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NoSleep Podcast S9E10

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It's episode 10 of Season 9. On this week's show we have six tales about intense infernos, fearsome frauds, and youthful yearning.

'Burn'‡ written by C.M. Scandreth and performed by David Ault & Erika Sanderson. (Story starts around 00:03:16)

'An Unusual Collection'† written by S.H. Cooper and performed by Jessica McEvoy & Erika Sanderson. (Story starts around 00:22:45)

'There’s Nothing in Forest Glen National Park'‡ written by J.J. Cheesman & Marcus Damanda and performed by Jeff Clement & Peter Lewis & Nichole Goodnight & Eden. (Story starts around 00:46:50)

'Thank You for Calling'† written by D. Fredricks and performed by Nikolle Doolin & Addison Peacock & Jesse Cornett & Eden & Jeff Clement. (Story starts around 01:15:30)

'Little White Lies in a Little Black Dress'† written by Manen Lyset and performed by Erin Lillis & Eden & Dan Zappulla & Elie Hirschman. (Story starts around 01:32:30)

'Trying to Remember a Pop Song'† written by Thaddeus James and performed by Atticus Jackson & Kyle Akers & Matthew Bradford. (Story starts around 01:56:30)

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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement

'Burn' illustration courtesy of Jörn Heidrath

Audio program ©2017 - Creative Reason Media Inc. - All Rights Reserved - No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

