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NoSleep Podcast S9E12

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It's episode 12 of Season 9. On this week's show we have five tales about vile visage, lost laments, and subterranean submission.

'A Faint Pink Scar'‡ written by V.R. Gregg and performed by Jesse Cornett & Alexis Bristowe & Atticus Jackson & Peter Lewis. (Story starts around 00:03:00)

'The Gargoyle Song'† written by S.H. Cooper and performed by Elie Hirschman & Matthew Bradford & Erika Sanderson & Dan Zappulla & Nikolle Doolin & Jeff Clement. (Story starts around 00:23:45)

'I Listen to the Ground Scream'† written by Marcus Damanda and performed by Peter Lewis & Eden & Dan Zappulla & Atticus Jackson. (Story starts around 00:39:45)

'There’s Something Underneath Southern Utah'‡ written by T. Takeda Wise and performed by Erin Lillis & Jeff Clement & Jesse Cornett & Atticus Jackso. (Story starts around 01:13:00)

'Graphic Design'† written by Max Evry and performed by Mike DelGaudio & Erika Sanderson. (Story starts around 01:37:05)

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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement‡

'There’s Something Underneath Southern Utah' illustration courtesy of Charlie Cody

Audio program ©2017 - Creative Reason Media Inc. - All Rights Reserved - No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

