cornett & Jessica McEvoy. (Story starts around 01:45:00)

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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement‡

'When It Rains in the Woods' illustration courtesy of Lukasz Godlewski

Audio program ©2017 - Creative Reason Media Inc. - All Rights Reserved - No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

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Betsy knew coming here please pray we need to entomologist seems no one can get a hold of the previous one oh you mean Robert marker last strange usually available as a reference he knows everything there is no about spiders well all in sex really rad a la carte he's the guy with that weird history like talking about it he lives next to the Lockhart lives in the place is rumored to be Chrome spiders literally sounds like a great resource you can run a good extermination company without knowing what your fight scenes there's Lockhart fellow heard from in weeks you don't suppose he he was never mine own will if we need to hire someone quickly I know the perfect why has it occurred or how to zip or crew to work Lacey was if a career you can post or job do a hundred plus jobs sites with just one click then their powerful technology efficiently matches the right people to your job better interested in his expansive houses can be a week ago his job and couldn't for free by going to zip recruiter got home slash no sleep was if the critter is different I got the job sites the zipper doesn't depend on candidates find new ones um in fact over eighty percent of jobs posted on zipper critter get a qualified candidate and just twenty four hours you think they can even find us an entomologist of course no juggling emails or calls to her office simply strain rate and manage all the one place was if recruiters easy to use dashboard okay I'm convinced tell you what you look after hiring someone use in zipper Kruger and send the person straight down to lock our woods that'll be a good way to get them used to the kinds of spiders in this area congrats Shannon la carte Woods has a bad reputation I've heard rumors of a strange spider human hybrid that Hans place in fact I might have been what happened to Robert Lockhart maybe one and saw none since Betty hire someone and send him down though get to it use a strategy for sun and the new person into those woods that I'll be looking to hire another one soon enough good thing reuse in zipper critters find out today why zip recruiter has been used by businesses of all sizes to find the most qualified job candidates with immediate results post jobs on zip recruiter for free that's right free just go to zip recruiter dot calm slash no sleep the or storytelling podcast The Our tails and disturbing intended to shake you up listen at your own race the are all the way there will be no lead the the the the brace yourself for the podcast The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The it's the no sleep podcast I'm David Cummings thanks for joining us on this week's show we have five tales about confining the kids striking storms and freaky forests it's my pleasure to welcome two new voice actors to the show field White is a trained doctor with a BA in Drama from the University of North Carolina she has a number of stage and film credits and is branching out into voice acting we're glad you're sharing your voice with us was he a he also joining us is Aaron Lewis Aaron is a voice actor podcast or an artist with a BFA in Film from Emerson College he she's an experienced voice actor with numerous audiobooks narration Zahn commercial rules to her credit thank you for being a part of our team there and we welcome both of these talented women to the show check the show notes to learn more about them longtime listeners may be familiar with some of our regular authors we have the pleasure of collaborating with some of the best writers on no sleep sub Reddit and occasionally the no sleep writing community holds a competition called No Sleep teams where authors are putting groups and each group creates a single story were pleased to be doing one section no sleep team story on this episode and I think you'll recognize most of the authors in that team it's always good to see such fine talent collaborate and before we begin I want to wish our Canadian and American listeners both happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day candidate earns one hundred and fifty years old this weekend so we're pretty flippin stoked about the IAEA and of course happy red and blue fourth of July to our neighbors to the south it may all the fireworks hot dogs and maple syrup flavored routine in which we Canadians don't be enjoyed in abundance and safety this week so this episode is really about people teaming up collaborating and uniting in the spirit of writing acting and patriotism let's raise the no sleep podcast flag salute and start this week show the in our first trail we need who just can't figure out his parents he has explained by author Jared Roberts his folks seem to be treating him differently lately perhaps their obsession with an old David Lynch film has something to do with performing this tale are Matthew Bradford and Aaron Lewis so enjoy Fi epics all you want just make sure your fully aware of the secrets inside two mm this happened a ago I've been thinking of lately because I've been going through wild stuff and I found something I never wanted to see again definitely feels like something I appropriate for here when I was a teenager I started my parents behaving kind of strange like they were different around me not let's treat our son like an adult different or he's a grouchy team let's ignore him different the it was almost like they were afraid of me wanted to keep a distance they were nicer because they would ask me to do chores or anything not as nice because they wouldn't ask me to come watch movies with them go places with them and that sort of thing I never thought I'd miss those things one of moments I walked in on Dad solving the binge drinking that much I can tell I came up to him and placed a hand to lean away from me unspoken whisper she just needs to know Bobby is okay that made my skin crawl because the thing is I'm Bobby I said I'm fine nothing to worry about the issue come from he was still leaning he looked into my eyes like I was some new and that just appeared in his den i told myself use just really drunk and went to my world now I was a pretty average teen when I hit puberty I filled out good the I like playing sports hockey in particular I had some girls nothing serious had a good number of friends and I enjoy parties I was a C student for the most part I did a little because my parents were both big I was easy to I didn't the Yanks the less popular or more popular teams that I was comfortable in the middle I'm sure I could be a handful