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NoSleep Podcast S9E11

Update: 2017-07-166


It's episode 11 of Season 9. On this week's show we have five tales about futuristic friends, conflicted children, and disturbing depths.

'The Parasite'‡ written by Andrew Schrader and performed by Kyle Akers & Erika Sanderson & Atticus Jackson. (Story starts around 00:06:45)

'The Deepest Part of The Ocean is Not Empty'† written by Jesse Clark and performed by Jesse Cornett. (Story starts around 00:33:00)

'A Friend for You'† written by S.H. Cooper and performed by Jessica McEvoy & Nikolle Doolin & Nichole Goodnight & Addison Peacock & Eden. (Story starts around 01:05:15)

'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight'‡ written by K.L. McCord and performed by Penny Scott-Andrews & Andy Cresswell. (Story starts around 01:28:00)

'Wake Up'† written by Alex Grey and performed by Erika Sanderson & Penny Scott-Andrews & David Ault & James Cleveland. (Story starts around 01:49:30)

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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement‡

'The Deepest Part of The Ocean is Not Empty' illustration courtesy of Naomi Ronke

Audio program ©2017 - Creative Reason Media Inc. - All Rights Reserved - No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

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link in the show notes to purchase the paperback version and offering hour no sleep listeners a free e book version of his novel from his website check the link to his website sign up for his spam free mailing list and download a free Kindle iBook or nook version it consider grabbing own copy of these creepy tales and many recall last September when we featured the conclusion to offer Roma vessel ours excellent down story at that time I write to your attention the fund raising effort coordinated mother Meredith an actual at the Library in Adrian many of you joined us in so the library could be fully renovated and because of other donors Meredith helped raise eighty four thousand for the library and the new and fully restored Adrian Branch Library celebrated its grand re opening this weekend I'm proud to say that on their donor wall that no sleep podcast is listed as a contributor our donations of Rona no sleep team and of course our wonderful listeners he so a big congratulations to Meredith Rona and that the Adrian Branch Library there's a to some news reports about the library and who know perhaps somewhere down in that library space meant Joey chipper smiling and awaiting new visitors so we've got books and wonderful new places to find them but before you start reading why not let us read for you as we kick off this week show in our first tale confronted with the fact that most can agree on some people's children are horribly behaved as confirmed by author Andrew it's usually to spot trouble in others' kids rather than your own unless of course your child behaves so deeply disturbing performing this tale are Kyle Akers Erica Sanderson and Atticus Jackson how much love could you possibly give to someone consider the parasite The The The the the kid sometimes driving the parents crazy screaming kicking crying to the grocery store while the red faced infuriated mother struggles not to smack the grimy face I swear my son to think it was like this at our house the he just needs more space this is of the usual explanation but the parent is fucking boiling inside the skits are bad but the bad and the normal kid with the kind of bad I'm talking about is that that are talking about evil a deep sadness that no parent can scream cry controller be out of I have one of those kids actually it's my wife's cat the after she died I was interested with this care I'm not without sounding awful but sometimes you just know something about someone the feeling deep seated unease it's hard to explain they revolt that's how it was with Corey twelve year old Corey the waves of disgust rolled through his care worker wheeled we picked him up to bring him home with less than my wife Sally waited for him with open arms the Korean lived in a facility most of his life and his biological father long since divorced from my new bride to be his primary caretaker Corey had a rare form of palsy no one knew how to treat it were the doctors can only label the symptoms not the disease itself a medical his mind and body were born at your feet and stay that way I could only pity the kid I'd met him once before seven years before his mother and I drove down to Ventura from our remember the open room with huge windows that diffused the flowers and piano and patience and a soft white glow like an old movie The Core his back faced us when the nurse turned him around the beady eyes one his face and the other this tiny smile or right through me him immediately the ago Korea's father died in his sleep it was mysterious the heart and stop when they opened him up rumor said that the coroner gas later she admitted that she had no explanation for the extreme classification of the man's heart men twice his age didn't have the black and muscle of his fifty year old man in some rare cases people exposed to extreme radiation like those in Chernobyl their hearts with Kelso fine age prematurely but there was nothing compared to this through complications with a will there was little money left for Korea scare the facility in Ventura cost thousands of dollars each month but no more incoming cash the hospital released him into Sally's care we set up the spare bedroom once my man came our poker room part movie corner in total sanctuary got rid of everything stuffing it all deep into the garage we retrofitted the room and adjusts to the internal wiring for Corps equipment we had a small fridge for his medications and amino acids we purchased a van specifically designed for wheelchair then of course the move to Korea in two hours to get inside eventually got down to thirty minutes Norman's announce require knocking on the kitchen wall and waiting the door frames three months and twenty eight thousand later Cory was settled in I do like the way Cory change their personal lives I stayed later work well with my coworkers and did whatever I could stay away from Korea in the house don't know why maybe it was the shady feeling ago about two months later Sally came home complaining of a sharp stiffness in the back of her neck that Rand and harass her entire spine and surrounding muscles that tighten causing headaches and forcing her to walk hunched over lying down brought some relief that the pulsing pains not to turn forced her weeks of or with the remodel and the time we had to take off work