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so I told him if that's too much for you than the door hit your awesome away our plates are full eight seconds to remember that strange creepy but I told Ray got from the little second hand book store near your apartment oh yes we get it I don't know I can't read it it's it's all in for and it's in my bag I've been trying to find a translator but it's just so hard to locate someone had to try different creature this is another one of your weird dating apps and sent it to Job recruitment tool with zipper creature you can post a job whoever hundred sites and their powerful technology matches you the best person for the role that's great I simply have not been able to find anyone who specializes in the language from the Buck wanted to build a reading on holiday next week well eighty percent of jobs posted on zipper crew to get a qualified candidate in just twenty four hours she should be waiting to go all well almost sounds too overwhelming hell a deal to keep track of all the Africans as 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storytelling podcast and our tails and disturbing intended to shake you up listen at your own race the are all the way there will be no lead the the the the brace yourself for the podcast The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The it's the no sleep podcast I'm David Cummings thanks for joining us on this week's show five tales file last laments fans subterranean it's hard to believe we're almost halfway through we have lots of great things in store for you in the coming months he and it's a good time to do something I should do more often but better late than never and that's remind of how they can follow us and interact with us on social media the no sleep podcast is on facebook dot com Twitter dot Kong and Instagram dot com slash no sleep podcast for all three sites we and we have a great Facebook fan group with almost five thousand join discussion and talk about all things no sleep and interact with many with the show and of course most of our team have their own following media sites so check out their pages and follow them trust me for some people on the team it's good to keep an eye they don't get up to no good and if you haven't it can be very helpful if you leave a friendly review on I tunes for our show it helps others discover us and our creepy tales check the show notes for links to all the aforementioned sites and come be social with us we promise bite and now that we've trapped you mean invited you to join it's time with you so let's get to it and kick off this week show the in our first tale some problems with his coworkers common problem right well according to author V E R Gray this situation different than most and it all starts when his co workers start acting like they're not themselves performing this tale are just the corner Alexis Briscoe Atticus Jackson and Peter Lewis so if is acting strangely should check for a faint scar The The The The good you know scientist once kept the dogs had a life separate from its body for several hours Buddy Ryan told me that high school he laughed and wondered how that dog must've felt about the whole thing like the I want to chase my tail wait a minute Danny laughed again I didn't think it was that funny but then again never really had the same sense of humor I also once read about the scientists who put an implant or something into a bowl spray well they got the ball all up to charge a Matador and this I just pushed a button on remote control and the thing just stopped mid run the heat turned off the Bulls anger with a single flip a switch the crazy stuff at the gate to the point where you think the brain's just about capable of anything so science for that matter the dog can live without a body and a bowl and the anger with the flip THE switch the thing impossible he he everything explanation we just work hard enough for the think that's why assumed quirk of the brain came into work the day before yesterday claimed matter of factly only few of us were ourselves rest were dim postures she caught me by the copy machine leaned and whispered her theory to do you mean in Foster's she dropped her whisper looking around before continuing tone for this huge ace Stephen fry and Lisa and Shelly are all in postures you seem pretty relaxed about that Amanda shrug I've thought about alot and it comes down to this I don't think anything can be done about it they're already here she gathered her papers from the machine away leaving me standing there with a puzzled look on my face I was concerned to think our coworkers were in postures but I knew that the brain could do weird things and times of stress Amanda was going through divorce and that can be hard on perks whatever the cause Devin ended up sending her home for the day problem solved I thought the Amanda would be able to rest up and would come in the next day feeling foolish instead of working I spent a good chunk of the afternoon looking up possible explanations and arrived at the one given the context there's this disorder called Cap Growth illusion it's a legitimate condition where a person thinks the people closest to them are identical in mostly affects people with schizophrenia or dimension didn't think Amanda had either of those things but I also read that it can rarely occur alongside migraines the thought that meant a lot of sense the chili a migraine severe enough we know if Amanda got migraines but I knew a lot of people did see he rational explanation the R And all this by my buddy Nick during launch state worked in the cubicle next to mine and I could always count on his face illusion very common he seems more likely than odd person the Jets maybe Amanda to get off work picking a breakdown or something that seemed possible maybe even more possible in my theory Nate was good with stuff like that and I felt better after talking it through with them I'd all but forgotten about her delusions by the next day we had a deadline to meet I couldn't waste time thinking about a co workers mental health and really it was none of my business it was Nate who brought it up again I was walking from the conference room back to my cubicle when a hand reached out from the men's bathroom and pulled me in the fuck dude Nate put a finger to his mouth to quiet me and turned on the faucet he was satisfied that he wouldn't be heard he started talking to me it was right what Jason Amanda was right I don't understand what you're talking about she's having some sort of breakdown she be worried about Nate sighed loudly and shook his head the musuem and the art with the look like it's Devin mostly but also peace Ryan and Shelly Moore surely just what I saw her she was going chalet like Shelly she even knew all the statistics don't show we know it was the way that was in sch at work telling you there in Foster's they are you okay I mean sleeping and stuff with that question Nate slammed the faucet all you believe whatever you want chasing been telling you what I know if you don't believe in fine whatever just someone has to do something you know I stood in silence trying desperately to think of something to say I can believe in him and was crazy but Nate was the most level before I could even open my mouth Nate had stormed out of the bathroom I didn't see him again for the rest of the day which was strange normally they checked in often figured he was mad at me and I didn't blame him I was man of my soul for not knowing how to help them I ran into Devon near the end of the day hey Deb and shiney around I think he's mad at me about something oh neat he went home sick I think they must be something going around Devon clapped me on the back you stay healthy but I'd hate to lose you this but to Devon walked away whistling to myself as he went that really the shore Nate was never sick and he seemed fine earlier I walked over to his cubicle not what I hoped if I was leafing through some of his papers idly thinking about happen and on the on the front was written to J just in case inside was a page from one of mates novelty holiday of the day desk calendars I noticed that was painting day which I'd never heard I was beginning to think it was all an elaborate joke when I noticed the writing on the back it was scrawled in barely legible I could only just making it red Gees swear to tell the truth Foster's book for the pink scarf around their faces to see the fig tree now on I don't see you again well let's not think about I'm not crazy she said You'll see me too I will start the hastily shoved the note into my pocket and bolted for the door I actually had to process all of this away from the office that night I couldn't sleep