to my parents sometimes I do think I was a bad kid the way they were treating me though had me thinking I'd messed up I was thinking did i scratch dad's car by accident did I say something shady I knew I'd miss my chores a few times did them herself so I started making sure all my regular chores were done right when they should be they thanked me like I just installed or satellite TV and went back to what they were doing so after awhile I decided to ask Hey did I do something wrong they looked at each other looked back at me and shook their heads you're doing great sun which was really weird my dad never called me son before all this after that I started sitting with them in the evening when I had the time just spending quality time together I thought if this is reverse psychology it's working dad squirmed next one had never seen Dad squirm in my life do I stink or something oh yours that fully cleave he wore an uncomfortable smile sitting with them every so often I notice something the only one it was all during the nineteen eighties movie with Kyle McLachlan where he's this royal kid who goes to a desert planet writes and worms I'd seen it when I was a kid it was okay I didn't think it was good enough to watch over and over every time I sat with them that's what they had on you guys sure like to lately my mom gave an odd reason we bought the VHS might as well get our money's worth one night I told them I was heading out with some friends then I snuck back into my room through the window I know most teens do the opposite way so I sneak back in and just lay back to my bed listening I can hear them watching dune again the other part restraining the desert people to fight with their voices and hear them talking know like they're talking to to someone else so I sneak out look and Mom and Dad are up close to the TV screen there's then they start talking again they're talking to the movie no oh no we are okay we love you and we miss I couldn't believe what was going on it was like my family had been replaced by aliens it didn't make any sense then started to scare me I know know he left we saw they talking to they both turned them I'm but the looks on their faces was just pure stunned terror have here I thought she but she said it's not him Dad turned off the movie and ejected the tape he put it in the soul even went into the basement with a mom look nervous the whole time he was doing this what's going on the same price so what happened to make you come home so soon I didn't feel well this way went back upstairs she bought my dad came back into the room sorry son we were just embarrass you know because your comment about us watching June it's a good movie you learn more about it every time you see it just think about how these people are thrown into the desert planet and lose everything but there's a secret inside do you who know about the secret inside of course the way he said it was very unnerving I wasn't about to argue I went up to my room I heard them whispering as I left I didn't want to know what they were saying while I moped in my room I decided to look on the internet for doin making people behave strange like Remember that movie in the mouth of Madness with that guy's writings make people crazy I couldn't find anything mostly just complaints about David Lynch going commercial so I went on IMDB and put on the do for my parents acting strange or something in the subject and I asked if anyone else and notice talking to the movie or watching it over and over and over I got a reply almost right away the guy sent it as a private message he told me anything more only knows with the movie before he committed suicide we watched it over through scenes from the movie said things like Kyle's desert track in a strange powers of captured me he thought it was a phase it was something else he knows that now he said his son left a suicide if you can call it that brought to this planet only betrayed and desecrated but I tasted the spicy things I shouldn't see what I've tasted the spice and see the secrets that are inside you can't imagine doing is me I gave them and my condolences and thank him for sharing with me I didn't feel any further ahead just a little more scary a suicide note obviously overlaps with what my dad said to me it just confirmed that Dean seems to mass with some people's heads it's just we'd watch doom before rented it from Club Video Tech it wasn't a big deal I knew that I had to get rid of that damn take though it could make some boy kill myself maybe you could do that to my parents so that night I pretended to be asleep for awhile I know that sounds silly like my parents really that close it was just a gut feeling and it paid off after about I figured the coast was clear shadow frame that I figured was just an obstruction moved away with a shuffle shuffle was my mom's slippers she been standing there like door for an hour I waited before sneaking out of my room and move quietly because I wasn't a sweep they were they were so cagey lately I was frickin Pharaoh to let much this was me I grab forty the basement door hinges because sweet yep I snuck down hunting of any I could think of the lights flicked on and Mom came rushing shouting the server what the Hell's the matter with you to that movie commits suicide because I don't know if those were but I basically spew this stuff out I've been bottling up isn't it enough it took our from us us to do it again like you does the same living and breathing for all these weeks have the gall to look like ours on what from us much more can we take is I'm the V and I saw the revulsion the now made some awful sense they I wasn't there so in all that's what it was reviewed the every day it happened that you were some c diff sound smell look the same but we must lobby when Old Hwy the I didn't know what to do I don't to them the obvious fact that I was the same person they already that I was exactly the same I started crying more with frustration than her I think I happen to look up rafters grabbed it and I was just about to smash it that's when not crying just like loud coming it was like a coral I stop please please don't that's our boy the lobby you come us show some mercy whatever I took the tape I didn't smash and I just took a pack my bags and left the never went back home I put that tape away somewhere the tried never to think of it I lost track of my parents tried to find them on a few occasions they never reached out to me is not in hiding almost twenty years last week I went looking for something in my stash I found that damn tape I couldn't bring myself to destroy it still instead I decided to watch it I thought it might do me good bye I got to the scene though dies I swear I heard someone whisper I re wound and played the party few times but it never happened again I put the tape away maybe in another twenty years will try again Mhm an the