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The Power Taylor and disturbing intended to shake you up listen at your own race the wrong route the night there will be no lead The The The The brace yourself for the podcast The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The it's the no sleep podcast I'm David Cummings thanks for joining us on this week's show we have six tales about intense Inferno most fearsome frauds you fully earning longtime listeners be familiar with one of our regular authors Marcus demand his confessor to the dead story was heard a couple of weeks this season's episode eight and he's co written this week's stories Marcus has recently released a new book called standard deviation is a collection contains sixteen storeys in total nine of them are stories you've heard on the podcast two of them co written with author man in lice and in the cover art was created by a year in high truth so there are lots of connections to our show plus there's a bonus story notes section with behind the curtain stuff for even depth info is available in print and for Kindle so check the show notes for a link to where you can check out this excellent collection of delicacies of transcendent error certain to satisfy the hungry east corner of your own hidden car parked at Standard deviations a collection by Marcus demand and on this week's third story we're featuring part to her tail heard in season eight called There's Something in Forest Glen National Park so if you didn't hear that tail or don't remember all the details that episode go about ten minutes and when the story starts once you're caught up part two will continue the creepy tale to its conclusion there's a link in the show notes or just go to Season eight Episode eight on our website so you have a great new book to check out and a bit of a bonus story to get caught up on this we are you ready good now we can start this week show in our first tale we experiences a horrible ordeal but because of it he finds the woman of his dreams but as we learn from author C M scan them and soon there may happenstance performing this tale are David Ault and Erica Sanderson so as much as love can be horrid and hot it was never meant to learn The I know it's an interesting man or at least I wasn't before the accident in Chile average only begins to scrape the tip of the iceberg that is my mediocrity Bailey encapsulate in the mind numbing boring ness of my existence at school I flew I never quite failing but never exceptional my hobbies were mundane bit of football the lot of computer gaming I excelled at nothing but wasting time I was uninterested in the interesting and an amateur but now World of Warcraft sucked away the last chances I had of bettering myself leaving me and inadequately skilled and fully prepared adults who couldn't hack it at college so home I did what a lot of losers like me did I got a job at a gas station and flooded with a bunch of other borderline Drifters with no future this left me with the same conundrum is my pins I had nothing to offer to women losing my virginity to an older lady at the back yard party whet my appetite for relationships but I lacked even the most basic spark of individuality at most I could last a handful of dates before potential partners so through my carefully constructed facade and proceed to the garbage can empty a personality beneath the hitting the gym extended the length of my dates from a few days to a few weeks but it's even good grooming body couldn't mask my stupendous Monday that a depression followed crushing vestiges of hope and so I basically gave up and started drinking the how I managed to get home that night I don't rightly know drunk I could Betty get the keys so it was nothing short of America late I find the file add to my car in the driveway and staggered up to the front dual my flat mates are still out partying all working so I had the place to myself the mountain of unwashed dishes yielded up and cursory wipe made it ready for a drunken fried eggs and ancient they can he think I must've gone to my room to get something and passed out when I sat on the bed because when I woke up that's where the people shouting outside flames in the as hell but managed to stumble upper right which in smoke dizzy and confused I pushed open my door greeted with a wall of orange he crowned a blanket flames licking up the ratty old curtains in posters can busting instantly I knew that I was cough and ear a firefight to through right as the smoke overpowered recall strong me through the flames paying fled somewhere my car oxygen she was useful in hospital I managed to find out her name was so shy I treasured that information just as dearly as I treasure the memory of her face actually she wasn't traditionally beautiful jewel was to widen her cheeks too full in Florida but it was a strength that radiated from that face eyes with some Hazel almost gold and her short white blonde hag a fair curious impatient this was a tall odds with the body that could have any grown man the sheet was the angel who had saved me from the fire and I was a little bit Smith after being treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation I call the fire department I explained that I want to send a thank you note to my rescue and they dutifully passed along some contact information what possessed me to send a box of expensive chocolates a gushing note and a huge bunch of yellow white and red flowers I'm she had an effect on me felt strangely more alive than I'd felt in knows how long fried send the gifts I felt like a massive idiot and regret set in instantly she probably got this kind of treatment from guys all the time she's probably sick of it and would see me for the desperate creep I was but she didn't it turned out that there weren't many who wants to date a six foot two firefighter who is strong enough to snap them in Huff or at least not many men brave enough this kind of romantic attention was rad she was used to being treated as one of the boys all pegged as a lesbian our first date was at a fancy French restaurant where she complained she felt like a bull in a china shop but I He lavished with attention and in the presence I felt personable and interesting as though she'd lit some kind of fire inside my soul the more time we spent together the more I wanted to see how I used to my eternal surprise she reciprocated the Even flat to burn down and I was sleeping on a friend's couch I felt like my life and turned the corner was in love first time we kissed a broad lips practically sings to me with the heat of her passion it was after gym session in my new flat sweaty and full of post workout endorphins I'm sure it would have gone longer but my car interrupted us going off as the neighbors' kids kick the ball into my parking space the I didn't care the memory lingered on my lips as though they had actually been burned the fire is still inside even my boss noticed how happy I was in gaping more responsibility along with a small race I don't know why or how but this striking life angel of a woman had changed my life for the better I felt confident trying new things I stopped drinking and I started reading all kinds of new words that I never knew existed even video games lost their hold on me fading into the background noise of my past I just wanted to be with the butts of course you already know that this isn't going to be a nice story and unfortunately I didn't know that until it was far far to the first letter had no return address and simply said in a frantic Block E handwriting leave her alone I ignored it the second and third letters were much the same but the fourth letter in the den dem to the same childish Lee or ALS not knowing what else to do I show them to so she explained that they be left in the letter box addressed to me bowing she placed one broad hand on my Phi psi hoped this wouldn't happen it was her ex boyfriend she explained they'd broken up over differences in how they perceived their roles in the relationship he wanted to quit the fire service and become his stay at home girlfriend to give up on the gym and take on a more traditionally feminine role so show was not having any of it when she dumped him he grew angry and aggressive I owe my Slough to the idea of anyone threatening my social she was a force of nature a powerhouse of a human being indomitable impervious to the threats of some middleman but he didn't harass her instead he chose to threaten and intimidate any man I haven't dated for a couple of years now so I figured he would have given up that he had forgotten about me I'm not afraid to this guy and I'm not letting anything or anyone getting between us I meant to fight for her I'd die for her a man got this lucky once in a lifetime if after the