we are almost out of money was gone the mortgage the house again the more time off from a sales manager position in a large server manufacturing Company the sign I began making around the doctor's office to try to treat her the first doctor the one through my insurance culture condition T M J The hypothesis was that Sally's job cause severe muscular issues but this didn't satisfy some muscles are back with C's for minutes or hours at a time the team Jay couldn't explain that the second doctor claimed it was multiple sclerosis which is Tess couldn't confirm we went to a third doctor who label the fiber of my ALS or Phantom pain is never the same diagnosis two months later we came home from the Fifth Doctor room help Sally inside one arm slung around her back and one propping her up under the arm staggering around the corner we stopped mid stride Cory was lying face down on the hardwood floor need to catch the wheelchair which meant that he fell out and crawl possible the I rushed over Cory was awake he dribbled a bit of news eyes fluttering once unlocking on mine I picked him up to put him back in his chair what I was just loud enough to hear refrigerator and he dropped speaking impossible his vocal chords never developed the talk look at Sally but durable shocked the crowd little guy what else can I say the With that I placed him in bed an inspection for bruises dead the year while the waited patiently for the soft sounds of sleep lost help Sally upstairs her feet curled under the arches the hunched she hung with one arm gripping someone see me on the back of consul the stairs to ten minutes sweats in Cayman rivers making her make up run down or face other time I've gotten better complexion turned salvo interface was modeled by paint cosmetics what's happening to me the didn't talk about Cory over the weeks are symptoms progressed the muscles Rider skull in the back of her neck in town like a row every night it's been an hour patting her down with heating not so good after week a study pin from the kitchen on a school would help for an hour or so but the inner muscles with Sam Baca make everything worse and sometimes the pressure made her vomit hours to time and sometime she could only mutter coarsely the next one week later her legs locked at the knees the ankles and shoulders high and compacted against or next to the hunchback and move the fingers were gnarled like Oak who visited every specialist in a fifty mile radius and expand outward from their own receive confuse diagnoses and tried certain drugs hoping they would help the thing didn't work became a distant after the on meanwhile course physical health improve bastard the scroll was apparently not a fluke I notice is I cared for him that a certain punk ness has returned to his legs arms and face rib still protruding from his cave chest but are supplemented with must decide quickly lost their vein in my diet and change the paralyzed boy is growing smile returning strength deepening vocals the flexing of his fingers toes and biceps his cat like eyes expanding job working up and down chewing on the thing gave me the creeps with his physical health your mental abilities that were never this was not a return to an old self like a recovery from a stroke know Cory became the boy he never was the doctors could offer no explanation for his mare other client or proper health continue for Korea plummeted for selling around us she claps more and more just tried to get around never listen to when I found her passed out on the kitchen floor Cory was lying next to her cradling her head in Ukraine was around with the lead on it I did I could tell sometimes I'd be lying in bed comforting Sally with a bear hug while she can Boston tried to sleep here scuttling down stairs to the sons of fingernails gripping the floor tiny tap tapping the end once it's where I heard what sounded like a body dragging itself up the stairs the buzzing just outside our locker door the softness week reading of a young boy with them each month the moon had nothing but bad feelings for Korea after that we developed a strange fear of entering his room the sleeping only a few hours a night I couldn't eat much normal creeks and groans and how startling my heart racing I needed outside help someone to tell me if there was something wrong with Corey or I was going insane opportunity presented itself in the form of co worker Peter Peter was a man of special training mentally I can't say which branch of the armed forces along the queue was way back when trained in tracking apprehending insurgents and foreign countries during the time of our country's great fucked up war combination of logic and intuition made in the perfect bite I figured it was best to invite him over let him see Corey see what happens intuition was right he would pick up on something with Corey pipes that mojo hopefully I can see that he sensed something now be enough to start a conversation or at least validate my sanity when Peter arrived I showed saving Corps is room for last and explaining our family's medical situation was genuinely interested and didn't seem put off by any medical talk to provoke Guinness and most people I open the door to Korea's room remained stoic not a muscle moved there was no surprise look or gaze lingered a little too long nothing not even when we approach boys better look down on the sleeping boy with tool dentist Peter ask questions about the equipment I answer that was all disappointing Peter open discard or family or can I ask you something it's a little weird he nodded did you feel or notice anything odd about Cory feeling maybe we went and emotion of feeling I backtracked rambling yes well when we spoke once you said you would get in the Army about people or places when you went somewhere new emotions of people showed him talking crazy or something you're not crazy I did say that well did you feel anything strange about Cory silence Peter's brow wrinkled continue to see I've always had this feeling about him but can't really explain it oh hell no one trying to say I wanted to know I was genuine that I truly felt something fucked up was happening at home but they say the word you're looking for is intuition of course well what is your intuition say about my home he looked at his feet and fixes by me when you mean he told me stories of being in the jungle having a sense about a particular place and all and I went ahead and told him about the bad vibes around the house my wife's sickness Corey acting strangely I don't know sometimes I think our house is cursed and I don't want to offend you don't worry you won't eat or breathe in through his nose and around the same things