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NoSleep Podcast S9E13

Update: 2017-07-3012


It's episode 13 of Season 9. On this week's show we have four tales about contemptible cravings, sinister substances, and malicious matrons.

'The Story of My Grandfather’s Missing Arms'† written by Jimmy Juliano and performed by Mike DelGaudio & Erin Lillis & David Cummings. (Story starts around 00:03:00)

'Unleashing Atlas'‡ written by T. Weaver and performed by Dan Zappulla & Peter Lewis. (Story starts around 01:01:45)

'My Name is Jake, and I’m an Alcoholic'‡ written by Michael Marks and performed by Jesse Cornett & Atticus Jackson. (Story starts around 01:26:25)

'Mrs. Michaud's House'† written by V.R. Gregg and performed by Matthew Bradford & Elie Hirschman & Jeff Clement & Erin Lillis & Erika Sanderson. (Story starts around 01:53:30)

Please visit for full show notes and links to learn more about our authors, voice actors, and producers.

Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement‡

'The Story of My Grandfather’s Missing Arms' illustration courtesy of Charlie Cody

Audio program ©2017 - Creative Reason Media Inc. - All Rights Reserved - No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

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so I told him if that's too much for you than the door hit your awesome away our plates are full eight seconds to remember that strange creepy but I told Ray got from the little second hand book store near your apartment oh yes we get it I don't know I can't read it it's it's all in for and it's in my bag I've been trying to find a translator but it's just so hard to locate someone had to try different creature this is another one of your weird dating apps and sent it to Job recruitment tool with zipper creature you can post a job whoever hundred sites and their powerful technology matches you the best person for the role that's great I simply have not been able to find anyone who specializes in the language from the Buck wanted to build a reading on holiday next week well eighty percent of jobs posted on zipper crew to get a qualified candidate in just twenty four hours she should be waiting to go all well almost sounds too overwhelming hell a deal to keep track of all the Africans as 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storytelling podcast and our tails and disturbing intended to shake you up listen at your own race the are all the way there will be no lead the the the the brace yourself for the podcast the The The The The the the the uh The The The The The The The The The The The it's the no sleep podcast I'm David Cummings thanks for joining us on this week's show we have four tales contemptible cravings sinister substances and patrons we're excited this week to be featuring a story by our collaborator author Jimmy Julie had no Jimmy has provided us with many of our most memorable and popular stories including why I didn't shower for twenty one the red Uncle Jerry's family fun zone and the Mary Hill and Brand cassette Jimmy is an educational technologist at a high school north of Chicago and Ted Ed innovative educator oh and he's also a damn good writer we we had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy in our Chicago Live Show and you know meet someone who is super friendly talented handsome I get insanely but Jimmy is just so darn likable that instead I count myself honored to be able to work with him and have his stories on our show on this episode the full first hour will feature Jimmy's tale called The Story of My grandfather's missing arms it features a wonderful score by Brendan and stellar production by Phil you know we have such an amazing community universe in this episode we feature not only Jimmy authors T Weaver Michael marks and goofy are all of whom have contributed multiple stories to our show I'm so glad these talented writers trust us to adapt their works to audio and with you so we thank them we applaud them and we wait no further to share their stories with you so let's get to it and kick off this week the we in our first trail we meet a man with a story to share about his grandpa it comes to us by way of Jimmy Juliana and in it the man what happened his grandfather's life story decidedly different than what the man thought he knew his grandpa I joined Mike Delgado and in performing this tale so settle in and hear the music and the story of my grandfather's missing arms the the the I remember stumbling into a forbidden room house when I was a boy room was upstairs and it was always locked I know this every time I visited the snake away tiptoed up the rickety steps and we go over not just to check each and every time stayed firmly closed the one time when I was twelve years old the door actually creeped open musty smell blast to be in the face and inside the room were dozens of paintings are hung haphazardly of mismatched flea market frames filling nearly every square inch of wall space The The All paintings of arms the not very good paintings mind you certainly not professional I scanned the walls and immediately determined that they were all different painting to arms both ripped off the shoulders and dripping blood the blood sometimes ran fingers the sometimes blood dripped off informed to pollute the bottom of the campus the It sounds violent and macabre with the actually really quite beautiful the beach painting was at a different angle each arm of tattoos are roaring with outstretched wings crucifix the squirrel piloting a fighter plane the a grave site with a rosary loosely from her hand the hodgepodge of wild flowers bursting with pinks and reds the colors vibrant like fire hole I could almost kiss to heal my tongue the ER the oddest sensation the desire the received the paintings something inside to whip the paintings off the walls them away with me into my own bed where eye I could explain it I just I just had to have reached to pull one I felt a heaviness on my right shoulder the down and saw