I woke up to my car alarm going off again this time it wasn't a stray for the ties are being slashed and spray painted across the windshield with the words leave in red being morbidly in the the sky was persistent I'll give him at the phone call to the police brought around an officer to investigate but nothing as their eventual so shes X had a rock solid alibi and there is no evidence to link him to doing it frustrated we got used to tossing the letters without return addresses the camera installed on the front of the house at least so an end to the vandal is the eventually he seemed to give up the diaper post not long after that with a rose gold ring of Ruby sit treatment of past U S when she said yes the fire in my heart was so hot and so powerfully felt as though it was going to burn a hole in my flesh we made frantic love that night the pink skin searing my body a touch loose during my senses everything felt Moulton painful and overwhelmingly intense but its actually had wheels and welts on my skin the next day but I call them proudly the pain reminding of just how lucky I was I was awash with nerves on our wedding day but I did my best to shave without cutting myself and dress myself without shaking too much I celebrated the night before with some old school friends but I wasn't hung over and stop drinking not long off dried meats or share the dry to the venue an old church near calm and relax the twists and turns of the coastal road lulled me in sooth my soul reminding me that I was about to of my life and that this was nothing to be nervous about so swerved into my path and smashed into me head on the uh my last memories blaring the flames engulfing and the bloody hanging through the pay off the day everything Rouse tongues of fire on my skin from the hospital sheets to the touch of the nurses hands they told me that thirty percent of my body had been burned in the car crash and I'd lost the sight to my left eye power as well as the pain of the burns that was a terrible polling of the scarred flesh the tug of the grafts and the sting of the stitch but I didn't care I knew that with social by my side I could cope with any pay I asked my nurse about food so ship my fiance I was driving to a wedding when I crashed with a strange look the nurse coolly informed me that I had not been on my way to a wedding instead I'd been driving drunk at four am and it smashed into a concrete fence height and belief I demanded to see my social I raged so much that they had to sedate me when I came around the psychologist came and spoke to me explaining that had been in a coma for several weeks off to the crash that it for people to vividly dream that state it sounds like your sub conscious constructed a world to deal with the pain of your buns to try and turn it into something whole ruble I resisted believing Him for the longest time with my good eye I scoured phone books and social media searching for anything that could prove that so she was real was nothing all the evidence shamefully pointed to me driving home drunk crashing my car and being trapped inside wallet burnt car alarm blaring firefighters had indeed rescued me but not my blond angel just a bunch of burly guys in a red truck that's what finally made me believe wasn't any of the physical evidence it was a memory in my mind's I pictured sources X driving the car at me his face was the mirror image of my own drinking came back to me easily in truth I'd for the length of my stay in hospital everything else the nine months was so sure that being a fantasy my body felt flabby and weak no longer strong from the intense but imagines gym sessions with my love and on top of it ol my burns cause trouble he might have only had limited success with women before the accident but now now my pocket and half melted face actively scan when I took to wandering the coastline near supposed to be Mary was no church that was just another part of the dilution the beach nearby was real though and on Guy Fawkes night a huge bonfire had been lit by party goes on The Golden said sat and watched from a distance jumps are taken to wearing a hoody to hide my scars and webbed skin so as not to frighten people quite ignored me thinking I was just drive the flames terrified reminding me of the pay even from a distance they made this cause it instead they also reminded me of as I thought if she is here coalesce singing the dancing fire hot pink skin who witnesses say the blaze over into the hot coal drag me out and rolled me into the sea extinguishing the flame was experience was different in the fire whole again gone deformities with both eyes and she skin and I found myself coughing pay time by anxious and confused guy falls with this and it's my fingers and toes myself wanting to go back to the hospital to the bone and while I wrapped my blistered and Scott flashed the hot paying bringing back all the came to realize the truth the mice OSHA does exist but only in the flames whenever I look into them I can see her silhouette in those orange tongues golden eyes imploring me to return to so thats wat i must do there's nothing here for me anymore the life I thought I had only exists on the other side of the wall of fire in that I am whole and in loan out here I am broken and the chili alone the stink of petrol surrounds me but it smells not so much of death more of rebirth soon I will be with her again soon be alive and we will walk down the aisle of that sunset church we will pledge our lives to each other the whole i TO THE before I go in the show message for all youth disaffected lonely bachelors and that she has many B's life the cyst this day always tea or who you the woohoo the food the the the the it's not uncommon for families to house the one on a character perhaps an uncle with just a little too much money as described by author S H Cooper a woman recalls a very dark and disturbing experience while visiting a man known for the strangest artifacts from around we are performing this tale are Jessica McAvoy and Lucas Anderson so listen that this isn't about art or antiques this is about an unusual collection The The The The The The The The phrase it can't be crazy when you're ready the only eccentric been more accurate than one applied to my uncle The he'd made a fortune developing some kind of military grade software that I won't even pretend to understand and after retiring at the ripe old age of forty two has decided to spend his days traveling to every corner of the globe he owned houses all over the world hopped from place to place in a private jet and had a full time staff of highly educated multilingual people answering his every Beck and call the whenever it came to hire someone new he'd like to say if they don't have at least one PhD they're not the one for me Alice thought it was a bit strange that such credentialed individuals would want to work for him but apparently Uncle Spencer was a very generous employer I digress now none of that is really what made him eccentric that came from his obsession with the afterlife the jihad authorities on every religion working for him physicians and psychologists on speed dial and no less than five psychics or mediums or whatever they're called on the payroll he collected artifacts associated with data from every culture and had a room a dedicated entirely to a pair of Mommy's somehow gotten his hands on he calls them Harriet My father said his brother had always had a keen interest in debt and what comes after probably stemming from the early loss of their mother added rant away after he started to make his money the even with such a macabre interest at the forefront of his life we loved Uncle Spence he was witty and fun and he would take us to any place we wanted to go whenever we wanted to go from his gifts were lavish and frequents his laughter loud and infectious and there was nothing he wouldn't do for his family or friends the cell if myself and my siblings wanted to stay at his summer house with him while he was in the States we readily agree he never married or had kids of his own the so he spoiled us nieces and nephews are often Him we certainly didn't complain the after flying in on his chest we were met at the airport my limit which whisked us away to Uncle Spencer's mansion the weights he was waiting for us at the front door balloons and gift baskets and tell the gathered both of us into a tight hug the moment we step down is so glad you guys could come hungry let's get a snack my brother and eight year old walking stomach raced around him before he even finished the suggestion the state with Spencer while making small talk while we crossed through his cavernous boy EA to the hallway leading to the kitchen as we passed by the window
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