off with the mean kid I'm sure he's well behaved and all in I know he has a medical condition I can't be sure it's it's intuition not science stellar he cocked his head one side debating with himself it's not usually pasta again unsure whether to continue the boy feels like he's sucking the life out of you here and still he understood my hesitation look back out the windshield not it and continue the impression I got from being in that room was that the boy is feeding off you and your wife that's where he's getting his strength in a normal environment the same is true child always receives its strength from parents but this is different let me ask you something your wife she's gotten worse since Cory Kane and he's gotten better yes if I were you I'd put that boy back in the whole whatever it costs to it quickly was that the the we're talking about it he doesn't like it in motion with his head toward my upstairs window exhaust from a street cleared I turned and looked up with something shadowy stood in the foggy moonlight at the shape of a hunchback boy with a huge head and Buckeye few weeks later Sally passed unexpectedly or muscles having we can to the point of disintegration her heart being one big muscle simply stopped working the funeral was hot sunny and miserable only a few distant relatives came my immediate family was all gone Sally Sammy was sparse to be thinned out over the years Cory stayed home broken is damn soft and gentle as I could swear he smiled then I checked his oxygen which he didn't seem to need anymore and a brace which she also hardly knew that when a candle for Sally result a good burn each I for one year I had a drink that lasted three weeks soon after my binge I woke one morning with a pain in my neck nothing more was one of the sharp pains the burn whenever I turned my head only keep my head straight up and down all day I felt like a skeleton I turned to grab something or speak to a coworker needlepoint pain jabbed in tiny Spears up and down my back from my shoulders to the bottom I spy my head throb couldn't see much because my eyes were watering my vision had turned cloudy I can only drive with a hand over one eye each red or green light cause brain shocked agony the next morning the vicious painted all the constant pounding Cory looked wet sweaty the temperature had been turned up in the night he'd been taking a look but he was fine course temperature was normal that is concave forehead was firing at the touch is breeding more rapid than usual as I said most often surrounding were moving rapidly underneath the spotty lives are changed sure my left calf muscle season stiffened up for the whole left side of my body fell calm myself of course but sidebar and shifted my weight the pain was intense just like a Charley horse got tighter the more I try to move nothing I did could dislodge the not excite me but even she and my face deep into the muscle tissues of my leg into life I felt bone Korea's big brown eyes opened he stared at me sideways half cracked smile seemed to be conveying some joke only he understood crusty white Fleck started his lips his tongue covered in white bacterial all around haphazardly shrank and discussed its blotchy skin is flaking forehead and eyebrows kicked and dandruff some of it fell into his open mouth when he moved either didn't notice or didn't care he threw his head back and what I think was laughter had on its own in an elongated circular motion a fresh round of pain shot of the left side of my body up into my face and the muscles begin a troop and tank my lips cheeks touch my face I felt nothing number Then Korea's leg his left leg shot out from under the covers like a peeled back and out came as added Lim the muscles grew the calf seem to generate from nowhere veins and tendons and joints popping up like popcorn I look at my leg felt it was shrinking muscles I hobbled to the dresser drawer on the opposite side of the room and grab for bungee cords from the bottom drawer swung one quarter and core his left arm and tightened it stick both hands around him hooking them together so they connect to bind the Gurney holding tight to hold in place in like being constrained and tried to rise from the bed but the Court did its job and Cory couldn't budge instead he turned his head and bellowed a wave of rank breath support down my throat the nearly vomit kept myself composed long enough to strap the core his other arm and doubly secure his torso against the bed stumble to the other side of Korea's bed was a third bungee position myself against a strong like in one end of the court into the Gurney wrapped twice around us like yank the cord tie the veins in his leg bulge Cory tried to buck wildly but the restraints were a minute past the flesh turned purple Sally was watching the If you believed your son was some kind of a human parasite that eats after strength sucked it right out of us in to him was I insane harder core is like bulge impulse to spread liquid tried to pump through his ever shrinking blood vessels stop a voice cried out from deep inside me you're torturing a small boy is helpless Corey had maybe another minute before he permanently lost oxygen flow is like would be useless on my toes as blood in Korea's like damned up to Cascade through my like a rushing river from my hip to my soles I stood feeling restored in the left side of my body my face tightened my job worked again his lips were tight and eyes wide his face still in a semi paralyzed state of the strength to skip the bun cheese from his darting glances from the courts to me I could tell he was aware of a situation that he was framed he frowned and pouted the air came in short rapid bursts from his nostrils his leg turned dark purple colored desert sun sets his eyes watered and try to name baby to stop with beaded crowns pleading with me as best he could the something like words sputtered out but he wasn't listening to lean back running from cuts the budget for them he didn't care I like it come back completely suddenly he stopped the stop insisting bunches agency in town somehow he got his left arm out from under the court the we grabbed our monitor and yanked it off the list and sell the court held onto the device is lips moved as he was put under stress these are shut his eyes closed by the homie the flash of light from the heart monitor elevating pitch intensity body vibrated with energy faster and was so rapidly color with smoke is of wisps of smoke vibrated from the lake the skin on body darted lips curled lopsided back and lunged melted I remember the stairs into the house I don't remember driving away
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