a prosthetic hand resting your it was my grandfather's plastic and swallow hard and I I wasn't supposed to be in this room we both knew that the pulled me the with one prosthetic hand still on my shoulder he brought his other prosthetic and up to his mouth the meta shuang voice and I knew I was to keep my twelve year old trap shut you never told my parents and the that was twenty five years ago and I've kept my adult trap shut all of these years as well but I still wonder about that mysterious room the paintings are never far from my thoughts I think about them than I should have attained somewhat legendary status in my memory and while thousands upon thousands of my life have slipped away into an abyss never to be recovered paintings are still as fresh as if I'd gazed upon them this very morning for years I the story it wasn't difficult to piece together my grandfather's arms were blown off in the Korean fifty everyone in my family knew that I assumed the paintings were his ode to his lost limbs from the battle of chosen commemoration of his old life one that he wasn't comfortable talking about my grandfather never once spoke of the Korean War was off limits like his private art gallery in his home was never supposed to see those paintings when was the art was his therapy it was meant only for him the invaded his safe space I was caught and that is the saying is that it turns out I was wrong about pretty much everything well according to my grandfather passed away a few weeks ago and not long before he died he summoned me to his death bed with an audio recorder for hours next to a dying whose hearts sputtering like an old car and that that marvelous twinkle in his eyes just about extinguish it was still a little bit laughed enough to tell me the other story one with the last the one with the creature it for shaken they are grandfathers prosthetic and correct my wrist as we talked I remember wanting to savor the feeling of the cool plastic gently rubbing against my skin was the last time I saw my grandfather life okay it's recorded on where you sure are he chewed everything every band is there enough hey it's digital and yet God says we have four and half hours ah we hope for powers you money but I could go any second now knows why I waited this long to tell someone this story I was in progress to her back when I was already my old habit stayed with me up until the very people don't share a few know that right I've heard that yet or we pretend to change there's some out were things we do before we go but that's all it is the four people we can even for ourselves to OU for it I don't she deep down magicians us life and everything we do watch your tree I know I guess people think of a hard worker but I'm really not the kind of a coast I guess most things come easy for me feels weird to say that coast you should never co hosts and the verse will like what my old friend Jack who are use to tell me he say he reach out and take it for years now he is of course I do things but doubt if it isn't true it's funny that only that meet Gray those exact words in those exact words I had a piano recital just awful and he pulled me aside afterwards in this cramped hallway backstage it was just being him lights were flickering and who he towered over me feel so small you talk to me for awhile you know about commitment and practice in all its ass it is funny those words are all here remember he reached down and take it for yourself it's crystal clear even to this day I can explain why it was so meaningful and really can't Jackie your man must have subscribed to the same school of thought have I ever told you about whole Jack know you have it of course not what I say I've never told anyone about him that's why your here to listen or watch from Ateneo or office you to die for me sure and I'm going a few days Grandpa only knows where for sure but hopefully in some place nice white sands lush trees who I don't know I want you to play this tape my funeral I want everyone to know the truth I've been a magician for two home it's time knew the secret behind my craw is the boy told me say he works across the hood now you remember about twenty odd years ago you found my art collection of course never forgot it I figured that was the case I only skipped that room law to read and write who you are coming over tonight for some reason I never turned the key part of me wanted to see those eight schools I would never have consciously chose to see them knock anyone for that matter even your grandmother she still hasn't seen my car nor will she stay there cause earned them up myself go and see what's left of them might be a few ashes or in the fireplace how did you who in mysterious way it wasn't easy but he gave me the straight kind of the Goddess kind of thing I think it was the last thing has hosted two means my heart in this story is over I'm free of its moving on to say you sure this thing is still recording yet positive red lights blinking so all you remember Jack whom he was the owner I don't have her back in elk or the Pearl opossum back and I use to play piano cos i was good so before you fall in Korea I think in any war that has a slight Nevadans see the entry I played on everyone and no one questioned that it's your old man who Peter Astor at all last night hours of the Korean War are easy to swallow or such a brave man you don't question that story just don't press about either might send him into our featured Olson's spiral the workout he even caught some floating petals just in case why did you never tell us this I am such a world war hero scream NO of course she knows I did fight a war she's my magician's assistant privy to some thing was not so pretty to others she knows parts of the tree pieces of a good magician never reveals all his secrets not until he's dying and expose your grandmother knew enough to play along she was a gracious system's best I could ever ask for more of a co partner oh no she was my car is my heart Dan was home