The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The we all know how children are prone to do some very foolhardy things things which can do irreparable harm just ask author Olivia White she shares the tale suffered a traumatic event in his childhood but made a full recovery with no lingering effects or so he thought performing this tale are James Eric Sanderson and Indy cross let them and when I I was six when I died I lifted an old detached house in Surrey south which house it was cold it was a Victorian property my parents both hit from a very old couple who hadn't lived it for decades and as such it had a lot of old furniture that kept him present in the house since it been built my dad heart surgeon based at London so my parents were pretty wealthy house reflected that was or anything it was modest compared to other properties in the county but it was a very nice house the gardens fountain out back that rose out of the city and pond in which my mom kept a few coy stand there for our city kid just staring into the black mirrored surface looking for gold and glimpses of those marvelous fish explore the rest of the cotton tail end of the creeping for the flower beds playing in the wood supported the property some s filled with scraped knees and Eddie close myself in my friend's building forts in exploring our own little world he was in the grounds or the pond that killed me but it was my inquisitive it's the much like many old English copies of that story the South the cows had two floor and attic the unlike many fish but she's also had a cell and that he stole mine at the start of the cellar which was made up of a few rough a healing rooms that smelled of groups beyond his wine rack however the seller was basically unused except for storing the kind of to try to sit a family acquires and never has any need for but doesn't want to dispose of any way I was a lion today I decided to explore the seller was one of Dad's rare days off and he and in the Cotton sunning I came inside to escape the heat and soon the typical six year old boy boredom kicked in I decided to explore the seller wasn't that I was scared or anything just didn't like the smell and I kept away from going down that the contents were largely boring it be met with little more than empty rooms don't know what possessed me to change my mind that day changed my mind I did as I'd expected there nothing of interest and sell even my family's old possessions with just broken bits of furniture and clothes that my older sister had grown out of and mum haven't yet donated to Oxfam was about to leave the satire and return to my toys and something on the wall caught my eye it was a square metal tool too high for me to reach but my good fortune a broken chair was nearby so I tracked it across to this mysterious hatch climbed up and opened it to see what treasures inside as you can imagine it was nothing exciting was in fact a few sparks very old very poorly maintained fuse box the fuse box the tiny curious child began to meddle with I don't know why DH exactly what wire I touched up connection I shorted to cause that jolt of electricity to flow from my party all I can remember suddenly feeling a white hot tingling pain unlike anything I'd ever felt before I felt my body being thrust backwards as if an unseen force it shoved me hard I felt my spine hit the and even concrete floor in that breath shoot out of me that I felt something I can only describe as a banning gripping my heart right from the blacked out when I die I was clinically dead for twenty minutes the electrocution shorted out my heart and I lay there actually dead for few minutes before my dad even found me he could never explain why he came searching for me that day all he ever told me he knew he had to check on me NDP happen I don't think I'd be alive today my dad a heart surgeon began attempts to revive me while my mom called the paramedics after another fifteen minutes which I'm sure must've felt like an eternity to my dad the paramedics were able to successfully re stock my heart I woke up in hospital painful been discovering a large portion of my body my first thought was fear that I get in trouble for touching the thing in the cellar and I was scolded of course gently hand alongside gradual explanation of what happened to me we six years old I don't think I fully grasped the severity of it the two things I did understand the one I was lucky to be a life into I had died and come back the was a miracle diet for twenty minutes and frankly made me feel a little bit of bad ass I'd like to say I had some kind of experience during the twenty minutes I dyed the truth is I didn't know or if I did I don't remember at the no light at the end of the tunnel no out of body experience one minute I was dying and the next minute I was a life again in time became something I told friends his point of interest and is healed and other regular Hawks monitoring life went back to normal when I was twelve that got a job working at a private hospital in the southwest and we moved it was twenty two years into I thought about the house again it was a month after I turned thirty four ll I followed my father into medicine and become a GP in reading neighbor I'd grown up as a child I alternated between running NHS and private clinics the Dane question what particular the lights in my NHS practice when I got home my girlfriend was waiting with a glass of wine and the look on her face it let me know she had something interesting to tell me she was practically bursting speak before I'd even taken my jacket off and loosened my tie I got way to school today I kissed her on the cheek and took a profit costs of why yes yes some going so say the only living year old handles the I found the one Self with Madeline not that the eye can see she had more to tell the what if you want the insurance check and apparently trying to get hold of your parents and she eventually found you both my parents had died when I was in my twenties old when they had me mom died of cancer that ironically of a heart attack My sister had long since emigrated to Canada so it makes sense that this guy had found me is an export coal why I asked Madeline is much the case is the interesting the generic anything weird happens you win you the anything supernatural the Ice White The most have nots my interest was piqued and I was a horror aficionados and a firm atheist but I guess working is a GP particularly I'd often said that I'd love to be proven wrong about the existence of an afterlife Of course I expected nothing of the sort from this guy was intrigued and the less I called the number of metal and taken down when Giles Robertson Tom said his voice gave me pause band sounded exhausted skinhead even when I told healing or double sigh of relief I just need to ever have any untoward experiences
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