everything about this was so hot so out of character after hours of tossing and turning I realized that I had to investigate further and to know what the hell on I finally pushed myself out of bed at four am determined to get to the bottom of all this I drove back to the office and was relieved to see all the lights were all checked my watch order to fund no one should be in there for another few hours that would give me plenty of time through the offices I started with deaths since he his office occupied a whole corner of the main floor and there were enough file bookshelves to keep me occupied for awhile be smart looking for looking for I have no clue what kind the the same postures that's what the work would keep a detailed their during the scrawled desk stomach to doesn't store the prepared to break it open for the idea that he had something on the still come the grease deep open the door evidence office looked as order stacks of papers and precise box of Post his desk blue light from quality to sort through this thing the papers the post its were likewise boring of them said kill all employees and impersonate them to site doing office at five people to me and sleep was making it worse the just needed some or a week to go back home and call and say Evans desk drawers and drawers pulled phone's flashlight took me a minute to in Devon stash drawer were sheets shoe my I don't mean that they were the work made of rubber or silicone or paper machete now actual scan pic that I face up and immediately drafted again the backside of it was the tacky consistency of drying paint colored streaks on my fingers the bile up in my throat spill out I recognized that was face complete with her bleached blond hair and ruddy skin I frantically started leafing through the faces as if store mandates the stack recognize Nate to face the I began to panic the overhead light flickered on above me I looked up to see Devon standing in the open doorway arms folded across his chest it's no cause concern cause for concern the sch mates face your desk drawer stared at her bewildered smile at me the it's for concern the war so ocean are facing the the race is the iPhone Dev and began walking toward me face shifting from patients to irritation grasp blindly at the desk behind my fingers curled opener I could see the faint line that circle from underneath his chin was right noticed it before it seemed now to consider this or whatever wearing Devon face began to advance the Estefan years I pulled the letter opener from behind my back and pointed it toward him smile the what do you didn't know but it was all the away until I felt the bookcase in my back steps and got closer and closer moving at what felt like to call I thought about I thought about it in pasta going through my thinks other things my parents a Christmas face nope couldn't let that happen a foot of me opener does hit caught him just behind using my force I felt resistance and a ranch dip for face and slid down spotty slick nice as it went had time to register command the impostor that its face was coal black eyes filled most of the space the blinked at me while it's moving vertically across the empty ice rain I could hit the front glass door I found it the setting for the men's the door down behind in fear and exhaustion had caught my breath I called told the operator that I was trapped in the building that I had seen body parts she was calm and reassuring and told me not to worry what the officers way I stayed on the line with her until she told me they were there to hear the sirens outside in the fall footsteps in the hallway but I stayed where I was finally after what felt like hours there was a hard knock on the bathroom door the way you can cut out the all clear I hesitantly opened the door a uniformed police officer was standing outside immediately looked at his face saw no pink scar I sighed in the he wasn't one of them everything's okay Mr. Evans the Jason Evans O K Mr. Evans you'll be fine we talked things through with your manager here and he's not going to file charges for breaking and entering I looked up stunned as Devon walked down the hallway toward me face was back in its previous position wearing concerned expression it evidently change to share because I can see no hint of the blood that had been left there by the following face your manager has explained about the stress you've been on I know how that can be with limited staff and all no no he stole their faces there is just for the the officer exchanged a glance with Devon who just shook his head sadly the c'mon Mr. Evans come with me you can come down to the station and file a report the officer grabbed my escorted the building he didn't believe me why would he knew it sounded crazy I sounded crazy he didn't speak to me again as he put me in the back of the patrol car instead of being allowed to file report was taken into an interrogation room to meet with the psychiatry heavily bearded man with bushy hair introduced himself as Doctor Gregory The Doctor Gregory asked me a number of questions I didn't answer he whispered something to the officer who took me back to his car I'll escort you back your home please take an hour to collect your things anything you need for hospital stay Doctor Gregory thinks it's best for you to have more intensive care than what outpatient therapy can provide of course this is optional but your manager has expressed concern for his safety should you not comply for you that means his decision to press charges is conditional now else can I do the officer dropped me at my house strict instructions not to he returned the trying to create a record of him before he comes back ass to Lehi to run I don't know where I'll go but I know I can undergo treatment with Doctor Gregory I'll die if I do see I wasn't paying attention to the questions he was asking is focused on his beard or his beard and the pink scar the He given their expensive upkeep it's not uncommon for older churches to be abandoned for more efficient buildings but in this tale from author ask HQ were we learn mysterious coming from an old church and the connection it might have to a missing teen performing this tale are Ellie her shaman Matthew Bradford Erica Sanderson Danza pool of the cold to Lynn and Jeff Clement so listen closely in case you hear the gargoyle The The The The rule in the I should have been more worried about my The should've listened more I should've paid more attention should have just been there I was seventeen and selfish and so absorbed world that can be bothered to actually hear what he was trying to tell me same time I was only seventeen shelter didn't know what to do with the information was trying to give me that doesn't excuse or dismiss the guilt while we drifted apart recently we've been best friends since second grade should at least tried to do something by the time I realize how bad things of God it's too late the Mike disappeared two days before his eighteenth birthday the half way through our of high school two days later on his birthday the gargoyle song started they were first heard by a small search party to pass combing the woods for any sign of Mike said it sounded distant came from the direction of the Old Catholic Church long abandoned after the town moved a few miles down the road but they didn't know exactly what it was given the seriousness of their test they didn't go to investigate instead continuing on with their hunt for clues across town for the group was I was sitting in my guidance counselors office while she in a police officer asked me questions about my friend did he seem upset at all recently Mrs. Gerald was studying me with a calm intensity that made me fidget uncomfortably in my chair the cop was seated beside her but he seemed less intimidating somehow I don't know Mike was always kind of the matter no not really sad just kind of quiet was quieter than usual I thought hard and you hadn't done anything wrong but I'd certainly not been involved with Mike going missing I still felt accused like I should know something because we can so close I could only shrug he had a fight with his dad I guess I think that kind of had him down you know what the fight was about they just didn't really get along that was an understatement and I knew it how many times that Mike told me that gotten into it over stupid stuff his grades never fell below a C lack of girlfriend his way to his hobbies his dad was constantly picking on him as does Jim may see Rye Fire Chief I nodded to the cop and he jotted something down in his notebook the they asked a few more questions like If I knew any particular places might like to hang out
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