going of this term with the expiration date finally it's so way back up a bit sleepy n no idea although I was so special boy the couple of flashy work and appendages hanging off my shoulders sometimes I focus hard enough I can still feel the keys under my fingers of the paddles to my feet I could still lol muz go to sleep that night I hear echoes of its closing in on the breeze through an open window door at the zone he sae call me sometime to show the date of the law books and I only played the last K Fed and filthy trunks at the Purple costs a little taste of the finer cool chap watch me from high above are some great sites see tears in his eye is run through these numbers from hundreds of years ago and holler like it's to be two o'clock in the morning in my chart was filled with coins bills and sometimes the bills with the presidents on them other than Washington sometimes the koi sim and no one would be gone until closing time or Jack would eventually grow to about that or that he go on and boat house show the ol' it's so much war see if only he had brought Howard to say If only did and how of the disease you would have been some ice how could a Rights the disease carpal tunnels went on so home he had nerve muscles all shrunken down he only wore loafers because I don't think he could tie his shoes in the mall all jack of all drinks was about dates but he loved to listen to me way he play along here who Knights shot or hole of the old Jack's question I'd sprinkle it in my tea sit here and there maybe drop a few bars at the Goddard School in Kenya key here is how all this the mall it might be might die the still hear it coming from the heart the will also play for just one behind the the the you know what they use to call me down the hall so they don't of course you don't get to him maestro was me but always rolled my sleeves would be the arms were covered too you probably saw my spec when you were curious littles works to boost must've been a strange sight for those who were once there was this young guy a tune up so much couldn't tell if he actually had a nice and he only played classical tools and or which should've been some rowdy fist a cuffs sure beats the old Shack was jealous I could feel it is He is He loved them use what you really want it for us for it to come from his role in the US could he trade to go and drink them whole one further album and one for that soon it was one for them and three before closing time with it and he stroked as Mississippi stuff and he yell and cuss at me Rican glasses on the Our fallen walls spilled beer and cigarette butts and probably his own piss he loved me and he see Tae hee hee ah I thought I should be somewhere else is not playing to a few dozen of awesome and no Wisconsin or Ajax should be filling up Carnegie Hall that if his hands were right anyhow it out and I His name would be a barrier us he said I was wasting God's gracious gift music comes from the soul you know that boy it's a gateway to enlightenment a radio frequency to the I was wish its worry wasting was not easy to admit I was the eye or two hour special that natural talent only to be so for the time went on and might play the notes here and there are a forgotten are my thoughts were else had other things to do the new grandmother was pregnant with your data will for starters I picked up a few extra shifts at the plant no time for piano all I still played most Saturdays but like ice was slippery like watching your favorite ballplayer get old take up a whole riff on a hanger the Eustis out of them are the saddest part is that she remember how I use to be and it needed her teeth or I wanted all boys I want to be a husband father hates to be that too maestro was with him on big old fat curveballs use the pull down the line and backs radio frequency to more saw it wasn't just me it was Friday was the trunks of the possum Soul Shack The Holy Communion I was the confessional box as they are in bloom I think I could how this whole day couldn't be all of those gains the whole chat tool there was no way for the way I do want to take a break we could leave the damn thing right this is what she came here for this is why you saw my paintings of koi and this is why you came here today we are not tease you and me don't you see that's your the one to share this story because sure so hope you understand news you know more there was a gift from the fi that's why I came the recitals when you were or you are the best soul who do you still play not as much as I use to you know it we were alley in the boys' Hall was always tie you have to make it this time when everyone is sleeping it's just human world and it's your turn I pick that's what turns good integrates water into wine you use cease things these two monstrosities that I can barely lift anymore I don't have to have these there's always way too high to get these they chose me hehe I just let a group of what actually happens to your arms I keep waiting for the punchline sure if it's coming if your arms to get blown off in Korea would have the yuan good stuff on straight from Auto No chaser I have two more weeks of bitter drink to swallow its teams throw ready I just played this at the POS not my best for your grandmother was eight months pregnant with your old man Citizen Dog Night if memory serves I played anyway was it other things on my mind oh I was the out of tune the whole night's didn't seem to notice he didn't seem to care tips were drinks that night in the taping was good so it's it's close to three in the more than all of Jackie's pieces back and forth by the bar not cussing me out like usual the least and he grabs a napkin and starts scribbling not very well you know carpal tunnel and all those me about a place a few hours outside of town a place that can solve all my bro sae he called it Gordon is the or does hold the evidence it was for fifty years Gordon's whole and before ol' Jack even explains bodies
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